Moony: Year 2

10 May, 1973

"Sirius, stop it my arm is practically drenched now," Remus muttered, a small scowl on his face as he sat in his bed in the early morning light. Yesterday morning, the werewolf assumed, he had been asleep when Sirius had come back and rubbed the ointment on the burn. Remus doing it every other day since, just to avoid Sirius in the smallest way possible.

This morning, he was awake and having just got dressed after a shower Sirius had grabbed him and dragged him over to his bed so he could put more of that stuff he nabbed onto the angry red 'S' that was on his wrist.

"I just want to make sure it heals enough to let the scar fades," Sirius grumbled, gently rubbing in the weird smelling stuff onto the burn. "Hate for this to be another one."

Remus bit his lip and kept quiet after that, staring at the red sheets so he wouldn't have to look at Sirius or the scars that ran up his arm already. Pulling the arm back when Sirius let go of it and moved to get off the bed.

"Take your time getting ready for class today, Moony," Sirius said, not moving from his spot on Remus' bed.

Remus just gave his friend a confused look and nodded slowly, sinking feeling in his gut that Sirius had enacted his revenge a little sooner than the young werewolf had thought possible for the heir of the Black house. Gold flecked eyes watching Sirius closely as he boy got off the bed and made his way over to James', the grey eyed boy jumping on his best friend like an excited dog to wake him up.

Maybe he was just imagining it, Sirius was a little over protective was all. Remus turned his back and started to search the 'organized mess' around his bed for his Charms textbook.

'You shouldn't have thought he was innocent. Damn it I am stupid,' Remus kept his glare on the wood work of the table trying not to look up and see the result of what Sirius was really doing last night. The dark haired boy has smirked when he saw Slughorn hurrying up to the teacher's table with a student following behind him.

A student Remus recognized easily; Bart. The Slytherin third year looked livid as he followed his head of house, standing behind Slughorn as the man talked to McGonagall. The boy still in his pajamas and making most of the Hall giggle at how pink and frilly they were. The witch stood up after whatever the potions teacher had said and following him out of the Great Hall.

James had been watching the seen more closely then Remus had, leaning over and whispering to his friend.

"What did you do?"

"Simply a little joke, don't see what is so bad about it," Sirius smirked, biting on the spoon he had been eating his oatmeal with and grinning as innocently as he could manage.

His 'innocent' grin disappeared when McGonagall and Slughorn entered the hall again, without Bart following. Her eyes narrowed behind the square glasses as she marched over to where the four trouble makers were sitting.

"Four of you, in my office."

Remus' head shot up and she stared at his head of house in shock, a sickening feeling settling in his gut as his mind processed her words. He was joined into his mess somehow, he was being dragged into a revenge plot that he hadn't been a part of planning.

Peter chocked on the muffin he had been eating, looking at James and Sirius as if expecting them to give him an answer on why he was being dragged into this mess. Whatever the mess was.

James had the same expression as he stared at Sirius, watching as the wizard stood up slowly.

"Minnie, I can assure you they had nothing-"

"Do be quiet, and follow me. I am in no mood to hear your pleas until you are all in my office."

She turned on her heal, the green robes she was wearing swirling with her. The four boys standing fully and following her out in a small line of shame. Remus' ears burning brightly as he felt the eyes all on them; his feet walking robotically as he tried to piece together what he was going to say.

James was trying his best to get Sirius to confess silently what he had done, but he could get nothing out of the teenager. The doors to McGonagall's office closed with a thud behind them, the noise ringing loudly in Remus' ears and making his hands shake.

The Deputy-Headmistress sat in her desk and summoned four chairs for them to sit in. Remus and Peter slumping into their seat, Remus to keep himself from panicking and Peter to keep from shaking.

James stood tall behind Peter's chair, face full of defiance and confusion while Sirius stood closest to the desk in front of them three, ready to take any blow that could come at full force.

"I really am surprised that all of you would go so far," McGonagall began, "I had hoped that our talks had gotten into your brains."

Her eyes looked at James and Sirius, mouth still in a stern frown.

