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Gabumon tossed and turned in his sleep. He tossed and turned again and then, for a change of pace, rolled completely over, looking for a cool place on the ground.

Palmon awoke with a start, not because of a noise, but rather, lack of it. Gabumon and Agumon were known as the two biggest snorers of the Digimon, but tonight she couldn't hear Gabumon's low, bass sounding one.

Gabumon shivered and despite the warm night, wrapped his fur pelt even more tightly around himself.

The plant Digimon got up and knelt beside him, placing a hand on his forehead. Gabumon whined in his sleep and shied away from the cold touch, although he was terribly warm. Palmon brought her hand up sweaty, as her slight concern turned to fear. She was good with healing plants, that was a given, but she could tell that this would take more than herbs to remedy.

She ran to the side of the one person she knew could help more than the others and began to shake his shoulder. "Joe, Joe wake up!" She continued shaking his shoulder with growing urgency when he didn't wake up. "Joe!Joe!!"

(No, he's not dead -.-;)