Freddy went up to the roof, just to get some fresh air. Soon he saw Foxy standing at the edge of the same building. "Hey Foxy!" he yelled He came closer, when he realised what really foxy wanted to do. "I know what you think Foxy, but hey! Don't jump! Do you even have any reason to do this?" he asked. He got no response, so he said his question again.

"I have reasons..." Foxy said not even looking at freddy

"Reasons like...?" freddy asked

"Many of them. Like, we lost our job in pizzeria, i dont have money, a house. And i can't even affort food" foxy said

"Yes. I don't have a job neither, and i don't have money. But look, we are friends, so we are going to somehow make it together" Freddy answered

"Ok, you convinced me." foxy said turning around and walking far away from the edge. They both were on the street in front of the building. "I know where exactly we can get some money" foxy said while freddy entered his old car. "But it's a kind of illegal thing" Foxy warned. Foxy telled Freddy where to exactly go and they were in front of an old building. "You said that you haven't got a house" freddy said

"Becouse its not my house" said foxy. They both knocked on the front door. "who is this" they heared from inside. "Its me, foxy" foxy said. "i'am with my friend" he added. Soon the door opened, and they saw a middle age man dressed in a white T-SHIRT jeans and adidas shoes. "he's name is Dick" foxy said. after hearing this freddy tried to not laugh when the man said "So, what do you need exactly?" "Do you got a job for us" Foxy asked. "About that, umm... I can find something for you, but ummm... its a kind of illegal, so..." the man answered

"We can take this, no problem" Foxy said. "Ok, so follow me" Dick said entering his car. They both entered and sat on the backseat. in about 10 minuts they were in something that looked like a criminal district. "Is it dangerous in there?" Freddy and Foxy asked. "Yes, but we can make interests here" "What interests?" Foxy and Freddy were confused "You know, drug sale, and this stuff" the man said. "And where are we going exactly?" both animatronics asked. "Grove Street" man said. "But what? Its like the most dangerous street gang in the town!" Freddy said. "But they give you more money for... you know, like... illegal stuff." Dick said. They drove only 20 minuts in this district, and arleady a couple of kids threw rocks at them. They saw a couple of criminals selling weed at the corner. Soon they arrived. "Don't worry, you won't be selling weed, just get a job from a friend of mine" the man said They entered the friend's house, and the man dressed in purple came out. "Just go to the another city on this map" he said handing them a map. They drove with Dick to his house, then freddy and Foxy entered Freddy's car and they drove to the another city. "Why would he want to go to this city" foxy asked

"I don't know, just hope that it will be no more illegal stuff, i'am tired of these" Freddy said. "And what i forgot to say, i want to reopen our pizzeria. But we need money for this" he added.

"You are sure? After all these incidents, the people will not like us anymore. And we must find bonnie and Chica if we want to really do this." Foxy said. Freddy nodded and said "True. I didn't see Bonnie or Chica for a couple of years from now." "Oh, about that. Maybe he knows, maybe he wants us to find bonnie and chica?" Foxy said, thinking. "No, that is just dumb. It's like 0,01% chance that he really knows them." Freddy said.

"No, half of what you said is true, i mean that its dumb. But everyone knows Bonnie now." Foxy said. "What are you talking about?" Freddy was confused. "Didn't you really hear? Like, now just bonnie sats on his ass, in front of a computer, and makes MILLIONS of dollars making some stupid games." foxy said. "Oh, really?" freddy said sarcastically.

"But its true" foxy replied with his hands crossed. "So, if you are 100% sure, what games he made?" freddy asked still not believing. "Just a couple of them, but mostly FNAF 1, 2 and 3. But i don't understand them, they're just stupid." foxy said.

After a 1 hour of talking they finally arived to the city.

OK! So my new fanfiction. As you see, basically bonnie is scott cawthon. just... dont even ask. Hope you enjoyed, and something cool is that this fanfic is based on a GMOD roleplay that i made with my friend.