"You did what?" I shouted at my mom.

Mom smiled calmly at me "I called your father Kagome. I told you that your school expelled you for missing too many days, remember? Well none of the other schools around here are willing to take the risk you are going to miss as much school as you have been."

I gave her a skeptical look "I thought you didn't want me to have anything to do with him? You didn't even take the money that he offered to send you."

Mom gave a sig "I know but he is capable of giving you a chance to finish your schooling." Mom explained.

I realized the position I had put her in. I had made her get in contact with the one person she never wanted to talk to again. In truth it had been a mistake on both of their parts. It had been a one night stand, or it had supposed to have been. They had both been extremely drunk the night they created my twin and me. I sighed, I may as well make this easier for my mom. She was always so understanding during my jewel hunt in the feudal era. "Alright mom I'll go, but I won't like it." I gave her a playful pout.

She gave me a grateful smile "Thank you Kagome." She said in a quiet voice.

"Yeah, I'll do my best." Then a thought hit me "Hey do you think he knows about me yet?"

My mom gave me a look "Does who know about you?"

I gave her a 'duh' look "Well who else? Obviously dad knows about me. My twin silly." Mom gave me an 'oh' look "I know that you told me, but do you think dad told him?"

Mom's oh look turned devious "I don't know Kagome, he wouldn't have anything to gain from telling him."

"Oh why would you say that mom? He's so caring." I said sarcastically while rolling my eyes. I thought back to the few phone calls I have had with the man.

We both fell silent and looked at each other. Then as one we burst out laughing. Mom sent a thank you look my way then said "You will be held back a year because of how many days you missed though." She explained.

"That's alright, to be honest I sort of expected it. So did he say what school he blackmailed into letting me attend?"

I saw stars appear in my mom's eyes "Oh yes, can you believe it?" she gave a dreamy sigh "Ouran, he got you into Ouran Academy."

My eyes shot open "Ouran?" I exclaimed.

"Yes just imagine, my little girl attending Ouran Academy!"

A scowl appeared on my face "Ouran is nice and all, one of the most prestigious schools in the world." I paused for emphasis "But have you seen the uniforms? Bright yellow, and poufy!" This time I pouted for real, I didn't want to wear yellow poof.

It was that moment that Sota chose to speak up. He had come down the moment I yelled at mom but had stayed quiet. He started laughing "Kinda like your backpack huh sis?" He started laughing harder when I glared at him.

"Shut up you brat." I scowled at him.

Then he sobered up "Are you really leaving again sis? I mean you only just got back two months ago."

I smiled at him "Hey I'll visit often, don't you worry." This time it was my turn to smile deviously "I'll even bring my twin back and you can annoy him as much as you annoy me."

"Hey!" he exclaimed, then "Will you really? I've always been curious to see this twin of yours."

"Yeah I'll defiantly bring him. Plus it is long past time that he met mom." I turned to my mom "So when do I leave?"

Mom who had been amused by our banter turned serious. She sighed sadly "He said he would send somebody in two days to pick you up. He also told me to tell you that you won't need to bring much, only your personal belongings I quote 'the things that can't be replaced.' He told me that 'there was a room ready for you across from your brother's. Most of your wardrobe will also be replaced with things more appropriate items." She paused and gave me a look "Don't let him change who you are though Kagome. Don't be afraid to bring your own clothes along." I gave her a nod and she continued "I'll help you pack tomorrow. You should probably get some sleep, the next few days will be hectic."

"Alright mom we will." I told her.

Sota had caught what I implied "We? What do you mean we?"

I gave him a smug look "Yes we. You're going to be helping me you brat."

"But I don't want to!" He whined at me. I gave him a Sesshomaru worthy glare and he instantly shut up. "Alright fine. You don't have to go all Sesshomaru on me." Then an idea seemed to form in his mind "Hey why don't you just turn to Sesshomaru for help if you really don't like the idea of moving in with your dad? He's got more connections and money than your dad."

I gave a small shudder "You know what Sesshomaru is like. I may be on good terms with the demon lord, but I don't think I could survive living with him." I gave an even larger shudder "Plus there is Jaken. He wouldn't last a week if we were living under the same roof."

"He wouldn't survive?" Sota looked confused.

I smirked at him "Yeah he wouldn't survive, because I would purify him."

Understanding dawned in his eyes "Oh I understand now." He paused briefly then got a large smile on his face "You were right sis, he made a really good target for my soccer practice."

I smiled darkly back at him "See I told you you would love it. I love the noises he makes when he gets hit with something. It totally makes up for all of the times to make my life a living hell."

"Hey I just thought of something."

"Well that is dangerous for you." I said with a smirk.

Sota glared at me, but continued "Well Sesshomaru named you his heir right?" I nodded at him with a grimace. I hadn't wanted him to, but certain things happened in the feudal era and he had insisted. Once the great Lord Sesshomaru makes up his mind you can't say no. "And your dad is Yushio Ootori.; I nodded my confirmation waiting to see where he was going with this. "Well aren't Taisho and Ootori business rivals?"

