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5. First Date

I had my finger looped through the braided ribbon around Bliss' neck as I stood at the front door of Edward Cullen's home with a pan of s'more brownies in my hand. I was more nervous about the date than when I'd had to walk across the stage at graduation, scared to death I'd fall going up or down the stairs and show my underwear to all my class mates.

"Stay," I ordered as I released her and leaned forward, ringing the bell. I was wearing a sundress and a pair of sandals. I'd styled my hair over my shoulder, and my mother, always the meddler, had given me a few squirts of her scented moisturizer which smelled like clean mountain air. I'd always loved the scent, and I hoped Edward Cullen would appreciate it as well. I mean, if he got that close. 'Would he get that close? Should he get that close on a first date? So many things to worry about,' my mind screamed at me.

The door opened to show Edward with a glowing smile on his face. He immediately dropped to his knees and grabbed Bliss by her ribbon collar, kissing the top of her head. "Welcome home, sweetheart."

He gave her his undivided attention, and while I was happy about his devotion to Bliss, I was a bit jealous, which was absolutely ridiculous. 'What the hell is wrong with me…jealous of a dog?' more screaming from that voice in my head.

She showered dog kisses over his face and his laugh was one of pure joy, which was like music to my ears. Seeing a dog and master bonding in such a fundamental way was one of the perks of my job.

He rose from the ground and smiled at me. "I'm happy you came, Bella. Please come in," he invited as he stepped aside.

I walked inside and after he snapped his fingers, Bliss ambled in behind me. I walked to the kitchen and deposited my meager dessert offering, smelling wonderful things on the stove.

"Should I show her around? I have a bed for her and proper dishes for her food and water. I bought a leash and harness because a collar didn't seem right. I don't want to hurt her when we run in the mornings," he stated as he stood next to me in the kitchen.

"That's very considerate of you, Edward. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. She loves to run. She and I have been running together since she came to the shelter, and she loves a good stretch of the legs. I need to go get the stuff I brought for her, so I'll be right back. No peaking at dessert," I teased as I walked back to my truck.

I opened the tailgate and reached for the ten-pound sack of dog food and the gallon bag of treats. Just as I was about to heave the food over my shoulder, I felt a hand on my back. "Stop, Bella. I'll get it," Edward told me. He grabbed the dog food from me and walked back to the house. I grabbed the treats along with the bag of stuff I'd accumulated, and I followed him inside, closing the door behind me.

I followed him into the kitchen where he ripped open the bag and dumped the contents into a galvanized can, placing the lid on top and ripping the bag up to shove it in the trash. His strength was impressive.

I cleared my throat. "Here are the treats and a few other things for her. There's shampoo, a brush, and clippers for her nails. About every six weeks, you'll want to clip them. I'll show you how. Oh, and here's the information sheet I made for you," I told him as I took in his appearance.

He was in a sage green dress shirt with it buttoned up all the way except for the top button. He was wearing a pair of dark wash jeans, and he was barefoot. He actually had very sexy, well-groomed feet, which surprised me. Most of the guys I'd met didn't care about their feet which totally grossed me out.

"Thank you very much. These things weren't on the list," he responded.

I smiled as I stroked Bliss on the head as she sat between us. "I know. I wanted to give you a few gifts so you'd understand how happy we are you're adopting her. I'll miss her very much because she kept me company during the day at the shelter when things are slow, but I think the two of you will be quite happy together."

He turned off the oven and smiled. "What can I get you to drink? Esme brought wine, but I have soft drinks, juices, and filtered water. She said you might like the wine. I don't drink alcohol, but I have nothing against it. May I pour you a glass?" he asked sweetly.

I smiled. "I'd love a glass of wine."

He went to the fridge, and then he turned to look at me. "Oh, gosh, where are my manners. Would you like to sit down?" he asked as he pulled out a stool for me. I took it and muttered a "thank you" to him, completely stunned.

He looked so handsome I truly wanted to climb him. He was about six feet and a few inches, and with me being five feet, four inches, well, he towered over me. He could have been an imposing figure, but his demeanor was contrary to his stature. He was a gentleman, in every sense of the word.

He handed me a glass of wine and sat down across from me with a glass of water. "Esme and Carlisle always toast to a good day. Was it a good day for you?" he asked sweetly.

