This is...what is this exactly? I'm not too sure actually, but I knew that I wanted to show Eris Morn some love, since there wasn't too much out there involving it. Plus there's a soft spot in my heart for the slightly crazy ones.

This is also my first true attempt at a kinda sex scene? I'm really not sure how it turned out so feedback would be greatly appreciated.

But perhaps if this is well received, I may show some other neglected Destiny ladies (or gentlemen?) the love they deserve while I'm working on my primary story.

A Dark Night

Is madness a disease? A virus? If so can it be cured? If you were to ask the city's Speaker or it's Commander, the answer would be a resounding no. But perhaps if you were to ask a more outspoken Warlock, she would answer "maybe, but can it be controlled? Contained?"

Could you classify a person with such harsh constraints? Fortunately the sole survivor of the abyss never really thought about, nor did she care. She knew she preached the truth, right up until the very end.

The moment, like a great weight, the intense burning sensation was washed away from her when the Son of Oryx fell. It was truly an end to her suffering; she couldn't help congratulate all of the guardians that had a hand in the achievement no matter how small.

Then again perhaps that extended gratitude needed to be reined in just bit due to one guardian in particular.

The first time she meet him, he took her paranoid claims of death and destruction in stride, more or less ignoring her shouts. Only to return a week later with his fire team to report they had successfully taken down the Hand of Corta.

After that his visits were scarce and inconsistent, but different compared to other guardians. Instead of inquiring about Hive related tasks, he would ask her about her day. When others would bring back an urn of smoldering Thrall ashes he would return with fresh snack for them to share.

At first the dark sorceress paid it no mind, especially since he was just as prone to flirting with any femme guardian that passed by. But as time passed his once promiscuous demeanor began to dull. He went from tossing pick-up lines at Tess to just greeting her before making his way to her.

And soon what became a quaint occurrence turned into a minor annoyance. But it was still only that: a minor annoyance. His appearance wasn't too detrimental to her work even after Crota died.

Although it wasn't long after that momentous event that he crossed a line she thought was explicitly clear.

"What did you say to me?" the sorceress glared at the Titan before her.

His face scrunched in confusion as he leaned forward on the railing in front of him.

"Uh, what are you doing later?" he asked again, only more slowly and a bit more hesitant.

"Why do you want to know Guardian?" she bit back sternly.

"Whoa there babe, I was just curious-"

"Don't call me that." she interrupted.

"We'll can you call me by my name: Gate, instead of 'Hey, Titan.' he retorted.

The ex-guardian said nothing in return, only staring back at the man as he looked intently back at her.


"That's my name babe." he said as he flashed a winning smile.

Whatever blank expression Eris had that moment immediately fell into frown.

"How can you not like being called a babe, when you totally are one." he smirked.

He wanted to get something out of her but she was persistent on being less than amused.

"Should you not be out fighting this city's enemies Titan? The Hive still hungers despite Crota's demise." she warned.

"Nope, just got back from a mission on the far side of Mars, won't have to be deployed for another week."

"And you thought the best use of your time would be to bother me?"

"Yes." Gate replied without hesitation.

Eris sighed as she sat down on a crate that was behind her. "Then what is it that you want? Don't think I haven't noticed your irritating need to give me your full and constant attention."

"Well, you're an interesting person, babe." he smiled.

"Are you not even aware of how stupid you sound saying that?"

The Titan only shrugged in response.

"Well your teasing it beginning to test my patience Gate." she scowled back at the guardian.

"But you're adorable when you're angry." the Titan beamed.

Eris stood violently, pushing the crate over as she took a step toward the guardian.

"I have endured your pestering for much longer than I should have. What is it, you find me weak since I am without a ghost?" she snarled.

"Noooo, I'm pretty sure I'm I was just asking you out." Gate replied as he adopted a perplexed expression.

"Well then stop." Morn demanded her voice reaching an aggressive low he had not heard before.

"SORRY! Sorry." he quickly backpedaled. "Heh, would you believe I'm just a little bit nervous right now."

To Eris that comment earned a snort. Nervous? Him? He seemed to have the traits of a textbook womanizer, and yet he claims to be nervous?

"Just let me be guardian." Eris sighed after some time. "I'm still not certain if this is true sincerity or a jest that has out worn it's welcome, either way I suggest you stop. It's obviously not getting you anywhere."

Her speech was quick to turn his confident smile into a losing frown.

"Sorry." he said again. "Can you at least think it over, I'd really like to-"

"No." Eris interrupted.

