Alliances of the Heart

Final Announcement

Well hello everyone, since this story became a NC-17 piece of work, and Fanfiction.Net no longer supports fics of that rating I have placed the story in it's entirety on my own website, see my profile for link.

I am currently placing all the non NC-17 chapters on Fanfiction.Net and will direct you only to the NC-17 chapters at my own webpage. At some point I will probably attempt to write a toned down version of any chapter I can't post here.

I would like to thank everyone who has been reading and reviewing the story, it has helped me a lot in developing both the characters and my own writing style.

I would also like to say a huge thanks to my beta Tsunami, the encouragement given has been fantastic.

I would like to say for any interested parties that I am shortly commencing work on a sequel to this story, but I am not sure yet what rating it will be. I may follow in the footsteps of some other great writers and post only the non NC-17 parts here. However whatever is written will be posted at my own website.

Again I would like to thank everyone that has taken part in this journey with me. Alliances was my first slash piece, well as it stands my only slash piece and the experience has been a lot less painlful that I'd imagined.

Until next time.

Kind Regards