Senju Naruto- The Rise of a Hero


Inspired by 'The Hope of the Senju Clan' by Aragon Potter

Naruto does not belong to me.


It was late at night and the moon shone brightly up in the sky. A lone figure could be seen walking briskly out of the gates of Konohagakure aka Konoha aka The Hidden Leaf Village. A month ago, The First Shinobi War ended between the Elemental Nations, with an armistice treaty. But the damage had already been done. Konoha lost its first two Hokages. And the Third Hokage was walking to a specific location deep in the forest surrounding the village.

Hiruzen Sarutobi was thinking about the turn of events that led to the situation he was going to handle now. After being appointed as Hokage by The Second in the middle of a battle was an experience in its own. The war had ended causing a serious damage to the village economy. Even after The First had divided the tailed beast among other shinobi villages to promote peace, it generated war because of the hostilities it created. Even after the treaty, Sarutobi feared that the Second War will occur soon. So he was planning to do his best so that the village stand strong when that fateful event occurs.

Earlier that evening when he was working on paperwork in his office, the young Hokage was informed by his ANBU that his wife has Biwako has called in to discuss something important. He knew what would be the topic of discussion, so he dismissed his ANBU and placed privacy seals around the room once his wife came to the office. Biwako was a medic-nin with long brown hair tied in a pony with dark eyes which radiated intelligence and experience beyond her age. It was her skill and wise nature that attracted Sarutobi towards her.

"Hey Biwako-chan! How may I help you?" Hiruzen asked, playing dumb.

"Hokage-sama, don't play dumb with me. You know why I am visiting you in the office. Don't you?" Biwako asked with a professional look. Hiruzen knew he has to drop his act. He knew he has to act serious with his wife, to remain on her safe side.

"So is it time already, Biwako-chan?" Hiruzen asked, this time with a serious face.

"Hai, Hokage-sama. It is time. I am taking Tōka-sempai and Mito-sempai to the Senju-cave in the forest. I came to ask for ANBU support. If something goes wrong, I will send a word for you."

"Alright." Hiruzen nodded and clapped his hands three times. Three ANBU appeared in front of him bowing. "Dragon, this is an S-rank secret mission. You and your team will secretly lead Biwako-chan, Tōka-sempai and Mito-sempai out of the village in half an hour to the secret Senju-cave in the forest. Help them however you can. Any loose ends are to be dealt with. If necessary, send one of your men to me. Dismissed." Hiruzen ordered. They left as quickly as they came.

But things don't tend to turn out as easy as they seem. There were some complications and he was asked to come to the cave by the ANBU who visited him late after midnight. After donning his Hokage dress, he quickly left for the cave. Even if he looked alone, there are always two ANBU guards tailing after him whether he order them or not, some of the quirks of being a Kage.


After reaching the cave, he met with Uzumaki Mito, an exceptional kunoichi and jinchūriki of Nine-tails fox. She came to Konoha to marry the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, after an alliance was formed between Konohagakure and Uzushiogakure. Her prowess in chakra control and fūinjutsu (Sealing Techniques) was so great that she sealed the Nine-tails within herself after her husband subdued it in the battle. Though she couldn't control it, she began to use the ability to sense negative emotions.

"Mito-sempai! What seems to be the problem?" asked Hiruzen with a straight face.

"The birth was successful, Hokage-sama! The young Minato is a healthy baby boy. But there was a complication during the birth due to which Tōka-san doesn't have much time and wants to talk to you." Said Mito with a solemn expression.

Hiruzen's face frowned as he understood the situation. Tōka Senju, like Mito Uzumaki, is a legendary kunoichi due to her skills in genjutsu (Illusionary Techniques). She was engaged to his teacher, Tobirama Senju, The Second Hokage. But their marriage was postponed because of the war. After his sensei (Teacher) died in the battle and declared him Hokage, he came to know that Tōka was pregnant with his Sensei's child. Due to the number of enemies of Senju clan and his sensei, the pregnancy of Toka was kept secret.