"We're finished here Gate, come back to me when you have information I can use against the Hive." she said with finality, causing a slump in the Titan's posture as he was shooed away.

But much to Eris's disappointment, the event had no impact on the Titan's behavior. If anything it made the issue worse. What annoyed her most was the change in his approach. The pet names stayed but the aggressive flirting all but ceased. The obnoxious complements on her looks changed into personal questions about herself.

It was subtle, but the change was still there. He was probing the water, trying to find her likes and dislike. Tendencies, mannerisms, anything he could do to get her to like him.

But she stood fast; determined not to let the sweet talk of the Titan sway her. She couldn't, she wouldn't, and it was for as much his sake as hers.

Until one day, with one fowl swoop, her commanding officer ruined everything. Every defense she had put up, instantly shattered by her words as she walked past on her way to converse with the Speaker.

"The information you gathered from what was left of Crota's Realm is invaluable." Ikora spoke, her attention for the most part aimed at the data pad in her hands.

"You have more that earned a couple weeks rest, perhaps you can send some time with that Titan you mentioned . The one you were beginning to grow fond of." she continued as she point out something to her ghost.

"But when your leave ends I expect you to be ready at a moment's notice, there has been some activity that needs investigation at the Forgotten Shore." Ikora explained as she resumed her trek into the North Tower, oblivious to the situation she had just thrown on its head.

Despite the limited expression that could be conveyed with her eyes, the look of pure horror on Eris's face was almost comical to say the least. She slowly turned to face the very guardian Rey spoke of, finding his cheerful face beaming back at her.

"A Titan you're fond of, hm?" Gate smirked.

"She spoke of another Titan, you do not know." Eris lied, very poorly at that.

"C'mon, how about you just give me one night. If you still absolutely hate me afterward, I'll leave you alone." he replied with a more serious tone.

"Were it so easy." the sorceress muttered.

"It can be if you let it." he replied with a tell-tale glance.

Eris only aimed a critical frown back at the guardian. "So, what exactly did you have in mind?" the words fighting to leaving her mouth.

"Well now that you mention it..."

She wouldn't say it, she'd never say it. But the lengths this Titan went to impress her were rather commendable.

He's set up a candle light dinner for the two of them, away from the people that would no doubt ostracize her for her self-mutilation or control over the Darkness they all feared.

She didn't like to think about it, be she knew few guardians, let alone any of the civilians that wondered the Tower actually liked her in any capacity. Before her fated mission she wasn't much of a people person, so her decent into instability only opened a larger rift between herself and those she was supposed to protect.

Well, until he forced his way into her life that is.

"Something on your mind?" he asked as he placed his drink back down.

" can you even tell? I said nothing, and I know full well you cannot gather anything from my eyes." she replied in a way that was a bit too withdrawn for the Titan's liking.

"You'd be surprised how much emotion you convey through those eyes." he assured her.

She countered with an expression that was skeptical at best.

"Did it hurt? When you replaced them" he suddenly asked, his face a sober as his tone.

"More than you will ever know." she sighed, looking out at up at the night sky. Clearly it was subject she didn't like, but he pressed on.

"What do you see, how is it different from how I view the world?"

She sighed again, glancing back to lay her three eyes upon him. "Why are you so curious to know? I did what I had to do to survive, is that not enough for you?"

"Well that should be obvious. I like you, and naturally I want to know more about you." he replied as if it were an irrefutable fact.

"It's...similar to the Vex in that I become acutely aware of Hive that are around me. But from there it becomes what Warlocks have coined as 'purified night vision'. she explained.

"Sounds badass." Gate smirked, only earning a small frown from the sorceress.

"It's an odd combination of thermal imaging and aura detection. At any given moment I can see how much Light or Darkness another being has, organic or not." she continued, aimlessly moving the food around her plate.

"Interesting." he nodded.

"Although I have a much more difficult question for you guardian." Eris announced, her tone suddenly even.

"Alright, shoot." he replied confidently.

"Why are you stupid enough to find me attractive?" she asked with a slight growl under her breath.

"Your passion, your ferocity, your presence; you do what you have to in order to get the job done. I don't know about you, but I find power very attractive." he growled as well, but it was the exact opposite of Morn's. It was primal, carnal.

"I want to believe you." she started, clenching the one fist that lay on the table. "But I can't, I just can't."

"Well let me convince you then." he replied as he stood. He stepped past the table briskly, far too fast for the ex-guardian's liking.

