Have you ever tried to hold
Time in your hands,
And had to watch the sands
Slip through your fingers?

Have you ever tried to hold
A loved one in your heart,
And watched the memory melt away
Like a snowflake in your hand?

Have you ever tried to hold
Your destiny, but like the ocean,
The waves rolled back and forth
So you couldn't take control?

Have you ever tried to hold
A long chain of friendship,
When someone comes along
And cuts each link off it?

Oh, the Sands of Time,
Easily they pass through my fingers
I must cherish time as long as I live,
Or lose it all once more

Well, there's my Ken poem. I got the idea from watching the new Rugrats Christmas special, when Dil tried to hold a snowflake and it melted in his hand. Then I thought of how the Sands of Time just seemed to slip through Ken's fingers. Please review, everyone!