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Hazel was upset. This can't be happening!

Not only were they going to watch her mother hit her and ruin her things, but they were going to watch her die! She couldn't relive that, just couldn't.

She buried her face in a cushion. Frank awkwardly patted her arm, unsure of what exactly to do to make her feel better.

Percy and Annabeth both were hugging each other, still in shock about the whole Tartarus-on-screen thing.

Reyna was hugging Nico, who was silently sobbing into her shoulder, Tartarus-on-screen bringing up unwanted memories of Tartarus, and Bianca.

Piper was wishing she could do something, looking torn between relief that it wasn't her turn and the feeling of wanting to comfort Hazel or Percy or Annabeth.

Jason had closed his eyes, silently cursing Hera out - only accidentally calling her Juno. In Olympus, Juno asked her Greek Counterpart why she was always causing trouble.

Leo was in his corner of the sofa, still curled in a ball. Annabeth's comment had stung, and Tartarus had made the guilt of his mother even worse. Nobody noticed him shivering in his corner.

The screen flashed, and a motion-picture started showing.

One Year Old

Hazel was in her mother's lap, golden eyes wide and curious, as Queen Marie laughed and showed her the crystal ball. The crystal ball was glowing slightly, a faint vibration shaking Queen Marie's hand.

"Yes," Queen Marie told her. "Your future will be bright." She smiled, warmth emanating from her being, dark brown eyes half-closed in contentment. "That is what the crystal ball says, and I shall make it happen, my beautiful baby."

Hazel's eyes were wide, clear, sparkling tears gathering at the corners. She had never though that her mother would speak so beautifully to her. Queen Mary had already been possessed by when she was age eight. Not many memories were this beautiful.

Frank noticed the tears, and transformed into a kitten, purring on her lap.

"The god Pluto promised me that I will get a boon from him," continued Queen Marie. "I wonder what I'll wish for..."

Hazel chirped on her lap, golden eyes closing with sleep.

Hazel bit her lip. It's too late now, but I wish you hadn't asked for anything, Mama!

Frank patted her arm awkwardly, the pads of his paws cold against her clammy skin.

Piper smiled softly, leaning into the warmth of Jason's chest.

Leo ignored the world.

"I know!" Queen Marie smiled. "Pluto, Pluto, Pluto, come!"

A flash of black lightning, a mushroom of smoke, and there stood a greasy-haired man with white skin that looked dead. "I see you want your wish." His voice was smooth but gravelly at the same time, resonating both love and crazy amounts of power.

"Yes," Queen Marie agreed. "I do.

"Don't!" yelled Hazel.

Leo looked up. You could clearly see the exhaustion in his red-rimmed eyes. He rubbed his face and emerged, old Leo back, no trace of the broken expression he'd had before. "Don't cry, Hazel. You know what happens."

Frank glared at him in kitten form.

I want all the wealth under the earth. I don't want to be poor. I don't want that life for my Hazel."

"It's too dangerous!" Pluto raised his hand. "The greediest wishes cause the greatest sorrows. Please, ask for something else. Anything else!"

"You swore on the River Styx," said Queen Marie, rocking Hazel back and forth. Hazel smiled, yawning, as if she didn't realize what was going on.

"I did." Pluto frowned, and lowered his hand. His downcast expression made Queen Marie grin. "You will have all the wealth in the world, my love." Amd a flash of lightning struck Hazel, making her eyes burst open. Their color was changing - from gold to green, to red, to blue, to white, to silver, to many more, when they finally settled on a brilliant gold, shining brightly against her coffee skin. "It is done."

Queen Marie only smiled.

Hazel was wide-eyed, imagining the horrible things that could have happened to her if that was real lightning. She could have been fried, or burnt to a crisp, or turned into a chicken nugget! That was what it meant, right...?

Frank purred.

Annabeth smiled grimly. The worst is yet to come.

Two Years Old

"Mama! Mama!" Hazel held up a large ruby, toddling on unsteady fat feet. "Red!"

"That's red, my dear," crooned Queen Marie, picking her up. "And it will pay for our rent."

When the guy came to pick up her rent, she gave the ruby to him.

The morning after, he was dead.

Percy snickered. "How descriptive, Hera." A faint rumbling of thunder could be heard.