It had been ages since Eris had placed herself in a situation with so few options or means of escape. He was too close, she couldn't let him get close otherwise he'd finally see her for what she really was.

A monster.

A sick combination of perverse Dark power and Hive magic. An abomination of what it means to be a soldier of Light.

But as Eris flew between her fight and flight reflex she was unable to ready herself for the tender embrace the Titan encompassed her in.

She froze, unable to look Gate in eyes as he held her close. With their typical wear and armor abandoned for the night, the civilian cloths they wore did little to suppress the sensation of his body against hers. For a moment she fought to free herself, only to realize she didn't have to, he wasn't being restrictive in anyway.

"Weird, it doesn't hurt." Gate mused.

She frowned for a moment until she turned to see what had caught his attention. His hand was splashed with the ectoplasmic puss that constantly seeped from her eyes.

"No!" she cried as she jerked him away, taking a few tentative steps back.

"I can't do this Gate." Eris moaned as she shook her head.

"Wait! Please just hold on." the guardian pleaded as he took a step forward. Only for Eris to take another step back.

"Why? What more do you want? I've done everything you asked, why do you not just leave me in peace?"

"I'm not going to let you go Eris, I at least though..."

"What? Thought what?" she snarled.

"That we could maybe spend the night together?" he asked as more of an offhand suggestion.

The sorceress on the other hand nearly tripped where she stood.

"You bastard, did you think I would be so easy!?" she flared, faint traces of green light rippling away from her.

"No no! I didn't mean like that! I thought maybe we could chill somewhere, some place with a nice view of the sky." he replied as he held his hands up defensively.

She crossed her arms as she glared back at the Titan, not looking at all convinced.

"How about I just show you?" he offered with a grin.

Eris fidgeted for a moment, in all actuality he had done nothing to harm, belittle, or otherwise make her uncomfortable. He was doing all of this for her, god forbid why, but she had to admit she hadn't felt this appreciated or had this much attention from another male in long time.

And if previous experience counted for anything, he will certainly be as persistent as he can about this.

"Fine." she grumbled after some time. "But I'm not staying the night."

Reluctantly she allowed the Titan to lead her back to his dorm, a fact she wasn't too happy about until she got inside. He had modified his port into a bay window overlooking the vast hills and mountains that lay just outside the Last City.

"Does Zavala know about this?" she asked as she glanced up to take in the stars, blown away by how beautifully the skyline capped the mountain range.

"Nope." he chuckled as he dropped down on his bed, the foot of which pointed toward the window.

She nearly reeled around to punch him when he lightly grasped her sides, coaxing her to sit on his lap. She complied after a few moments, even if it was against her better judgment.

Together they sat for some time, gazing up at the stars, listening to to the ebb and flow of each others breathing. Eris would certainly never admit it, but it felt nice. Well it was certainly better than spending the night alone or inside a Hive hell hole.

But unfortunately such a moment couldn't last long. She jumped slightly when she felt his lips brush across her neck, a slight shiver as he continued upward, nibbling the part of her ear not covered by gauze.

As he hands began to wander she could only wonder why she was letting this happen. Had it been so long since she'd been touched like this, so delicately, as if she could break at any moment.

She had to stop him, but she just...couldn't. He touch was too sweet, his body too warm. How could she stop? Why should she? She loathed her own indecision as the warmth began to build in between her thighs. Even her own actions began to betray her as she unconsciously moaned. But it was when he tried to lift her gauze that the mood suddenly came to a screeching halt.

"No!" she hissed as she pushed his hand away. She stood up and away from the guardian as she readjusted the cloth covering her eyes.

"E-Eris, I didn't mean too." he pleaded.

She turned around to see not a look of desire across his face, but one of concern.

"I'm sorry Gate, it's just, I'm not sure you'd want to continue if you saw what was under this mask." she offed him a weak smile.

But much to her surprise he frowned.

"You think I'd care about something like that? I thought I had hurt you." he replied with a sigh of relief.

She looked down for moment, slightly dejected even. What was she supposed to say to that?

"Please Eris, let me see all of you." he said, as he gingerly grasped her hand.

She took a deep breath as she looked back at him, bathing his features in the eerie green glow of her eyes. She let the guardian guide her back over towards him, holding her gently as she straddled his lap.

"I want to trust you Gate." she whispered.

"Then I'll try not to disappoint you." he smiled.

He leaned in, kissing the sorceress while trying to sooth her when her form went rigid from the contact. His movements were soft and slow, letting her control the pace until he reached for her wrappings once again.

