Middle Earth, original Wren and Thorin, Timeline#1

Wren's POV

"And then they started discussing whether they should roast us slowly, or…" The eyes of the children widen, and Dain presses closer to Othin. Othin is predictably smiling, but the little fists are clenched. The King leans closer, and you see Dain biting into his bottom lip in a miniature replica of your gesture. Unna, who heard this story before and is reading in her father's armchair, looks at you over the book. You are pressing your lips together to suppress a smile.

"Or what?" Dain breathes out, and Othin's eyes are roaming his father's face. The three of them are sitting on a fur rug by the fire, their legs crossed in identical poses.

"Or mince us and boil us!" The King makes a ferocious face, and the boys jump up. You hear a sound suspiciously sounding like a snort behind Unna's book. The King straightens up and makes a nonchalant face. "Well, they could also eat us raw of course, but then they thought that squashing us in jelly was the best option."

"And did they?" Othin's blue eyes are burning. Dain stirs out of his petrification.

"Are you dim, Othin? Does adad look squashed to you? Obviously they escaped!" Othin gives the King an evaluating lookover. The King's face is blank, his posture calm and poised, and you shake your head. He has an amazing talent for schooling his face in any expression he deems necessary.

"And how did you escape? Did you chop them in pieces with Orcrist?" Othin's ferocity knows no limits. Dain looks interested as well, he shows such exceptional gift with his wooden sword, that even older warriors come to observe his training. He is the youngest Dwarf to ever start his sword training in the yard as opposed to his own rooms.

"How would I chop them if we were in sacks?" The King is looking between his youngest sons.

"Did you have a hidden blade?"

"Did you bite the rope with your teeth?"

"Did you roll into the fire and the bag burnt?" The boys are shouting their assumptions interrupting each other. The King is shaking his head.

Othin claps his knee in disappointment, "Well, I do not know then…"

Suddenly Dain's face lights up, "Did amad save you?" The King hikes up his brows. From the corner of your eye, you can see Unna lowering her book and look at her father as well.

Othin rejoices, "Did she? Did she come and chop the trolls in pieces?"

Dain snorts derisively again, "Of course not, Othin, I am sure amad talked to them and convinced them to let adad and others go."

They both turn their heads and look at you. You are looking at your husband. He is smiling to you, and then turns to his sons and solemnly nods.

"Yes, amad came and saved us all." You start laughing.

"Do not listen to him, I was not on that quest. I did not even know your adad then." The children look at their father again.

"That is not how I remember it," the King's face is absolutely serious, "I remember the bushes moved, and your mother stepped out of them, in shining armour, blue cloak on her shoulders, a long Dwarven sword in her hand, and then she frowned… Do you know the frown?" The boys are nodding frantically, and to your surprise you see Unna's curly head nod as well. The book is forgotten on her lap, and she is listening to her father. "She frowned at them, and they started shaking in terror." The King's eyes are shining, and the children move closer. "She pulled the sword out of her scabbard," he seems to have forgotten that you supposedly had it in your hand when you heroically stepped out of the bushes, but the children do not notice, "And then she swirled it in her hand, and said in a very stern voice, 'Put the Dwarves down that very moment, or I will be very disappointed in you!'" The children are holding their breath.

"And?.." Dain's voice is full of hope.

"And they let us go. And cowardly ran away to the woods, never to be seen again." The children breath out in relief.

"You are lucky she came to save you, adad," Dain is shaking his head, "Or you would have been squashed or minced..." He shudders in disgust. "Not a very noble death…" The corners of the King's lips twitch. There is a limit even to his composure.

"I am an endlessly lucky Dwarf, Dain," the King ruffles his son's red curls. Othin is absorbed in his thoughts.

"Would not it be more heroic if you chopped them in pieces with Orcrist?" He looks at his father with his blue eyes, "Then you would be the hero and can have the treasure! And this way it is amad's treasure."

The King chuckles, "All my treasures are amad's treasures, Othin, we share everything. And no, it is very good that amad is the hero, I have her, and she is my treasure."

Othin wrinkles his nose, "Is it something about love and marriage again?" That is when you reach your limit. You start laughing loudly, and Unna joins. Othin looks at you in confusion.

"Why are you laughing, amad? Adad calls you his ghivashel all the time, and when you both have these mushy faces, then you two are talking about love and marriage, and that is much more boring than trolls and chopping in pieces with Orcrist."

The boys get up, it is time for them to return to their rooms. You embrace both of them, Dain lingering in your arms, Othin trying to escape quicker to save his face, but you know he expects you to stop by his room before his bedtime when he can indulge in hugging you without 'tarnishing the warrior's pride.'

In the door frame Othin turns around and looks at his father, "Thank you for the story, adad, it was still very interesting, although at the end it still became about mushy stuff." They leave, and Unna follows.

You come to the King, and he catches you around your waist. He seats you on his lap, and you wrap your arms around his neck. You draw your brows in a mock reproach.

"You have lied to your children, my lord. I definitely remember not being on this quest with you." He is nuzzling your neck and then presses an open-mouthed kiss to your throat.

"I think my story was much better than an old wizard distracting them and them turning in stone, while all of us were stuffed in bags like sheep," he is smiling into your skin.

"And what is it about me in shining armour and holding a long Dwarven sword, my lord?" Your tone is playful, and his palm slides on your backside.

"I do love my Queen in armour," he is sucking on your neck now, "Perhaps a sword and a helmet, and..." You drop your head back, and he is growling, "...and nothing else." You laugh throatily and grab handfuls of his hair.

"Well, since I saved you from death through squashing into jelly, I am entitled to some reward."

"Anything you want, my Queen." You lean in and whispers in his ear. His eyes widen, and he jumps on his feet, throwing you over his shoulder, your bum up. You squeal, that is not a very dignified position for a Queen. He guffaws and starts striding to your bedchambers.