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"Bold" Kyuubi talking
Mind Thought



It was cold and the night breezes shivering his small body as he keep on walk and walk. He was walking towards nowhere where there are less people. But, it was really unfortunate for him. No matter where he goes, there's always people who hates him. Looking at him with hatred clearly stated inside of their eyes. The people really wishes for the boy who doesn't know anything to disappear or killed by somebody.

How they'll be really happy if the boy is not exist. Just with his existence makes they live in fear. If they recalling back the fateful day that happen 4 years ago, it makes them scared, cried, and many more emotion will be mixed. It was the day where their villages, Konoha, being attack by the Demon Fox, Kyuubi no Kitsune.

On that day, many lives being taken just in a blink of eyes. It doesn't matter about ages. Young, old, women, men, girl, boy or even children or baby; all dies in the hand of the Demon Fox. They're cried, plead or even begging would never be listen by the Demon Fox.

But, they were lucky enough to be having a savior who saves the day. By fighting the Demon even though the possibilities of winning is almost zero. The one who fights the Demon is Forth Hokage, Namikaze Minato. On that day also, his wife Uzumaki Kushina, will give birth to their first son.

Namikaze Minato knows that he'll lose with the Demon Fox but that's when something struck his brain. He knows that what he'll do is something that no one can accept or agree. On that day, 10th October, he'll make his son as the sacrifices to saves the villages and all the villagers with imprison the Demon Fox inside of his son's body.

His purposes by doing that also are to makes the villagers and the council to believe that his son's is the hero by making his son as the prisoner of the Demon Fox. On that day, before him and his wife dies, they had name him as –

Uzumaki Naruto.

The one who had lives the worst life ever. Even though he was the son of the Forth Hokage, no one ever knows about it. He was being treated as a trash. No one accepts him; no orphanage wants to take him, moreover no one care about him whether he being bullied or harassed. That's just how harsh and despicable his life is.

And now, he just being kicked away from the orphanage that he just enters with the reason he's dangerous to the other children. Being kicked in the cold night makes him scared, not to say that he's hungry. The orphanage didn't give him any food or drinks after they kicked him out. Naruto wanders around the village, searching for a shelter for him to sleep.

A rustling in the trees make him stops from walking before he slowly looked towards the trees when suddenly he saw four silhouettes running towards him. Four people, wearing black cloaks with hood hiding their faces stood before him, looking down at Naruto who had his head raised attempts to look at the people. "Demon child... Just die already!" One of them spat at him. "Your existence is not needed in this world! You demon..." He continued his statements with a very low and quiet voice but had a dangerous tone in it.

Naruto looked up with terror expression completely shows on his face. "Now, this is for the people you had killed!" The other spat, scaring the small boy before a punch land on his cheek. He falls to the ground with a loud thud that makes him cried and just before he wants to get up, a harsh kick was sent towards his small body. A deep crimson liquid come out from his mouth as he cough.

A loud and harsh voices following after and that makes him so powerless. He curled his body into a ball attempt to defending his body from being kick. But, there's just no stop. They keep on kicking, punching, talking harshly and spit towards him.

"Die, die, die, DIE!" They shouted as they keep on kicking his body for non-stop. "Demon like you has no places in this village or world!" That's how they talks to him. His cries, pleading, begging never be heard by them assuming that they really blind not to see him as a small child who have no parents but instead seeing him as a demon. It continues for another 7 minutes when suddenly all the kicking, punching and slapping suddenly stop.

"Are you all satisfied already?" A soft and gentle but firm and coherent tone of voice can be heard by the little Naruto. He was about to raised his head up and looks at whoever had saves him but can't. The pain and bruising from earlier make him so weak, so fragile. He slowly closed his eyes when he heard the man who had saves him said about how can they attack a 4 years old child without merciful at all before darkness slowly consumes his sight and he stays unconscious.

It was terribly a cold night he thought. Whoever out from their house at a time like this, most likely will catch a cold and it's really unfortunate for him. He just back from the Academy to takes something he left on his desk. He fastening his pace when someone taps his shoulder makes him turn and look at whoever is it.

"Yo, Iruka. It's been a long time I haven't seen you" The person said with his hand up, greeting him. Iruka smiles in return after seeing it was someone he knew.

"Ah, Raidou... Yes, it does really have been a long time since we last met." Iruka said, smiling as they walked together, talking about what are they doing and how work and many is more since they really want to catch up each other. That's when they heard a ruckus at the end of the villages where there's a dead end.

