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ORIONMON: The Hunter

The digidestined trudged diligently through the forest, feet scraping the dust along the barren trail. The Dark masters were at large, keeping everyone on their toes. They had recently defeated one of them, MetalSeadramon, and they were now in search of Puppetmon. As the group passed through an area of dense foliage, two tawny eyes appeared, staring at the end of the line, where Matt and Gabumon were walking. "Soon…"was all it as it disappeared into the shadows.

The soothing sound of a harmonica playing lulled the digidestined into a gentle slumber. Matt was on first watch that night and had been staring into the flames until he heard a rustling in the bushes. "Hello?" he asked, getting up from the fire. The blonde walked towards the shrub and was pushed backwards as a figure erupted from the bushes. "Hey guys, we've got company!" Matt yelled, scrambling back to the camp, the creature at his heels.

Running into the firelight of the camp, the person was revealed. He was humanoid in shape, but was taller than any human. The weapon he carried was a large spear, and what looked like a Garurumon skin, hung over his right shoulder. His face was almost completely obscured by his helmet.

"Who are you?" Tai said, standing in front of the group. " I am Orionmon, but that is none of your concern. Give me who I need and I'll be on my way." "Wha…? Who are you looking for?" Tai asked. Orionmon started to get angry. "Give him to me!" "Look mister I think you've got us confused with someone else," Tai said nervously. " Insolent fool! I know exactly who you are. Now give me the one I am after or I will use force." Orionmon declared.

Puzzled silence. "All right, have it your way. Lion's Spear!" he shouted as he sent a beam of light towards them. "That's it." Tai said, getting out of the way of the beam. "Agumon

digivolve!" (I'm to lazy to do digivolution scenes, so he's Greymon now, 'k? get it, got it, good.)

A huge orange dinosaur stood where Agumon had only moments ago. "Nova Blast!" Orionmon didn't even move as the attack drew nearer. Then, when it seemed collision was inevitable, he threw up his spear, cutting the attack in half. "Impressive. But try this on for size" He said, firing another bolt. After a few minutes of battle, things started looking bad for Greymon. "He needs our help" Matt said. "Gabumon digi…."He stopped short, realizing his digimon was no where to be seen. "Where did he go?"

"Well this has all been very fun, but I really MUST be going," Orionmon said, dodging another fireball. "But hear this my prey! I WILL return and you will not escape. "With that he turned and galloped back into the dark. "Well that was odd," Tai said as Agumon de-digivolved. "Tell me about it." They didn't have long to ponder, however, because they soon heard the Matt calling.

"Gabumon!" He yelled as he walked to the edge of the forest. "Oh, Gabumon! Where are you?!" Now he was starting to get slightly worried. His digimon almost never left his side, except maybe to find food or use the restroom. Now he'd been gone for nearly half an hour." Hey Matt, what's up?" Tai asked, coming over. "It's Gabumon." he said with a slightly concerned tone. "He's missing."

* Later*

The group had decided to split in to 4 search parties, hoping to find Gabumon. Tai and Sora, Tk and Kari were two groups along with Joe and Izzy, Matt and Mimi.

The groups trudged along under the light of the waning moon, persistent in their search. If anyone was more worried than Matt, it was Palmon. Gabumon had always been a companion, and now that their humans were spending more time together, he was becoming a little..more..than a friend. She smiled at that thought before turning back to the task at hand.

As her vines swept the dust along the path, a quiet sound reached her ears. A frightened whimper. "Gabumon?" She queried softly. When she received no reply, she carefully moved towards the sound. When it sounded close by, she gently pulled back the bushes to reveal Gabumon, curled in a ball with his eyes closed, hands covering his head. "Gabumon!" she said excitedly as relief flooded through her. There was no response to her exclamation, except for Gabumon's continued whimpering. "Gabumon?" she asked, creeping closer and putting a hand on his shoulder. He flinched at the touch, then slowly opened one eye.

"Is he gone?" Gabumon asked, a tinge of fear in his voice. "Who?" "Orionmon" "Yes.." At this statement, he opened both eyes and rested against the tree, visibly relieved. "Why do you ask?" she said. He tensed for a moment and turned away from her. "I'd rather not say," he replied bitterly. "Why? You know you can tell me Gabumon. I'm your friend." Gabumon let out a long sigh, then turned around again. " Your not going to let me go until I tell you, are you?" He asked slightly cynically. "Nope" she quipped quickly(try saying that 3x fast!) He rolled his eyes, knowing that no matter how stubborn he was, she could be twice as hardheaded. "I'll tell you later," the wolf said as he headed back towards camp. Palmon just sighed and followed him. 'I could help you, Gabumon but only if you let me.'