Isabelle hissed through her teeth, pulling her hand back with a bolt after the needle of the sewing machine lightly caught her finger. She had not been paying attention, not noticing her hand being drawn nearer and nearer to the sharp pin end as she attempted to repair the frays in the kitchen curtains. All this work just so the house would look nice for one silly day, she did not understand, it was not like the coronation would be taking place in her home. Tutting, Isabelle lifted her foot from the pedal and started rethreading the needle to continue to work.

The wireless was playing lightly in the background, it was some comedy show. Mrs Connolly, her mother and Tommy Connolly all sat behind her laughing along lightly with the voices. Gran was trying her best to munch on a toasted crumpet while mumbling all sorts of nonsense like all old people did. 'Chocolate will make you slow', 'electricity will be the end of us'. You had to laugh at her otherwise you'd go mad.

"He's a caution, that one! He does make me laugh." Rita Connelly chuckled under her breath with a wide smile on her face, but that grin soon dropped when the living room door opened and the man of the house entered. Eddie Connelly. He was a fierce man, with a wild temper and strict bossiness to go with it. Isabel saw the shell Rita would crawl into when he was around, she wouldn't be laughing at anything else this evening.

"Oh our lord and master." Gran quipped sarcastically from her place in the arm chair. Isabelle kept facing the window looking out into the storm, if she didn't move then maybe he wouldn't notice her.

"Rita, I'm off out." His heavy accent ran through the house, at the volume he spoke even the neighbours could probably hear.

Tommy, magazine in hand, turned in his seat on the sofa to call Eddie's attention to a certain inky page. "Dad."

"Oh, how many times, son? We'll see." Isabel did not know for sure what Tommy was showing his father but she could take a good guess as it seemed to be all anyone was talking about these days, especially the children.

"But everyone's getting a telly, dad." Tommy sighed. "Even Mister Gallagher, and the Bells at number sixty seven."

"Well, perhaps we'll get one for the Coronation. If you're lucky. We'll see." That made the young boy smile and turn back to listen to the radio. But the lack of noise coming from the sewing machine still seemed to catch the mans attention as he looked over and glared hard into Isabelle's back. It seemed that even when she was silent she was a problem. "As for you girl." Her body tensed and slowly, Isabelle removed her hand from the machine and turned making sure not to dare meet his eyes.

"Yes sir?" She whispered almost as the rest of the family tried to ignore what was happening around them.

"I did not let you into this house so you could sit and stare into space for all the days." Eddie continued to shout like she was one of his troops. "Sitting in that chair, looking out that window...that's all you have ever seemed to do since you got here. Nothing's there."

"Sorry won't happen again sir." She turned back to her work and pushed down on the pedal with her foot again, sending the needle into a slow pace.

"Don't wait up." That was the last thing Eddie Connelly said before leaving the house and leaving them all in peace.

"I heard they rot your brains. Rot them into soup, and your brain comes pouring out of your ears. That's what television does." Gran spoke to her grandson but Isabelle wasn't listening, she was too busy thinking. About what? She didn't even know, but what Mr Connelly had said was true, she did always sit by this window staring up at the sky. She was drawn to the stars, every night looking up as if she was waiting for something. They were just so beautiful, there was so much mystery behind them all...she couldn't put her finger on it, they were...magical.

But never the less she had work to do, she could dream later once she was out of Eddie Connelly's bad books.

That night, Isabelle was sat alone in her room, in the attic to be more precise. It was late or it could also be said that it was very very early but she had been awoken by a nightmare. A nightmare which had came from a dream. She had been falling through the stars, so close to Suns and Planets that when she reached out her hand she could almost touch their surface. She felt the warmth on her skin but nothing else, there as no air to breath but there was no panic, just calm. Then there had been a noise, unlike any other she had ever heard, a humming whine. Nothing was there to see, but there was a noise. After that, there was a flash behind her eyes and she was stood in a long hallway. A never ending hallway. But she wasn't alone. There was something in the shadows but before she could see what it was, the walls began to fall around her. They turned into rubble surrounding her and flames began to rise. They surrounded her and that was when she did begin to choke, trapped, there was no way out and then the screams started. That was when she would awaken, her breathing heavy and a thin layer of sweat on her brow.

But she would still write it down while the dream was still fresh in her memory. Words describing each and every detail she could recall no matter how small. She would try to sketch what she had seen, not that they turned out to be very good but it would do. By now she was half way through a small notebook, drawings of twisted faces and strange life forms covering the pages. Some figures even made out of tin and obscure object. However the odd few were people. Men and women, none of them really had an image that she could remember once she awoke but in her dream they seemed so clear and real...

A noise from under her made her jump and Isabelle slammed her notebook shut, stuffing it under her pillow before climbing back in bed and closing her eyes. There was no time for dreaming even at night it seemed, one single noise from her and they would bring it up in the morning, Mr Connelly scolding her for her not being rested for the day's work.

