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"Nope not happening"

"Its going to happen whether you like it not!"

Sam having just come into the house after helping Bobby work on one of the cars in the yard froze in the doorway. His bottle of water halfway to his mouth and his eyes wide. He stared fearfully back and forth between the man and woman standing in the living room having what appeared to be a staring contest. If it wasn't for the occasional clenching of jaws and the steady rise and fall of both of their chest, Sam would think that they we statues. Snapping out his frozen state Sam slowly started to back out the room in hopes that he wouldn't be seen. It will be like he was never here to begin with. All he had to do was take two steps back, three sidesteps to the right, and avoid hitting the little table in the doorway that held their keys then he'd be home free. Nodding to himself he mentally counted the steps in his head. Almost ther—CRASH—

The staring contest in the living finally broke when they heard a loud crash and turned to the sound. There lying on the floor was Sam laying on the broken pieces of the table from the main hall.

"Sam, what are you doing on the floor?" Hermione asked him curiously. It had been almost two weeks since she was attacked by Ronald Weasley.


"Ron Weasley is what happened." She spat at them while crossing her arms over her chest. That's when the screaming started. Hermione tried to keep up with all the yelling voices, but they eventually all started overlapping each other and becoming one giant headache for her. After attempting and failing to yell at them to stop, she finally got fed up. Spotting her empty glass on the table beside her hospital bed she quickly grabbed it and chucked it at the wall closest to her and listened to it shatter, startling everyone in the room to stop shouting. Dramatic? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely.

"Finally, now that you've all shut the bloody hell up, you can speak one at a time so I can understand you!" she gripped annoyed. Her headache was finally starting to lessen now that all the noise had stopped.

Clearing his throat Remus stepped forward and grabbed her hand. "I'm so happy you're awake cub. We've all been very worried about you. I understand that this might be a little hard for you to talk about but we need you to tell us what all you remember happening." He told her gently. She knew that he was worried. She could practically feel it, plus it was written all over their faces. Especially Deans. When she looked into his eyes after she had first woke up she felt like she was in a trance. Her stomach was overtaken by butterflies and her heart had started racing. She didn't know why she felt this way after only knowing him a few days, but she couldn't seem to stop it. It was like she felt a pull inside of her to be near him at all times.

Shaking her head to rid her of those thoughts for now she looked around the room at all their faces and took a deep breath so she could start to fill them in.

"After getting dropped off at my hotel room I quickly locked the doors like I always do. I changed and opened the bathroom like I always do." She watched her wizarding family nod in understanding, while the Winchesters and Bobby looked confused. "Ever since I've been little I've been creeped out with the bathroom door being closed when there is nobody inside it." She quickly explained to them and watched them nod and gesture for her to continue. "Anyways after opening the door I laid down and turned off the lights and went to bed. A few hours later I was woken up by what sounded like my name being called. I was originally going to go back to sleep and ignore it, but after the war I've learned to keep my guard up at all times. I grabbed my wand and looked around my room but saw nothing, and then I noticed that the bathroom door was closed. I clearly remembered that I had opened it before I went to bed so I went over and quickly threw it open and flicked on the light, again there was nothing."

"What happened after that sweetheart?" Dean asked softly. The whole time she was talking he had been slowly getting more anxious. Something inside of him was screaming at him to be beside her and to grab her hand, or to touch some part of her skin. He needed to be able to feel her to help calm him down. These feelings were really starting to freak him out. He had no idea what was happening. He'd have to man up and ask Bobby. I'm gonna get my ass kicked he thought to himself sourly. He supposed that he could always ask Cas, that would save him the ass beating and the bitch face he'd get from Bobby and Sam. Sighing he shook his head quickly. This isn't the time. Focusing back on Hermione and noticed that she was having a hard time continuing her story and that was all the urging he needed. Quickly crossing the room he grabbed her free hand and slowly rubbed his thumb up and down it.

