I think some of you have expected this for a while. I told you that I was going to continue this story. I told many of you that I needed to re-plot everything because the last several chapters went off the rails. And I tried, oh god I tried. But it's time for me to admit it. This story is not going to be completed.

The first reason is exactly what I told you. In trying to wrap the story up as quickly as I could, I made decisions I wasn't planning on. The Heirs' attacks were never supposed to get as vicious as they did, and certainly not enough to close Hogwarts. In my original notes, third year happened similarly to canon but in the background while Harry found the threads of another plot, one that would be realized in fourth year when he left Hogwarts to go on an adventure. With Hogwarts closed, this is the perfect time to move that up, but he hasn't had the chance to collect those threads, and I can't think of a way to introduce it quickly that doesn't ram it down your throats. Trying to rearrange everything and come up with filler for the first several months of Part 2 isn't going to be fast or easy, and I don't have time now that I'm in residency and actually practicing medicine full-time. Twice full-time, actually, since I work 80 hour weeks.

That's reason number one. I don't like to talk about reason number two, but in conversation with somebody over on Sufficient Velocity, I realized you deserve to hear it, if only because it's in some ways the more important reason. Writing this story was… bleak. In hindsight, I should have put Harry in Hufflepuff, but I wanted a challenge, and writing him in Slytherin was something I have seen multiple times but never how I thought it would work out if it really happened. What I got was a story where the main character was almost completely alone except for the voice in his head. Putting myself in the state of mind where I could write that threw me into several episodes of depression, and not only is it hard for me to want to go back there, I can't afford to do so. It was one thing to be actively clinically depressed as a medical student, when the only one who would suffer the consequences was myself. But now it's outright dangerous for the patients I'm taking care of in the hospital for me to be in that mental state, especially when it's my own doing that put me there. I just can't take that risk.

If there's anybody who wants to pick this story up, I have the notes for what were my original plans and will happily send them to you. If anyone wants to write a story and use elements of this tale, or wants to integrate something I came up with in a story you're already writing, go right ahead. But I can't come back to this, and it and you don't deserve to be kept in a perpetual state of limbo when I know in my heart it's never going to return.

I truly am sorry for stringing you guys along like this.

Silently Watches