I smiled. "It was a good day, but it's a better day now that I'm here with you," I told him honestly.

We touched glasses and each took a drink. He was actually looking into my eyes, which was a surprise to me because he didn't do it often. When I placed the glass on the counter, he looked at it and frowned, chanting, "No, no, no. All wrong." He was quickly becoming upset, and I wasn't sure why.

"What's wrong?" I asked nervously, wondering if I'd done something to upset him.

He hurried to the cabinet and pulled down another glass, dumping my wine into it. "I'm very sorry. I gave you the wrong glass. I forgot wine is served in a glass with a stem. I won't forget next time," he told me as he pulled out a laminated card and quickly turned away from me. He appeared to peruse it for a moment, and then he turned back to me, appearing much calmer.

I took his hand and smiled at him. "It's okay, Edward. I would drink it out of a paper cup as long as I had you for company."

He looked worried. "I, uh, I don't have any paper cups, Bella. I'll get some before you come back if that's what you'd prefer. Esme said I should ask your preferences and respect them, so I'll get paper cups at the store on Friday. That's my grocery day."

My eyes teared up as I remembered context and innuendo was lost on him. Esme had tried to make me aware of it, and in that moment, I saw how much of a struggle it might be to forge a relationship with him. I blinked a few times, pushing the feelings away.

The thing I had to figure out was whether it was worth it, or if it would be too much for both of us. He was an adorable man, and his innocence was quite attractive, but I could see how difficult things might be if I tried to carve any kind of relationship with him other than friendship. Was I up to the task? That was a great unknown.

"So, Esme came to the shelter today and she mentioned you'd spoken to her regarding our meeting and your adoption of Bliss. She's a very nice woman, and she cares about you very much," I told him, hoping I wasn't letting some sort of cat out of the bag.

"My friend, Jasper, came over last night for a while after he finished his work day. He has a girlfriend, so I asked him what was involved in that sort of arrangement. He explained it to me, but he told me I had to give you a choice in the matter and I couldn't just assume you would be my girlfriend. He had to leave because his girlfriend was waiting for him at home, so I phoned Esme this morning to ask her why it was important for you to agree to be my girlfriend. I also needed help with something else," he said as he adjusted the shirt he was wearing. I withheld the smile.

He then continued, looking down at the counter top where we were seated. "It seemed to me, before she explained it, I could call you my girlfriend because that was what I wanted, and it shouldn't matter if you don't want me for a boyfriend, but she explained to me it doesn't work that way. It's something we have to agree upon, and she told me it would take time for you to decide if you'd like to be my girlfriend. She asked about you, and then she asked if I minded if the two of you had coffee together.

"She said maybe it would be helpful if she explained a few things to you, so I agreed. I hope she wasn't too bossy. She gets bossy with me sometimes." He walked over to the oven after glancing at the laminated card again, and he pulled out a baking dish. He quickly put foil on it as I stole a glance at the card. "Proper Behavior for a First Date."

I tried to read what was written there, but he returned too quickly. I took a sip of wine, hoping he hadn't caught me snooping, but it was eating me up what was on that card. He flipped it over discreetly and glanced at it again, after which he took a sip of water.

"Are you in college?" Obviously, she'd given him topics of conversation so we could find out more about each other. I wished to hell she'd have given me the same kind of cheat-sheet.

"Um…not right now…well, actually, I haven't gone yet. I'll go someday, but right now, I need to be home for my mother. See, my father died when I was in high school and my mom was really devastated at the loss…" I began.

He abruptly got up from the stool where he was sitting and left the room, laminated card in hand. I suddenly worried maybe I'd reminded him of his own father's death, and I had no idea what to do. I should have asked Esme if there were topics to avoid, but it hadn't occurred to me to do so.

Bliss trotted over to the French doors and sat down, whining a bit. I walked over to let her out, knowing she needed to go to the bathroom. I walked back to the kitchen where the bag I'd brought was resting, and I pulled out the instruction sheet I'd made for him, making sure I'd mentioned how she'd let him know if she needed out to do her business.

I walked back to the kitchen, taking my seat and sipping my wine, all the while feeling the unease inside me growing by the minute. I wasn't sure if I should go find him and apologize, or if it was best to let him come back to me. Maybe he needed a minute to compose himself? I was well out of my element, for damn sure.

