This was not good...this was not good at all. They couldn't be after her could they? Nah...the plasma coils wouldn't have been around the hospital first, but what if that wasn't them? Everything in Sky's head was scrambling the more she began to think and panic. This was not good.

"You alright?" She wouldn't have heard him, not even a little bit, had it not been for The Doctor stepping in front of her and blocking her path. They were currently walking the corridors, following Martha's lead to the main entrance of the hospital where the Judoon were flooding in.

"What?" Sky looked up startled, meeting his eyes with a wide and dazed expression. To be fair to herself she hadn't been hiding her worry well. The colour of her face matched the plain white walls of the hospital and she had barely uttered a word since they left the veranda.

"You seem a bit..." The Doctor ran his eyes over her slowly. "You okay?" She knew she wouldn't be able to hide it from him. She could delay him realising though, so Sky plastered on a smile and took his hand to start dragging him down the hallway again.

"Yeah, course. Why wouldn't I be?" They soon caught up to Kit and Martha again, but they had reached their desired spot as there were a mezzanine level which looked over the enters nice as well as the waiting area. Most of the people were tethered in this spot but none of it calmed Sky. They were scanning people and if she'd heard correctly, the Judoon were going to scan every suspect. She was doomed. The plant the four of them were hiding behind wasn't a good disguise either.

"Oh, look down there, you've got a little shop. I like a little shop." Was he even paying attention?

"Never mind that. What are Judoon?" Martha was obviously thinking the same as Sky as both women turned to watch him unbelievably.

"They're like police." Sky started to explain to her, seeing at he was too distracted. "Well, police for hire. They're more like interplanetary thugs." A look of distaste come over her face in an instant, her tongue sticking out as if tasting rotten fruit.

"They're the ones that brought us to the moon?" Kit asked from her right. Sky was sandwiched between him and the Doctor whereas Martha crouched on the left of the Doctor.

"Neutral territory." Speaking of the a Doctor, he finally decided to share his knowledge. "According to galactic law, they've got no jurisdiction over the Earth, and they isolated it. That rain, lightning? That was them, using an H2O scoop." She knew it was an H2O scoop! So she was still good at something. That was something she'd noticed though, ever since joining the Doctor, Sky had felt less pathetic. Okay, maybe pathetic wasn't the word. But she felt more capable.

"What are you on about, galactic law? Where'd you get that from?" Martha frowned, looking back down to the Judoon. "If they're police, are we under arrest? Are we trespassing on the moon or something?"

"No, but I like that. Good thinking." The Doctor looked at Martha with...something. He liked her too, she could see it in his eyes. Not that Sky was surprised, the student was a bright spark and she had something about her. "No, I wish it were that simple. They're making a catalogue. That means they're after something non human, which is very bad news for me...and Sky." Especially for Sky. If only he knew how especially.

"Why?" All three of them, Sky, Kit and the Doctor turned to look at her. "Oh, you're kidding me. Don't be ridiculous." Kit started to smile but the two Time Lords stayed serious. "Stop looking at me like that."

"Come on then."the Doctor stood, taking Sky's hand again and dragging her with him. But !artha and Kit lagged behind, the girl open jawed.

"Don't worry, you get used to it...I hope." Kit said as he looked after the two and frowned. Then however, he looked down at Martha and nodded for her to follow. "Come on."

For some reason, the Doctor had dragged the them to an admin office somewhere within the hospital. Well, Sky said them, it was she who he had dragged down the hall at his fast pace.

But now he was sat at a computer scanning it with the sonic screwdriver, while Sky sat in a chair off to his side. Martha and Kit were keeping watch by the windows and occasionally wondering the corridors, after all if the Judoon scanned them they would just be marked as innocent and left alone.

"They've reached third floor." Martha was the first to enter the room, Kit following close behind. "What's that thing?" Gesturing towards the sonic probe in the Doctor's hand, he didn't even stop working for a second as he answered.

"Sonic screwdriver."

"Well, if you're not going to answer me properly." Martha rolled her eyes, coming to stand behind the Doctor.

