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Hermione sat frozen on the floor in her deceased parents attic. In her hands she held a laminated piece of paper that stated she was adopted. Hermione Granger wasn't even a Granger! According to the paper she was a Singer. Her biological father was named Robert Singer and her Biological mother was named Karen Singer. How could her parents not tell her that she was adopted? Were they ever going to tell her or were they going to never mention it. She had so many questions, but knew they were never going to be answered because her parents were dead. After she removed their memories and hid them away in Australia with new identities she thought they would be safe. For the most part they were. She managed to save them from the Death Eaters but couldn't save them from a simple car accident. Everything she did to protect them. Every precaution she took she still failed them.

Feeling tears beginning to fill her eyes, Hermione buried her head in her hands and began sobbing. Clutching the piece of paper in her hands until her knuckles turned white she cried out all her grief and guilt. After an hour she finally calmed down, her tears finally running dry. She wiped her face on her sleeve and slowly got off the floor and left the attic, still clutching the paper. Walking down the stairs she caught her reflection in the hallway mirror and paused to look at herself. Her once bushy hair was now tame and hung softly to her lower back. Her deep brown eyes while still glowing with warmth held a deeper pain from the war. She had dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep, and her scars were on display. She decided after the war to not bothering her scars. They were proof that she had survived something traumatic while protecting her friends and family. Family. That one word used to mean so much to her. Now she didn't know what to think.

Sighing Hermione walked away from the mirror and continued downstairs, checking all the rooms along the way to make sure she had packed up all the necessary stuff that she wanted to take with her to Grimmauld place. Sirius told her that she was more than welcome to move in with him, the Weasley twins, and Remus after he found out that her parents had died. After the war had ended Remus and Hermione had worked endlessly researching the veil until they found a way to get Sirius back. They threw a party for his return at the burrow but she wasn't invited. She at first told him that it was because she wasn't feeling all that well and that she would celebrate with him when he returned.

Unfortunately, he was the one of the only people who could tell when she was lying, so he kept pestering her until gave him the real reason. He was shocked after she filled him in on everything. To say he was pissed was an understatement. Smiling sadly Hermione thought back to that night. She became very close to Sirius after that and she now thought of him as a great friend and uncle.


Hermione looked at the invitation in her hands that the Weasley's owl pig had just dropped off. Her name wasn't even on the invitation. She tried to shake off the tightness and hurt she felt in her chest. But she still felt heartbroken after everything they said to her.

During the final battle Hermione had come across Draco Malfoy. He was fighting off Death Eaters. Which visibly surprised her as she thought he was a Death Eater himself, but decided to help him out because he was greatly out numbered. When he saw her helping him he gave her a genuine albeit small smile in thanks and they continued to fight back to back finishing off the rest of them. When the last Death Eater fell they turned to face each other.

"Why did you help me? I'm a Death Eater." He demanded narrowing his eyes at her.

"You've obviously switched sides if you were killing off your buddies Malfoy." Rolling her eyes at him she turned her back and started walking back towards the school to help someone else when a voice made her stop.

"Granger, thank you. For helping me." He stated sincerely. Giving him a small smile in return she nodded towards him and continued her trek to the castle. Throughout the rest of the battle Draco and Hermione shadowed each other and helped take out more Death Eaters.

Weeks after the war ended Hermione told the Weasley's that she was going to stand up for Draco at his trial and make sure he is let free. They all stared at Hermione in horror except for the twins and Remus as they had already known that Hermione and Draco had started a tentative friendship. Plus Draco helped save Fred before the wall could crush him so they were all grateful for him. The other Weasley's didn't know about that though. They figured none of them would've believed them. Seems they were right.

"Have you lost your bloody mind!" Ron shouted at her.

"No Ronald, I have not lost my mind. Draco is my friend and I wish to help him so he doesn't have to go to Azkaban. He helped save a lot of people in the final battle while also killing many Death Eaters." Hermione was having a hard time keeping herself calm. She couldn't understand why they didn't see that Draco was a good person. He was just forced into something he didn't want by his father. Lucius Malfoy threatened to kill his wife Narcissa if Draco didn't join the dark lord. So to save his mother he went along with the horrible things his father made him do.