Finally, he returned to the kitchen, looking much calmer. "My deepest condolences regarding your loss. How did your father pass, if I may ask? If you'd rather not talk about it, I respect your choice."

Color me confused.

"He, uh, he was hit by a car during a routine traffic stop. He was killed instantly," I responded, trying to figure out exactly what had transpired.

As he was about to say something, a buzzer went off. "Oh, it's time to put the pasta on. After your father was killed, what happened next?"

"My, uh, is there something I can do to help?" I asked, still unsure of how to act.

"No, I have it all timed out. Please continue your story." He was filling a pot with water as Bliss pawed at the back door.

"I brought an instruction sheet of sorts to help you with her cues. For instance, if she needs to go outside to do her business, she'll sit by the door and whine, or she'll come find you and nudge your leg. You can let her out and she'll do what she needs. When she's finished and ready to come inside, she'll sit at the door and paw a little.

"Some people get a doggie door so the dog can come and go as it pleases, but you have lovely French doors you might not want to ruin with a dog door," I explained as I walked to the door to let her inside. She immediately went to a large, fluffy bed next to a nice leather chair and flopped down, seeming very content.

I walked back to the counter to grab the paper I'd printed at home and opened it to show him the instructions. He sat down on the stool again, and began chanting, "No, no, no…"

"What's wrong?" I asked, worried he was second-guessing the adoption. Maybe I'd overwhelmed him with the instructions, or maybe I'd insulted him because I'd tried to be detailed?

"I, uh, I need to…" He grabbed the paper from the counter and hurried away again.

I finished my glass of wine, and sat there, unsure of what to do next. It seemed I couldn't do anything right, and I was about to take the dog and leave because maybe it wasn't right for him. It was likely all too much for him, and he was out of his comfort zone.

I remembered my research had mentioned people with AS were used to structure and routine, and maybe having me in his home, along with the dog, was too much of an adjustment at one time.

He walked back into the kitchen with a tender smile on his face as he placed a laminated card on the counter. "I didn't want it to get spoiled, and with the paper being folded, it wouldn't laminate properly. I needed to make a copy and laminate it right away."

He walked over to the boiling water and measured out pasta from a box, using his index finger and his thumb as a guide. Once it was in the water, he sat down next to me with a gentle smile on his face. "Your story, please?"

"Before we get into that, am I making you uncomfortable by being here while you're trying to adjust to having Bliss here? I can come back in a week or so after the two of you are used to each other," I offered.

He looked down and began wringing his fingers around each other nervously. "Do…do…do you want to leave? Am I making a terrible mess of this? Esme left me instructions…" he began as he handed me the three-by-five laminated card. I glanced at it, and I tried to quell the tears because he really did want to do things right.

1) Invite her in and offer her a choice of drink…wine, soft drink, juice, or water. If she wants wine, use the stemmed glass in the left-side cupboard.

2) Ask her questions about herself. Suggestions are on the back. Listen to her answers so you can ask follow-up questions to get to know her better. She'll have questions for you as well, so answer her honestly.

3) After dinner, offer her coffee or tea. She's bringing dessert, and whatever it is, eat it and compliment her. It was nice of her to offer, so show appreciation.

4) Ask her about caring for the dog if you get stuck regarding things to talk about. She is very happy you're adopting the dog, so I'm sure she'll be more than happy to discuss its care with you. Don't allow too many awkward silences because she'll think you're not enjoying yourself. If you run out of things to talk about, look at the back of the card.

5) When she's ready to end the night, thank her for coming and walk her to her vehicle. Offer her a handshake. It's a first date so she may not want to kiss you. Never take liberties. You're a gentleman, after all.

If something unexpected happens, excuse yourself politely, and call me at home. I have faith you'll do fine, but if you need me, I'm always here.

I flipped the card over and saw suggested conversation starters: my family, my childhood, school, hobbies, sports, movies and music, operations at the shelter.

I smiled at the thoroughness of the instructions. She had to love him very much if she went to so much trouble, but if Edward and I were going to figure out a relationship of some sort, it needed to be on our terms. I hoped I wasn't going to upset him with my suggestion, but at the end of the day, we needed to figure out things together without his sister-in-law providing him Cliff Notes.

He wasn't looking at me. In fact, his eyes were closed, and he was still wringing his hands, so the first thing to do was to calm him. I encompassed his hands in mine, stilling them, and I leaned forward a bit. "Edward, please open your eyes. You didn't do anything wrong, okay?"

