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Frank took a moment to register what was happening. He had been picked next. He felt a haze come over him, wondering whether his friends would think less of him after they'd watched the memories that Hera had picked–or worse, if Hazel would think less of him.

A soft touch to the arm brought him out of his spiraling thoughts, and he met Hazel's wide, concerned eyes. "Are you alright?" she asked.

"Yeah, I guess," Frank mumbled, running his hands through his hair. Hazel slipped her soft hand in his.

"We'll be here the whole time," she promised.

"We will," Percy's voice said, and Frank looked up. He was smiling crookedly, a glint in his green eyes showing his concern. "Nobody's going to judge you, I promise."

Next to him, Annabeth snorted, and Percy jabbed her in the ribs. "We can't," he hissed, "we're here to support each other."

Frank sighed and felt Hazel squeeze his hand. He smiled at her, and then glanced at the screen.


Emily Zhang and Grandmother Zhang were sitting by the fireplace, Emily looking exhausted but healthy. She held a bundle in her arms, one made of delicate cloth and a gurgling baby Frank.

Frank sucked in a breath. His mother had died all too recently, and his memories of her as well as his grief were all coming back full force. He squeezed his eyes shut, holding back tears. His heart clenched. Seeing her this young and so healthy made him ache for her.

"I understand," said a voice Frank didn't expect to hear. He cracked open an eye to see Leo staring at him with a sad expression on his face that didn't suit him. "I miss her every day too."

"Yeah," Frank croaked out. "It never stops hurting, does it." He watched as Leo slowly shook his head, the most well-versed on the subject, as the rest of them hadn't lost parents that they'd cared that much about, or hadn't lost them at all.

"His name is Frank," Emily said stubbornly.

"Bah!" Grandmother Zhang said in disgust. "What type of name is Frank for a Chinese boy?"

"We're Canadian," Emily said with a slight curl to her lip, knowing it would aggravate her mother.

"Why do I even try," said Grandmother Zhang, rolling her eyes.

A sudden flash of light and Emily jumped to attention, effortlessly handing Frank over to Grandmother Zhang and drawing a weapon. A woman materialized, with alabaster skin and robes of blue silk. A goatskin cloak was draped over her elegant shoulders.

"Speak who you are," Emily said stonily, hands on the gun.

"That's Hera," said Annabeth, amused. "She's pointing a gun at Hera."

Reyna pursed her lips, annoyance coursing through her at Annabeth's blatant disrespect and mislabeling of the goddess, though she could not say she held any love for the meddling woman herself. "Juno, that's Juno."

"They're basically the same bitch," Annabeth said, stormy eyes matching Reyna's dark irises.

Percy laughed nervously. "Guys, let's not call the queen of the gods a bitch, alright?"

The goddess did not answer.

Grandmother Zhang, holding Frank in one arm, touched Emily lightly on the shoulder, beckoning her to sit back down. Emily sat, but did not withdraw her hand from the gun.

The goddess smiled at Frank. In perfect Mandarin, she said, "He will close the circle. He will return your family to its roots and bring you great honor. He will go to camp and restore your reputation there. He will free Thanatos from his icy chains. The blood of Pylos is strong in this child from his mother's side. He will have the Zhang family gift, but he will also have the powers of his father."

Jason tapped Frank's shoulders quickly. "Your mother also had this ability?"

"Yeah," Frank said, feeling both awkward and proud as he recounted his past. "My entire maternal line has that ability. It's pretty cool, passed down."

Piper smiled at him, kaleidoscope eyes flickering with amusement and something else Frank couldn't quite place. "It's really cool that your family lived long enough to produce generations of family members."

"Yeah," Frank said through gritted teeth, stomach clenching painfully when he thought of his mother who had lived to see him live fifteen years of life, and then died.

"Most demigods don't," Nico said darkly.

The goddess pointed at the fire with a graceful motion. "He will be the strongest of your clan, and the greatest," she said, her voice resonating with power. "But the Fates have decreed he will also be the most vulnerable. His life will burn bright and short. As soon as that piece of tinder is consumed–that stick at the edge of the fire–your son is destined to die."

She smiled, chilling, cold. There was no warmth in that gaze. Then she disappeared, as quickly as she arrived.

Grandmother Zhang immediately snatched up the wood.

"We must keep it safe," she said, meeting Emily's terrified gaze. Grandmother Zhang looked at Frank, and her eyes narrowed in determination. "I will protect him with my life."