"What are you sleeping with him or something?" Ginny spat at her from her side of the table. Ginny had once been her best friend, but had turned spiteful towards Hermione when the golden trio were out looking for the Horcruxes. Ginny had got it into her head that Hermione was trying to make Harry fall in love with her. So when they returned Ginny always had something hurtful and spiteful to say to her, but only ever did it when nobody was around so nobody knew.

Gasping, Hermione stared at Ginny in disbelief while she heard Remus growl beside her. "No Ginny. I have not been sleeping with Draco we are friends!" Hermione replied calmly though inside her heart hurt so much. How could she think that about her. Surely the others would believe her. She looked around the table and noticed the looks of disgust pointed at her by the remaining Weasley's except the twins, and Bill. Even Harry was looking at her with disgust.

Feeling a hand grip hers she looked down and noticed that Remus was lightly squeezing her hand trying to give her comfort. The look that worried her the most was Ron's. She didn't think it was possible to become that purple without suffocating.

"Is that why you wouldn't date me after we kissed in the Chamber of Secrets? You were already sleeping with the Death Eater!" Ron got up and got right in her face screaming at her, causing her to shrink back and for Remus to wrap his arms around her hugging her to himself all the while growling at Ron while his eyes turned amber. Fred and George had shoved Ron away and were standing in front of her protectively while glaring at the rest of the family.

"HERMIONE GRANGER! YOU WILL GET OUT OF MY HOUSE THIS INSTANT! I WILL NOT HAVE A DEATH EATER WHORE IN MY HOME!" Molly screeched at her while pulling out her wand. That caused all hell to break loose. Everyone drew their wands and were glaring at each other. While Hermione had tears streaming down her face. Walking around the boys she came and stood in front of Molly.

"Please Molly, you have to underst—"

She never got to finish as Molly slapped her across the face hard. "Get out of my house MUDBLOOD" sneering at Hermione, Molly started shoving her out the door. Hermione started resisting and turned to Harry.

"Please Harry, you have to believe me! After everything we've been through! I never turned my back on you! Please just believe me!" She started crying hysterically while begging for Harry to believe her. He gave her one last look of disgust and turned his back on her and walked out of the room while the rest of the Weasley's smirked triumphantly. Hermione felt her heart crack and sank down to the floor sobbing uncontrollably. She felt strong arms lift her up and knew that it was Remus. He carried her out the door while she buried her head into his neck. Hermione could hear raised voices following them out of the house.

"Fred, George where do you think you're going?" Molly demanded. "You are not going with that filth and her mutt. You are staying with your family." The mutt comment made Remus stiffen and growl loudly at Molly. Hermione could hear the Weasley's squeak in fear.

"Watch what you say about me and my cub Weasley. You won't like the outcome." Remus snarled.

"Remus, come on. Drop the slut and come back inside. You're my family." That voice was definitely Harry. She felt her heart crack more and peaked over her shoulder and looked at everyone. Remus growled once more, this time at Harry and she could see the visible surprise on Harry's face.

"No Harry. You were family. You're not anymore. I'm ashamed of you for turning your back on Hermione after everything she's done for you. To side with these bigoted, self centered, hateful lot is unforgivable. Especially at what you just called one of your oldest friends. Padfoot would be ashamed of you. More importantly, your parents would be ashamed of you." Hermione could see the devastation on Harry's face at the last part of remus' statement, but she couldn't help feeling a bit of triumph at it. For he had hurt her first.

"As for us you're not our family anymore either. How you are treating Hermione and Remus is disgusting and we refuse to be a part of your family." Fred stated while George nodded in agreement with his twin. With that being said they all apparated away from the burrow.

Weeks went by and the four people lived at Grimmauld place. The twins continued to work at their shop while Remus and Hermione researched the veil. Over the weeks Bill had come and apologized to them and asked to still be friends with them. They all agreed easily. The remaining Weasley's kept trying to apologize to the twins and Remus while continuing to ignore Hermione.