They both walked to the room where Toka and Biwako were. Biwako was cleaning a golden haired boy and Toka was lying in the bed with eyes half opened, her usual energy all drained out of her. As they entered, Toka's attention turned to the young Hokage and a small smile crept on her face, unlike her usual stoic expression.

"Come here Hiruzen-san, I don't have much time and much to discuss" Tōka called with pale voice as Hiruzen rushed to her and stood by her.

"I am happy that I became mother to Tobi-kun's child." Toka spoke as a small tear slid down her eye. "I know that my Minato will be a strong man in the future. But right now he is weak and prone to the enemies my clan made. I have talked to Mito-sempai and we have come to a conclusion. He will not be told about his clan and his parents till you see fit. Even others in the village and the clan shouldn't know about his birth. Just spread the rumor that Toka passed away along with the child." She sobbed.

Hiruzen's heart broke when he heard about her conditions. Biwako came near him and placed the baby in his hands. He looked down on the baby and couldn't help but smile. Unlike his parents, he had bright blue eyes and spiky blonde hair, but had a round face and beautiful smile like his mother. Hiruzen could see a powerful ninja in him in near future. But the fact still hurt that young Minato won't be associated with the world's strongest and most respected clan, whose blood he carries in his body. He was brought out of his thoughts when Toka coughed violently.

"It seems that my time has come. Hiruzen, just see that my conditions are met and he is adopted by a caring family. Just promise to do that for me so that I can pass on easily." Toka pleaded.

"I promise Toka-sempai. Young Minato will have a nice family." Promised Hiruzen, his cracked voice betraying his stoic face, as ninjas are trained not to show emotions.

"Thank You!" said Toka with a smile as her eyes closed, passing to the Pure World (Heaven).


Namikaze Minato (age 35) was having best days of his life. The Third Shinobi War ended six months ago with Konoha emerging victorious. His village considered him hero as he stopped an invasion by a thousand Iwa shinobi single handed using his famed Hiraishin No Jutsu, earning him the moniker of Konoha's Yellow Flash. Though he was saddened by the fact that two of his students, Uchiha Obito and Nohara Rin, died during the war.

After he graduated from the academy, he was taken in by Jiraiya, Third Hokage's student and one of the three legendary Konoha's Sannin, who earned his moniker during the Second Shinobi War when he, Tsunade and Orochimaru battled against Hanzō of the Salamander and survived. For someone from a civilian family, Minato had very large chakra reserves and his chakra control was very refined, a fact that always disturbed Jiraiya. Using that fact, Jiraiya became interested in teaching him the arts of Fūinjutsu, which Minato adopted quickly. Seeing his interest in the lost art of fūinjutsu, The Third also gave Minato some scrolls belonging to Mito Uzumaki saying that she would want him to have them. Minato had also showed interest in Space-Time Jutsus and learnt many jutsus belonging to The Second Hokage, most notably, the Hiraishin No Jutsu. He enjoyed being fast and was known for it. He also developed Rasengan, shape manipulation of chakra at its highest level, after observing the Tailed Beast Ball and it required no hand seals. All in all, he had a very successful ninja career.

Minato was having ramen at Ichiraku's with his wife Namikaze Uzumaki Kushina. She came from Uzushiogakure before it was destroyed during the Second Shinobi War. She had special chakra which could transform into chains and could subdue a tailed beast. Before Mito Uzumaki died, she transferred the tailed beast into Kushina, making her the second Jinchūriki of Nine-tailed Fox. She fell in love with Minato when he rescued her from Kumogakure aka hidden village of Cloud shinobis, who wanted to use her special chakra to tame the tailed beasts. Due to her fierce taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat techniques) and fūinjutsu, she got the nickname Red Hot-Blooded Habanero.

As they were discussing about their recent missions and flirting with each other, an ANBU suddenly dropped down and addressed to Minato, "Minato-san, the Hokage wants your presence in the council room." The Dog-masked ANBU said without emotions

"Council room? What do the old dogs want from Minato-kun?" Kushina asked seriously.