Closing her eyes, Isabelle slowly drifted back off to sleep, the images returning in front of her eyes like they always did.

"What is it? What's wrong?" The commotion from the front room had cause Isabelle to come running from the yard where she had been scrubbing clothes in the basin. She had heard Rita screaming and crying, Tommy calling for his Gran with what could only be described as fear and Eddie yelling at the top of his lungs. When Isabelle reached the living room, Mr Connelly turned and blocked her path straight away.

"Never mind you girl, this is none of your business!" He yelled in her face, pointing a finger back in the direction from where she had come from. "This is my family and you do not need to be involved, now go!"

Isabelle backed away a few steps but before she could remove herself completely, Rita's mother screamed and pulled her mother to the stairs under Eddie's orders. Before they got out of sight and as they all cried in terror, Isabelle's eyes fell on what was causing such distress.

"Mrs..." Isabelle trailed off in a whisper, unable to say the words as a hand came up to cover her mouth. Her face had gone, Mrs Connelly's face had just gone. There was nothing. Just a smooth plate of skin where everything should have been.

"Oi! What did I tell you?" Mr Connelly screamed in her face again, this time pushing her forcefully away. "Get out! GET OUT!" He turned her harshly and pushed her back into the kitchen, his eyes angrier than they had ever been. "And not a word of this to anyone! You hear! No one!" Isabelle could only nod before running back out to the yard, trying to erase the image she had just seen. Nothing had been the same in the past two months around here, and things were only getting stranger.

"We love Muffin, everybody sing. We want Muffin the Mule. Hello." The woman on the TV sang. Isabelle sat by the window, watching the goings on outside. While the rest of the family sat watching television with unreadable faces. It had been a week or so since the incident...and yet no one had talked about it, at least not to her.

"Smashing." Mr Connelly shook his head as he stood from the sofa. "Smashing, innit? You'd have thought they was in the room with you, eh?" He spoke mostly to his wife but she didn't even look at him. "Fair do's Tommy, you had a point. New television. There, that should cheer you up a bit, Rita. Give us a smile, then, eh?" Finally Mrs Connelly looked up to her husband with sadness.

"I can't. Nothing's the same any more, not with her..." She trailed off, her hands began to twist around each other.

"Stop going on about it." That was all they ever said about it. All they ever said was to stay quiet.

"But her face, Eddie. What happened to her? That awful face." It was truly awful...Isabelle still could only see that, it kept her from sleeping some nights, as well as the banging which would carry on throughout the night under her.

"I said, stop it!" Mr Connelly warned. Then three solid knocks sounded on the ceiling. They were loud, unable to be ignored. Isabelle closed her eyes as the haunting noise knocked into her head.

"She's awake. I think she's hungry." That was the last that was said on the matter as Mr Connelly sat back down and turned the volume up on the television.

But then there was shouting, out in the street. When Isabelle opened her eyes, she peered outside the window and saw a black car out in the street in front of the Gallagher's house. Her brow creased, it couldn't have been happening again. Before she could even think about what she was doing, Isabelle jumped up from her seat and ran out of the front door into the street.

"Isabelle!" Someone yelled after her but she didn't stop.

"Someone help me, please! Ted!" Mrs Gallagher was screaming as two men escorted someone to the car, she had to go from what she was saying to know it was the woman's husband as the figure had a blanket thrown over their head. "Leave him alone! He's my husband! Please."

"What's going on?" An unfamiliar voice sounded behind her, as Isabelle turned she saw a man stood there in a brown suit. Next to him stood a blonde girl, wearing a big puffy pink skirt. They didn't look like they were from this street but there was no time to think about that.

"Oi, what are you doing?" Tommy yelled out, obviously having ran out the house behind her.

"Who did they take? Do you know him?" The unrecognised woman spoke out.

"Mister Gallagher." Isabelle spoke not much louder than a whisper.

"It's happening all over the place." Tommy followed on, but his eyes followed the car which was speeding away. Isabelle however turned and looked at the couple, firstly the man. She studied his face and then looked in his eyes. He was staring back at her, and the moment they locked eyes her head exploded with pain. Black spots appeared in front of her eyes, her head dropping. It was like she was being burned from the inside. "They're turning into monsters."

"Are you alright Miss?" She heard someone ask before a feather light touch grazed her arm.

'Time lord...TARDIS...the Time War Time War Time Lord.'

Isabelle took a sharp intake of breath and jumped back, looking up to see it was the man who had touched her. The voices faded away as soon as they seemed to loose contact, gone so quick they could have not been there at all. But she was sure, she...was sure.

"Are you alright?" The man frowned, his eyes bearing down on her in thought.

"Yes...I'm sorry sir. Just the shock of it all...I'm sorry." Before Isabelle could go on, Mr Connelly yelled out from where he was stood in the doorway to the house.

"Tommy! Not one word! Get inside now!"

"I'm Sorry once again sir." She spoke, avoiding his eyes. "I'd better do as he says." Without another glance behind her, she ran into the house and up to her room.