Hazel closed her eyes.

Queen Marie stood still for a moment after someone had relayed the news to her, and her eyes flickered from brown to a dull, watery gold.

Poisoned child, her mouth spoke, raspy and croaky, as if she hadn't drunk water for days. She is cursed.

Queen Marie regained her bearings, and watched as Hazel played on the floor. "No she isn't Voice. You are sick and crazy."

The screen flickered, turning black, when these words were displayed in cursive gold.

This happened often over the next year.

It started when Hazel was so young! Annabeth was surprised.

Percy's brows knit together.

Piper gulped, and Jason glanced at Hazel.

Hazel was frozen, eyes as wide as they would go, jaw agape.

Frank mewed consolingly.

Leo swallowed a breath mint, wishing he wasn't the odd man out.

Three Years Old

"You did this!" shouted Queen Marie, storming up to Pluto, who stood at the bottom of the stairs in the apartment. "It's all your fault! It's all your fault that I'm hated and that the money I get kills people!"

"Marie..." Pluto started, but stopped. "Marie, I warned you..."

"No!" screamed Queen Marie, ignoring Hazel, who was whimpering in the corner. "You get out! I hate you! It's all your fault, your fault your fault your fault YOUR FAULT!"

Pluto nodded and walked out the door, casting a pleading glance towards Queen Marie, sadness touching the edges.

Nico clenched his teeth, Reyna's hand never leaving his.

Queen Marie huffed, breathing heavily.

I can cure her, her mouth said, as her eyes changed color yet again. Help me, and I will cure her, and we will get revenge against Pluto as well.

"Will it hurt him?" asked Queen Marie.

Very, Gaea's voice purred.

"I will join you," promised Queen Marie. "Only if Hazel doesn't get hurt."

Her eyes changed. Yes, Hazel will be fine, Gaea promised. Join me...

"Don't listen to her promises!" argued Nico weakly. "They aren't real!"

Reyna put her right hand on her knife, when suddenly Frank was a hissing, spitting mess on the TV.

The TV regenerated of course, and Annabeth plopped Kitty Frank back onto Hazel's lap, noticing that Hazel had looked on approvingly as Frank had attacked the TV.

Four Years Old

Hazel picked up an emerald, and showed it to her mother.

"Thank you," said Queen Marie sweetly. Poisoned child, she hissed.

Hazel shrank back.

Nico growled, sounding much like a feral dog.

Leo idly started screwing a hinge onto a tiny doorway.

Annabeth frowned. Not even Mrs. Chase had treated her like this. Hera, yes, but not her stepmother.

Five Years Old

Hazel curled into a ball as Kindergarten kids started throwing stuff at her, jeering.

After school, she ran to Queen Marie, sobbing.

Queen Marie removed Hazel from herself, and set her down. "You deserved it," she said flatly, whacking her on the head.

Percy snarled. His glass of water moved and splashed the water onto the TV, in hopes that it would short-circuit. No such luck.

Hazel closed her eyes and hid her face in a pillow.

Leo created a building, before Piper smacked him on the back of the head, kaleidoscope eyes glaring at him like, Don't be an insensitive jerk and watch!

Six Years Old

Hazel hid under the covers as Queen Marie's voice screamed through the hall.

"Wretched child! Cursed child! You are all my problems! I hate you!"

For hours Hazel sat there, listening to Queen Marie's rage, tears streaming down her coffee-brown face.

"I really am starting to hate that woman," muttered Percy.

"So am I," agreed Jason.

Nico nodded.

"She apologized before we died," whispered Hazel. Frank wound himself against her arm, begging her to pet him. She did so, stroking him absentmindedly.

Seven Years Old

"I drew a butterfly!" Hazel held out a piece of paper.

Queen Marie smiled down at her. "It's beautiful!"

Then her eyes changed color, and her face scowled. It's trash.

She ripped the piece out of Hazel's hands and tore it into a million tiny pieces, then left, leaving Hazel standing in the room, tears starting to crawl down her cheeks.

"You - she - butterfly - stupid-"

Percy was being held back by Annabeth, who understood his sentiments perfectly.

Nico growled at the TV, thinking that Hera should go rot in Tartarus. That place is the best for her, really.

Eight Years Old

Hazel sobbed over a torn piece of paper.

