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Seirin was a lot bigger than she thought.

The new school towered over her smaller figure in an attempt to subdue the incoming students, but one could feel the air of warmth coming from within. The girl, Okuma Tomoko, breathed in a big gulp of fresh air before stepping into the open gates of Seirin High, her caramel colored hair flowing behind in rhythm of the breeze.

"Dance club! Come join the dance club!"

"You have to join our tennis team!"

"Over here! This club!"

There were so many upperclassmen shoving flyers and sign-up sheets in the girl's face, she could barely see what was in front of her. She laughed; already, she could tell that Seirin was going to be an interesting school.

Tomoko's family had just moved to Tokyo when her dad got a promotion at his company and was required to move and manage a bigger district. Interestingly enough, Seirin High was one of her choice schools to attend despite being so new.

"Basketball! Basketball! Will you like to join the basketball team?" She heard a second year shout, and she turned her head to see him waving around a flyer. Suddenly, an even taller male came into her line of vision, instantly blocking her view.

He had a head of fiery red hair that gradually faded into pitch black and two very toned arms that was holding up what looked like a filled out sign-up sheet.

A basketball player, huh? Explains why he looks so athletic and tall, Tomoko thought. When he turned around, she caught a glimpse of what he looked like—a bit scary-looking if you asked her. Even the two upperclassmen watching the stand looked somewhat intimidated by the redhead's presence.

He reminds me of a tiger...

After the tall guy walked out of sight, Tomoko continued to venture around the school and its many clubs and activities. It was a requirement for all students to participate in some kind of after-school club, so she needed to find one quickly before the interesting ones were filled up.

I wonder if they have a cooking club... No, I already signed up for their home economics class... With the split second of inattention, she bumped into someone's back. "Ow!" Tomoko's forehead collided with the backside of a hard head.

"Are you okay?"

Salmon eyes met brilliant blue. Tomoko blinked a few times at the blue haired boy of about equal height; she didn't remember seeing him anywhere in front of her despite not paying attention for a calculated second. Unless he could appear and disappear suddenly...

"Are you okay?" he asked again. Tomoko rubbed her head sheepishly and nodded, apologizing for her mistake. "That's good."

There was something in his eyes—she couldn't quite place it, but it seemed a bit sullen despite his small smile. There was also a paper in his hands and she saw that it was for the basketball team. Trying to lighten up the mood, she asked about it.

"I'm Okuma Tomoko, first-year student at Seirin! You're a first-year too, right? I see you like basketball."

"I'm Kuroko Tetsuya, nice to meet you," the blue haired boy nodded. "I love playing basketball."

"Basketball is a fun sport," Tomoko agreed, clasping her hands behind her back as she walked into step alongside Kuroko. She could see the spark of passion in his eyes when he talked about what he enjoyed, and she was happy. "All the teamwork, hardships, and spirit people put into it always lit a fire within me. Watching them play with all of their heart makes the game worth so much more, even if I'm not very good at interpreting it," she laughed. "There are natural prodigies, but there are also hard-working people who just simply love the game."

Her companion suddenly stopped walking, making her halt her steps as well. "Kuroko-kun?"

"Okuma-san, I'm glad you think that way," Kuroko said, his blue eyes bore into her salmon ones with unspoken admiration. "My old teammates... they don't think they same way as you anymore. Winning became everything, and I grew tired of it."

He looks so sad... But somehow it makes him look like a puppy, hah.

"Who were they?" she asked slowly.

"My team back in Teiko... the Generation of Miracles."

No way... He is one of the prodigies? She couldn't really remember the exact faces or names of the players in Teiko, but blue haired boy was completely out of her knowledge. She wondered if he was the rumored phantom sixth man... It wasn't like she paid special attention to the best teams of Japan when she was in junior high, but the Generation of Miracles was part of literally everyone's gossip topic. For Tomoko, her brother played basketball in high school so she just liked watching it.

"Are you surprised, Okuma-san?" he faced her, the same sullen look in his expression.

That puppy dog look...

"Hmmm. From what I heard from friends talking about Teiko's games at the end, it had no soul in it... so I understand what you're saying, Kuroko-kun, and I agree with you," Tomoko finally told him. His cute face kept on switching from boy to puppy in her mind and she had to resist the urge to pinch his cheeks. "I also heard rumors that the 'phantom sixth man' left in the middle of the final championship. Now I know... That was why you left, huh?"