"I can see why you'd be afraid of fire," Piper said apologetically, while Annabeth stared at him in stony silence.

"I don't understand how I missed this," she said. "All the clues were there."

Frank felt his chest tighten with anxiety, worrying about whether or not his friends would think he was a liability.

"It's safe," Hazel said comfortingly.

"At least you get control over when you die," Percy said humorlessly.

"You still have the fireproof pouch, right?" Leo asked.

Frank turned to meet his chocolate eyes, and nodded with a stiff smile. "Yeah."

One Year Old

A chubby baby was gurgling happily in a cradle. Emily, in full military gear, was letting him play with her hair, laughing softly as she did.

"You were such a cute baby!" Hazel said. "I wish we'd managed to grab some photo albums when we were at your house..."

"We were in mortal peril," Percy pointed out with a snicker. "Frank's baby photos were the last thing on our minds."

She began to sing a soft lullaby in Mandarin, stroking his tiny baby cheek as she did so. "I love you," she said at the end, brushing a stray hair from his forehead. She got up, taking her bag into her hand, and turned to go.

Grandmother Zhang was waiting for her by the door, lips pursed in dissatisfaction.

"Must you go so soon," she said, knowing the answer already.

"I do," Emily replied sadly. "It is my duty. I do not want to leave my child, but I must."

Grandmother Zhang sighed. "Very well then." She moved closer to the cradle. "Go."

Emily stared at her for a moment, and then her gaze drifted to Frank. "Goodbye," she said. "I love you both. Never forget."

Grandmother Zhang didn't reply.

Emily stayed for a moment and then sighed. Her slim form left the frame of the door.

"My mom did that a lot," said Frank. He remembered her often coming and going as needed. It was always nerve wracking when she was deployed, never knowing if she was going to come home or not. Until she didn't, his brain said silently.

"Being a military kid sounds hard," Percy grimaced. "I always need my mom."

Reyna stayed silent, while Nico snorted. He hadn't needed his mother since he was ten years old. (That was a lie. Nico always wanted and needed her. He just couldn't have her. She was dead.)

Two Years Old

"Foolish boy!" Grandmother Zhang snapped. "Do not show your weakness!"

The boy in question was Frank, sobbing on the floor due to an injury from playing.

"She seems tough," Jason said, silently wondering who would tell a toddler not to cry.

"She was," Frank agreed, a smile playing on his lips. "But she only wanted the best for me."

Grandmother Zhang huffed in frustration before taking antiseptic and dabbing it on his knee. "Stop crying," she said. "It is unbecoming of a warrior." She placed a bandaid over his knee.

"Mother!" Emily stormed in. She snatched Frank from the ground and held him close to her, anger in her eyes. "Do not call him weak. He is only a child!"

"He will be a warrior," Grandmother Zhang replied.

"But he isn't yet," Emily snapped. She turned on her heels and stormed up the stairs, whispering to Frank the entire way.

Later at night, Grandmother Zhang went into Frank's room.

"Fai," she said him. "You aren't weak." She stared at his still form for a moment, and then left the room.

"That was the worst apology I've seen in a while," Jason snorted.

"At least she tried," Leo chuckled.

"She never apologized," Frank sighed. He felt a pang in his heart, one of grief, but it had been her time to go. He accepted it.

"When do women apologize?" Percy joked, then yelped as Annabeth's hand landed on his thigh with a loud smack.

Three Years Old

Frank was sitting inside a shopping cart, Emily pushing him along the grocery aisles and humming.

"I remember this place," Frank said with a huge smile. Good feelings were enveloping his body. He had many good memories here. "This was in the mall close to home."

Suddenly Emily stopped humming, and withdrew what looked like a small grenade from her belt. Ahead of her were two huge Laistrygonians, both smiling with ugly teeth and faces.

"Close your eyes," she said to Frank, who obeyed immediately.

She took the pin and threw the grenade at the angry monsters, who disintegrated in the following explosion.

"Your mom is a badass," said Piper approvingly, while Percy whistled.

Was, Frank internally corrected, then grimaced.

Four Years Old

Frank was running across Grandmother Zhang's backyard, his mother waving and calling from the attic window to get his attention. Frank ignored her. He ran, squealing happily, to the edge, where he came face to face with a huge grizzly bear.

"Hi," he said in wonder.