The weeks turned to months and Hermione managed to keep Draco out of Azkaban, which he was grateful to her for. They continued to write and visit each other from time to time while he was trying to rebuild his family's name and spending some much needed time with Narcissa. Soon the returned Sirius to the land of the living but decided to keep what happened at the burrow to themselves until Sirius had been back for while. He had enough to worry about at the moment. She also didn't want to ruin Sirius' relationship with Harry. It would probably make Harry hate her more.

Hermione came out of her thoughts and looked once more at the invitation and sighed sadly. She got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen where Sirius and Remus were talking. walking over to them silently she handled the envelope to Sirius who grinned after reading it.

"Well looks like we have a party to go to." Grinning excitedly he handed the invitation to Remus who read it. His facial expression showing anger seeing as Hermione wasn't included on the list before he quickly masked it and smiled at Sirius.

"Looks that way Padfoot." He agreed somewhat forcefully. While trying to keep the smile on his face. Luckily Sirius didn't seem to notice.

"Well we should get ready." He quickly stood up and rushed out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his room. When he was gone Remus turned towards Hermione and hugged her while giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"It'll be alright cub. I can stay home if you want me to?"

"No. Don't worry about me Moony. Padfoot needs Harry, and you need Padfoot. You should forgive Harry. He's your family." She sniffled. Trying to keep her tears away.

"No, you're my family. You're my cub. I can't forgive Harry that easily, but I will go with Padfoot and make sure they don't say anything about you." Kissing her head one more time he got up and walked up to his room to get ready. After third year Remus took Hermione under his wing and treated her like his own cub. He was another father to her and she loved him dearly.

About thirty minutes later Hermione was reading by the fire in her pajamas when the two men returned downstairs. Sirius gave her a confused glance then looked at his watch. "Come on Mia, we're going to be late."

"Oh Sirius, I'm not going. I'm not feeling the best. We can celebrate when you get home if that's alright?" She watched as Sirius narrowed his eyes at her and internally she sighed because sometimes she hated how well he could read her.

"Okay, what the bloody hell is going on?! I never see you hang out with Harry or Ron anymore or any of the Weasley's for that matter besides Fred, George, and Bill. Also I saw the anger on your face moony when you read the invitation. Don't think I didn't! So somebody better start telling me what the bloody hell is happening this instant!" When he was done ranting he was breathing heavily and his face was red. Hermione looked at Remus and watched him nod.

"I think it's time cub. We can't hide it forever." Sighing sadly she nodded her head and turned to Sirius and started telling him everything that happened. As soon as she was done Sirius apparated away with Remus cursing and following shortly afterwards. They wouldn't tell her what had happened at the burrow but she figured it wasn't pleasant because Sirius locked himself in his room for the rest of the night. The next morning he emerged, gave her a huge huge and kiss on the head and then left it at that.


Coming out of the memory Hermione stood in the living room. Sighing sadly and glancing around once more Hermione gripped her wand tight and turned on her heel and apparated with a POP for the last time out of her parents house.

Landing in the sitting room of number 12 Grimmauld place she called for Sirius, Remus, and the twins. Slumping down onto the couch tiredly she glanced at the paper one more time to make sure she wasn't imagining it. Seeing it was still there she closed her eyes and rubbed her temples.

Opening her eyes when she heard footsteps enter the room behind her. She motioned for them to sit. Once they were all settled she stared at them. She wasn't sure where to begin. She watched as their happy expressions turned into concerned ones when she continued to stare at them without saying anything.

"Everything okay cub?" Remus asked her gently while rubbing her back. That caused her to burst into tears again startling the four men. They quickly rushed to Hermione and tried to comfort her while trying not to panic.

"Tell us what's wrong Mia. You're starting to worry us." The twins said together. It still amazed her that they could do that.

"I'm adopted." She blurted suddenly. All the men froze and looked at her wide eyed. Their expressions made her snort, which then made the twins laugh because they always teased her when she did it. Then suddenly they were all laughing whole heartedly. When they calmed down she showed them the adoption papers she found in her parents attic.