"Yes. No team was confident enough to beat Teiko, and soon people started to fear and loathe basketball... Even a very close friend of mine, he..." Kuroko paused, not sure what to say. "When you come to hate something you liked, it is incredibly painful."


I want to help him.

"Kuroko-kun..." Tomoko started, a determined fire starting within her eyes and coursed throughout her body. "You said your ex-teammates are only playing basketball for the sake of winning... Do you wish to change that?"

The boy nodded.

"Alright then," she said suddenly, taking Kuroko's hand into her own. "For you, me, and every true basketball lover out there, I will do my best!"

A happy puppy will look cuter... Maybe I can make him happy again!

"...Huh?" Kuroko blinked.

A lopsided grin appeared on Tomoko's face, and one could practically see the mind engines turning within her head. "What I'm saying, Kuroko-kun, is that I will help you pummel the passion back into the members of the Generation of Miracle's arrogant little brains!"



when the stars collide


"You say you want to be our manager...?" Riko questioned, eyeing the caramel haired girl with slight suspicion. There was sure a lot of interesting people wanting to join their basketball team this year.

First the team was already blown away with the beast from America, Kagami Taiga. Then, the seemingly invisible boy with no presence had nearly scared the skin off her bones, not to mention a real jaw-dropper when he revealed himself as one of the players from Teiko—the esteemed middle school had quite a reputation around Japan and all its prospective middle and high schools.

Now she was staring at the perky first-year in front of her, wondering why she'd choose to be a manager for Seirin's basketball team. There wouldn't really be anything for the girl to do—Riko already takes care of everything.

"I might not be too much help on the court, but I can be a really good...uh, towel girl?" Tomoko was hopeful, her body inching closer to the basketball coach with pleading eyes. She had made her decision to stand by her new friend, Kuroko Tetsuya, and she was determined to fulfill her self-proclaimed mission to make the blue haired boy happy.

"A towel girl..." Riko echoed, not believing what she was hearing.

"Towel girl," Izuki jotted something down on his ever awaiting notepad, "to absorb our games...?"

Everyone's heads, saved for Kuroko and Tomoko's, turned almost mechanically towards the point guard's pun in exasperation. Tomoko was the only one who who seemed to have a positive reaction, however, as her mouth stretched into her lopsided grin again.

"That was really good, senpai!" she said, before turning back to Riko. "Please... Can I?"


"It would be nice to have someone taking off some burdens from you, Riko," the basketball captain's glasses glinted from under the light. Though a considerate remark, it could also be taken as a ploy to get a slightly more girly girl on the team. Nice sized boobs, and a cheerful face that looked to be genuine and not as if plotting something evil.

Of course, his intentions were pure! At least he hopes the punishment-prone coach wouldn't see through it...

"Go run thirty laps around the gym, Hyuuga! And you three first-years too," Riko pointed to Fukuda, Furihata, and Kawahara, who were making goggle-y eyes at the cute girl, all the while trying to contain her the tick in her eye. She saw right through them. Unbelievable!

"What do you guys think?" Riko asked the rest of her team, her more reliable ones. Mitobe made some hand signals and a nod, to which Koganei perked up to.

"He said we totally should!"

"I think it would be nice to have Okuma-san on the team," Kuroko added his two cents.

After taking a moment to think, the Seirin coach exhaled and turned to Tomoko. "I guess my decision is..."

Tomoko, along with the rest of the team (saved for Kagami), waited with anticipation.

"Welcome to the team, Okuma Tomoko!"

"Here is your order. Enjoy!"

"Thank you."

"Don't you think the Seirin basketball team is lively? I have a feeling that they will go far," Tomoko told Kuroko as they walked over to an empty seat in the popular burger joint, Maji Burgers, that the blue haired boy introduced her.

Kuroko sipped his vanilla milkshake with a content look on his face. "I think so too."

It suits him. Tomoko munched on her burger and gulping down some sweet iced tea. Being the manager was mostly busy work like bringing water and towels for the players, but she didn't mind at all, and for the first few days of high school experience, she pulled through with relative ease. Plus, she liked to think that Kuroko has become her first friend at Seirin, and hoped that soon, she will be able to worm into the rest of the team's heart.

