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Part 15

Regina Mills, mayor of Storybrooke and former Evil Queen of The Enchanted Forrest, also known as Misthaven, stood just on the edge of the same cliff where she had once taught Emma a very important magic lesson. She found herself smiling at the memory of that day when the Savior had superseded her expectations; she only wanted the Emma to retie the rope, not make a brand new fucking bridge. Tears sprang to her eyes as the happy memory engulfed her. "Fucking hormones," she groaned, wiping at the tear that rolled down her cheek.

"Yeah, they can be a bugger sometimes."

Regina felt the air rush from her lungs and her eyes went wide upon hearing that voice. She whipped her head around and leveled her trademark glare at the blonde. "So what do I owe the pleasure, dear?" she mocked, with a raised eyebrow.

Emma only strutted forward, confidence rolling off of her shoulders. "Eh, I wanted to see the view."

Regina's nostrils flared from the smell of bullshit that came from the Savior. "Yeah, sure you were." Her gaze followed the Sheriff until she was now by her side. "So, Miss Swan, where is your new friend?"

A smug smile broke out on Emma's face and she threw an eyebrow up at Regina. "Friend?" she toyed.

Regina gritted her teeth but kept her composure. "Oh you know… what's her name?"

Emma eyed the Queen for a moment, only to let her squirm. "Hmmm," she teased as she put a finger to her lips as if she were in serious thought.

"Oh spare me, Swan, you know who I am referring to. She had her hands all over you just moments before you showed up here."

Emma licked her bottom lip before she sucked it in so she didn't laugh. "My my my, Regina; are you jealous?"

Regina's glare hardened as she spun toward Emma and got right up into her face. "Yes I am jealous, alright?" She threw her hands up. "I mean, have you even seen yourself? My god, you're fucking beautiful!" Her eyes widened at her response, a response she was not at all prepared to say out loud, and she quickly slapped a hand over her mouth to stop herself from saying anything more.

But it was too late. Emma had heard what she said and her eyes sparkled a deeper green and her smile could have lit up the now darkened sky. "Did you just say that I am beautiful?"

Regina closed her eyes and grimaced, yet nodded her head slowly. "Did I?" she lamely covered.

Emma took pity on the Mayor and just shrugged. "Must have been the hormones, huh."

Regina pinched at her brow and out of the corner of her eye she noticed Emma looking across the area with a forlorn expression. It tugged at her heart, and she felt more tears slip from her eyes. "So," she cleared her throat and brushed her tears away. "How did the archery event go?"

Emma huffed quietly, then took a step forward and looked down off the cliff. "I don't know; I left before my mother even finished with her first shot."

"Why?" the brunette blurted. "I mean, why did you leave before the event was over?"

Emma sighed and then turned to face Regina head on. "You left and I was worried, okay?" she ground out. "And I thought…" She rubbed an irritated hand over her face. "You know what? Never mind. I'm just going to leave you alone."

"Why, so you can go see how your girl Merida did?" Regina snapped.

"My girl? Really?" Emma fumed. "And huh…interesting that you really do know her name."

"What is interesting is…" Regina was going to go all balls out yet again, but then she knew she would lose her, but hadn't she lost her already? Her face pained and more tears seemed to cloud up her brown eyes. "You know what, it doesn't matter," she deflated. "You should be happy, Emma, and Merida is a lovely girl."

Emma was stunned; she didn't know what to do or what to say to that as she just scratched at her ear. "What's going on here? Regina, are you okay?"

"I don't want to fight with you," Regina actually admitted. "It's not good for our baby."

Emma felt herself getting choked up at Regina calling their unborn child 'theirs.' "No," she awkwardly sniffed, her voice softening. "It's not."

Regina quickly picked up on the tone in her voice. "Emma," she began. "I …" she tried.

Emma just brushed her off. "It's okay, I get it. I just hoped when I saw you at the event that maybe you had a change of heart, but you don't. Yeah I know I'm an idiot for thinking that." Her voice cracked and she shrugged. "I better go." She gave her a watery, thin smile and then started to walk away.

Regina's chest felt as heavy as it ever had, causing the tears to fall even harder. "You were right," her voice hitched as she called after the Savior, which made Emma halt her retreating steps, but she had yet to turn back around. "I was there for you," she admitted hoarsely.

Emma slowly turned back around, her own tears now falling from her green eyes. "What?" she vaguely whispered, almost afraid to even ask.

"I was there to watch you win, and I wanted to be there, the one by your side when you did."

The blonde blinked, and then blinked again. "You did? I mean… why?"