He opened his eyes and glanced up at me, worry still evident on his face. I continued, "Esme must love you very much to do this for you, and I truly appreciate your wanting things to go perfectly, but can I tell you something?"

He nodded, finally meeting my gaze. "I've had a couple of first dates in the past…not many, but a couple. They're always awkward because two people who barely know each other are trying to see if they have anything in common. We already know we have one very important thing in common…we both love animals and we both love Bliss, so we can talk about that if it'll make things easier. Then, if there are things you want to know about me, you can ask and I'll answer. Let's put Esme's list aside for now, okay?"

I was still holding his hands, which were no longer shaking, and he seemed to calm a bit. I took that as a good sign. "I take it you don't like papers folded, so in the future, I'll remember that. I like things in order myself, so I can understand your desire to laminate important things so they don't get spoiled.

"Hell, I wish I had a machine at my house to do that for my recipes. I hate the fact some of them have smudges on them because they were actually handwritten by my Gran Swan, and I cherish them.

"She passed away when I was a young girl, and she left her recipes to me. They are very important to me. Did I upset you when I mentioned my father's passing? Esme told me your father passed when you were a teenager, and I didn't know it would upset you. I'm so sorry," I apologized.

He smiled a bit. "Oh, no, Bella. I needed to call Esme because I wasn't sure how to respond to your news regarding your father's passing. It wasn't something we went over when she came by this afternoon, and I didn't want to say the wrong thing, so I called her."

I smiled, thinking how wonderfully cute it was he was so concerned about it, but he needed to know it was okay if he didn't say the right thing. I wanted to know him, not the Esme-polished version.

"That's fine, but how about going forward, we answer each other honestly without you having to ask Esme because you're worried you'll offend me? I don't offend easily, Edward, and I want to know the real you, not the guarded, well-schooled you. I want us to be honest with each other, and if I say something you don't understand I want you to ask me, not Esme. You and I need to learn to communicate with each other.

"We have a lot to learn about each other, and if we're going to, uh, see if we're compatible, then we need to do it together without Esme, your brother, or your friend, Jasper, giving you advice. They don't know me at all, so they'd only be guessing about things anyway," I told him, hoping he understood.

Just then, his watch beeped. "That's the pasta. Excuse me, please." He pulled his hands away, giving mine a gentle squeeze, and he hopped up, grabbing the large pot and pulling out an insert to drain the pasta. He tilted it in the pot so it would continue to drain, and he grabbed a platter, finally emptying the pasta on it. He peeled the foil off the baking dish and assembled the dish, grating cheese on top.

"Shall we go to the dining room?" he asked as he carried the dish out of the kitchen. He came back as I was pouring myself a little more wine.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't offer you more wine. I'm not sure of your level of tolerance…Oh, are you allowed to drink alcohol? How old are you?" he asked.

I smiled at his concern. "I'm twenty, but I'll be twenty-one soon, and after dinner, I'll switch to water. Mom and I have wine with dinner, so while the State might frown upon it, my mother doesn't."

He laughed a little. "Well, I guess we can break the law here in my own house. So, shall we?" he asked as he extended his arm to escort me to a room I hadn't seen before. It was a lovely burgundy color with a beautiful oak dining table, set meticulously with a tan table cloth, brown, linen napkins, and lovely white china and sparkling silver.

He pulled out a chair for me and after I sat down, he sat in the one to my left, sweeping the napkin into his lap before he began serving me. "This smells incredible, Edward," I told him honestly. I looked at him and saw a faint flush of his cheeks, which only made him much more attractive to me.

"Thank you. As I mentioned, Esme taught me how to make it, much like a few other things. She comes over sometimes when she finds a new recipe she thinks I'd like, and we make it together. If you have favorite recipes of your grandmother's maybe you could bring your cards over and teach me some new dishes, and I'll laminate your cards for you," he offered as he served the two of us.

Just then, Bliss came ambling in, obviously having smelled the food. Edward turned to look at her as she sat next to his chair. "Sweetheart, you can't eat…oh, when was her last meal? Could she be hungry?" he asked worriedly.