"Worm into their...warm hearts...!" she mumbled to mostly herself. It was kind of funny, actually, that she had Izuki's sense of humor (she has always possessed a funny bone, or so she thinks), and much like the pun master, she was positively amused with her own bad puns.

"Ugh, another Izuki on the team."

Tomoko blinked up at the grumbling intruder and found Kagami towering before her with a small scowl. She smiled up at him. "Ka-kun!" she called him with a less intimating nickname to balance out his scary aura—it worked, somewhat. Salmon eyes then widened a fraction at the sight of the tall male's enormous mountain of burgers, "Woah, that's a lot of proteins."

The scowl didn't disappear from the redhead's face.

"Hey, don't just stand there, come sit with us!" Tomoko grinned.

"...Us?" Kagami glanced down at the perky girl and then his eyes traveled to what he originally thought was an empty seat. Kuroko Tetsuya started back at him, the straw of the vanilla drink between his lips. "W-What the—when did you get there?!"

"I've been here the whole time, Kagami-kun," Kuroko simply replied.

"Hmph." The tall basketball player plopped himself down at the seat across from Kuroko and started to dig into his pile of burgers. His two audiences stared dumbstruck by his giant appetite, but he did not care.

"Ne Ka-kun, what do you think about the Generation of Miracles?" Tomoko asked suddenly.

"Isn't invisible boy one of them? He can't even shoot properly, but his passes are okay," he said in between bites. It was more than 'okay,' Kuroko's passes were like magic. His hand reached over to his soda to swallow it all down, but he accidentally took Tomoko's instead and realized it too late as the too-sweet liquid ran down his throat. "The hell!"

"You took my drink!" the caramel haired girl pouted as fake tears emerged around her tear ducts. The drink-snatcher made a disgusted face back at her. "Cruel..."

Kagami had to wash the horrible drink down with his own soda, his face dusted light pink upon registering the fact that he shared drinks with the girl. Gulping the embarrassment down, he tried to make his expression turn serious. "I heard crazy things about that Teiko team, but that's not gonna stop me from beatin' a challenge."

"Ohhh, that's the spirit, Ka-kun!" Tomoko gushed. "Together, we shall be the best in the nation and show those prodigies of true commitment and inextinguishable passion!"

"Whadda ya mean 'we?' And stop calling me 'Ka-kun!' I ain't your fluffy friend or anything!"

"I mean that you and Kuroko-kun will slay the courts while my amazing inspirational speeches will bring the Generation of Miracles to their knees! Kuroko-kun and I want to bring the joy of basketball back in them. Oh, and I think that nickname is endearing~"

"...You're weird, Okuma." A thoughtful pause came as a certain, short haired basketball coach came to mind. "No, all you females are crazy."

"But you truly love basketball, don't you? You and Kuroko-kun will make a super strong team!"

Kuroko set down his shake. "The Generation of Miracles is strong. If Kagami-kun were to go against them right now, he will lose instantly."

"Oi..." Kagami called in defence, "do you have to put it like that?"

"Nothing's impossible! With much training and hard work, I believe that Seirin will come out on top. I even overheard Riko-san say that Ka-kun has some amazing raw potential," Tomoko smiled. And Kagami will bring out Kuroko-kun's potential, I know it.

"Were you eavesdropping on our coach?!"


Kagami sighed. Why was he always stuck with weird people? "Anyway, I will beat them."

"You wouldn't even reach their feet right now, Kagami-kun. But I guess it's not entirely impossible to beat them. You will have to work really hard," Kuroko commented. He finished the last of his vanilla shake and offered the giant redhead a small smile. "I've decided that I'll help you."

"Ha? What can you do?" Kagami was skeptical.

"I'm a supporting actor, a shadow," Kuroko explained, the way he said it made the two unanimously agree. Kuroko is undeniably a shadow. "But the stronger the light, the darker the shadow will become and it will make the white of the light stand out. I want to make you, the light, number one in Japan."

Kagami blinked. "That sounds so damn corny... But do whatever you want, I guess."

The blue haired phantom beamed because he knew Kagami listened to every word he said with acknowledgement. Tomoko glanced between the two basketball players with her lopsided grin. She was happy with the outcome, and even happier to see that Kuroko was smiling more.

They will become great partners.

With each other's support, the three stars will shine through brightly in the night sky.