"Hi?" Leo burst out laughing. "That's what you say to a grizzly bear?"

"I was four," Frank defended himself, amusement bubbling up.

"Not that you'd ever say hi to a bear," Nico said snidely. "I bet you'd run away screaming and probably pee your pants."

Piper laughed.

Leo laughed as well, shoving down a flash of hurt.

The bear regarded him, and suddenly his mother appeared. She put herself between them.

"Run, Frank!" she said. "Get back to the house."

He did. He didn't look back.

When he arrived at the porch, the bear was gone and his mother was coming back.

"What happened?" He asked.

His mother smiled and ruffled his hair. "Mama Bear just needed directions."

"She must have turned into a bird to get to you," Annabeth said, ever the analytical one. "Then she must have turned into a bear."

"I can't get over the fact that your whole family has this ability," Percy marvelled.

"Maybe even you and Hazel's little ones, eh?" Reyna smirked.

Frank blushed red, feeling Hazel grip his hand a little tighter as she squeaked.

"We're a little too young for that," he laughed awkwardly.

"Demigods don't live long," Nico warned gloomily. Silence fell, the mood officially ruined.

Five Years Old

"Please don't leave," Frank begged. He was hanging on to his mother's legs as she dressed in full gear, ready to deploy again.

"I have to," she said softly.

"Please!" Frank's eyes were watering and his lip was wobbling, a clear sign he was about to have a mini meltdown.

Emily sighed. She put down her pack and unwrapped Frank from her legs.

"Do you know what duty is?"

"No," Frank said, shaking his head, lip still wobbly.

Frank remembered this talk. It had been a defining moment in his life.

"Duty is fulfilling your obligations," Emily said. "Duty is carrying out your assigned tasks. Duty is working as a team. My duty, as a soldier, is to lead my team and our tasks. If I don't do that, I would be abandoning my men and my country." She looked him in his eyes. "I am a soldier and my duty is my obligation to protect our country. Without me, people will die. I have to go."

"Like a superhero?" Frank asked.

Emily smiled and ruffled his hair. "Yes. Exactly like a superhero."

"Your mom is amazing," Reyna said bitterly.

Annabeth turned and met Frank in the eye. "You should be proud of her."

Frank shrunk at the accusation. "I am."

"C'mon," Percy said, kicking Annabeth's shin lightly. "Lay off of him."

Six Years Old

Frank was curled up in his mother's lap. Emily's arms were around him. She was telling him stories of heroes past, all somehow related to Frank. She told the story of Xu Fu, who sailed in search of the elixir of life. She told the story of Sung Guo, also known as Seneca Gracchus, who fought twelve Roman dragons and sixteen Chinese ones.

"He was the strongest dragon of all, you see," she said, poking him in the belly. "That's how he could beat them!"

"She's giving you so many clues," Annabeth sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.

She told the story of his oldest ancestor, the Prince of Pylos. She told of how Hercules fought against him but almost lost.

"It was a hard fight!" she said.

"Did we win?" Frank asked.

"No," Emily said, smiling but with sadness in her voice. "Our ancestor lost. But it wasn't easy for Hercules! Imagine trying to fight a swarm of bees. That's how it was. Even Hercules had trouble."

Confusion was clear on Frank's face, but Emily continued on. "Our family is from Li-Jien," she said. "We come from many places, but our home is Li-Jien. Always remember, Frank: You have a special gift. You can be anything."

"She really did give you like a hundred clues, man," Jason said, laughing as he avoided Frank's half-hearted smack to the arm.

"I was six!" he protested, grumbling to himself.

"It's alright love," Hazel said, ignoring the flush that spread on her dark cheeks as she said so.

Seven Years Old

"...C-U-L-T-Y! Difficulty!" Frank announced proudly.

His classmates cheered.

"And Frank wins the classroom championship spelling bee!" his teacher announced. Frank puffed up with pride.

"Come," his teacher said with a smile, holding out a basket. "Here is your prize."

"Spelling bees are so hard," Percy grimaced.

Annabeth laughed. "Good for you, Frank," she smiled. "I never won one. Dyslexia's a bitch."

"The only thing I have is lactose intolerance," Frank complained. "And that's not even demigodish."

"Take your prize," one of the little classroom boys sneered as he walked past.

"Yeah, teacher's pet," another taunted.

Frank looked quite hurt at that, and stiffly took a chocolate from the basket.