"No, really, it is. It's a screwdriver, and it's sonic. Look." He stopped and held it up for her to see for a second and then focused on the computer again. But he was getting now where, they're be better off sorting through the thousands of paper records.

"What else have you got, a laser spanner?"

"I did, but it was stolen by Emily Pankhurst, cheeky woman." That was a story for another time. Sky made a mental note as frustration came over the Doctor's face and he gave the desktop a bang. "Oh, this computer!" Sky leant back a bit as he buried a hand in his hair. "The Judoon must have locked it down. Judoon platoon upon the moon." Sky looked up at him strangely just before the Doctor started speaking to Martha hurriedly. "Because we were just travelling past. I swear, we were just wandering." He started flicking through the files in the system but they were all either empty of blocked. "We weren't looking for trouble, honestly, we weren't, but I noticed these plasma coils around the hospital, and that lightning, that's a plasma coil. Been building up for two days now, so I checked in. I thought something was going on inside. It turns out the plasma coils were the Judoon up above."

"But what were they looking for?" Kit asked from the window where he kept a look out for any unwanted visitors.

"Something that looks human, but isn't."

"Like you two, apparently." Smiling, Martha looked between the two Time Lords. But Sky could still see that she still didn't believe them.

"Like us. But not us." Well...Sky's face twisted visibly again. It was sort of her...but he didn't need to know that yet. Just keep him focusing on this shape changer the Judoon were apparently after and keep feeling relief at the fact they weren't here for her. They could just hand the...thing over and the Rhino faced freaks could be on their merry way. Hopefully.

"Haven't they got a photo?"

"Well, might be a shape-changer." The Doctor answered but not before giving Sky another eye over. Something was up with her, he knew it. She was always rubbish at hiding things and it seemed this regeneration still hadn't learnt how to hide things well from him. Not that he wanted her to learn, he just always found it amusing when she was surprised he noticed the problem. But the woman was an open book, her face said it all.

"Whatever it is, can't you just leave the Judoon to find it?" Kit suggested easily, but unfortunately it wasn't that easy. Especially if they would fail in finding whatever they wanted.

"If they declare the hospital guilty of harbouring a fugitive, they'll sentence it to execution." Sky looked to him with a deep frown and her eyes stared passed him, out into the hallway. Execution...why was it always execution? Robbery, execution. Manslaughter, execution. Breaking and entering, execution.

"All of us?" He returned, pulling her out of her daze.

"Oh yes." Answering for her, the Doctor spoke up loudly as he continued to flick through random records. "If I can find this thing first. Oh! You see, they're thick! Judoon are thick! They are completely thick! They wiped the records. Oh, that's clever." All of the open windows on the computer screen started to disappear one by one until the screen went blank, replaced with a blocked screen saver.

"What are we looking for?" As she spoke, Martha shook her head softly and took a few steps back towards the door.

"I don't know. Say, any patient admitted in the past week with unusual symptoms."

"They must have a back-up." Sky muttered and stood to push the Doctor over a little to peer at the computer, picking it up in her hands and looking at the back of it.

"Just keep working." Martha nodded at them as Sky took the sonic screw driver out of the Doctor's hand and began to spark some of the wires. "I'll go ask Mister Stoker. He might know."

"I'll come with you." Kit nodded to her, glancing back towards the two aliens with his hand on the handle to the door. Martha simply smiled at him and together they left, closing the door behind them and letting the room fall silent as mainly Sky worked.

"Where'd you learn to do that?" The Doctor watched what she was doing with a confused yet overall impressed look. Some of the wires sparked when she needed them to and slowly, the desktop started to come back to life.

"From you." She answered simply. "You don't remember? That time you took me to Florana?" His stare was blank.

"No.." She paused to frown at him, turning away from the computer and looking a bit taken back. If there was one adventure he would remember she thought it would be that one, for quite a big reason.

"We had to hijack some system thing when those Sultanas-"

"Sontarans." The Doctor corrected her but she didn't even stop to take a breath, carrying on with her story. It didn't matter how many times he told her their proper name, the information just failed to go in and stay in.

