AN: So this is the last part of the supposed Oneshot :) I hope you enjoy it and aren't too mad that I decided to not continue this any further. I can promise you there will be other great Rose/Bella stories to come.

They blurred through the mansion, ignored the rest of their family and locked the door behind them when they finally found themselves in the confines of Rosalie's room. They knew the simple lock and door wouldn't actually stop anyone from their family but they hoped that they knew how much the two mates needed each other right now.

Bella started with slow and languid kisses to her gorgeous blonde and then began pulling off her clothing, careful not to rip it because she knew Rose really liked the clothes and would be angry with her if she destroyed them in her mating frenzy. It was hard to restrain herself as much as she had to when she could smell just how much Rosalie wanted her at the moment. That was also why she nearly ripped her own clothes off when she had her mate naked in front of her. Now that she had vampire eyesight she could see all the little scars and beauty marks even better than when she had still been human but she also could take in her mate's beauty better now and to say she was mesmerized was a clear understatement. Rosalie chuckled in that husky tone she adopted whenever she was absolutely aroused and then dragged Bella with her onto the bed behind them. She was determined to enjoy the first time with her mate as a vampire before Edward and the Volturi could ruin any of it for her.

Bella landed on top of her mate and growled lightly in satisfaction. The position felt right in a weird way it hadn't before when she had been human. With a last lingering deep kiss to Rosalie's lips she licked and sucked her way down the column of her jaw and throat and further down until she reached her left breast. She nibbled around the sensitive areola before suddenly sucking the nipple into her mouth and teasing it with her tongue. The deep moan that echoed from above her was answer enough to the still lingering doubt in her mind if what she was doing to Rosalie was actually what she craved.

Her conscious thoughts were lost to her mind for quite a while and only when a particularly loud moan tore itself from Rosalie's lips did her mind return to reality. Her instincts were still the ones ruling her acting but now she would be able to remember them as well. Her fingers were knuckle deep inside her mate and her lips had firmly attached themselves to the hard nub above. As she felt the first fluttering signs of Rosalie's orgasm approaching she reluctantly left the sensitive nub and licked her way up again until she reached the column of her mates' neck. Just when the first wave of the orgasm took hold did she bite down. Her teeth had no problem at all breaking through the marble like skin and soon she could taste the golden venom on her tongue for the first time. It tasted just how she imagined ambrosia to taste like and it was only for her to taste. No one else would ever again even get the chance to get a taste of her Rose.

Her mind fogged over once again and when she came to the second time Rosalie had somehow managed to bury her own teeth into her neck, her orgasm never subsiding as long as they were bound and as soon as the mating bite adorned both their necks Bella could feel the immense pleasure her mate was experiencing as well. She cried out her mate's name and simply collapsed on top of her, her muscles not able to support her weight any longer. Her fingers finally stilled inside her mate and once she was able to move again she slowly pulled them out, detached her teeth from Rosalie's neck and licked the wound lightly to help it close up again. A satisfied purr left her lips and she snuggled even closer to her mate if that was at all possible. Rosalie hummed in contentment and nuzzled the bite mark she left on Bella's neck. It would show every vampire and other supernatural being that they were taken and belonged to each other. Bella could only hope that the scars would convince the Volturi of the truth and also show Edward that she couldn't be his mate.

Just as the newly mated couple got comfortable lying in each other's naked embrace Alice called out to everyone that the Volturi were approaching and would reach them in exactly six minutes and thirty-five seconds. Bella let out a loud growl at that and pulled Rosalie even closer to her. She didn't like the thought of her newly marked mate near such old and powerful vampires she knew nothing about and who were no doubt much much stronger than she was.

Rosalie chuckled into her mate's neck and slowly pried herself lose from the tight hold Bella had on her. She could understand the sentiment. She was beyond furious at Edward for ruining this happiness for her but she also knew that there was no escaping the Volturi and it certainly wouldn't do for them to see her mate naked. Only she was allowed to see the perfectly pale body of her mate.

"Come on Bella, we have to get dressed."

Bella grumbled and growled a bit more and looked every part the newborn she was but when Rosalie started donning the clothes she had just lost some hours ago her mate decided to follow her actions and soon stood dressed in simple skinny jeans, a tank top and a large white shirt over it. With a satisfied look at her sexy little mate Rosalie grabbed her hand and pulled Bella behind her downstairs to the living room where the rest of the coven was waiting. Alice send them a small smile and Esme looked at them with all her motherly love over the fact that both her daughters finally found happiness together. Carlisle and Jasper stood quite tense next to the door and in front of everyone else, whilst Emmet stood near the glass front in the back as to make sure no one would surprise them from behind. It was a battle formation and Bella could do nothing but hope that they wouldn't need to actually fight against whichever vampires were coming their way.

Soon they heard the telltale sound of light running feet in the forest and straightened themselves out. Only seconds later someone knocked on the door and Bella decided in that moment, that they probably weren't there to kill all of them. Because otherwise why would they make the effort and knock on the door instead of simply breaking it down.

As Carlisle opened it before him stood two male vampires with long hair and chalky white skin. Their glowing red eyes emitted a sense of otherworldly power that made Bella instinctively want to bow and cower before them. If it hadn't been for Rosalie's calming hand on the small of her back she probably would have done so already.

"Carlisle my dear friend. Picture my surprise when I find young Edward requesting my attention on a dire matter in your coven. Surely you weren't so foolish as to break one of our most sacred laws? Not when you know just how painful it can be to lose your mate just after finding them."

