December, 2135 - Korra City, Mars

The celebration was in full swing. Banners and flags hung from every available surface and music played over loudspeakers. Far overhead, a lattice-like structure allowed the light of the sun to filter through. WIth a near -earth atmosphere within the colony, the sky was almost blue. A young Chinese woman, newly arrived, took in the view. There were nearly three-thousand people in this city. And they were building another city a thousand kilometers away, named after the woman who discovered life on Mars. She wondered what that would look like, with the lessons learned from building Korra City.

Looking down from the sky, she continued her area she was in was like a park, an open area (or at least as open as you could get on the Red Planet). There weren't many people strolling about, most were at the celebrations. At the center of the park were a pair of statues. Each three meters tall, cast from Martian steel. Both were women, wearing old style space suits, determined looks on their faces as they gazed off towards destinations unknown.

A old man's voice startled her. "They fell in love, you know. On the way here. It was such a long and dangerous journey then. They went through so much, and they made all of this possible. They had so much passion."

She couldn't tell how old he was. Life on Mars did funny things to the aging process. People got taller, but it was a hard life, especially in the early years. She tilted her head towards the statue. "Did you know them?"

"Oh. Yes I did. I was born here. I remember… Korra. She was so full of energy. She inspired everyone to be better than they were. Like she was the heart of this city. And her wife Asami was it's mind." He gestured up at the lattice overhead. "She came up with that. It helps keep us from feeling too claustrophobic. She had help of course. Others who came. Their friends. People they inspired. Even my own parents."

Turning back to the statues, she clasped her hands behind her back. "The orientation booklet didn't talk much about them. What they did, yes, but not what they were like."

"Come with me." He held out his arm for her to take, and continued to talk as they walked. "Korra liked to play pranks. Nothing dangerous, but she kept us on our toes. We were all a family, then. There were maybe two hundred people when I was born. Six hundred by the time I was twenty. But we were a family. I think.. I like to think that they viewed us all as their children. Asami was obsessed with our safety. She put together a team that came up with all sorts of new ways to keep us safe but let us expand at the same time."

He led her closer to the edge of the city. Behind some of the buildings was a small plot. It looked like a cemetery, though there were few graves. "We cremate our dead. But sometimes, we make an exception."

A monument, no larger than a meter in height, stood in the center of the plot. Carved into the front was a stylized shield with a silhouette of a space ship over it. In front of the monument were two graves.

The man's voice caught as he spoke. "They never left. They were here until the day they died, building this colony with their bare hands."

There was a plaque, and it read;

Korra Sato
b. April 12, 2006
d. Sept. 23, 2071
First Human on Mars

Asami Sato
b. Dec. 21, 2005
d. April 14, 2072
Founder of Korra City

May the stars guide them home.