He walked back to his seat, the jeers from the other children still ringing in his ears.

"Children are so cruel," Hazel frowned, squeezing his hand as he blinked stupidly at the TV.

"The cruelest," Leo agreed quietly, stomach twisting.

Eight Years Old

Frank grimaced as he saw the scene start to take place. His gut wrenched uncomfortably and he gripped Hazel's hand tighter.

Grandmother Zhang dropped the phone she was holding and her face went white. "Come along, Fai," she said. "Quickly now."

"What's going on?" Frank asked.

"Don't ask questions, just come!" Grandmother Zhang snapped, but one could hear an underlying tremor to her voice. She swept through the living room to the door and grabbed her coat, as well as Frank's. "Quickly!"

Frank seemed to be shaken out of his stupor and ran towards her, catching the coat she threw at him and following her to the car.

She sat in the driver's seat and started the engine. As she drove, Frank could see a slight tremble to her hands.

"What happened?" he asked again, dread starting to pool into his belly.

Piper gasped.

"Your mother was hurt," Grandmother Zhang said quietly. Her voice shook. "Badly. We are going to see her at the hospital now."

Frank went into shock. He sat still as a rock, eyes wide. He couldn't believe it. He didn't want to believe it. He had always known that being in the military was dangerous, but he had never quite realized it until that moment.

"The moment you realize it's real always sucks," Percy agreed quietly.

"It's always the worst part of being a soldier," Reyna said softly.

"And demigod," Nico said bitterly, thinking of Bianca.

They rushed into the hospital after a bad parking job, and Grandmother Zhang immediately collapsed at Emily's bedside. She was bandaged over one eye and around her head. There were bandages around her arms, wherever they could see her.

"Mother," Emily croaked with a slight smile. "I'm okay."

"You are not!" Grandmother Zhang snapped, worry underlining her voice.

"Frank," Emily intoned, beckoning him to come closer. He did. "Come here." She patted her bedside. He crawled into bed with her. "I'm alright," she soothed him. "I'm alright."

"Being a military kid sucked," Frank said, remembering the worries. "You'd always worry whether she came home or not. Until...until she didn't." He swallowed.

"It never gets easier," Nico said bitterly. "Every death is more pain added on."

Leo nodded silently.

Nine Years Old

Frank was walking down the street with Grandmother Zhang when two white men stopped them.

"Where are you from?" one asked, dangerously close. Grandmother Zhang stayed her ground, even though she was at least a foot shorter than both these men.

"Canada," she said, accent making itself known.

"I don't think so," the second man said softly.

Hazel leaned forward angrily. "Racism!? I thought we got over this years ago!"

Leo laughed bitterly. "No, Hazel. We definitely did not." The Latino boy flashed back to past experiences and his mouth twisted down.

Piper nodded solemnly. "Unfortunately not." She frowned, thinking back to her own experiences. "They really hate people of color here."

Reyna nodded, having had experience with racist incidents herself.

"Or immigrants," Nico muttered, thinking back to the multiple times people had told him to go back to his home country, that the US was no place for him.

Annabeth, Percy, and Jason leaned back in their seats, mouths closed. They had not experienced any racism in their lives.

Frank felt tears come to his eyes. A sharp squeeze of his hand from Grandmother Zhang ended that train of thought and he blinked them back.

"You don't have a right to be here," the first man sneered.

"I have every right to be here," Grandmother Zhang responded coldly.

The second man spit in her face. She calmly wiped it away. "Fai, let's go,"

They turned around and walked away from the two men, who were laughing and jeering. "Yeah, run, you slit-eyed fuckers! Run!"

Grandmother Zhang never turned around, even though Frank did. She held her head high.

"Ugh!" Hazel's eyes blazed. "I hate what's happening right now! I hate that this is still happening to children in the US! I hate it!"

"It's like the 1940s," Nico agreed. "But more hidden."

Frank felt shame rise up in him. "I didn't want to cry..."

"You have every right to cry," Leo spoke sharply.

Piper nodded in agreement. "Racism is hurtful. We can feel how we want to feel. We shouldn't have to hide it."

Ten Years Old

"You're such a loser," a large brunet boy spat at Frank as he shoved him to the ground.

"Why aren't you smart?" a blonde taunted. "Aren't Asians supposed to be smart?"

"Maybe he isn't smart and that's why his mommy keeps leaving him!" the brunet said cruelly.