"Yeah, they did enough, but there is one problem with your accusations. I have no idea what he did," James stated, eyes moving to look at Sirius.

"All of a student's belongings were thrown into the Great Lake and his bed vandalized," McGonagall stated, her tone call but stern.

"He's a Slytherin, we can't get into the dorm," Peter squeaked out, hands wringing together nervously.

"I strictly remember that being the case earlier this year until it was proven that other houses can get into other common rooms."

Peter looked down at his lap, ears turning pink; James looking up at the ceiling before looking at the teacher in front of them.

"We still didn't do it-"

"They are telling the truth, Professor," Sirius finally spoke up, "I did it, but on good grounds."

"And what grounds are that?" McGonagall turned her eyes onto Sirius, looking like she was waiting for an excuse. "If you give me some lie I will be forced to revoke your position as the announcer at the games."

"But it is good, Schmidt was…"

Sirius stuttered to a stop and he turned his gaze to Remus, the werewolf still staring at his lap and not saying a word. The Black heir stood up straighter, a thin line replacing where his smirk usually was care-free nature disappearing.

"Schmidt was bullying and harming Remus, and I wasn't going to stand for that. Telling a teacher wasn't going to stop him so I took matters into my own hands. If you think that is enough to take away my role in the quidditch games than do as you must."

McGonagall's eyes widened slightly, as she turned her gaze to the quietest in the room. James and Peter staring at their friend with shocked expressions, James' merging into rage.

"He did what to you! Why didn't you tell us!? Let me see, what did he do?"

Remus shook his head and slowly looked up at the Professor in the room, shifting in his seat. McGonagall seemed to get the message, the witch standing.

"You are getting off easy with this, Mr. Black. Two weeks detention, and a written apology for ruining the students school supplies with a letter home for your actions."

Sirius' eyes widened only a second before he nodded slowly, "Yes Ma'am."

"You may all leave then," McGonagall nodded, "Except you, Mr. Lupin, I would like to discuss somethings with you."

Remus just nodded, not moving from his seat as the three boys around him hesitantly left him in the office. The sound of the doors closing gave him a small signal that they were gone and on their way back to breakfast.

"I would like to see what he did to you if there is any physical harm, Remus."

Remus looked up at the kind voice of his head of house, a guilty expression on his face for hiding this from the teachers. Slowly he pulled up the robe sleeve and showed her the healing mark that used to be the silver burn.

"May I?"

Her hands were stretched out to take the arm, and he nodded. Her cool hands resting his wrist as she observer the make, "Remus this is a-"

"I know…"

"And Mr. Schmidt did this to you?"

Remus nodded, 'Though in fairness I did punch him…not that I am going to tell you that.'

"This is serious, bullying and physical harm-"

"It is fine, really…I can handle this, Professor," Remus insisted, pulling his arm back to his person.

McGonagall's mouth went into a stern line, as she sat next to him in one of the empty seats.

"Remus, if this has been happening or he knows and is abusing you over this I think Headmaster Dumbledore or me has a right to know so we can help you."

"I just didn't want to bother you with…"

"We are your instructors," She placed a hand on his shoulder, a kind smile on her face as he turned his head to look at her. "It is your job to bother us with things like this, because they are not as big of a bother as you think they are."

Remus nodded, playing with the frayed hem of his robe sleeve.

Satisfied that she got through to him at least a little the professor stood, fixing her hat.

"Now, I am sure Madam Pomfrey can fix this burn easier then rubbing stolen ointment on it every day."

Remus' head went back up and stared at her with wide eyes, a guilty expression crossing her face.

"I-I didn't-"

She held up a hand to stop him, "No need, Mr. Lupin. I am sure she will let it slide, but I do think you should get down there quickly before you miss class."

Remus stood up fast, and fixed his bag more securely on his shoulder, "Yes, Professor...and thank you."

McGonagall smiled at him, waving her wand to put the chairs back into their proper spots, "Do stay out of trouble, Mr. Lupin."

"No promises, Professor. Not with the friends I have," the young student chuckled, making his way out of the room just as a few students started to trickle in for their first class.

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