She reflexively leaned back, but only for a moment before she let him lift the gauze that obscured her face.

There was no denying that what the Titan saw disturbed him. Where her ivory skin ended, horrendous and brutal scars began. It was as if jagged claws had ripped open her face, then burned the flesh that remain in order to replace her eyes with those of a once living Hive spawn. What remained were frenzied scars that forever seeped with a dark, viscous matter that spilled down her cheeks, a constant reminder of her body's rejection of the vile Hive magic.

Regardless he gave the sorceress no time to feel shy or ashamed. He cupped her cheek in his palm, stroking the wounds with his thumb as the black secretions flowed over his hand.

He captured her lips again, asserting himself more as his tongue began to paw at hers, begging her to let him in. And after a few tense moments she conceded, cautiously returning the kiss. It wasn't long before his hand left her face and began to explore her body once again.

His hand danced within her dark auburn hair before descending to find a way underneath her clothes. But as soon as he did, he slowed, placing a conservative kiss upon her scars. Trying to gauge her reaction as his hands found the wrappings that bound her chest.

He took it as a positive when she was in fact the first the tug away his shirt. He couldn't help but grin as she placed two tentative hands on his board chest, as if suddenly unsure if such contact was okay.

"Mm, I think she likes what she sees." the guardian chuckled as he placed a palm over hers.

But Eris was speechless as her other hand wandered. He was strong and sturdy, like any Titan should be, but in fact sported some battle scars of his own.

"Eris?" his happy-go-lucky smile replaced with a look of concern once again.

"My apologies Gate, perhaps I was too quick pass judgment. You are a guardian after all, you too must have seen your fair share of combat and hardship." she replied, letting her hands drift down to his ads.

"You could say that, although I don't think I'm quite at your level of badass." he said as she coaxed her into lifting her upper wear.

"Certainly not." she teased, as she began to undo the cloth that supported her bust.

His breath hitched as she exposed herself, Eris was truly a goddess, one that had literally been to hell and back. Her pale skin was darkened by gashes and scars, some of which had healed less optimally than others. But the lacerations only served to accentuate her toned form. This wasn't the athletic build of the average guardian; this was the hardened body of a true survivor.

Unfortunately it didn't take long for Eris to cover herself back up. She crossed her arms over the breasts as his stares began to eat away at her self-confidence.

Her heart sank a bit, but she knew this was inevitable. It was unlikely that he could have found her bruised and beaten body attractive.

"My God you're beautiful." he said finally as he offered her the most genuine smile she'd ever seen.

She stood fast on the road of skepticism until he brought their lips together again. Only this time she seemed unprepared for the raw need his body ached with. His caresses were feverous as he hugged her tightly, as if she would slip away. His hands worked their way lower and lower, slowly slipping off the long pants that she wore. She could barely get in a word of protest as he gently flipped them around.

Gate felt her fidget as he worked off the last of her undergarments, she getting more the anxious. The reality of what they were doing was beginning to truly dawn on her.

But he'd be damned if he left her get away now, this moment was about her and only her. The only thing that mattered is what she felt and experienced, and he would give her the best night of her life or die trying.

She gasped as his mouth brushed up against her folds, the guardian's technique was slow and meticulous as he began to lick. The tender massage warmed the sorceress to the very core; her mind grew fuzzy as her hands betrayed her command. She grasped the male by the head, drawing him closer. She wanted him deeper, needed him to go further. As she moaned he was all too eager to increase the rhythm.

Her sensitive lips swelled, welcoming his playful tongue as it danced across her. She tasted so sweet, an addicting flavor that had no equal. Her fluids began to flow as he licked her inner folds, bringing her lower half to kick slightly in his mouth. The Titan gently placed his arms atop her thighs as he continued to lap away at her insides, hungrily devouring the softness that lay inside her.

Her soft hold on his head turned into a desperate clench of his hair as her voice arched higher and louder. Her movements becoming more sporadic and uncontrolled as she trembled from the waves of pure bliss emanating from within her.

If wasn't long before the sorceress lost herself, caught in a sea of delirious rapture as a euphoric shiver consumed her. The release was sudden and powerful as her body twitched with ecstasy, his very touch like lightening as she squealed from pleasure.

Eris pried her hands off of his skull as she lay back on the bed, she trembled slightly as her chest bobbing up and down. She looked for guardian in attempt to regain her bearings as she slowly came down.

"That was..." she gasped, still short on breath.