For a moment all was silent but then Carlisle bowed his head and whilst reaching out his hand he assured the vampire with the long black hair, that he hadn't broken the law nor had anyone else in his coven. Then the strange vampire clasped his hand in both of his chalky ones and for a moment closed his eyes as if listening to something only he was able to hear.

With a childish giggle he let go of Carlisle's hand and turned to the other man standing beside him.

"It seems it wasn't necessary at all to bring the guard with us my dear Marcus. Would you just look at their bonds please to confirm what I gathered already from dear Carlisle's mind?"

The other vampire lazily let his eyes sweep all the assembled Cullen's before him and muttered things like Interesting…so strong…it has been so long…to himself while doing so. It seemed the black haired vampire wasn't as patient as this Marcus guy and grabbed a hold of his hand just like he had with Carlisle before. Squealing even more like some small child he half turned around and gave the Cullen's a short look at a small group of maybe seven vampires and Edward behind the two very old vampires.

"It seems like there is no need for our justice here after all. However, there is a lot we will have to talk about with young Edward as well as Carlisle and his coven still so I think only Jane, Alec and Felix will be required to stay with us while the rest of you may go hunt away from here and then meet us back at the airport."

At once the vampires vanished and only two very small and delicate looking vampires as well as a man who could easily hold a candle to Emmet were left standing next to a confused and pouting Edward. It appeared he still hadn't gotten the memo that he wasn't about to get his way and that indeed he was the one in the wrong this time. It appeared he hadn't even yet noticed that Bella was no longer human.

Bella could feel Rosalie pull her back to the couch behind them and then right onto her lap. A small smile tugged at her lips at the clear sign of possessiveness from her mate. It made her feel all warm and cozy inside and so she didn't protest even though it might picture her as weak in front of the strange vampires.

"Please come inside and make yourselves comfortable I fear it might take a while to clear everything up."

Again this Aro chuckled like a crazy person and nearly skipped over to take a seat on the couch right in front of Rosalie and Bella. His curious red eyes deeply transfixed on the two of them.

"You two share such a strong bond that my dear brother doesn't even know as to what you might be capable and then of course young Edward already told me of your astounding ability to block out his talent. Tell me dear, would you allow me to test if my talent works on you?"

Aro was holding out his hand towards Bella now and even though she had no idea as to what his talent might be she felt compelled to do what he asked of her and quickly put her hand into his. The feeling of his skin against hers was weird and made her want to recoil instantly but before she had the chance to he had enclosed her hand into both of his and held it tightly. It took longer than it had with Carlisle or Marcus and when Aro let her hand go he grinned brightly at her.

"Truly remarkable. I can't read you at all. I wonder if other gifts of the mind would work on you. Jane…"

Before he could finish whatever it was he wanted to ask Rosalie had put herself in front of Bella and growled harshly at the small blond girl that stood next to Aro.

"Ah, my bad. I forgot how new the mating was. Maybe we can try another time."


Edward seemed to finally notice that the vampire in Rosalie's lap was none other than his precious Bella, his Bella who no longer was human, who had lost her delectable scent and who apparently belonged to his sister now. Well he wouldn't stand for it. It didn't matter if the scent was all wrong on his Bella now, he was still her mate and he would get her back.

His thoughts were interrupted when Bella herself stood in front of him and growled lowly.

"I am Rosalie's mate just as much as she is mine and we completed the mating just earlier today before you could destroy our happiness again. I'm sorry I led you on Edward, I truly am but you have to understand that we don't belong together. Someday you will find your own mate and hopefully you will understand then what pain you put Rose through with your stubbornness."

He couldn't believe what he was hearing. His Bella would never speak to him like that and she wouldn't have let Rosalie touch her. That he was sure of but then she tilted her head slightly and he saw the mark clearly.

He roared but before he could launch himself at the stupid girl in front of him who didn't know what she just destroyed for both their lives he felt immense pain ripple through his body as if it was burning from the inside out and collapsed to the floor.

Aro motioned for Felix to subdue the irate vampire before them and nodded towards Bella who had unbeknownst to her just shown them all that there would be no simple way of letting Edward back towards his coven. Jane stopped his power so that Edward could regain his senses and would know what was happening around him. He trashed and growled again when he found himself restricted. Then Aro was in his face and coldly stated "I see you will not be able to return to your coven and see what your actions nearly caused. Instead I believe it to be better that you will accompany us back to Volterra. You will not be allowed to leave again until you have shown a sane mind and a lot more control over your inner beast or found your own mate."

Ignoring Edwards growling he then turned towards Carlisle and the rest of his coven who all had sad but understanding looks on their faces, some of them even looked slightly disgusted at what Edward continued to show.

"I am sorry to take a member of your coven with me old friend but I believe you agree it is for the better of everyone until he betters himself."

Carlisle nodded his head and looked at his first son with disappointment. He had hoped that once he saw Bella as a vampire and the mating mark on her skin he would understand, but clearly he had been mistaken. There would be no better way for all of them to live happily together again than with Edward temporarily leaving to join the Volturi.

As fast as everything had happened when the Volturi arrived at the Cullen's doorstep, they were gone even faster and took a still snarling and raging Edward with them. Bella cuddled into Rosalie's side and couldn't help but be happy that she wouldn't have to endure his presence any longer. Now she would hopefully get the time to enjoy with her mate and get to know everything there was about her.

With divided emotions the coven dispersed and wandered off into their respective rooms to clear their minds and to spend time alone with their mates or in Emmet's case with his gaming system. He only hoped he would never act as crazed as his brother had when he thought he found his mate for the first time.