Internally they both sighed in relief and instantly relaxed when their skin made contact. They didn't know what was happening to them, but for now they were going to enjoy it.

"I was silly and let my guard down, I should've known better." She replied while shaking her head. How many times had constant vigilance been hammered into her brain? And still she turned her back without thoroughly searching the room. Shaking her head quickly to clear her mind she continued filling them in on what happened. "I turned the bathroom light back off and then made my way back to the bed when I was attacked from behind. I was so surprised that I dropped my wand. My attacker then revealed himself and flipped me over to face him. I was completely shocked. I mean I know Ronald hates me but I never realized how much. For him to do this?" Once again shaking her head she looked at them. "He tried things that I'd rather not get into, and so panicking I remember reading something about how a witch or wizard can use a type of magic as a defense mechanism for when they can't reach or lose their wands. It's difficult to accomplish, and only a few handful have been able to perform it. So taking a chance I gathered all my magic to me and then released it towards Ron. After he was knocked unconscious I grabbed what I could and apparated to Bobby's. I didn't have enough energy to make it inside so I honked a horn to alert anyone inside. After that you know what happened." She finished quietly.

Everyone in the room remained silent for a few moments. All too shocked about what had transpired. Finally Draco walked closer and patted her blanket covered legs. "Don't worry granger, we'll catch him and put him into Azkaban for what he did to you." He said determinedly. Hermione couldn't help but smile at him and nod in acceptance.

After that everything happened in a blur. The doctors released her later that day and reminded her more that once to take it easy and to rest as much as possible.


Which brings us to this moment. The Winchesters and Bobby had taken it upon themselves to not let hermione out of their sight. At first she found it sweet how they wanted to protect her so much, but now it was just annoying. She couldn't even take a walk around the house by herself for Merlin's sake!

While Bobby and Sam have started to let up on the constant shadowing –they were afraid to get hexed- Dean was another matter all together. He was always there! He wouldn't let her go anywhere, which caused a fair amount of arguments between the two. Hence why they're fighting right now. Hermione wanted to go for a walk around the salvage yard alone for some peace and quiet, maybe find a nice place to read, but Dean wasn't having any of it.

She was about ready to punch him or hex him when their argument was interrupted by a loud crash. Turning towards the sound she noticed Sam on the floor.

" Oh you know, just trying to go back outside when I tripped on the little table by the door." He mumbled while standing back up and glaring down at the broken pieces of wood. She thought she heard him murmur something about the table being pointless and how it ruined his escape. But she was probably just imaging it.

"Sam will you please tell Dean that I'll be fine if I go outside to read!" She pleaded to him while giving him the puppy dog eyes that always seem to work on him.

"Don't even try it Sam! She's not going and that's final!" Dean shouted. He was really starting to get annoyed. Why can't she just listen to me for once instead of being so stubborn!?

Immediately after his statement the boys could feel the air start to crackle with magic. Narrowing her eyes Hermione turned towards Dean.

"Don't for one second think you have any right to tell me what to do Winchester" she snarled at Dean. "I'm a grown woman and witch I can take care of myself!"

"Is that right? Well sweetheart if that was true then you wouldn't have been stupid enough to get attacked in the first place! I thought you were some hot shot war heroine. Seems like an exaggeration to me!" He screamed back at her. Almost immediately after the words left his mouth he regretted all of it. Especially when he saw her eyes fill with tears.

Hermione reeled back from him like he physically slapped her. His words hurt her more than she thought they would. Any mention of the war brought with it bad memories. He knew that. He saw all her memories of it all. For him to use them against her like that made her heart drop to her stomach.

Feeling the familiar feeling of tears filling her eyes. She quickly turned her back on them and stalked out of the room. Running up the stairs she darted into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. Once the door was locked she slid down to floor and started to sob into her hands quietly. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing he made her cry.