The two of them look at each other before rushed there and see four people beating and hitting a smaller boy. They frowned with the actions they see before them and when they focus their eyes on the unfortunate's kid, it was surprising for them. There, lying with his own blood while curling into a ball, defending himself was the unfortunate child, Uzumaki Naruto.

He was already half beaten just by judging how bloody and bruising his body is. The two shinobi who can't endure seeing the boy being beaten without merciful at all immediately rushed and punched each of the people who attacking the innocent small boy.

"Are you all satisfied already?" Iruka said with his soft and gentle but firm and coherent tone of voice. The people who beaten Naruto earlier paled as they see two Konoha shinobi was there looking at them with a fierce faces that can makes people scared for they own life. There were supposed no shinobi at this hour thought them but seeing that the two people who protecting Naruto makes them realize that they really in trouble.

"How can you beat this little boy without knowing how much pain he's got?" Raidou said with a voices that can make people stunned on their ground, can't moves. The scar on his faces making him more daunting towards them.

"I think the only solution is 'that' only; don't you think so, Raidou?" Iruka said still locking his eyes with them with a glint of amused yet scary faces can be seen across his features.

"What do you mean by 'that'?" One of the man who beats Naruto starts to sweats bullet after seeing their eyes glinting with something while looking at them. In a matter of time, a screech sound makes by the four men fill the night but only just for a moments. Iruka and Raidou smiles seeing their masterpiece on them before taking the little Naruto towards the Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen since they knows, only the old man the only one who cares about Naruto.

Iruka who carry Naruto take glancing at him. His heart aches when he sees how Naruto cries even on his unconscious states – because of the pain and bruise he got earlier – and mumbling a pleading to stop hurting him. Just by watching it, makes him feels all the pain like he was the one who receiving all the pain.

If just the pain can transfer towards him, he was willing to accept it just for Naruto so that the younger did not feel the pain. Even though he does not close nor spokes with the younger, he just feels that Naruto also want what every children want.


He knows how the life without parents are because he himself also doesn't have any parents since the fateful day where Kyuubi no Kitsune attacks the village. His parents was a shinobi and when the attacking began, both of them help the other shinobi on defeating the demon but unfortunately for them, they died and make Iruka mourn over them.

But one thing he knows. Even though the demon was sealed inside of Naruto's body, he didn't blame the boy. Instead, he always protecting the boy without him knows. He just happen to know an quotes that made him stronger day by day, what happen in the past is past, we should look forwards and takes step to a better future. It's painful at the beginning, suddenly lost both of his parents, but slowly he recovers from it and becomes a shinobi himself.

A knock on the door makes the old man who was busy with his works looks towards the door. He didn't knows that he'll receives any guest at midnight made him thinks who was it He uttered 'come in' loud enough for the guest to hears it and they enters. It was Iruka and Raidou with the little Naruto being carried by Iruka. Hiruzen Sarutobi saw all the bruised and blood on Naruto's body and immediately tensed before stand rushed towards the kid.

"What had happen?" He asked the two shinobi when Iruka with gently laying Naruto on the couch inside the Hokage room. Iruka looks at the Hokage in the eyes before proceeds to tell about how the villagers had treat Naruto from the beginning while Raidou agreeing in cleaning Naruto's wound.

"Actually, me and Raidou was about to go back to our own home when suddenly both of us hears some villagers shouting towards someone. We become curious and decided to take a look and that's when we see they were beating Naruto. Naruto was already in weak states the time we arrive. So, we decided to intervene and save Naruto from them, also we gives them a little bit of something that'll make them traumatizes." Iruka explains while glances at Naruto who being tends by Raidou at time.

"I see. I'm glad that the two of you intervene in time. But, what did Naruto doing in this cold night outside instead the orphanage?" Sarutobi thought as he was the one who had sent and told the orphanage to take good care of Naruto. He decided to ask the unfortunate child later after he had woke up. For now, Sarutobi just let Naruto to get some sleep inside of his offices with him will take care of the child.

The little Naruto woke up after he dreams about something talking with him yet he seems familiar with the voice that was talking with him inside of his dream. But for him, it rather real's than dreams. He slowly sits up before beginning to aware of his surroundings. He was sleeping on a sofa and a blanket on his body. He looked up and founds that he was inside of the Hokage's tower.

"I see that you have wake up, Naruto-kun." The voice that he knows well spokes to him. He turns his head towards the voice and sees the Third Hokage's standing there with his pipe on his mouth, smiling at him. "How do you feel? Any pain?" He asked and Naruto just shook his head, telling that he's fine.

"Why did I end up here? If I remember, I was on the street, right? Did you found me?" Naruto asked and the older man just smiles towards the younger boy.