"-threatened to attack..." When she trailed off, to see if he had caught on yet, the Doctor started to shake his head negatively. "They took me hostage..." Still nothing. Suddenly anger appeared on Sky's face and she dropped her hands to her side. "They shot me, I regenerated for the first time, and I went home with a different face!"

"Oh yeah." His face become the opposite to Sky's as he smiled wide...then it followed suit and fell. "Your mother wouldn't let me see you for six months after that." He remembered it somewhat well. One of their first adventures together. That was the first time she'd ever really been truly angry with him too, before their bonding.

"Cause I told her too." Of course he'd felt awful for causing her to regenerate for the first time, that didn't take away from the fact he still did it. "Ah there we are."

"Ahh you..." A wide smile covered Sky's mouth. She could still do a few little things successfully. Maybe that was just cause the Doctor was there though, she'd have never have thought of that if she was on her own. As for the Doctor, he looked at her for a long while as the records started reappearing in front of their eyes. She was brilliant.

Before she knew what was happening, The Doctor stood, pulling Sky up with him. She went to ask what he was doing but she was cut off by him forcefully kissing her. It was already a surprise but then when he dipped her back backwards, she let out a small squeak and held the lapels of his suit jacket. It had come from no least she thought it had. Maybe she'd missed something.

It was passionate, very filled with...something. She couldn't put her finger on it and Sky didn't really didn't really want to think about it anymore. Letting herself fully give into the kiss, her arms circled his neck as on of Theta's hands came to rest on her hip, the other on the small of her back.

It didn't last for long however and after pulling Sky back up and setting her firmly on her feet, the Doctor grinned at her and ran towards the door.

"Come on, we have to go find Martha." By the time Sky's eyes returned to a normal size, he was already gone and she was stood there looking around the empty and silent room.

"Right..." Her breaths were uneven. A hand raised to her hair to flatten it out as her lips parted and shut rapidly. "Right." Finally gathering her wits, she briskly walked towards the door and ran once she was out in the corridor to catch up with the Doctor.

She was a quick runner so I'd didn't take long for her to catch up. However, only seconds later, they bumped into Martha and Kit who had been on their way back to the admin room to find them.

"Sky restored the back-up." The Doctor informed them, shouting over the still screaming people who were attempting to run and hide from the stomping Judoon. Sky didn't blame them though, she was fighting the urge to do the exact same thing.

"We found her." Martha shouted back.

"You did what?" There was a crash and following Kit's gaze down the hall, they all saw what he looked so worried about. A man looking fit for a ride on a motorbike broke down a door further down the corridor and looked around himself before spotting the small group.

"Run!" Sky didn't have to be told twice as she felt the Doctor push her lightly ahead of him to lead the way. The Doctor lead Martha for a little before leaving it to Kit to make sure the girl kept up with them. And then they ran. There was nothing she hated more than this, the tight feeling growing in her chest the longer and fast Sky pushed her body to move and it didn't help when she decided to lead them into a stairwell.

Her legs moved fast, almost stumbling a few times, down one flight of stairs. She would have went further but the group of Judoon soldiers marching up from the floor below soon made her audibly squirm and divert them all to run out onto the corridor. That damn leather clad, faceless thing chasing them didn't let up though and they were forced to head into the more dispersed parts of the hospital.

"Here." The Doctor reached out and stopped Sky from running, instead pushing her down one of the narrow corridors coming off the main one. They were leading to a dead end, but just before Sky could alert him on that fact he led them into a room. Radiology.

"Quick." Sky said and waited for Kit to get through the door before slamming in shut and using her sonic to seal the door. Then, as the Doctor started to work on the X-Ray, Sky ushered Martha and Kit behind the radiation screen.

"When I say now, press the button." He yelled and aimed the machine towards the door where the leather man was starting to break through, and quite quickly too.

"Which one is it?!" Sky yelled back at him, but he didn't answer so instead she turned to Martha with a raised eyebrow, directing the same question at her.

"I don't know." The girl shrugged, looking panic stricken. They had one last chance with Kit but that was a long shot if the real doctor amongst them didn't even know and Sky's doubt was confirmed when the boy shook his head.

