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The man flipped through the thick stack of papers, scanning them quietly. He was beginning to be a problem, this kid. He lifted the front page once again and stared at the picture there.

It was a teenaged boy with dark hair falling over his sea green eyes. He was smiling—this shot had been taken when he'd been seen at a local pizza place. He sifted through the boy's records again, records that were incredibly dangerous.

He'd blown up several schools, was seen fighting an unrecognizable figure with what seemed to be a baseball bat, had gone missing twice—one a violent kidnapping when he was twelve and the other when he'd been gone for almost a year before returning seemingly fine. He was also said to have been involved in the freak storms and the mass snoozefest that had happened a few years back in Manhattan.

He sighed. He was getting concerned. Wait, Nick Fury concerned by a teenage boy?


It wouldn't hurt to take him in for questioning, would it? They could gain some valuable information from him, and besides that, they could maybe find out what had happened during that year he was missing. He glanced at the paper again. Sure enough, an address was provided. Why hadn't he done this before?
Yes, he thought. It was time to call the Avengers.

Percy twisted the doorknob with the crook of his elbow and nudged it open with his knee. He stumbled as he made it inside the apartment and kicked the door closed with his heel. He dropped his math book on the rug and bent to pick it up after dumping the rest of the books on the coffee table.

Wow. It had been a long day.

"Percy! Is that you?" His mother's voice called.

"Yeah, mom," he replied, kicking off his shoes. "It's me."

Sally Jackson walked into the living room, a dusting rag in one hand and a spray bottle full of cleaner in the other. "How was school?"

"Fine," he said as he trudged into the kitchen and sat down at the table. He picked up a blue cookie and munched on it. "Annabeth will be here in a few minutes to help me study."

Sally raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. Percy caught the expression and smiled a little. Mothers. They were always so suspicious.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. Percy bolted out of his seat and power walked towards the door. Of course, he had no idea he was going so fast, but his mom noticed and smiled. He threw the door open to reveal Annabeth Chase, girlfriend extraordinaire. Her blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her stormy gray eyes sparkled with excitement. She had a blue backpack slung over her left shoulder and a book in the other.

"Hey, Wise Girl," he said happily.

"Hi, Seaweed Brain." She stood on her tiptoes and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Then she walked inside the apartment and set her books on the coffee table. She frowned at the mess of schoolwork Percy had left there, then turned to Sally.

"Hello, Mrs. Jackson."

"Hello, Annabeth. How are you, dear?" Percy's mom replied.

"Great." Boyfriend and girlfriend made their way to the kitchen table and began spreading out their books, though Percy didn't seem very serious about any of it.

Just as Annabeth picked up a cookie, there was a knock at the door. Sally turned around and glanced at the two teenagers. "Expecting someone else?"

Percy shook his head, and Annabeth continued to open up her history book. She didn't seem too concerned about the unexpected visitor.

"Thalia said she was coming by this weekend, but that's still three days away." Percy stood to answer the door, but Sally got there first.

When she opened the door, she found a man and a woman waiting for her. The woman, who had fiery red hair and bright eyes, spoke first. "Hello, is this the Jackson's residence?"

Sally smiled, puzzled as to who these people were. "Yes, may I help you?"

"Yes, actually, we're looking for Perseus Jackson," the man said. He had short-cropped brown hair and a face that resembled a hawk. "We'd like to ask him a few questions."

Sally paled noticeably, but tried to cover it up. "Yes, of course. Come right in." She tried to sound hospitable, but she was obviously distracted now. "Please, sit down." She gestured towards the couch and called for her son. "Percy! There are some people here to see you."

Sally heard hit chair squeak across the tile floor and footsteps approach the living room. "Who is it, mom? Is Thalia here early—oh," he finished when he saw the two unfamiliar people.

"Can I help you?" He asked, beginning to look nervous. His eyes flickered to the kitchen, then back.

"We'd just like to ask you a few questions, Percy." The woman gestured towards the chair opposite the couch, but Percy made no move to sit down. "I'm Agent Romanoff, and this is my colleague, Agent Barton."

"You're from the government, aren't you?" Percy asked.

"Something like that. We're from an agency called SHIELD," Barton said. He waited expectantly, as if Percy was supposed to ask for an autograph or something.

The son of Poseidon just blinked. "So?"

Natasha glanced at Sally—an obvious hint for her to excuse herself. Sally got the message.

"Well, I'll leave you three to talk. I've got some cleaning to do." Then Percy's mom left the room. Whispers came from the kitchen, then Annabeth's soft footsteps were heard. She stopped behind Percy and smiled at the guests.

"Hello." She waved a little, smiling distractedly. Then she turned back to Percy inconspicuously. "Who are they?" she whispered.

"Governments peeps."

"Peeps?" Annabeth asked, a grin spreading across her face.

Percy shrugged and led his girlfriend over to the couch. Romanoff and Barton exchanged a glance like they didn't want Annabeth there, but Percy didn't care. If Annabeth wasn't supposed to hear what they were about to say, Percy didn't want to know either.

"So what's SHIELD?" He asked.

"It's a secret government agency, like you guessed. We—" Romanoff began.

"Wait a second," Annabeth interrupted. "If it's secret, why are you telling two untrustworthy teenagers about it?"

"Untrustworthy?" Percy asked indignantly, glancing at his girlfriend. Annabeth ignored him.

"Oh, we know you two are untrustworthy," the woman continued. "In fact, that's what we were wanting to discuss."

"Why people don't trust me?" Percy asked. "You trust me, don't you, Wise Girl?"

"That's a rabbit trail, Percy. Get off it."

"Not exactly," Barton intervened. "We've seen your records, Perseus Jackson. And we also know that you have never been charged as a criminal for anything you've done—blowing up schools, buses, the St. Louis Arch. Not to mention your suspicious activity."

"What are you saying?" Percy narrowed his eyes. He was beginning to feel even more nervous than he was in the first place.

"We're saying that we'd like to take you to our headquarters for questioning. Just for a few hours, then you may return home," Romanoff said.

Annabeth sensed a lingering unless at the end of that sentence. "Unless…?"

The two agents hesitated before the redhead spoke up. "Unless we find your answers are inadequate, or you're lying to us."

"You know what? I think you two should leave." Percy stood, moving to stand in front of Annabeth protectively. His sea green eyes hardened into a murderous glare before motioning towards the door.

Barton and Romanoff exchanged a glance before the man nodded in acquiescence. The two made their way to the front door. They stepped outside, but before the son of Poseidon could close it, Barton stuck his foot in the door.

"Listen, Jackson. Our director wants to question you personally, and if you deny him that there will be trouble." His eyes flickered to Annabeth, who was standing right behind her boyfriend. He put his hand on Percy's shoulder, and little did the demigod know, but Barton stuck a tiny tracker onto his sleeve. "Your choice."

Percy yanked his arm out of Barton's grip.

Then the two agents were gone.

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