"Singer…Singer…where have I heard that name before?" Remus said tapping his chin trying to think why the name sounded so familiar. He was about to give up when he suddenly froze. "Oh, shit." He whispered.

"What? What's wrong?" Hermione demanded.

"Robert Singer…A.K.A Bobby. He's american, and he's a hunter."

"A hunter? Like a deer hunter?" She asked hopefully. But when she saw sirius' eyes widen comically she knew he meant the other kind.

"Sorry Mia, I meant a supernatural Hunter. They hunt ghosts, demons, wendigos, werewolves, and witches. Not our kind though. The kind that sell their souls for their magic. I ran into him years ago before I started teaching at Hogwarts third year. He was going to kill me but I explained everything to him about our world and he let me go. He seemed very intrigued about it all. He seems like a good guy." When he finished Hermione felt a bit of hope fill her heart. Maybe he would be open to meeting. "I also have his address if you want it. You can apparate and meet him." He continued gently.

"I want to meet him, but I want to go alone." Holding up a hand towards them to stop them from protesting. "I understand it's dangerous, but this is something I need to do alone. Please understand that.

"Fine. You can go alone, but any sign of danger you apparate back here right away. You will also take your two-way mirror, along with my potions kit to make sure you have a way to heal yourself if you get injured. You will also owl us, and you will send a patronus saying you arrived safely after you've spoken to Bobby. Understood?" She wanted to protest and say she wasn't a child but knew that Remus was just worried about her so she nodded her head in agreement. Sighing in relief the boys all gave her quick hugs while they went to grab things she may need.

Laughing silently at them Hermione went to her room and quickly packed a weeks worth of Clothes, and also some books so she had something to read if she was bored. Walking quickly downstairs she took all the things the boys held out and put them in her beaded bag. Giving them all tight hugs that made them slightly choke for air, she sheepishly stepped back and looked at them.

"I love you all. I promise to let you know how it goes after I talk to ." They all replied that they loved her too and reminded her to be careful. Taking a deep breath, Hermione turned on her heel and disappeared with a POP.

Hermione reappeared in some type of salvage yard. She glanced around and noticed a sign off to side saying Singer salvage so she figured she was in the right place. Taking a deep breath she squared her shoulders and continued to walk by all the rusted and old cars. A few minutes later a house came into view. Outside the house she noticed a beautiful black 67 Chevy Impala. She almost started drooling. Her dad –well adopted dad- liked fixing up classic cars so she grew up learning the ins and outs of restoring cars. She could probably do it blind folded now. So she could definitely appreciate the beauty of the car. Resisting the urge to run her hands along the glossy finish she continued to the porch. She slowly climbed the stairs and quickly raised her hand and knocked on the door before she lost her nerve.

She could hear movement from inside and tried to wait patiently for the door to open. When it did she was pretty sure that she lost all coherent thought at the gorgeous guy that stood before her. Her was tall. At least 6'2. He was well built and had beautiful green eyes. She hoped she wasn't drooling because that would be mortifying. She watched as his eyes swept down her body slowly before once again reaching her eyes. She felt herself flush and almost swooned as the mystery guy smirked at her.

"Well hello there. Anything I can help you with." He continued to smirk at her and she didn't know how she could make such an innocent question sound so naughty but he definitely managed. Flushing even more she cleared her throat quickly.

"Yes, I'm actually looking for a Mr. Robert Singer. Is he here? I'm a friend of Remus Lupin's." She Watched as the mystery guys face instantly hardened and wondered if she had made a mistake. She tried to hide her nerves but knew she was failing by the way he seemed to soften just a little.

"Sure come on in. He's in the library." He held the door open for her and stepped back. She kept her defenses up. Constant vigilance. She didn't know if she could trust these people and wasn't about to go down without fighting if need be. She slowly stepped over the threshold and followed him into the house.