Then understanding dawned in me. That's right, I remembered Sesshomaru saying something about that in one of the many lessons he has been giving me. "You're right Sota, they are." I just realized that my life is going to get very stressful very soon. "Well Sweet old dad is just going to love that won't he?" I said sarcastically.

"When did Sesshomaru say your announcement party is going to be?" Mom asked me.

I flinched slightly, not at all looking forward to it "In three and a half months. He had wanted to get me ready enough before he announced his heir because as soon as he announces me both sides are going to come at me full force. Demons and humans." In the past two months since I had gotten back I have been busy. When I got out of the well for the last time I was extremely surprised to see Sesshomaru standing there waiting for me. Since then time has passed in a flurry of lessons. Mornings were business, etiquette, dance, and social lessons. Nights were fighting lessons and control over my powers. Because of that happened in the feudal era I now have more than just my Miko powers to master. He had said that I would be proficient enough in three and a half months' time a few days ago.

Sota laughed at my circumstances "Good luck with that sis." He gave me a strange look.

"What?" I snapped at him. He had placed me in a bad mood.

"Which last name are you going to use at Ouran? Higurashi, Ootori, or Taisho?"

"Higurashi obviously. Both of those other names will make me a big deal. I plan on going under the radar for as long as I possibly can. Plus Higurashi is my last name brat." I told him.

He gave me a thoughtful look "So would your full name be Kagome Higurashi-Ootori-Taisho?"

"Something like that." I told him.

"Wait a minute though, I thought I heard Sesshomaru say something about you becoming a Taisho."

I thought for a moment. Sota had wanted to learn how to fight as well so he comes along with me every once in a while. Then I remembered "Oh yeah, Sesshomaru said that when I marry both my spouse and me will have to take the names Taisho. He wants the name to stay with the company."

"Alright you two, that is enough for tonight. You can continue this tomorrow. For now get on to bed, you both have chores tomorrow." Mom said.

I looked up at her surprised and confused. I haven't done shrine chores in a while because of all my lessons with Sesshomaru. "What about my lessons with Sesshomaru?"

"Ah that is right. I called him as well and he told me to tell you this." Mom paused and cleared her throat. Then she did her best Sesshomaru impression "I will give you three days off Miko, but I expect you back the day after you settle into your new house. You will of course make up for those three days."

I sweat dropped "Great I'm going to die. He'll just revive me with that stupid sword of his to make me keep going."

"I'm sure you'll do great. Now off to bed." Mom said in a chipper voice.

"Okay." Sota and I said at the same time then raced each other for the bathroom. I beat him with ease. I had gotten fast in the feudal era, but I have gotten even quicker with my training with Sesshomaru.

"Better luck next time brat!" I told him through the now closed door. I heard him mutter something about a demon sister and I just laughed. I took a quick shower then got ready for bed and let Sota use the bathroom. As I laid down in bed I thought about everything that had happened today. My day stared normal, I woke up with the sun like I had gotten used to. A few hours later I got picked up by a grumpy Jaken. Then when I got to Sesshomaru's the lessons had begun. Today was focused on money management and ways to blackmail people. The demon Sesshomaru had gotten to tutor me in that was very amusing to watch. They took the devious business so seriously. I had a short break for lunch, then it was back to lessons. Only this time it was sword practice with Sesshomaru himself. He had said he did not trust anyone else to teach me this particular skill. We had paused when he got a phone call, one that I now assume was my mom. We moved onto power practice after that. What had surprised me at the time was he had let me go home early. I wasn't going to waste the opportunity. I rushed to the car and Jaken drove me back home. I had a nice dinner with my family for once. Sota had gone upstairs to finish his summer homework. He was going last minute on it too summer ended in one week. That was when mom had dropped the bomb on me.

I sighed and looked at the bracelets I had on. They were both cute and simple. Two small silver chains with a few charms on it. One the first one was a bow and arrow, a sword, Hiraikotsu, and a small leaf. On the other a small crescent moon. I frowned looking at the moon charm. It was almost completely black again. I would have to get Sesshomaru to charge it up again and make it urn blue again. The moon charm was made of a special Youkai stone, it was a natural suppresser.

My mind drifted to the day close to four months back, the day everything changed. Sesshomaru had joined up with us along with Jaken, Rin, and A-Un awhile back. We knew we were getting close to the final battle and we had a truce between the two traveling groups. Inuyasha had been acting weird for a few weeks, acting more distant and cold. We brushed it off as him having to travel with Sesshomaru, we had been wrong. Our first hint was when we saw the soul collectors and he didn't go running off to see Kikyo. We watched as Inuyasha pulled Tetsusaiga out. We were slightly confused because there was not threat near. The next thing I know I felt a sharp pain in my back. I cried out in shock and fell to my knees. I realized that Kikyo had shot an arrow into my back. Before anyone could react Inuyasha came at me with his sword. To my surprise it was Sesshomaru who saved me.

I managed to get out "Why?"

Inuyasha sneered at me "Why? Stupid wench you need to die so Kikyo can have her soul back."