I smiled. "She eats about four-and-a-half cups of food a day. We feed once in the morning and once in the evening. She weighs about eighty pounds, and she's an active dog, so that's what works best for her. The dog treats are low calorie, but don't give her more than five a day. You can break them into smaller pieces if you're training her and need rewards for good behavior.

"We just keep the water dish full all the time. As she gets older and slows down, you'll need to cut down on the amount of food you feed her, but if you continue to use Mom as your vet, she can let you know when it's time to reduce the amount of food she eats," I instructed. It was on the paper, but I wanted to reinforce it with him.

"Okay. Will you excuse me for a moment? I'll go get her dinner, and I'll be right back," he stated. I was about to tell him she could wait a few minutes so he could eat his food while it was hot, but he was gone before I could open my mouth.

Bliss was hot on his trail, and I giggled a little at the sight of her tail swishing behind her in happiness, knowing the two of them were going to get along very well.

I placed my fork on my plate to wait for him, and when he quickly returned, we both dug into our food. It was amazing, and as I was about to ask him to teach me how to make it, he cleared his throat and took a drink of his water.

I glanced up seeing his eyes closed for a moment, and when they opened, I knew he had something he was nervous to ask. I wiped my mouth and waited, bracing for whatever it was.

"These dates you went on, did they end in intercourse?"

Thankfully, my mouth wasn't full, and I wasn't mid sip because I'd have spewed all over the place. After his question, I damn sure needed a drink so I took one before answering,

"No. They didn't. We weren't compatible, and I would never have, uh, sex with someone I didn't have feelings for. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I believe sex should only take place between two people who care deeply about each other. I haven't met anyone I'd want to be intimate with, so I haven't," I confessed, hoping I didn't have to use the "V" word.

He nodded, seeming calmly satisfied with my answer so I decided to tee up a question of my own. "How about you? Have you had intercourse?"

He, unfortunately, had food in his mouth, and when he began coughing, I was worried. He was too large for me to try to give him the Heimlich, and I damn well couldn't let the gorgeous man choke to death.

I began banging him on the back and holding one of his arms over his head as he continued to cough. Finally, he seemed to be able to swallow, so I quit hitting him. He took a sip of his water as I moved to take my seat again.

Before I could move, he scooted his chair back and pulled me onto his lap, surprising the shit out of me. "Sorry about that, but you surprised me. In answer to your question, I have had intercourse before…one time. You're right…it should only take place when there are feelings between the man and the woman, and I didn't have feelings for the woman. It wasn't very good for her, as she told me, but I really didn't want to do it in the first place.

"She told me if I didn't want to have intercourse with her then I must like men, and when I told her I liked Jasper, she called me a name I won't repeat. I explained to her I didn't like him like that, and she said, 'If you're not gay then you should want to fu…have sex with me. If you don't, I'll tell everyone you're gay'," he explained.

I was immediately pissed because some whore had taken advantage of him, and I wanted to kick someone's ass. "Who did this to you? Did you tell anyone? What she did, Edward, was a horrible thing. No one should ever be forced to have sex against their will. Tell me who it was because I'm going to beat her into the ground," I protested.

He chuckled and enveloped my hands into his right one as his left hand rested against my lower back. "You're beautiful when you're mad. I told Jasper about it, and she was fired. She was an aid at the group home where I lived, and there was some disciplinary action that went along with her dismissal. That's why Carlisle says I can't have a girlfriend because women will only take advantage of me. Esme says there are women like that out there, but she doesn't believe you're one of them, and I don't either," he told me quietly, looking into my eyes as if he was looking into my soul.

My breath hitched, and I was consumed with the need to kiss him, but I wouldn't be like that whore. "May I kiss you?" I asked, staring deeply into his eyes in return.

He leaned forward and brushed his soft lips against mine, not applying any pressure. It was almost like a whisper kiss, but it jolted me to my soul. I'd kissed a few guys over the years, but none of their kisses ever affected me the way Edward's lips brushing mine did in that moment.

I wanted to deepen it, but I was very sure he wasn't ready for it, and if I was being honest, I wasn't sure I was ready for it either because it would be unfair for me to kiss him the way I wanted without offering him a definition of our relationship, and I was still trying to figure it out.

I pulled away and held a breath for a second. When I opened my eyes, he was studying me carefully, causing me to blush. He reached up and gently cupped my cheek, smiling smugly. "Seems Esme was wrong. I did get a kiss on my first date." I then turned into a giggling mess. He was so damn cute.

