I just wanted to share some distressing news with all of you, my faithful readers of this story!

Someone under the pen name of 'Pandora' on Quotev has STOLEN this story and uploaded it there, claiming it as their own.

They could have asked me if they could post it or at least given me credit for the story, but they did neither.

I do have a Quotev account I had made years ago under the same pen name as here, until recently I forgot about it until it was brought to my attention that someone had stolen my story so I have recently uploaded ALL my stories to that account as well.

So If you see anyone else posting any sort of story that you have read elsewhere and you are sure that it does not belong to the person uploaded it and claiming it as their own, please report it to the site and the original owner of the story.

Sorry for that rant, and thank each of you for reviewing and reading this story and I'm glad you all enjoyed it so much and stuck around for all these chapters!