Granted he never gave her time to finish the thought as be began to kiss the inside of her thigh. Gate made his way up her torso, making certain to give every scar in his path a seductive lick. He gave both of her pert breasts attentive care before pressing on ward to claim her lips again.

He was slow to undo his pants, not wanting to spend but so long away from her touch. A moan slipped out as she placed a tentative hand on his member, and within that moment he saw well of emotion travel through those green, unblinking eyes.

It had been so long for her, the experience of this feeling, this intimacy. Soon after she'd clawed her way out of the Hellmouth, she surrendered herself to the idea that such a chance would never happen again. And she was right to assume so judging by his subtle reaction to her naked form. But it only persisted for a moment before he gave her a pleasure that had not been felt for years. Even before she came back battered and broken did anyone ever show her so much care.

Slowly but surly the ex-guardian's hesitation was beginning to give way to-

"No!" she cried, grabbing his hand. In the mist of Gate's continued foreplay, he had taken some of the dark puss onto his fingers intending to playfully lick it.

"I have no idea what will happen if you were to consume that." she explained, the true concern in her voice brought a smile to his face.

"Anything for you babe." he grinned as he wiped his hand clean on the sheets. With his other, he slowly dipped a finger into her folds, relishing in the sensation as her body trembled in response.

After a short time he stopped, grasping his own girth, guiding it toward her womanhood. He gave her a tentative glance, before she nodded for him to continue.

He proceeded slowly, her opening wet enough to let him in but still tight enough to make the sorceress to wince in pain. He paused for a moment to massage her mons, placing gentle kisses on her mouth and neck, anything to take her mind off the discomfort.

"I'm fine Gate...please." she whispered as she laced her arms around him. He resumed his penetration as her hands pierced his back. Her groans died down as he stared to place a light rhythm.

She replied with a sloppy kiss as her hips began to move in tune with his. He took a mouth full of her bust again, dancing his tongue about the bud as he hungrily sucked away. She moaned as he switched sides, using his free hand to continue gingerly rubbing the nipple.

God she tasted so good, her taunt muscles, that intoxicating voice. He grunted as her insides clenched with every caress of those full yet perky breasts. Before him was not the dark witch his friends poked fun at him about, but a sexual goddess who's every movement was a symphony of euphoric pleasure.

His head dipped beside hers as he clutched the pillow her head rested on. His body shuddered as he willed himself to hold on, slowing his thrusts.

"Fuck." he gasped as she rubbed his back, coaxing him to slow even further so that could regain his composure.

"You're amazing Eris." he moan breathless when his movements ceased.

She replied a modest smile, honestly unsure of how to take the complement. Although her time to dwell on his words was short as he wrapped his hands around her hips. Whist still connected he cautiously flipped them around. Dropped his head back on the bed, he rested his arms on her thighs.

"And gorgeous, have I mentioned that yet?" he teased as he looked up, patting her short yet messy hair as it framed her face.

"The word imbecile comes to mind." she smiled as she lifted her butt eliciting a very gratified if not slightly strained look from the male as he instinctively grabbed her hips to steady her descent.

She placed both hands on his firm chest as she began to dictate her own pace. Swaying sensually atop his length it didn't take the sorceress long to guide a hand in between her legs.

The guardian propped himself up in order to give his mouth access to her cleavage. She responded with a cry of ecstasy as her thrusts forced him deeper.

Within the passionate heat of the moment she displayed an act of eroticism that surprised even her. She brought forth her fingers, wet from pleasing herself, and delicately placed them in between her chest and Gate's mouth.

His eyes opened in shock, but for only a moment before he began to lap away at her digits. She began to thrust her hand in unison with their hips, he was more than happy to oblige as he began to suck on her fingers.

She soon pulled away, replacing her hand with her lips, quickly allowing their tongues to intertwine. She made the sweetest sounds as he lightly held the back of her neck, trying anything he could to deepen the kiss.

A guttural noise leaving his throat broke them apart as guardian's hips involuntary bucked. She couldn't help but smile as she placed a chaste kiss on his cheek before slowing and gently pushing him back down onto the bed.

She could feel herself beginning to peak again but not fast enough, and with all he'd done for her that night, she at least wanted him to be close in sharing the moment before she got lost in her own sensations.

Her thrusts became slow a deliberate as she tried to bring him down, but before her hand could move, his fingers snaked in between their bodies and began to work the little bud above her folds.