"No, it is not me who found you on the streets last night. It was one of the Chuunin Ninja that found you, being beaten by villagers. Can you tell me why the villagers suddenly beat you?" He moved towards the boy and takes a sit beside him. He wants to know the truth behind all of this.

Naruto was contemplated with what he wants to tell the older. He doesn't want to worry the old man that he already assumes as one of his family anymore. The old man beside him had done so many for him. He had help him in finding a place where he will live, giving him a pocket money etc.

He really appreciates all that the old man had done to him, not to say, he was the only people that are always sides with him even though there's so many people that despise him. Naruto could only look down towards the floor while fidgeting with his hand. He was not idiot. He knows why people despise him so much. It's just, he can't accept it still. The truth that a demon was inside of his body: residing inside, living inside his body.

How can he accept it? Even so, maybe, he'll try talking with the demon someday. Wanting some bond between them to happen and maybe miracles would happen where he and the demon will be best friend in the near future. No one knows what it could be. Because no one can predicts a future even their own future.

"Naruto-kun..." Naruto goes back in the present time after thinking of what to tell the older.

"Actually..." Naruto can't continue with his statements when suddenly a person wearing a crow mask appeared just beside the Hokage.

"Crow, what's wrong?" The Hokage asked while still fixing his eyes on the younger who eyeing the mask man.

"Report in, mission success." That was the only thing the crow mask man said before Sarutobi nodded his head until the mask man, who aware that he had been watch by the younger turn to look at Naruto. Naruto in return hides behind Sarutobi since he's afraid that he'll make the person mad at him.

"Hokage-sama, is this…"

"Yes, this is the kid I always said about. Uzumaki Naruto. You can open your mask since Naruto-kun is a little bit afraid of it." Sarutobi ordered and the person just obeyed as he open his mask revealing a younger guy that had a raven hair color. His hair was tied into a low ponytail, his black eyes color fixed towards Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, this is Uchiha Itachi." Sarutobi said as he gestured his hand towards Itachi.

"Uchiha?" Naruto said, from behind the Third Hokage.

"Yes, he is the son of the Uchiha Clan's Head, Uchiha Fugaku." Naruto looked up at Sarutobi when he told Naruto about Itachi being the son of Uchiha Fugaku before he turns his head towards Itachi.

Naruto come out from behind of Sarutobi's behind as he bow. "It's nice to meet you, Itachi-san. I'm Uzumaki Naruto." He introduced himself. He can felt that he'd become closer with the older since his heart was telling him that he was kind and warm heart person.

Itachi smiled in response as he crouched so their heights are same. He put his hand on Naruto's head. "You can call me Itachi, Naruto-kun and nice to meet you too." He exclaimed as Naruto smiles, the real smiles.

After the day he meet with the guy name Uchiha Itachi, he had spends his time more with the older. Naruto was aware that Itachi's not like the other villagers who shunned him. Itachi was sincere to become Naruto's first friend and Naruto was so happy. Itachi and Naruto would always go towards their secret places whenever there is no mission for the older.

Itachi also had been teaching the younger about everything he knows from throwing Shuriken and Kunai; teach him about chakra and how to control it. But he never teaches him about Jutsu, believing that Naruto was still too young to learn about it until one day, Naruto had asked of it.

"Itachi, please teach me about those cool Jutsu you show me! Pretty please…" Naruto begged and Itachi who can't resisted the younger's pleaded, crouched while wave towards Naruto for him to come over. Naruto smiles as he run towards him just to meet with Itachi's index and middle finger on his forehead.

Itachi smiles as he poked the younger on his forehead as he said. "Ok, I'll teach you but not today. I have mission so come here at the usual time one week from now." Naruto smiles as he nodded his head eagerly. He can imagine now how'd he can become as cool as Itachi.

The one week gap was not used uselessly by Naruto. He had been study more about chakra controlling and reading the scroll about Fuinjustu that he had.

'Kit, I really can't seem to understand you. Why did you work hard just to make them recognize about your true potential? They're just an impudent human who knows nothing about their place.'

Naruto smiles as he heard the voices that echoed within his mind as he put the book he had been read to the grassy ground. He looked at the vast sky and lean his back on the tree. "It's true, Kyuu. But you know what. I really can't bring myself to hate this village even with what had they done to me." Naruto smiled. "There are still my precious people here. Like Jiji, Iruka sensei and Itachi. If I didn't meet either one of them, maybe I'd have died long time ago." His eyes flutter as he waited for Kyuubi to say something.

'Hn… I really can't understand you at all. But, do what you want as long as you're happy.'

