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Levi glanced up from the simple Japanese characters that Kagome had scribbled down for him and he raised a brow when he noticed that she was reclining on the wooden chair she was resting on, "What?"

Of course, he would have preferred silence when studying this foreign language, but since Kagome was the one giving him simple lessons for now, he would not snap at her to shut up.

"When is your birthday, Levi?" Kagome asked curiously, smiling when he blinked at her from slight surprise at her unexpected question, "When it comes down to it, I don't know much about you personally."

The Corporal snorted, glancing back down to the paper to stare at it so he would not have to peer at her bright face that he was becoming accustomed to, "What the hell does that matter?"

Kagome shrugged, not offended by his rough speech in the least, "Like I said, I just want to get to know you better," She had to forcibly push down her laughter when he threw her an almost exasperated expression, "Is that a crime?"

"It's December 25th," Levi finally said after a moment of silence, furrowing her brows when she let out a noise of surprise, "And if I find out that you have been telling everyone–"

"So you're a Christmas baby!?" Kagome hummed with delight, "That's kind of cool! I mean, I never actually really celebrated it myself, but still!" She only then noticed his blank eyes.

"What the fuck is Christmas?" Levi grumbled, causing the Priestess to gasp even louder, "Something in your homeland?"

"You really don't have Christmas?" Kagome murmured, looking rather thoughtful, 'Makes sense, I suppose, with the whole Titan situation here.' Levi had mentioned church before, but she wondered if Christianity even existed in this world.

"No," Levi simply answered, "You really are strange." He stated, poking her in the forehead and glanced back down at the paper as Kagome pouted at him.

"Well, when your birthday comes, we can also celebrate Christmas, just the two of us!" Kagome said cheerfully before she flushed a light red once she realised how heavy those words actually were, 'Especially since Christmas in Japan is mostly just for couples...'

"Tch," Levi noticed the tint to her cheeks, but said nothing about it, "Strange girl." He repeated and went back to his studying, ignoring her mumbles.

"I'm not strange!"