Queen Marie was nowhere to be seen.

The paper said, I hate you, devil child. Wicked girl. It had been an old photo of baby Hazel and Queen Marie, but Hazel had been torn out, and the side where she'd used to be had those words scrawled on it.

"THAT WOMAN IS A WITCH!" howled Percy, and the TV smiled at him. Well, mocked him with the picture of a crying Hazel.

Nine Years Old

Hazel seemed scared of something.

Then she screamed.

Everyone tensed.

A hellhound sprung on her, licking her face.

Hazel seemed to make friends with it, and played with it for a few hours.

Everyone relaxed. Leo started building a mini-castle.

When Queen Marie came, she was not pleased. Taking some gold (Imperial Gold, though Hazel didn't know at the time), she threw it at the hellhound, making it dissipate. Seeing Hazel start to cry, she smirked.

With a flourish of her purple robe, she smacked Hazel in the face and turned around, leaving.

"Argh!" Percy's fists were clenched. He hated seeing his friends like that.

Leo continued building his castle, but his heart panged for Hazel. She was so beautiful and smart and strong. She didn't deserve that. He, on the other hand, did.

Ten Years Old

Hazel stared at posters for horses. She almost regretted turning to her mother and asking a question.

"Mama, can I have a horse?"

Tensed bodies, quickened breathing, they all expected Hazel to be slapped.

Queen Marie smiled, a dazzling smile, and her eyes were a shining brown.

"We can't have a horse, Hazel.

This is a good memory? Hazel wondered.

But there are stables not too far from here. You can ride if you'd like."

"I'd love that! Thank you Mama!" Hazel looked as if someone had presented her with a million dollars - that weren't cursed.

Queen Marie smiled again, fighting Gaea.

"That was beautiful!" Percy smiled, starting to like Queen Marie again.

"I never remembered that," Hazel murmured, stroking Frank behind the ears, who mewled in content.

Leo smiled a genuine smile, remembering when his mother was still there. Then his smile turned into an ugly grimace as his thoughts strayed to her death.

Eleven Years Old

Hazel was riding a horse, and her face held the expression of pure joy. Her hair was streaming out behind her, and her eyes were two brightly shining gold stones.

"I love horse-back riding," smiled Hazel, and her eyes lit up.

Frank rubbed his face against her cheek, purring.

She rubbed the horse's hide and fed it an apple. Her eyes were still glimmering like newborn stars.

"Cinnamon..." she crooned, voice fading. "I wish I could ride on you forever!"

Hazel blushed.

Frank turned into a puppy and pawed at the air, then turned back into a cat and licked Hazel's face. Hazel laughed.

Nico's glare was set on Frank. "No PDA!" he growled. "But if it makes my little sister happy, then I'm fine," he added when Reyna kicked him in the shin.

Twelve Years Old

Hazel was laughing and talking to a Leo look-alike. "Why do you always make me laugh?" she giggled.

"Because that is what the great Sammy Valdez does to the beautiful Hazel Levesque," the Leo look-alike exclaimed, puffing his chest out.

Leo smiled sadly, when Annebeth, Percy, Piper, Jason, Nico, and Reyna stared at him questioningly.

Hazel smiled at the screen, albeit a little sadly.

Frank snuggled up next to her, jealous.

The two talked for hours before Hazel had to go back home.

Hazel smiled at the screen, and Leo explained who Sammy was to the others.

The screen went black, and then gold cursive letters appeared.

The year after that was when everything went wrong.

"No duh," muttered Percy. "Doesn't take Einstein to figure that one out."

Thirteen Years Old

Hazel was watching as Queen Marie sat alone at the séance table, eyes closed. She was regal. But then she started to talk.

You'll be safe there, she murmured. Far from the gods.

"No you won't," Hazel feebly argued with the screen. Frank stopped purring.

"It's too far. Too cold. Too dangerous." When Queen Marie spoke again, she sounded normal. "He told me not to."

What has he ever done for you? Gaea responded. He gave you a poisoned child! But we can use her gift for good. We can strike back at the gods. You will be under my protection in the north, far from the gods' domain. I'll make my son your protector. You'll live like a queen at last.

"But what about Hazel..."

Poisoned child.

The scene changed.

