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Percy didn't feel it at first. He wasn't sure if that was due to the adrenaline rushing through his veins or if that was just what happens when you get shot at point blank range. Either way, it took a second for him to realize that, A) he hadn't been hit with a baseball bat, it had been a bullet, B) There was a hole in his leg that was bleeding heavily already, and C) It hurt like Hades.

He crumpled to the ground, his legs refusing to work anymore. Cold sweat broke out on his body as he tried to stop the blood flow. He watched as Agent May went dashing off across the battlefield, her mission accomplished. But what was her mission? To incapacitate him? Why hadn't she killed him?

He saw Nico running toward him—he must have finished off the last agent. His shoulder was coated in dried blood.

"You okay, Nico?" Percy gasped, trying to stay in control of the pain.

"Just grazed." He pulled off his jacket, using the sleeves to tie it around Percy's leg. He did it awkwardly, like his left arm—the one that had been hurt—was a lot worse than a graze. The son of Poseidon hissed in pain as he pulled the tourniquet tight.

"You sure? It doesn't look too great." Percy winced as he fumbled for his sword, holding it in his good hand. His wrist was killing him.

"Um…yeah. Listen, Percy, there's something you need to know." His dark eyes were darting around the camp, waiting for the next attack. "Those aren't regular bullets."

It took Percy's pain-fogged mind a minute to realize what he'd just said. He heaved a deep breath in. "Oh no." Nico rooted around in his pockets before finding a piece of ambrosia and handing it to the son of Poseidon. Percy took it gratefully, the warmth spreading through his body.

"Oh yes. I can barely move my arm." He grabbed a gun from the holster of an unconscious agent nearby. "You're not going to be able to walk, so take this." He handed it to Percy. "Also, don't try to use any godly abilities or anything, I tried."

Percy could feel his leg going numb. At least it eased the pain.

"Not only does the serum infused in the bullets make it impossible to use them, it also makes you sick to your stomach if you try." His words were brisk. He was shaking with pent up adrenaline. He wanted to keep fighting.

Nico grabbed Percy around the chest from behind, using his good arm. He handed the son of Poseidon his sword as he dragged him back and away from the firefight. He paused for a moment, then spoke again. "Can you stand?"

Percy nodded a little, letting Nico help him to his feet. The paralysis was almost in full affect, which was both good and bad. The good part: it didn't hurt nearly as bad anymore; the bad part: he couldn't walk. They stumbled up the broken steps and into the Hades cabin.

"What are we doing?" Percy asked, confused. The son of death ignored him.

Nico sat him down on the bed and glanced around quickly. "Will you be okay here?" He looked directly into Percy's green eyes.

"You are not leaving me here." Anger boiled inside him. "Not when everyone else is out there fighting."

"Percy, you can't walk. I'm surprised you haven't passed out yet, actually—"

Percy made an offended noise.

"—and if you step outside that door and one of those bastards sees you, they will kill you without a second thought."

"I'm not stupid. Do you know how many monsters I've fought? How many times I've risked my life to save this camp? Don't you dare stand there and tell me to wait inside the freaking cabin while all my friends are fighting for their lives." He lurched to his feet, his right leg buckling and making him wobble. Nico grabbed his arm, steadying him. Percy shook him off angrily, leaning heavily against the nightstand.

"You think I don't know how it feels to be left behind?" His dark eyes stared Percy down.

Percy shifted uncomfortably. "That has nothing to do with this. Now are you going to help me get out of here or what?"


"Fine. I'll do it myself." He made it two steps before his knee gave out and he fell to the floor again. Nico caught him just before he hit the wooden floor, dragging him back to the bed. Dang, the kid had gotten stronger during his days at Camp Half-Blood.

"Stay here, Percy." He turned back toward the door, looking frustrated and anxious and downright mad all at once. "I don't have time to sit here and babysit you."

The son of Poseidon grit his teeth in pain and anger. The paralysis took away some of the pain, but not all of it. "Whatever, just go," he said breathlessly. His voice held defeat. "Find Annabeth. Make sure she's all right, okay?" Percy could remember a time when he didn't trust Nico di Angelo as far as he could throw him. Now he trusted him with his life.

Nico nodded, picking up his Stygian iron sword from the floor where Percy had dropped it after they got inside. His knuckles were white around the leather grip. His eyes flashed dangerously. "And thank you, Percy. For helping me out back there." He dropped a few more pieces of ambrosia onto the end table. "Take those."

Then he was gone.

The son of Poseidon unwrapped two and ate them quickly as the door fell closed. Percy snorted in abrupt laughter, muttering to himself. Just because he trusted Nico didn't mean he'd let the kid fight his battles for him—both physically and metaphorically. "Yeah, go ahead, di Angelo." He heaved himself to his feet again, leaning on his sword for support. The blade was making a nasty hole in the wooden floor. "You go kick some butt..." He swung open the door, fighting unconsciousness. Nausea swept over him, and he stood still for a minute, panting. "…while I sit in here and nap." When it passed, he stumbled back down the stairs. "Not likely."


His shield zipped out of his hand, flying through the air and slamming into two soldiers before returning to his grip. Steve whirled around, taking out an agent behind him before spinning back around to meet his next assailant.

"Clint," he said, only mildly surprised. He knew it was only a matter of time before he'd have to fight one of his own.

"Come on, Steve. Don't make me do this," his voice sounded playful. "You know I'm gonna kick your ass." He snapped his bow into its staff position and twirled it a few times. "And if I don't, Fury will."

Steve shook his head, strengthening his resolve. "Well that's a risk I'll have to take."

"Oh, it's a promise." Hawkeye darted forward, bringing his bow down hard on Steve's shield arm. Captain America barely flinched at the impact and swung his shield around, blocking the next blow. Unfortunately, he didn't see that it was just a feint and Hawkeye dove for his midsection, tackling him to the ground.

Had he just been going easy on Steve in training?

Rogers threw his elbow out and smashed it into Clint's jaw, trying to knock him out. He really didn't want to hurt him, but if that was his only option, then so be it.

Clint grunted in pain, managing to dodge the better part of the blow. They wrestled on the ground for a moment, Steve's shield getting thrown to the side and Clint losing his bow somewhere in the process.

A fair amount of dirt had gotten into Steve's mouth before he got to his feet, grabbing his shield and ready to bring it down on Clint. He was going to wake up with one heck of a headache.

Then, before he could move another inch, an ear-splitting crack of thunder shattered through the sounds of battle, and a bolt of lightning ripped open the blue sky.

The gods had arrived.

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