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Chapter 22: Denouement

The evening passed with the brothers once more reunited in their love for one another. Jokes were shared, tales were told, and memories were recounted. It would be several days until Raphael built up enough mutagen to transform back into his terrapin form, and with the help of their always-reliable April, they were able to return to the city.

A few days after their return, the brothers had settled once more into their regular routine, and on his way to the showers after his typical morning workout, Raphael passed Michelangelo's room to see his youngest sibling shell against the wall while leaning intently over his sketchbook. Seeing the frown of concentrated intention on the turtle's face, Raphael casually wandered into his brother's space, "Whatcha up to Mike?"

He didn't even look up, "Drawing."

"I can see that," Raphael rolled his eyes, "What of?"

Michelangelo glanced up before turning his eyes back down with his cheeks darkening, "You wouldn't be interested."

"Try me," The red-clad turtle wiped his sweaty face before leaning over Michelangelo's shoulder.

For a brief moment, the youngest sibling hesitated before relinquishing his spiral bound pad, "I started it the first night we were in the woods."

Gently lifting the book up, Raphael found a grin sliding onto his face as he inspected it. It was a picture clearly from that night. Raphael, in his dragon form, was laying on the grass wrapped around their campfire. Leonardo and Donatello were resting on their brother's tail while Michelangelo was in his favoured spot against Raphael's arm. The eldest was depicted prodding the flames grinning as Donatello animatedly gestured clearly taking his turn at story-telling. Their dragon brother calmly held his head watching over his siblings while his own amusement shone in his eyes. Michelangelo had his knees up with his notebook in hand, drawing absently as he smiled ear to ear. The campfire glowed cheerily while emitting sparks and wisps of ash into the clear night sky where stars littered the zenith.

After several moments of silence, Michelangelo asked while nervously playing with his mask tails, "So? You like it?"

Raphael slid down the wall to sit next to his baby brother before wrapping an arm around him, "I love it Mikey. I really do."


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