"Then find out!" The scream from the other side of the glass cause Martha to jump before running over to the shelf of books in the corner of the room. A users manual. Well that was certainly handy. But the man outside was close to knocking the door off its hinges. Sky looked to Martha and hope but she was aimlessly flicking through the pages,came they were out of time and the door fell to the floor. "Now!"

Taking the initiative, Martha hit the biggest button she could see and instantly the X-Ray practically exploded. The blast knocked the leather-clad man back a few steps before he stopped quivering where he stood and fell down face first.

"What did you do?" Martha shouted after turning the machine off.

"Increased the radiation by five thousand per cent. Killed him dead." Sky was the first to walk out, already knowing there was risk to her and stood over the slab.

"But isn't that going to kill you?"

"Nah, it's only roentgen radiation. We used to play with roentgen bricks in the nursery. It's safe for you to come out. I've absorbed it all." Slowly, the two humans walked out from the room which had been protecting them and both went over to inspect the slab. At least they did until the doctor decided to make a scene. "All I need to do is expel it. If I concentrate I can shake the radiation out of my body and into one spot. It's in my left shoe. Here we go, here we go. Easy does it. Out, out, out, out, out. Out, out. Ah, ah, ah, ah! Itches, itches, itches, hot, hot. Hold on." As he hopped around on one foot, Sky swore that every regeneration he went through caused him to loose a few more of his sanity cells. But in the end, after a lot of dramatisation and even more jumping around, the Doctor ripped off his shoes and dropped it into the yellow refuge bin. "Done."

"You're completely mad." Martha was the one to say what they were all thinking.

"You've only just noticed?" Sky raised an eyebrow but never took her eyes off the Doctor as he smiled back at Martha, paying no attention to her remark.

"You're right. I look daft with one shoe." Without wasting another moment, the Doctor took his other shoe and let it join the other in the bin. "Barefoot on the moon." Yep, he was definitely loosing it.

"So what is that thing?" Kit asked, breaking the long silence in which both he and Martha just sent strange looks to the Doctor. Sky had unfortunately grown used to it, and even with such a long break from him, he hadn't changed that much.

Martha was the next to speak up and crouched down next to the dead figure. "And where's it from, the planet Zovirax?"

"It's just a Slab." The Doctor explained and walked over to join her. "They're called Slabs. Basic slave drones. See? Solid leather, all the way through." He hit the arm of the slab and the solid padded sound proved his point. "Someone has got one hell of a fetish."

"But it was that woman, Miss Finnegan." Martha's eyes followed the Doctor who walked back over to the machine. "It was working for her, just like a servant." But he wasn't listening, for the hissing of burnt metal and the singed Sonic Screwdriver in his hands was too much of a disastrous distraction.

"My sonic screwdriver." He whined, holding up the device as it smoked, completely fried.

"She was one of the patients, but-"

"Oh, no. My sonic screwdriver." Sky had the feeling this was going to carry on for a while.

"She had a straw like some kind of vampire."

"I loved my sonic screwdriver."

"Doctor?" Martha raised her voice slightly and finally managed to capture his attention, the screwdriver flying to the floor behind him.

"Sorry." Hands behind his back, he swung around to Martha when a smile crossed his face. "You called me Doctor." That she had. She was starting to enjoy it. Sky could see it on the young woman's face, the flicker of life in her eyes beginning to show. It was the same look she's saw so many times in the past.

"Anyway? Miss Finnegan is the alien. She was drinking Mister Stoker's blood." For the first time, Sky truly listened the the girl too. The first time she...well...after that kiss she hadn't really been able to look at him without dozing off a bit into a giggly mood.

"Funny time to take a snack. You'd think she'd be hiding." The Time Lord thought out loud, her eyes glazing over as her mind worked. But the Doctor got there quicker than her as he looked at her and raised his eyebrows. Slowly realisation hit them both.

"Unless. No. Yes, that's it. Wait a minute." Burying his hand in his hair as he thought, the Doctor's mind worked rapidly. Whereas Sky's nerves got the better of her and she looked out to the corridor after hearing the stomping of leather faintly. "Yes! Shape-changer. Internal shape-changer. She wasn't drinking blood, she was assimilating it."