"I am not allowed to discuss them with you Kushina-san. I have just been ordered to bring Minato-san to the Council room." Dog said with no emotion.

"Don't worry Kushina-chan. I'll go and see what they want." Said Minato. He paid the bill to the old man Teuchi and he and Dog ANBU shunshin to the Council Room.


Minato found Council Room to be very depressing. The place reeked of politics and sugar-coated lies. In the centre of the room, there was a large rectangular table. On opposite side of table sat the Fire Daimyō, Fire Country's feudal lord with the kanji of 'Fire' behind him on the wall. On his right, sat four of his advisors and the ANBU commander, Dragon. On his left, sat three Konoha's council elders, Mitokado Homura, Utatane Koharu and Shimura Danzō aka 'The Darkness of the Shinobi', The Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen and Jonin Commander. All in all, it was the commanding centre of Konoha that reeked of sugar-coated lies.

Prior to his entrance, there was a heated discussion going on in the council room related to the future of Konoha, who will become the next Hokage? Danzō had told the council that Hiruzen had turned too soft and weak to continue his job and chose Orochimaru as the next candidate. Hiruzen, though praised the capability of Orochimaru as a genius, denied the candidature due to his sinister and greedy attitude and had placed Namikaze Minato as the next Hokage through the approval of others. They then sent the ANBU to bring Minato to the room.

As Minato entered the room and bowed on his knees to the others, he could sense anger and jealousy on Danzō's face and appraised looks on others. The Hokage stood up and came in front of him.

"I believe that you will carry on the Will of Fire that was entrusted to me by the First and the Second, and will carry this village towards prosperity. So I want to entrust you with the future of Hidden Leaf and the Shinobi World. So do you accept the position of Hokage, Minato?"

Minato was stunned. His life-long dream of becoming Hokage was coming true. But he hid his excitement well and replied with a serious tone. "I will do my best, Lord Third."

"What lies ahead is not peaceful. Will you be able to handle it?"

"I won't disappoint you. Lord Third."

"I know you won't." said Hiruzen with a soft smile.

The council, except Danzō, smiled and clapped at his approval. Hiruzen was happy that his Sensei's son will become the Fourth Hokage of Konoha. 'You see Tobirama-sensei. Your son is going to become the leader of village you cherished. You should be proud of him. I think it's time to tell him and the world his real identity, Tōka-sempai.'

Hiruzen clapped his hands once and Dog-ANBU appeared in front of him. "Dog, I want you to bring Kushina-san to the council room. There are some secrets that I want to reveal today." The Third ordered. Dog nodded and shunshin away. The council and Minato was looking at Hiruzen with confused look and murmured to each other. 'What secret is to be revealed, Saru?' thought the elders.

Within few minutes Kushina appeared in front of the council with serious face. When Dog-ANBU came to her and asked her to come, she was fully prepared to take down the council if something had happened to her Minato-kun. But when she came to the room, Minato was standing in front of the Hokage with a confused look. Apart from Hokage, who was smiling, everybody in the room shared Minato's expression. After quickly bowing to the council she stood beside Minato and murmured to him.

"What is it Minato-kun? Did something happen?" asked Kushina.

"I don't know Kushina-chan. The Hokage wants to reveal some secret to us." Replied Minato. Soon, Kushina also shared the confused look.

Hiruzen, though happy, was prepared for the negative outcome of these new revelations. So he took a quick breath and prepared for telling the truth.

"Minato, what do you know about the Second Hokage, Senju Tobirama?" asked Hiruzen. The council room had a stressful environment now. Minato was taken aback from this question but replied nevertheless.

"Hokage-sama, Lord Second was younger brother of Lord First and helped creating this village. He was known for his leadership skills and helped achieving political stability and ensuring Konoha's stability. Though he didn't inherit his brother's Wood release bloodline limit, he was known for his prowess in Water release and was known to create water from air. He was also your sensei along with Homura-san and Koharu-san. He died during the First Shinobi War while fighting with Kumo's Kinkaku Force."