Frank felt tears coming to the corners of his eyes.

"Is that it?" the blonde said hungrily, having caught on to his tears. "Is it cause you're so stupid?"

"Fucking brats!"

Reyna's outburst made the entire room of people jump, though Piper nodded in staunch agreement, cold fury shining in her eyes.

"I know!" the brunet laughed. "She wants to die cause you're such a stupid yellow chink!"

Rage welled up in Frank's soul. He suddenly was pummeling the boy while the other one cried and ran to get a teacher.

Frank got detention.

"How?" Hazel cried. "He was bullying you based on race! How could they give you detention and not him?"

His grandmother screamed at him, but Emily asked him why he did it.

Frank lowered his gaze to the ground, his ears reddening. "They called me a stupid yellow chink," he mumbled.

Grandmother Zhang stopped screaming. She regarded him with a new light in her eyes. "I see," she said calmly. "I need to make some calls."

Those two boys were not seen at the school again.

"She either killed them or got them expelled," said Leo gleefully. "I'm okay with either of those scenarios."

Frank grimaced. Racism had followed him all his life, until he had come to the Roman Camp.

Eleven Years Old

"You can't go," he begged. "I'm scared."

Emily sighed. "Remember our talk on duty?"

"Yeah," Frank said sadly.

"This is always painful to think about," Percy mused.

"I have to go." She kissed his forehead. "I'll see you soon."

Frank clung to Grandmother Zhang's hand as she left.

"She is being honorable," Grandmother Zhang said. She turned to look at him. "One day you will be honorable too, Fai."

The intensity of her gaze always struck him, and Frank let himself feel his grief all over again.

"Your grandmother was badass," Percy said, looking directly at him.

Hazel smiled at him, then wrapped her arms around him. At first, Frank sat stiffly, but then embraced her back. "She was," Hazel murmured. "They raised you well."

Frank smiled back, slightly choked up. "Yeah, she was."

Twelve Years Old

Frank looked around himself in shock and amazement. What was he looking at? He was in the attic. There were javelins of bronze and gold and silver, there were swords and bows and arrows and maces...what was he looking at? He blinked twice and rubbed at his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

He wasn't.

There was weaponry fit for a small army in his attic!

"Fai!" the cry came from behind him and he whirled around.

"Busted," Leo whispered.

"What do you think you are doing?"

Grandmother Zhang stood at the door, her face set in a scowl and her arms crossed. "You are not supposed to be here!"

"What is this?" Frank managed.

Grandmother Zhang pursed her lips and pointed stiffly at the door. "Out."

And Frank knew he was going to get no answers from her.

Later that night, over dinner, she said, "I have signed you up for archery lessons."

Frank brightened immediately. "Really?"

"Yes," Grandmother Zhang said. "Don't make me regret it."

Frank readily agreed, all thoughts of the attic wiped from his mind.

"She is an effective attention switcher," Jason said.

"Yeah, she did a win-win!" Piper said.

"Win-win?" Frank's brow furrowed in confusion.

"You forget about the attic and learn to defend yourself from monsters," Annabeth said.

"Double whammy!" Percy punched the air for emphasis.

Frank laughed.

Thirteen Years Old

Sweat gathered on Frank's forehead. He pulled the string back, prepared to release the arrow. One last bull's eye, and he would win the whole tournament. Out of the corner of his eye, Frank noticed Grandmother Zhang staring at him, as if to say, well? Get on with it. Make me proud.

Frank gulped, and released the arrow.

"Bull's eye!" the commentator screamed, and the crowd went wild. "And Frank Zhang wins the championship!"

Grandmother Zhang gave him one of her special smiles she only gave when he had done extremely well.

Frank's heart ached. What he would do for one of her smiles now...

Hazel smiled at him softly, and gripped his hand in both of hers. She stroked the back of it softly, and he instantly relaxed.

"Decently done, Fai," Grandmother Zhang said proudly. "Let's go celebrate."

"Even though she was harsh, she really loved me," Frank said, gulping back a sob.

Reyna looked at him sympathetically.

Nico looked like he had swallowed a lemon.

Fourteen Years Old

Frank looked down at his fingers and yelped in shock. He blinked, and then they seemed fine. He peered at them closely. Either he was going crazy, or his fingers had been furry for a moment.

"You weren't going crazy," Piper laughed. "I know all too well what that feels like."