"If she can assimilate his blood, mimic the biology, she'll register as human." Sky continued on for him, coming back to him.

"Exactly...We've got to find her and show the Judoon. Come on!" The Doctor led the way this time as they started to run again. But they didn't get as far this time since Sky had been right about hearing leather walking but it wasn't the Judoon. Instead it was another Slab and it was looking for them. They were forced to dodge down a small doorway, hiding behind a water cooler.

"That's the thing about Slabs." The Doctor groaned after it walked passed, totally oblivious to their existence. "They always travel in pairs."

"What about you?" Martha looked at Sky before moving her eyes to the Doctor briefly, then back to Sky.

"What about me what?" Sky tried to smile back but it didn't come across very honestly, sensing what the girl was going to ask.

"Here you two are together. Don't you always travel as a pair?" Slightly awkward and Sky felt the Doctor tense as he was obviously listening. "Or don't you have any other back-up?" There it was, the question Sky was always dreading. She didn't like answering it yet, in any shape or form. It might have been stupid, especially seeing as how easy the Doctor seemed to handle it but...she just didn't want to admit there was no one else out there yet. He must have felt the hesitation in her head, because Theta was the next to speak.

"Oh. Humans." He scoffed but struggled to comfortably direct Martha away from her question without answering it. "We're stuck on the moon running out of air with Judoon and a bloodsucking criminal, you're asking personal questions? Come on." Taking Sky's hand the Doctor stepped out first but pushed her ahead of him so he could turn to help Martha up from the floor.

"I like that. Humans." The girl scoffed lightly, smiling. "I'm still not convinced you're an alien." Sky laughed lightly then turned around. But her face turned lily white and she jumped back in shock when she came face to face with a Judoon, scanner already raised and alight as it scanned her.


"Oh my God, you really are." Faintly, Martha's voice reached her eyes. But Sky's non-human confirmation was soon going to be the least of their worries.

"Wait. Non-human identified. Confirm. Time Lord." Sky felt the Doctor come to stand close to her left side, semi behind her as he watched the interaction between his bonded and the Judoon. Something was wrong.

"Well I'm glad we've established th-" He could tell by the way Sky held herself and the way she tried to talk her way out of it, more was coming. Slowly running his eyes all the way from her face to her feet, the Doctor tried to work out what she was hiding. But she even hid it from him in her mind as he tried to enter her thoughts through their bond. Sealing the information behind that tiny door she almost never used with him. Whereas Sky, her lighthearted comment was ignored by the Judoon as they carried on with their accusation. Causing her forced smile to melt into a look of defeat.

"Wait. Time Lord, charged with the crime of murdering soldier 2276 of troop 3 of the Judoon race." There is was...if only that was it. Sky couldn't bare to look at the Doctor as her charge was spoken out. But his reaction took about 3 seconds to show itself.

"What?" His voice was quiet at first, as if he couldn't truly believe it. Pupils moving from the Judoon to study his bonded again, fiercer this time. Not angrily, but...what had she done? He didn't know what to do when the Judoon proved they weren't finished however, and read out the next.

"Charged with the crime of breaking and entering the sixth council hall of the Shadow Proclamation." The head Judoon of the fleet rumbled.

"What?" The Shadow Proclamation? They weren't ones to easily show mercy. That was the exact reason his face straightened from shock to concern and instead of watching Sky, he watched the Judoon with fear showing faintly in his eyes.

"I knew there was something I forget to tell you." Sky's eyes focused mainly on the floor as she muttered to him finally from under her breath. She was trying to be funny but she doubted she would get any kind of positive reaction from anyone.

"Charged with the crime of theft from Judge Estella Quarta, councillor of the Shadow Proclamation."

"What did you do?" Now he sounded angry, just slightly so. In fact, Sky would go as far as to say that if the Judoon didn't kill her right then and there, the Doctor would for her being so stupid. But as the Judoon went to read there verdict, she took a deep breath and prepared to leg it out of there.

"Verdict for all crimes, guilty. Sentence, execution."