She moaned with satisfaction as his fingers worked their magic, building the heat within her. Eris's back ached almost violently as the intensity surged, her hips no longer a slave to her command. He too began to build as he desperately grabbed at her lower torso, his pained grunts echoed hers as he did everything could to hold back.

But in an instant of clarity, a harsh truth dawned on him.

"No." she pleaded softly as he began to pull out, "my scars are my protection." she whispered as she gave him one last kiss before her insides clamped down on his member. Her mind went numb as the climax rocked her lithe form.

"Eris!" the guardian cried as he hugged the sorceress tightly. His entire body shuddered as he flowed into her. She held man's face delicately in her hands as she continued brush her lips across his, doing anything to stay with him as they both bathed in the high. A pure exhilaration made sweeter from the loving adoration he had showed her.

He placed his cheek next to hers, letting the black plasma flow down his face.

"I'm sorry." he sighed as he drew a hand through her amber locks.

"Don't be, what happened has passed, dwelling on it will change nothing, but...thank you." she offered him a small smile.

"Anything for you babe." he chuckled, stroking her back as she laid down on his chest.

But after a brief moment she raised her head, their gaze met for a hot second before she turned away to locate her bandages.

"You don't have to wear that when I'm with you." Gate said as he cupped Eris's cheek when she began to wrap the gauze back around her eyes.

"I know, but it helps to soothe the ache." she replied.

"I thought you didn't need it." he with a cocked eyebrow, as he once again began to play with her hair.

She was quick to shoo him away as she finished adjusting the cloth over her features.

"I don't, but the pain will never subside." she responded.

"Try not to sound too melodramatic." he quipped, earned him a playful punch in the jaw before she settled back down with him.

It was unknown to the Titan how long they stayed like that, but it wasn't long before he was lulled to sleep by her steady breathing and comfortable warmth.

When he awoke he wasn't surprised but still very much disappointed to see that she had left. But then again what was he honestly expecting? Eris was still a more solitary and independent person than he, why would she have perceived this as more than a one night stand.

Gate sighed as he sat up, looking around for any evidence that the ex-guardian had been there that night. But of course found nothing, not even the matter her facial scars secreted. Although granted he had learned very early on that the substance was very quick to evaporate, so it was obvious she had left some time ago.

He supposed from a cynical stand point it was mission accomplished, he and Eris indeed had a great time. But he knew that wasn't how he truly felt, he had wanted to wake up to those ghostly green eyes she possessed. He wanted to cradle her in his arms until she woke up, and the inevitable reprimanding she would bark. He wanted to be a rock solid constant for a woman who had already lost so much.

His mind was plagued with those thought until he stepped foot inside the Tower's Main count yard again, and what he saw slapped what he knew was a stupid smile on his face.

Eris sat on a crate with her legs crossed, thumbing through information on a tablet, giving her typical frown to guardians that passed by.

But what stuck the Titan was that her hood was down, and her hair was not just out, but it had been washed and cared for, unlike the disheveled mess he'd seen before. Fresh gauze had been wrapped around her eyes and her light armor had been thoroughly cleaned.

She looked wonderful, so of course he couldn't help but approach her.

"Damn, you're looking fine today babe." Gate chuckled as he strolled up to ex-guardian.

"I can't be rid of you for more than a few hours can I?" she replied, although there was no malice behind it.

"Absolutely not." he smiled as he leaned up against railing near her.

"But seriously, with that clean cut and fresh armor, you're gonna have to be fighting 'em off with a stick." Gate continued.

"And yet you still speak of such absurdity." she smirked.

"I speak the truth. Although if you do find another guy, he's going to have to go through me first." he added.

"Don't disregard the hell you've already put me through, I'd rather fight my way through the Grottos than deal with the obnoxious courting rituals from another guardian." she replied, this time with a bit a disdain.

But she quickly continued when she saw his face drop a bit.

"I'd rather keep what I have then go through that process again." she said, offering him the tiniest smile.

The Titan managed to contain his enthusiasm to a small fist pump before he tried to make himself look calm and collected.

"Soooo, maybe I can see you later?" he asked hesitantly with a, well, hopelessly hopeful look on his face.

"Yes, Gate you may, but my hope is that copulation won't be the only thing on your mind." she said with a critical glance.

"No, no, of course not...probably not." he smiled as he bowed, stepping back to let his lady return to her work.

Eris only replied with a bit of a sneer and she waved him off, but couldn't help smile to herself as she wondered what the oaf would be doing that day.

Not that she cared, just curious...just a bit curious. After all she had a tendency to keep tabs on the things that she liked.

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