"Good job, Minato. It seems that your general knowledge about your former leaders is good. Now tell me what you know about Senju Tōka?" asked Hiruzen.

Minato and the others in the room didn't know where this was going but he wouldn't deny his leader's request. "Senju Tōka was a highly skilled kunoichi who was known for her prowess in genjutsu. She was a close associate of Lord First and Lord Second."

"What is it, Saru? Where are you going with this?" asked Koharu.

"The thing I am going to reveal is an S-rank secret which I was told to reveal when the time is right. Because the bare thought of it could reshape the future." Said the Hokage in authoritative voice. "Now the elders here know that Tobirama-sensei was engaged with Tōka-sempai during the First Shinobi War." Continued Hiruzen as he saw the elders nodding their heads positively. "And they also know that the Tōka-sempai was pregnant with sensei's child." This earned few gasps from people in the council room apart from the elders.

"We also know that the child died along with Tōka-sempai during childbirth. Where are you going with this Saru?" asked Homura.

"What if I told you that was a lie?" asked Hiruzen earning loud gasps across the room. Minato and Kushina stood wide-eyed in front of Hokage.

"Yes Minato, what I want to reveal is that you are the son of Tobirama-sensei and Tōka-sempai. And the heir of Senju Clan." Hiruzen dropped the bomb. "When you were born, Tōka-sempai was in critical condition and due to wars and number of enemies they had created during the war, she and Mito-sempai agreed that you won't be told about your Senju lineage till I see fit. And since you are going to become Hokage, I didn't want your lineage kept secret from you."

So many things were running from in Minato's mind. He wanted to be angry but realized that the fact it was done for his safety. Being the heir of Senju clan was as big responsibility as being a Hokage. He knew why Senju clan was known to be feared and respected all across the Shinobi world. A single Senju can turn the world upside down, and now he thinks about it, he knew winning the war against Iwagakure aka the hidden village of Rock single-handedly was a skill he inherited in blood. He knew now why he had big reserves of chakra and refined chakra control. He just couldn't be angry how much he wanted to.

"Hokage-sama, can you show me the proof?" asked Minato, keeping a serious, straight face. Now that elders think about it, his face resembled Lord Second's serious face. Hiruzen nodded and went out of the door. Soon, he returned with his wife Biwako and a scroll with a blood seal on it. Hiruzen came to Minato and handed him the scroll.

"This scroll was written by Mito-sempai and was sealed by her. Only a Senju can open the scroll. I think it will contain all the information you need. If you further want to confirm it, you can ask my wife here. She helped your mother give birth to you and has all the medical details about you." Said Hiruzen. Minato nodded and bit his thumb to draw some blood. He wiped it on the seal and it opened with a click, confirming he was a Senju. He opened it up and read slowly.


If you are reading this letter, then I believe that Hiruzen has thought the time is right. I am suffering from old age that is why I am writing this to you. You are the son of my brother-in-law Senju Tobirama and my friend Senju Tōka. Don't carry ill will to them or the others for not telling you the truth, but know that you are always loved by your parents.

After the First Shinobi War, the village was in turmoil and the young Hiruzen was doing his best to control it. A fact like your birth could have easily put your life at risk. The best we could do was hide your identity and give you to a caring family and we found the Namikaze family to be the best option for you. Now that you know about your lineage, be proud of it. Live your life to its fullest and find someone who you love and care for you. Know that I and your parents always loved you. And I had told Tsuna-chan about you so feel free to contact her.

We believe in you.

Uzumaki Mito

Kushina placed her hand on Minato's shoulder as tears came down his face. He wiped his tears off and looked at the Hokage and gave him the scroll back. The scroll was rotated across the room and a smile came on everyone's face.

"Well what do you know? Another Senju to gain the title of Hokage" Fire Daimyō smiled as he read the letter.

"Now, do you want to adopt the name Senju or do you want to continue on the name Namikaze?" asked Hiruzen.

Minato smirked.

"I think it's time…to let the world know that a Senju has ascended to Hokage title again!"