"You are my lowly copy and need to die." Kikyo told me in her usual cold indifference. Then she shot another arrow at me. Sango tried to stop it but she was seconds too slow. The second arrow hit close to the first but I felt it go deeper than the first. I screamed out in pain as it hit.

I blearily watched as Kirara transformed and jumped in front of me. I noticed that both Shippo and Rin were between Kirara and me crying. Jaken was close to Rin, inspecting my wounds to see how bad they were. I saw Sango snap as she violently threw Hiraikotsu with deadly accuracy. It would have hit her too if her soul collectors hadn't gotten in the way. Miroku opened his wind tunnel and sucked the rest of her soul collectors into oblivion. Kikyo screamed her rage, but didn't see Sango's Hiraikotsu coming for her a second time. Hiraikotsu hit its target dead on this time killing Kikyo instantly. A bunch of souls erupted from her and went up toward the heavens. A slightly brighter one sailed right towards me. I watched in fascination as it entered me. I glowed for a few seconds and I felt slightly stronger.

Kikyo's death broke Inuyasha's control. His demon side took over his eyes bleeding red. Inuyasha snarled and slashed at Sesshomaru who had been paying attention to the Kikyo fiasco. Sesshomaru caught slightly of guard managed to knock Tetsusaiga out of Inuyasha's hand but Inuyasha just ran right past him. The kids feeling brave and desperate jumped in front of me. Inuyasha was in a blind rage and didn't stop. I couldn't let him hurt the kids so I mustered all of my strength and managed to propel myself in front of them. There I was met with Inuyasha's blades of blood to my stomach. I creamed in pain again and seconds later Inuyasha was dead by Sesshomaru's hand.

Sango was crying with the kids next to me. Kirara was in her smaller form looking at me sadly. Miroku looked grim and sad. Jaken actually seemed concerned. It was Sesshomaru who spoke "Miko with these wounds you will not survive. There is no guarantee that Tenseiga will save you either. There is a way that may help, but it is not a guarantee either. Do you wish me to try it?"

I thought of everything I still had to do. I had to finish the jewel, defeat Naraku, see my family again, and support my friends. I couldn't die yet. I was too weak to talk to I nodded my head at him. To my surprise I got a tiny smile from the ice lord. "Very well Miko. Except this honor from this Sesshomaru." Then he cut his wrist and placed it to my mouth. I felt his blood going down my throat. I couldn't help but be disgusted even if it might save my life. I felt him take the arrows out of my back and throw them aside. A few seconds later my entire body felt like it caught on fire. My eyes went wide in shock and I gave a small shriek. Then my world turned black.

I woke up a few days later tired and sore. The moment I woke up I was glomped by Shippo Rin, Sango, and Kirara. I saw a relieved looking Miroku behind them.

"I'm so glad it worked." Sango said.

"What happened after I blacked out?" I asked her in a raspy voice. We seemed to be in a cave of sorts with no Sesshomaru or Jaken in sight.

Sango gave me some water as Miroku stepped up "It seems that Lord Sesshomaru has performed a blood bond with you Lady Kagome. He saved your life by turning you into a demon. Only not a full one because of your Miko powers. We estimate that you are now ¾ demon with ¼ Miko."

My chin fell open, then I felt the changes in me. I felt a tail twitching behind me. I reached up and felt my now pointy ears, they were like Sesshomaru's not Inuyasha's. Shippo dug into my backpack and pulled my mirror out, handing it to me. I went into a type of shock when I saw my face. I had a single strip on each cheek and my pupils were slitted like Sesshomaru's. My eyes were still a bright blue though. I noticed my hair was longer and streaked with shite. I looked at the hand that was holding my mirror. My nails were like a mix between claws and nails, so like really sharp nails. I also had one stripe on each wrist. I looked down and saw a stripe on each ankle as well. Finally I examine my new tail. It was super fluffy like Sesshomaru's but not quite as long. My first thought was how I was going to explain this to my family.

I was later explained to that Sesshomaru had adopted me into his family as his sister. Sesshomaru immediately started training me on my Youkai powers and fighting technique. He tracked Totosai down and made him make me a sword out of his own fang and trained me with that. Turns out I'm a fast learner. He then gifted me with the bracelet and moon charm. When I put it on all of my Youkai got suppressed and I looked just like my old self. It needs to be charged about once a month though, by Sesshomaru. Well a full blooded Inu-Taisho, which Sesshomaru is the only one left.

When I went home to explain to my family, my mom's reaction was not what I was expecting. Hearts appeared in her eyes and she attacked my tail in a death grip that was a hug. Sota looked at me like I was the coolest thing he's ever seen. Gramps reaction was comical. He threw a powerless sutra at me yelling "Demon be gone!" when nothing happened and I took the sticky paper off of my face I heard him mumble "Well if it didn't work that means you're still my granddaughter." Then he wandered off to do who know what.

I sighed again and looked at the clock, I had been reminiscing for two hours already. I really need to go to sleep. With one last look at the charm I fell into a dreamless sleep.

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