Hey all! After a few months of The Loudest Silence and Shades of Blue being on the shelves, I thought the biggest thank you I could give Swen was to put the original story back up! So here it is!

So this fic has also been turned into a two book series that was published by Heartsome books.
If you're interested then search 'Olivia Janae' on Amazon for the two-part series.
I will say that the book is better. The story is more complete, and there are many added scenes that fill in missing parts here.

This is the same story. I went through and looked for spelling errors but otherwise, this is the same story that was up before, including formatting and all.

Now fic based notes:

Chamber group/chamber music is: instrumental music played by a small ensemble, with one player to a part. It's not the giant orchestra you normally see with five horns and twenty violins.

The El train in Chicago is something like the subway in New York or the Muni in San Francisco. It is one of the aboveground/underground train system that everyone uses to get anywhere. It's just easier in a big city!

As for the deaf and how the deaf are portrayed in this story: I only have my own experiences to go from so I'm sure many and any of yours will be different. I based Regina's experience off a friend of mine who was forced into extreme therapy her entire childhood and most of her teen years and therefore is now able to live similarly to someone who is hearing. As I said though, her experience is of course very different from many others.

There is some C.S. but—don't let it get to you – this is a SwanQueen story.

There is an amazing video by Willow Hermione, y'all! Check out my Tumblr (ioliviajanae) or Willow Hermonie's Youtube to find it!