- With Dean-

Dean stared at the space that Hermione had just been in with wide eyes and a dropped jaw. The sight of her tears almost broke his heart. He couldn't believe what he just said to her. He knew how she was when the war was mentioned. Not only had he'd brought up the war, but he also called her stupid! He didn't mean to make her cry, he was just angry that she wouldn't let him protect her. Why couldn't she see how much it had affected and scared him when he found her unconscious next to the impala? Sighing he brushed past his glaring brother and moved to the kitchen to grab a beer.

Opening one quickly he took a couple gulps and turned towards his seething brother that stood behind him.

"What the hell Dean?!" Sam practically shouted at him. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Just leave it alone Sammy."

"No Dean! Not until you tell me why you just said that shit to Mione"

"What do you want me to tell you Sam? I didn't mean to hurt her. I was just pissed that she wouldn't listen to me!" Dean shouted back while kicking at a chair in the kitchen. He needed a way to channel his anger without punching Sam in the face.

"Look, I get that her being attacked freaked you out, but you smothering her is not helping. She needs to get back to her normal routine. Not having you shadowing her and walking on eggshells." Sam said gently. He could tell that his older brother felt something for the witch. He wanted to help his brother get the girl, and if that meant putting him in his place then so be it.

Sighing silently Dean ran his hands through his hair and down his face. "I know. You're right. I should probably apologize huh?"

"Yeah and try not to mess it up by being a douche" Sam joked lightly. He was happy it didn't take Dean much convincing to apologize to Hermione. Sam was prepared to bring out the big guns. Meaning tattling to Bobby.

"Shut up, bitch." Was all Dean replied while walking towards the stairs.


-With Hermione-

Hermione was startled when he heard a knock on the bathroom door. Slowly moving away from it she moved to sit in the empty tub and was prepared to ignore the person on the other side until they went away. She wasn't really in the mood to deal with any motivational speeches from Sam right now. When the knocking continued she finally got annoyed.

"Go the bloody hell away Sam!" She shouted.

"It's not Sam." The person responded. Instantly Hermione froze and stared at the door wide eyed. The one person she didn't want to speak to.

"I don't want to see you Dean, go away." She spoke quietly, just loud enough for him to hear through the door.

"Please Mione let me in. I'm really sorry for what I said. I didn't mean it." He practically begged. "If you don't let me in, then I'm going to have to pick the lock. You know I can do that." He added hoping to lighten the mood a little and get her to open the door.

"Just go away Dean. I need some time to think. I'll find you when I'm ready to. So please, just give me some space for now." As much as she wanted to unlock the door and run into his arms, she wasn't ready to. She was too hurt and upset by what he said. She just needed some time to herself to calm down. Then she would speak to him face to face.

"Okay Mione." She heard him whisper sadly. "Just know that I really am sorry." When she heard his footsteps move away down the hall she started to cry once again. Before eventually falling asleep in the tub.

-With Dean-

walking away from the bathroom Dean felt like someone had kicked him in the gut. He needed something to take his mind off this fight with Hermione. Forgoing the idea of going back downstairs, Dean headed to his room.

Sitting on the bed he debated with himself on what he should was about to give up when he finally got an idea. Not able to stop himself from smirking he looked at the ceiling.

"Hey Cas, I have a favor to ask you."

Not two second later he heard the sound of wings and looked to see Castiel standing in front of him.

"what do you need Dean?" The angel asked him. Even though him and Cas have had some issues throughout their friendship it didn't stop Dean from seeing the angel as another brother.

"How do you feel like popping over to a little place In England for me?" He asked while grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Castiel looked at him confused for a few moments before it dawned on him and his eyes lit up. "Of course Dean. I'll get right on that." He stated determinedly, a little of his grace starting to show in his eyes before disappearing from the room. Dean stared at the spot the angel just left and couldn't help the tiny shiver of fear that went through him from the residual grace left in his wake. Blinking rapidly Dean shook his head and started to leave the room. Walking down the stairs he had one thought in his head.

I would hate to be those poor bastards right now.

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