Regina gathered a breath and walked toward her. "You know why, but you probably need me to say it." Her eyes glazed over with sorrow and sincerity.

Emma stood frozen and eyed Regina curiously. Her heart hammered away in her chest and that fucking burning ache was back tenfold. "Regina," she whispered, tears escaping her eyes. She swallowed as she watched the brunette get closer and closer to her.

Regina heaved a quiet, nervous breath. "What I'm saying is…" Her eyes closed and she sucked in another breath, and Emma picked up on her jittery state.

"Hey, you don't..."

Regina held up a hand and stopped her. "Please, let me get this out, it's not easy for me. So, what I'm trying to say is…which apparently I suck at… is..." she swallowed, as the tears in Emma's eyes weren't making it any easier on her. "I have everything I have ever wanted and that's all because of you. I know I don't deserve it, or deserve to be happy, or that villains get their happy endings..."

Emma interrupted her. "Regina, you're not a villain anymore…"

"Emma," Regina's voice grated, and she shot her the look that Emma knew meant she needed to be quiet.

She grimaced a smile at her. "Sorry."

Regina gathered herself closer to the Savior, and with a wave of her hand purple smoke cleared, and in her fingers rested a beautifully cut stone diamond ring. Emma gasped as she watched the Queen slowly get down on one knee in front of her, and more tears suddenly fell from her eyes. "I want my happy ending, Emma, and I want it with you. I want it all. So, will you, Emma Swan, White Knight and definitely my Savior….will you marry me?"

Emma let the tears fall as she looked at the woman she loves kneeling before her. It was almost like she was in a dream. "In all of my life I never would have imagined I would ever see you down on one knee," she sniffed with a smile.

Regina shifted her weight. "Yeah, it's a little damp down here," she teased, even though her eyes still held tears. "So, what'll it be Emma from Boston…is your happy ending with me?"

Emma's smile grew. "Yes! Yes," she cried, with an embarrassed grin as she wiped the tears off her cheeks. "I will marry you." Feeling the need to just hold her True Love in her arms, she didn't even bother with the ring the brunette held in her hand, she just pulled Regina up and wrapped her arms around her. "Well since you are my true love and all," she winked playfully and was grateful when Regina wiped the tears from her cheek. Emma tightened her hold on the Mayor. "I can kiss you…" she was going to ask, but Regina didn't let her finish because she kissed her.

They spent some time just kissing each other, and Regina's body started pressing harder against the Savior's the longer they kissed. Finally Emma drew back a little, breathing deeply. "Regina," she said huskily. "I need to go shower; I know I must smell."

Regina sighed and shook her head, "You know how I've been saying you are such a waste of potential," she replied earnestly, yet there was softness in her eyes.

"Excuse me...I don't…"

Regina pressed her mouth to Emma's to quiet her, then gripped her hands tightly. "Shhhh," she whispered against her lips, then in a wave of purple smoke they vanished from the cliffs, and in the next instant they found themselves naked in Regina's master suite shower.

Emma shook her head from the dizziness from the jump, and then grinned when she noticed where she was. "Yeah," she swallowed. "Okay, you're right; I am a waste of potential."

Regina just smiled against Emma's lips as she kissed her. "That's okay; I'll let you make it up to me."

"Oh really," Emma slowly rasped. "Even though I do like the sound of that." She went in to thoroughly kiss her when she noticed the small roundness of Regina's belly that hit against her own. She couldn't help it, she had to look down. "Oh my god," she blurted in surprise. "You're showing."

Regina inwardly flinched. She had always been proud about how her body looked, and now she just felt fat and unattractive, so she took a timid step back. Apparently Emma didn't notice because she was already on her knees, whispering soft kisses against her stomach. "You're so beautiful, Regina." She slid her hands up the brunette's thighs as she continued to kiss her tummy.

Regina now forgot about how she might look, because Emma's kisses were driving her mad and turning her ferociously on. She ran her hand through her wet, blonde locks and cleared her throat. "So, my Savior, while you're down there, do you mind?" Her eyebrow arched wickedly as she gazed down at the Savior on her knees, the water cascading down over her backside.

Emma slowly peered up at her and the brash wickedness on Regina's face didn't falter. "But of course, Your Highness, anything My Queen wants, she shall get." She went to finish her kisses on her stomach and then down her thigh when Regina pulled on her hair.

"My dear, I just have one question?"

"What's that?"

"You're not ovulating, are you?"


1 year later

"Okay, my dear wife, you better not get hurt in the joust or I will have your head," Regina threatened playfully as she nipped at Emma's lips and then slapped her on the ass.

