The Multiverse

Marshon's Story

Part I: The Grandmaster

"Have you heard about the Mentor Altair? He passed away in his sleep."

Marshon was not surprised. Mentor Altair was seventy-seven, so he was expected to die at any given time. The real question was this: who would succeed him? Marshon could not pinpoint any obvious choice. Every assassin was lacking in something essential to the role nowadays. Some were not intelligent, some had no influence, and some would refuse the role entirely. Marshon knew that, if he was asked to be Mentor, he would most assuredly refuse.

Marshon walked toward St. Peter's Basilica where a council of assassins was meeting. They had asked all assassins to make an appearance in Italy at the Basilica with the blessings of the Pope Benedict XI of Rome. The place was filled with people of all nationalities, so it took a while for him to make it to the Basilica entrance. Though, after much maneuvering and walking, he finally made it.

Marshon entered silently, not wanting to draw any attention to himself. His efforts, however, were all in vain.

The entirety of the Creed and the Papal conclave were present and waiting for him.

One of the elder assassins stood from his seat. "Marshon Phillipus of Rome," he called, "Come forward to the Alter of God."

Marshon did as was asked of him. He got down on one knee. Twenty-one men stood before him. The man in the center was the man who called him out while on either side of him were the Twenty Mentors of the Creed. Marshon was perplexed. If this wasn't about a new Mentor for his branch, then what was this council about? He wanted to ask, but he decided to wait until all was explained to him by the man in the middle.

"By the Wisdom of God Almighty and by the consent of all adjoined here, we have decided to unify the Branches of our Brotherhood completely by electing a Grandmaster; a leader who knows no fear or sin who will lead us through the trials that we are about to face," said the man. "A darkness is coming; a darkness that will consume our world if it is not meant with sufficient force. We all have convened today and have decided on such a leader. With the guidance of his Holieness, Benedict XI, we have decided that you, Marshon Phillipus of Rome, will be that leader."

Marshon, feeling the weight of the monumentous responsibility that had befallen upon him, bowed his head. "And with this Council's approval, I accept."

The Mentors themselves removed his white robes and replaced them with midnight black robes lined with gold and red.

All Hail The Grandmaster of the Creed.