He helped me from his lap, and as I took my chair, I noticed him squirming a little as his hand disappeared under the table for a second. I was pretty sure I knew what was going on, but I certainly wasn't going to embarrass him by asking about it. A guy had a right to adjust himself without scrutiny, after all.

There was a change in the air of my world, and it was due to the gorgeous man sitting next to me with a bright smile on his face as we finished our meal. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but I found my mouth turned up in a smile as well.

After we cleared the table and put away the leftovers, I unveiled my dessert as Edward made a pot of decaf. "Esme mentioned you like s'mores, so I made s'more brownies without nuts," I told him as I cut him a large piece and served it to him on the lovely porcelain plates he provided. They were ivory with white dots.

"How'd you make them?" he asked as he looked it over skeptically.

"Graham cracker crust. Chocolate chip brownie middle which I undercooked a little so it was gooey, and marshmallows on top just before it was finished. If I heat them in the microwave for a few seconds, it'll be just like a regular s'more which Esme tells me is one of your favorites."

He handed me the plate, and I popped it into the microwave for fifteen seconds to heat it, but not too hot. When I set it in front of him, he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. When he opened his eyes, he smiled at me as he took a bite. "This reminds me of camping with my father."

I was immediately pleased because I hoped it was the reaction I'd get. It was important to me he was pleased with my offering, and that was something I'd have to consider when I was home, along with a lot of other things. I had a lot of thinking to do.

"I'm glad. I'm going to divide these into single servings, and you can have one a day because they're very rich. Put it in the microwave for fifteen seconds before you eat it," I instructed.

He swallowed and took a sip of coffee. He wiped his mouth with a paper napkin and smiled at me. "You're a lot more like Esme than I thought. How'd you know I had a sweet tooth and would try to eat it all in one night?"

I smiled. "Because, handsome, I could see it in your eyes."

I did as I said I'd do, placing them in the fridge in individual servings as we cleaned up the dishes and loaded the dishwasher. He went to let Bliss out for the last time, and I saw it was nearly ten, so I needed to get going.

I walked out on the deck where he was standing while Bliss was sniffing around. "Edward, I think I'd better get going. I have to be at the shelter by seven in the morning, and I'm sure you have things to do tomorrow." I touched his bicep and was surprised when he pulled me to stand in front of him with his arms around my middle and his chin resting on my head.

"I had a wonderful time, Bella. I hope you'll come back soon. I love having you in my home, and I hope we can get to know each other, just you and me without Jasper, Carlisle, or Esme." He leaned forward and kissed my neck, and I couldn't help but turn in his arms and wrap mine around his neck.

"I'd love to come back, Edward. All you have to do is ask. I won't just show up because you told me you value your privacy, but if you ever want company, please don't hesitate to call or text me. If you have any questions regarding Bliss, please let me know," I told him as I stood on my tip-toes and kissed his cheek.

After we returned inside and I made sure my instructions were clear, I gathered my things to leave. Edward walked me out to my truck, opening the door for me. As I started to get in, he stopped me. "I, uh, I forgot to tell you how beautiful you looked, Bella. I had a hard time keeping my eyes to myself all night. I hope I didn't offend you," he implored quietly.

I felt my face redden, and as I was about to veer my eyes from his studious gaze, he brushed his hand over my cheek and laughed. "I love that your face turns this pleasing color, Bella. You're quite beautiful. May I kiss you?" he asked.

I nodded, and he picked me up, placing me on the seat of my truck, stepping between my knees. He gently placed his hands on my face and kissed me. I swept my tongue over his soft lips, and surprisingly, he opened his mouth to me, twirling his tongue with mine as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and we kissed as if we'd invented it ourselves. It was truly glorious.

When he pulled away to step back, I could see his face was flushed as well as mine. "Can I call you tomorrow?"

"Yes, please," I responded as he turned my legs so I was facing the front of the truck.

"Goodnight, love," he told me as he closed the door. I was so overwhelmed, I could barely find the ignition, and as I backed out of the driveway, I saw Bliss amble out of the house and sit next to him as he stood on the driveway, watching me leave.

I saw him wave in the rearview mirror, and then the two of them walked toward the house, his hand still on her head. Not a more loving sight had I ever seen in my life.


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