Emma yelped as she continued to get ready. "I don't even want to do this," she griped.

Regina's head was tilted to its side as she continued to stare at her wife's backside. "You know, your ass really looks good in that."

Emma rolled her eyes but her smile grew as she turned back to Regina and forcefully yanked her toward her, slipping her arms tightly around her wife. "So, I'm curious, uh last year when…" she stuttered. "Well, you know, when we weren't really talking…"

Regina grinned. "Yes dear, I noticed your ass then too."

"Yeah?" Emma's eyes lit up. "So did it turn you…"

"Somebody wants her mommies," Snow interrupted as she came into the tent holding the crying infant. As soon as the little girl saw her mothers, her cries stopped and turned to more shuddering breaths as she reached out for them.

The pudgy little girl instantly reached for Emma, yet she looked like a miniature Regina. She was her kid through and through, even now with the Queen's trademark glare she was giving her grandmother Snow. "I tried everything, but she just won't stop crying." But as soon as she was in Emma's arms, the whaling cries magically ceased.

Snow huffed and Regina laughed. "Maybe you were just holding her wrong," Regina tormented lightly, as she pulled her daughter out of her wife's arms so she could finish getting ready.

"You look great Emma, and I'm really digging the purple color on you this year instead of the blue."

Emma looked herself over in the mirror and she had to admit she did look good in Regina's colors. "Well, I am fighting for My Queen," she stated proudly and then turned back toward her wife and kissed her soundly on the lips. But little Emily wasn't having that as her little hand reached out and took hold of Emma's blonde locks and pulled on them hard. "Ow," the Savior hissed, as she untangled the little infant's fingers from her hair.

"What have I told you, sweetie," Regina cooed at her daughter, making a face. "I'm the only one allowed to pull on your mother's hair," she teased with a wink, which made Snow groan loudly and roll her eyes.

"Well, I just wanted to wish you luck, Emma." Snow hugged her daughter and went to see if Emily wanted to come back to her, but she just hid her head inside of Regina's neck.

Snow tried not to let it bother her as she just ran a hand over her dark short hair. "I'll see you out there," she said to Regina.

"Yes, I am just going to help Emma onto the horse and then I'll be right out." She wanted to hand Emily over to her grandmother, but she was such a mommy's girl that Regina knew it would be a struggle.

"Well be careful," she said to Regina, and then turned back to her daughter. "And you, Emma, you be extra careful."

"I will."

Once Snow had left the tent, Regina pulled her wife in for another long kiss. "I'm serious; don't harm a hair on that pretty head of yours."

"I promise, and I can't decide if I like that purple dress better on you right now or that red one you wore last year with all the cleavage."

"Oh, you were paying attention," Regina played coyly.

"Um, you saw that first shot of mine after you smiled at me."

"How could I not? But this year if that redhead so much as looks at you the wrong way, she will be croaking in the nearest pond before sunset," she teased, narrowing a warning look at her wife.

"You know better," Emma said kissing her lips one last time before planting on top of Emily's head. "Remember, I'm your True Love."

Regina escorted her wife from the tent with their daughter in her arms. Henry brought Emma's horse over to them. "Ma, you look great, and your horse is all warmed up for you," he said in a gravelly voice.

Regina slid Emily into Henry's arms so she could freely help her wife onto the white stead. As she mounted the horse, Regina held a helmet up for her. "Go kick some ass, and remember this year if you think for one moment you might get hurt, use your magic."

Emma softly snorted and then leaned down so only Regina could hear as she whispered. "How do you think I won last year?"

Regina's red lips split into a wide grin. "Oh yes, I did teach you well."

"Yes you did." Emma kissed Regina's lips one last time before she slipped the helmet on. "Now go be the ever doting wife and get your ass up there and cheer me on."

Regina playfully glared. "Oh didn't you hear? I have my money on…"

"You wouldn't dare," Emma huffed, flipping the facemask back up.

"Wouldn't I?" Regina tsked with regal shoulder shrug.

"But you're my wife and my True Love," Emma reminded her with a worried expression.

"What…" Regina taunted. "Huh, now that's funny….I could have sworn it was CPR." She pulled Emily back into her arms and began talking to her. "Isn't that right sweetie? It was just CPR," she mimicked in a baby voice.

Emma flipped the face guard down and spurred her horse on, but yelled back. "It was NOT CPR!"

Regina just chuckled and waved her hand in a very princess like manner. "Oh babycakes," she yelled. "Don't forget, I signed you up for the hot dog eating contest."