The tall broad Saiyain studied her with curiosity shining through his eyes. He regarded the varies objects that had popped out of literally nowhere, after a moments thought he asked her frankly, 'Who makes these devices?'

She was sobbing uncontrollably. Her oldest and dearest friend, dear sweet Goku lay but ten meters from her holding on to his life by a bare tread. His five-year-old son, who she met for the first time that very morning, lay battered and brushed next to him. She didn't Piccolo but no one deserved to have both his hands ripped off. Krillian and Master Roshi, too, were badly injured. Scared and desperate she had begun to through capsules at them. Five warriors who identified themselves as Saiyains, here to purge Earth of all sentient life form. One of them claimed to be Goku's brother. They claimed Goku to be one of them. How could Goku possible be related to these monsters? 'Who makes these devices?' asked the tall Saiyain once more. This time, a little bit more impatiently.

She stopped crying and looked him straight in the eye. 'My company.' She answered finally.

'Do you know how to make other things change shape and size?' he wondered.

'Yes.' She nodded.


'Of course. Capsule corp. is a family business where owners aren't just stuck up management type people who don't know the difference between a laptop and an etch-a-sketch.' Bulma answered indignant.

The warrior nodded and walked away from the others and began to speak into his scouter in a language she did not understand. After a lengthy discussion he turned back to her. 'You will return to Vegitasei with us and show us how to do this.' He said as he pointed to a yet-to-pop capsule.

'I am not showing you anything.' Bulma said sternly.

The Saiyain cocked an eyebrow. 'Did I give the impression that you had a choice in the matter? How clumsy of me, Paragus take our new scientific slave back to the ship.'

'Yes, Lord Cumba.' Answered a lean scared Saiyain. He swiftly moved to Bulma and hitched her on his shoulder. Bulma began to scream many of the fallen earth warriors also made sounds of protest. But Paragus ignored them all; powering up he headed for their battle ship just outside the upper atmosphere.

'What are we going to do with them?' wondered Radditze as he regarded his brother and nephew with a disgusted look in his eyes.

'The king is very curious about the hybrid. We are to take him back unharmed.' He stopped and regarded the little boys battered body before continuing, 'Well, we may not do nay more damage to him. The king is also keen on making an example of Kakarott. We are to take him back as well. The king thinks that he would be sufficient amusement for Vegeta before the Prince kills him as a disgrace and a traitor.'

Radditze snorted, 'I hardly think he will be able to land a punch on Prince Vegeta.'

'He did almost take all four of you down, Radditze. Had I not interfered you at least would have been enjoying the views of the next dimension. I don't think you should under estimate him.' Cumba answered calmly.

Amidst growling from the other two warriors Radditze said, 'What of Earth? Shall we begin the purge?'

Cumba shook his head. 'Have you ever heard of any other species being able to mix blood with Saiyains?' he asked.

'No.' answered Radditze wondering why he was even being asked that.

'Neither have I, nor has the king for that matter. He doesn't want to destroy them before we figure out if they could be of use to us. No we shall not purge Earth of all life forms only of its warriors.' Said Cumba with a disturbing glint in his eyes.

'Well, than. We might as well start with cue-ball here.' said Radditze as he approached Krillian with one hand growing with KI energy.

'Oh shit.' Thought Krillian.

'Krillian, no.' thought Goku before both knew only darkness.