Hazel stifled a sob; she knew what was coming.

Frank transformed back into a human and hugged her, then transformed back into a cat so that she could squeeze him. She did so, and he almost was crushed by the strength in her skinny arms.

Hazel was standing over a pit, her face scrunched up as she stared at the blob rising up from the pit.

"It's too late." Marie sounded sad and scared as she kneeled on the floor.

Hazel openly let tears stream down her face.

Leo looked at her, wondering if he should comfort her.


Marie looked at her. "What have I done? Oh Hazel, what did I do to you?" She fell to her knees. "I'm sorry Hazel. I'm so sorry."

Hazel hugged her. "What can we do? Tell me how to stop it."

Marie shook her head. "She let me go. She knows it's too late. There's nothing we can do."

"She...the Voice?" Hazel looked hopeful. "Is she gone?"

Marie looked around fearfully. "No, she's here. There's only one more thing she needs from me. For that, she needs my free will."

The scene changed once again. It was in the same location, but you could see the two had had a serious dialogue with a lot of making up.

The ground trembled.

My eldest rises, Gaea said. The most precious thing in the earth - and you have brought him from the depths, Hazel Levesque. You have made him anew. His awakening cannot be stopped.

"I won't help you!" yelled Hazel.

Hazel squeezed her eyes shut.

Leo stared at the screen, wide-eyed.

Nico buried his face in Reyna's chest, who refused to recognize that fact that she was blushing and looked at the screen.

Annabeth was brought closer to Percy by Percy's arm.

Frank mewed as he was squished to death.

Piper snuggled into Jason's side, eyes glued to the screen.

But I am done with your help, girl. I brought you here for one reason only. Your mother required...incentive.

"Mother?" Hazel looked helpless and confused.

"I'm sorry Hazel. If you can forgive me, please - know that it was only because I loved you. She promised to let you live-"

"If you sacrifice yourself," Hazel said as if just realizing it.

Everyone tensed, waiting for Hazel's reaction.

Hazel squeezed Frank tighter, earning a squeak, and squeezed her eyes shut even further.

"She needs you to give your life willingly to raise that - that thing."

Alcyoneus, Gaea said.

"He was one ugly dude," said Percy.

The others nodded in agreement, though only Hazel and Frank had met him.

Eldest of the giants. He must rise first, and this will be his new homeland - far from the gods. He will walk these icy mountains and forests. He will raise a army of monsters. While the gods are divided, fighting each other in this mortal World War, he will send forth his armies to destroy Olympus.

"World War II," Annabeth realized, a look of horror settling on each of the demigods' faces when they processed this information.

All this because your mother was greedy and cursed you with the gifts of finding riches. In my sleeping state, I would have needed decades more, perhaps even centuries, before I found the power to resurrect Alcyoneus myself. But now he will wake, and soon, so shall I!

"Hazel, go." Marie rose to her feet. "She'll let you live, but you must hurry."

"No." Hazel's face was full of determination. "I won't live. Not for that."

She reached her arms out, and the cavern walls shook. The pit of oil around Alcyoneus bubbled and erupted.

Don't be foolish, said Gaea. You will destroy yourself for nothing! Your mother will die!

"You were my gift, Hazel," Marie said softly. "My most precious gift. I was foolish to think I needed anything else."

She pulled Hazel closer and planted a kiss on her head.

Stop this! Gaea demanded. You cannot prevent his rise. At best, you will delay him - a few decades. Half a century. Would you trade your lives for that?

Hazel's face was filled with determination and pain.

She reached out her arms, and the shaking increased.

The walls collapsed, and she and her mother were buried under gems and oil.

The screen went black.

Hazel let herself go and howled. She cried with gut-wrenching sobs and howls that shook the walls.

Frank transformed into a human, holding her close and muttering, "At least she didn't show your trip to the Underworld."

Nico was shaken. He'd seen his mother die, now his sister?

Leo laughed bitterly. At least she hadn't been - no, he wouldn't think about that now.

Piper stared blankly at the screen.

Jason stared.

Percy looked concernedly at Hazel.

Annabeth felt the pricks of tears begin in her eyes.

Reyna fingered her knife.

In loopy red writing, two words stood out sharply from the black background on the TV screen.

Frank Zhang.


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