A very angry Mr. Hitachiin stormed into the host club room. The twins fidgeted nervously, they had never seen their dad so angry before. "What? Happened?" he asked through clenched teeth, trying to reign in his anger.

Haruhi stepped up to answer "We aren't sure, she just feinted out of nowhere."

Kagome let out a sigh, holding her throbbing head "I'm fine, really. I just have a headache now. A good night's sleep will make everything fine. I didn't sleep the best last night is all." Or at all, but that wasn't the reason she had feinted. She could feel the leftover feline-based yokai surrounding her area, she made sure to memorize the yokai so she would recognize it in the future. Someone had attacked her, in broad daylight, and nobody had noticed. What she couldn't figure out was why she had let them get close enough, and why she couldn't remember anything.

A frown appeared on Shippo's face "Uncle will be hearing about this."

The uncle he meant was Sesshomaru, that was the code word they used when there was someone who didn't know about them was around. Normally Kagome would argue, saying it wasn't all that important. Considering the topic of last night's meeting however, it was probably the work of one of the rebels.

Kagome gave a slow nod, "Yeah, okay. That's probably for the best."

"I had thought you were good enough in your health for you to come to school." Kyoya frowned.

Kagome glanced at him, "I am, honest, there are just… episodes, every once and a while." She told him. If demons would just stop attacking her she could stop having these 'episodes.'

"Ootori take Kagome home, would you. Right now what she needs is rest." Shippo told him.

"I told you I'm fine." Kagome complained. She hated being babied.

Kyoya seemed to simply ignored her "Of course Mr. Hitachiin."

The twins helped her up and refused to let her go. She let out an irritated sigh, but let them continue to 'help' her. A member of their pack had been attacked while they had been in the room. They were simply worried about her and mad at themselves that they had missed it. It would be more of a hassle to make them let her go than to just let them stay.

The twins walked her all the way through the schools and to the Ootori limo. They pulled her into a hug "See you tomorrow Gome, feel better."

She patted them both on the head "I'll be fine, promise." They gave her one last squeeze before finally letting her go.

The moment she sat down Kirara magically appeared from outside the car and hopped onto her lap.

The moment Kirara smelled the aggressive demon she let out a hiss.

Kagome immediately started petting her "It's okay girl, calm down."

Kyoya climbed into the car after her. Then to both of their surprises Tamaki jumped in after them before the driver could shut the door.

"Tamaki, what are you doing?" Kyoya asked.

"I can't just leave the princess without knowing if she's alright, I'm worried about her Kyoya. I'll help you take care of her when we get to your house." Tamaki said, genuine worry in his voice.

Kagome and Kirara shared a look, this could be bad. "Well I was just planning on going to sleep when I get home."

"No, you have to eat something before that. It's not good to skip meals." Tamaki said determinedly. Knowing Tamaki had made up his mind already she just let out a sigh. This was going to be an even longer night than the last, she just knew it.

Once they got home Tamaki helped Kagome out of the car. Bankotsu moved to take her from him. Tamaki however shot him a pathetic little glare that had Bankotsu laughing.

"Alright you can keep helping the princess. Gosh kid, no need for the scary eyes." Ban laughed. Then he looked at Kagome "Kanna's almost done making your favorite Princess. After that I'll make sure you can get some rest."

Kagome gave him a small smile "Thanks Ban, and stop calling me princess would you? It's annoying."

Ban nodded and started walking away "Okay, whatever you say Princess."

A tick mark appeared on her forehead as Tamaki lead her to her room as they reached her door she stopped and waited for Tamaki to let her go. He didn't.

"Um, Tamaki, this is my room. You can let me go now."

Tamaki shook his head "How do I know you won't just collapse the moment I let you go?"

"Maybe because none of you are giving me the chance to walk by myself?" Kagome growled slightly.

"Nonsense. I'll walk you to your bed to make sure you get there alright."

Kagome glanced at him and saw the resolve in his entire stance. Kagome's eyes went wide, he was genuinely scared for her. She let out a sigh of defeat "Okay, fine. To my bed, then that's it. You need to leave after that."

Tamaki gave her a relieved smile "Deal!"

Kagome reached out and opened her door and Tamaki walked her through the doorway. She saw Kyoya was going to follow them in, a glint in his eyes showing his desire to see her room. She made eye contact with him and smirked "Sorry, no annoying brothers allowed in my room." And promptly slammed the door in his face.

Tamaki was surprised of her actions, but wisely kept quiet about them. He led her to her bed and sat her down. As she started taking her shoes off Tamaki looked around. The room was kept very tidy and there seemed to be pictures everywhere. Before he knew what he was doing he was in front of her photos, seeing who were in them. He really knew so little of Kagome. There were a few of Kagome and who he assumed were her mom and little brother. Those weren't the ones that drew his attention though. No, the ones that drew his attention were her and a group of people. There were also a bunch of single pictures of the people in the groups.

He picked up the picture of the group and he noticed right away that Kagome seemed extremely happy in the picture. Seeing how happy she was there, he noticed how lack luster her happiness had been in the previous days. He couldn't help himself, he had to ask. Maybe he could find these people to make her truly happy again. "Who are these people Kagome?"

Kagome looked up quickly, she hadn't noticed him move. She noticed the picture he was holding and flinched slightly at the memory. Damn, of all the things to look at in her room he choose the pictures.

"They were my friends." She said quietly.

"Why are you all dressed in old time clothes, and does that one have dog ears?" he paused for a moment as what she said finally sunk in "What do you mean were?" he frowned slightly.

Kagome gave him a sad smile that made Tamaki's heart sink. He never wanted to see that look on her face ever again. "To answer your questions we were on a feudal adventure and dressed up accordingly. Yes he had dog ears, though they were obviously not real." She lied flawlessly. The sadness reached her eyes and Tamaki actually flinched. He never thought asking about a picture would induce such sadness. "The reason I said were is because most of them are dead now. Sango and Miroku, the teens, died about three months ago." Well more like 500 years, but to her she lost them three months ago. "Inuyasha, the one with the dog ears, died a few months before that."

Tamaki looked at the small kid in the pictures and his eyes went wide "What about the kid?" he asked panicky, hopefully the child hadn't died as well.

"No, he didn't die. He had to move away though." She lied again. It had been more like she had moved away, and because of that Shippo had been forced to grow up without a mother once again.

Tamaki ran over and pulled her into a hug. The act was so surprising for Kagome that she froze momentarily. Then as Tamaki tightened the hug she felt tears come to her eyes. She realized that she never really got to grieve the loss of her friends since she got home. It really hadn't hit her at first as it felt like they were still alive, then she was always training with Sesshomaru.

Kagome returned the hug, almost desperately, as the tears finally fell. The next thing she knew she was sobbing into Tamaki's shoulder.

"I might not have lost any people I care about, but I kinda know the feeling. I'm not allowed to see my mom anymore. I grew up with her, but I haven't seen her in almost four years now and I miss her so much. I wouldn't be able to imagine what it would be like if she died." Tamaki told her. He smiled slightly as he felt her hug him tighter as she cried what he suspected were pent up emotions. He knew Kyoya was probably wondering what was going on, but at the moment all of his thoughts were on Kagome.