"Un! Thanks, Kyuu! You're the best!" Naruto said and after that, he stands. "Alright, I've decided. I'll practice my taijutsu for today!" He yelled with so much enthusiasm as he readying the kata stance for Taijutsu. Naruto was about to launched himself towards the dummy when suddenly he felt someone chakra nearing him. He fall to a defend pose as he drew a kunai. He looked around while narrowing his eyes.

A swished sound can be heard from Naruto's behind. He spun immediately and brings his right arm which had the kunai to the air as he blocked the swirling Shuriken. Naruto immediately take three shuriken from his pouch and throw it towards where he can sense the enemy is.

"Hehe, I'm pretty good with sensing, you can come out now…" Naruto gives his popular foxy grin as he said the parson name. "Itachi…" A figure leaped from the branched to the ground and stood in front of Naruto with a smile.

"I'm pleased to see that you had practice your sensory technique." He complimented as Naruto puffed his chest. "So, what'd you want to do for today?"

(2 years later)

"Tell me you're joking, Hokage-sama." Itachi uttered as Sarutobi laced his finger, eyeing the younger in front of him.

"No, I'm afraid it is not." Itachi can't utter any words as the information he just got slowly being digested by him. He can't think of anything as he looked on the floor. This can't be happening.

(2 years later)

Naruto ran through the streets, adrenalin rushed through his every rein. He was happy and excited a moment ago but after he saw it, his hoped shattered. The way the entire corpse lying on the ground, limply, without any life signs inside of them anymore make him nausea. Just a moment ago he was excited to tell him about him being promoted as one of the ANBU. He being an ANBU was thanks to him who had trained him since he was 4 years old, He can't bring himself to believe anything.

His inside was screaming about something. Something big that he'd know he doesn't want to know. Because he knows, this had some correlation with…

Uchiha Itachi.

He bit his lower lips until it bleed. He grip his knuckles as he bring his other hand that is holding a Kitsune mask and put in to his face, hiding it from everyone. I should have seen this coming. He had been getting distant from me for the past few months. Naruto thought as he put a little more chakra on his feet so that he can move faster.

He slid to a stop in front of Konoha gates and stared at the back of his precious person who walked away from the village. "Uchiha Itachi…" Naruto called, with his voice low and full with venom and anger. Itachi turned around, eyes narrowing. Naruto knows that Itachi probably wouldn't know his identity of being the youngest ANBU since he just being promoted that morning when he came across a massacre of the Uchiha clan with the exception of one little boy.

Naruto moved his hand towards the Tanto that is on his back. "I must ask you to surrender and come with me to the Hokage Tower. If you resisted, I'll have to take you with me by force." He ordered and Itachi just continued on stared at him with his Sharigan eyes.

"I refuse. You'll be dead in a matter of time if you tried to bring me by force." He answered. Naruto gritted his teeth behind the mask as he brings out the Tanto from his back and moved into a guard position. Naruto was about to leaped towards Itachi when suddenly the older had disappeared just to reappear behind him. Itachi give a chopped to the neck but Naruto evade it. He swings the Tanto towards Itachi but it didn't hit him. Instead, Itachi who had jumped to the air give a kick on Naruto's jaw making the mask to tear off from his face. He twisted in the air and landed on the ground and land on one knee. He spits the blood that was inside of his mouth.

Itachi was beyond shocked when now; he can clearly see who the person behind the Kitsune mask was. "Naruto?"He said, stepping back in surprised. Naruto glared at him with much hateful showing from his expression. Itachi can't bring himself to hurt the younger. Naruto was his precious person. He takes a deep breath as he shunshin to Naruto's back and immediately hit him on the back of his neck. Blue eyes widened before darkness eat him. It's better if you hate me. Itachi thought.

Itachi caught Naruto's body from hitting the ground and stared at the face for a moment before he gives a long kiss on the blonde's forehead as tears fall from his eyes towards Naruto cheek. He put down the boy back on the ground as he closed his eyes and shunshin away from the village to enter the international criminal S-Rank group, Akatsuki as an undercover spy.

Naruto stared at the face of the Third Hokage. He was wearing his fully ANBU clothes. "Naruto-kun, I have a mission for you, an S-Rank mission." Naruto gives his full attention towards the Hokage. "From now on, you are to protect Uchiha Sasuke. I give you these missions because of you two have the same age. You'll have to masquerade yourself and enter the academy to become one of the students. You are allowed to act however you want and of course, your position as ANBU Captain will remain hidden from the others."

Sarutobi stared at the younger. "And you know what to do about the rest. Dismissed." He waved and Naruto disappeared with a shunshin.

And with that, the new life of Uzumaki Naruto had now begun.


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