As soon as the door closed all good feeling left her as she came face to face with three shotguns pointed at her head. She noticed another tall guy standing beside mystery guy number 1. He had shoulder length brown hair and had brown eyes. She didn't how it was possible to be taller than the first guy but mystery guy number 2 was huge he was at least 6'4. The third guy was an older gentleman who she assumed was Robert Singer. Suddenly a fourth guy was standing next to the older guy and all she could do was gape at him. He was wearing a suit and trench coat. He had short black hair and blue eyes. He appeared to have appeared from thin air, but that's not why she was gaping at him. It was the massive wings coming from his back.

"Dammit Cas! I told you to stop showing up like that! Now she's gonna freak out!" Mystery guy mumbled annoyed.

"Holy shit you have wings!" She blurted while pointing at him. "Big Bloody wings!" She didn't see the shocked looks on the the three men's faces. She was too busy staring at the trench coated guy.

"My name is Castiel. I'm an angel of the lord." His voice was a lot more deep and scratchy than she thought it would be. She had heard about Angels before, but never before did she think that she'd actually get to meet one. Slowly approaching him, the men raised their guns again and started towards her. She raised her hands in surrender and watched as Castiel waved them away and closed the space between them. She continued to look at his wings and slowly raised her hand, but stopped short to look at him.

"May I?" She asked gently. Pointing to the huge black wings. Gaining a nod from him she slowly ran her fingers across the feathers. " your wings are beautiful. The feathers are so soft." She whispered in awe. The sound of a throat clearing snapped Hermione out of her trance. Blushing she took a couple steps back and looked the men.

"Who are you? And how can you see and feel his wings?!" Mystery guy number 1 demanded. Anger plain on his face. She opened her mouth to reply but Castiel beat her to it.

"Her name is Hermione Granger. She's a witch from England. Although she's not our type of witch" he stated quickly when the men looked ready to shoot her on the spot. " she was born with her magic. She has been through great battles. She saved thousands of people. It's an honor to meet you Hermione. Heaven has been watching you. You're an amazing warrior." He stated bluntly. She couldn't help but blush at his praise. His statement seemed to reassure the three remaining men as they relaxed and dropped their weapons. Tall mystery guy number two walked up to her with a small smile and held out his hand.

"Hey my name is Sam Winchester, and over there is my older brother Dean." He said pointing to mystery guy number 1. Who just nodded his head at her but kept his distance.

"Hello, Sam and Dean. It's a pleasure to meet you." She replied shaking his hand firmly and then turned to the older gentleman. "I'm going to assume that you're Robert Singer then?" Nodding his head he stepped forward and shook her hand.

"We just have a couple tests for you to do quick." He said gruffly while walking out of the room.

"Tests?" She asked curiously. She figured it had something to do with them being hunters.

"Just have to make sure you're who you say you are." Sam reassured her. She liked him already. He seemed like a nice person. She wasn't too sure about Dean yet though. She nodded her head in agreement and gently grabbed the glass of water -she assumed it was holy water- Bobby was holding out to her. She quickly drank it all and handed the glass back to him. He then poured a small amount of salt on her arm and stepped back as if something was going to happen. Raising an eyebrow towards them she shrugged. When Bobby pulled out a silver knife she started to panic. After her torture from Bellatrix she was weary around any type of knife.

Quickly stepping back from them she caused them all –except Castiel- to tense once again. Dean once again raised his shotgun and pointed it at her.

"See? The bitch can't be trusted! She won't touch silver!" Dean growled. "We should gank her where she stands." He started to walk towards her but paused when he saw a tear fall from her eye down her cheek. He looked at her in confusion before his eyes hardened once again "don't even try with the crocodile tears sweetheart. They don't work on me." Sneering at her he was about to pull the trigger when Castiel appeared before him. His grace surrounding him in his anger. They could all feel the power.

"You will not harm her! She is under my protection." Gaping at him Dean slowly lowered his weapon.

"Yeah? Well if she's so 'good' then why can't she touch silver? Huh?" Suddenly a small voice came from behind Castiel.

"It's not the silver it's the knife itself." Hermione whispered shakily. She slowly moved out from behind Castiel and gave him a small smile of gratitude and came to stand in front of Dean. Castiel continued to hover near by just in case he was needed.