"Why did they hide your abilities from you to begin with?" Jason asked.

Frank frowned. He didn't actually know. "I..." he started. "I don't know." He laughed bitterly. "I guess I'll ask when I'm dead."

"I could ask," Nico volunteered.

Frank gaped at him. "Y-you know where my mother is!?"

"Elysium," Nico said simply.

Frank felt a burst of happiness at knowing that his mother had been granted that at least.

He went out of the restaurant bathroom and sat at the table, next to his mother and grandmother.

"Hey, baby," his mother smiled at him, eyes flashing with love.

"Fai has been doing extremely well this year," Grandmother Zhang told her.

"Oh yeah?" Emily said with a laugh. "Tell me about it."

And Grandmother Zhang did.

"Sometimes I forget how much Grandmother really loved me," Frank said again. "Where is she?"

"Elysium," Nico said again. "She is happy."

"Nico," Leo said softly. "Where is my mother?"

Nico regarded him with obsidian eyes. He softened. "Elysium."

Leo sighed, feeling both guilt and happiness at that statement.

Frank shared his feelings, wishing he could have said one last 'I love you' to his grandmother.

Fifteen Years Old

Frank felt numb.

The soldier before him was giving him his condolences, but they fell onto deaf ears.

"Your mother is a hero," he said. "Captain Emily Zhang died trying to save her comrades." He put a cold metal object into Frank's hand. The sacrifice medal. Frank's mouth twisted.

He wanted to cry. He let tears fall down his cheeks, but his grandmother put her hand on his shoulder. "Men do not cry," she said roughly, strong emotions in her voice. "Especially Zhang men. You will endure, Fai."

Frank cried alone in his room at night.

The morning of the funeral he loaded his grandmother's porcelain in a wagon and shot at it in the backyard. He shot for hours. He broke every piece there was. He imagined he was shooting down his problems.

"Fai," said his grandmother. She was clutching a mahogany box. "We must talk."

She told him of his heritage. She told him he must go to camp. She told him he had to leave after the funeral. She told him his life depended on a piece of firewood.

Frank did not remember the funeral.

Leo winced. He had never been able to go to his own mother's funeral.

Frank clutched Hazel's hand tightly, unable to tear his eyes off the screen. What they were watching was so raw, he wanted to cry again.

Percy gripped Annabeth's shoulders, drawing her to him. He refused to let her go, he refused to let Annabeth or Sally have a funeral. He wanted his mother. He wanted to hug her, to remind him she was still alive.

Frank could not remember the funeral. The ceremony was blur of faces he didn't know, of death, of the casket sinking into the ground, of his own tears as they came down his cheeks and spilled to the ground.

That night, the wolves came.

Frank felt tears course down his cheeks again, and he cursed himself. He did not want to cry.

Hazel snuggled into his chest. "It's alright," she said softly.

Leo hovered around the corner, knowing full well the pain Frank was feeling. It was splitting his own heart open as well, the entire memory reminding him of what he had lost.

Nico slunk further into the shadows, only being stopped by Reyna's gentle warning gaze. He hated every moment of Frank's raw, powerful memories. He wanted his own mother, but she would never come.

Sixteen Years Old

Frank was back at his grandmother's house, on his quest. He was talking to his grandmother.

She told him of his gift of animals, of any living being. She was frail and sick, lying in bed like an invalid. "We are unique among demigods," she said. "Poseidon was feeling generous when he blessed us."

She wanted him to leave, but he was restless. He wanted to save her.

Frank whimpered internally. He wanted to go back and save her. He wanted her to live.

"You must go, silly boy," Grandmother Zhang said. "Our time is up."

"Thank you Grandmother," he said. "I will make you proud."

"Oh Fai," she said. "You have."

And the screen went blank.

Frank heaved a great sigh of relief.

"That was your last talk with your grandmother?" Percy asked softly.

"Yes," Frank said. He felt as if a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

"She was a great woman," Jason said.

"She was," Frank smiled. He held Hazel's hand tightly. "I love her. I miss them both every day."

"The pain never gets less," Leo said softly.

"But you can find people who make it easier," Annabeth told him quietly.

"I hope we are your people," Reyna added.

Nico grumbled, but eventually agreed.

Piper smiled, but paled when she saw the letters on the screen.

In pretty pink scrawl were the words, Piper McLean.

"Fuck," Piper cursed.

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