Taking a deep breath Hermione stared into Dean's eyes and held out her arm to him. Nodding to him when he seemed to hesitate he grabbed her arm and rolled up the sleeve. He heard multiple gasps from Sam and Bobby but continued to look into Hermione's eyes while he held out his free hand for the silver blade. When nobody handed it to him, he broke his staring contest and turned his head towards Sam to demand why he wasn't giving him the knife. Only to find his brother with a horrified look on his face while staring at Hermione's arm. Confused he looked down at her arm. His jaw dropped at the sight of the chicken scratch on her arm. Tilting his ahead he could make out the word MUDBLOOD.

"Mudblood? What's a mudblood?" He asked Her confused.

"It means dirty blood." The answer was whispered and he could barely hear it.

"Why would you carve that into your own arm?" He asked like she was stupid. Glaring Hermione jerked her arm away from him. And took a step back and rolled down her sleeve so it was once again covered.

"You think I did this to myself?!" She spat at him. Before he could respond she continued. "I was tortured by a crazy bitch and she did this to me to always remind me of my place." Each word she spoke dripped with venom. Taking a deep breath she tried to calm down. "Look I didn't come here to cause trouble I just wanted to speak to Robert Singer."

Looking at the shocked faces of Sam and Bobby and knowing look from Castiel she once again looked at Dean, and was surprised to see a look of understanding instead of shock. That intrigued her, but decided to ask about it at a different time. For now she needed to speak to Bobby.

Bobby moved them into the living room. When they were all settled she grabbed her beaded bag and reached her arm inside ignoring the gasps around her she grabbed the piece of paper that changed her life. Once she had it, she put the beaded bag on the couch beside her and lightly slapped Sams hand when he went to pick it up. "Sorry, but that carries all of my possessions. Please don't touch it." He nodded his head but she could still see him eyeing it with fascination.

"Okay, so a few weeks ago my parents died in Australia. I had decided to clear up their house in England. The one I grew up in. I was boxing everything up and deciding what to keep and give away when I decided to go clean out the attic in case there were any photos I wanted to keep." She paused a second to gather herself before she continued on. "I was going through a box of my baby things when I came across this. I thought you might want to know about it." She whispered while handing Bobby the paper. She watched his eyes scanned the paper before they almost bugged out of his head. His head snapped up and he stared at her in shock.

"What is it Bobby?" Sam asked curiously at the same time as Dean snapped "someone wanna tell me what's going on or what?!"

"You're my daughter?" Bobby whispered shocked. "I always wondered what happened to you." His eyes began to fill with tears and he quickly left the room. Hermione felt her heart drop to her stomach. Maybe he didn't want to know her after all. She stood and grabbed her bag and turned to the remaining men.

"Well it was good to meet you three. Especially you Castiel. It was a genuine honor to meet an angel of the lord." She said softly while trying to keep her tears from falling. I'm staying at a hotel in town so if you need me I won't be far." She shook their hands and then started towards the door when a thought occurred to her. "Oh yeah, I was wondering who's car that was out front? The black Chevy Impala?"

"That's my baby." Dean stated proudly. Grinning widely at him Hermione opened the door.

"She's beautiful. Great condition." She then walked out the door closing it behind her and apparated to the hotel she'd be staying at for the week.

-Bobby's house—

Dean and Sam continued to stare at the closed door in shock. "You know, I think I'm gonna like her." Dean stated grinning. Before Sam could respond Bobby came back into the room holding a box in his arms.

"Where did she go?" He asked looking around.

"She left. She doesn't think you want to get to know her because you left the room after you found out." Castiel stated bluntly while looking bored. The men looked shocked and a little saddened that she thought that.

"Idjit. I Do want to know her. Castiel go tell her to come back tomorrow so we can talk." Bobby ordered. Nodding his head Castiel disappeared from the room. He reappeared minutes later stating that Hermione would return at noon and would make them lunch.

" I told her Dean Liked pie. She agreed to make some." He told them.

Grinning Dean clapped his hands in excitement and looked at them.

"Welcome to the family." He said to them all. They all nodded their heads and then went about the rest of the day like normal. All excited to see the young woman again tomorrow afternoon. It couldn't come soon enough.

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