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"Snow, I need …I need an ambulance or something, Emma's been shot!" She moved to place her hands on Emma's side, to apply pressure.

"No! You stay with me! Snow now! I have never asked you for anything, you had my finance killed, this is all I ask, please get me over the line so I can heal her!"

Regina looked about like a mad woman, she couldn't see Snow or anyone from the town, all she saw was an empty road.

Her shoulders started to shake, her mouth frozen open in a silent cry of pain. There were no happy endings, fairytales or heroes.

Regina let the cold sink into her skin, what had changing brought her? Nothing but once again feeling as though she should tear her own heart out and finally crush it.

She watched Emma gasp for air. A hand connecting with her cheek, Emma fighting to speak to her.

"Tell Henry…I love him." Emma cried openly, not caring for once that anyone could see.

Regina screamed begging someone, anyone to help, "No...no please don't do this to me...not you too..."

When she lost all hope she leaned in and kissed Emma, she would be a part of Emma's dying breath, it it were the last thing she did.

As she felt Emma start to fade in her arms, growing far too weak more sounds stared to appear to flood her senses.

"Emma! Oh my god Emma!"

Regina glancing over saw Snow at her side, when had she gotten there?

"Regina, come on, we have to get her back over the line." Regina could barely move.

Charming swooping in and picking up the limp body of his only little girl.

Snow lifting Regina, steadying her, leading her along.

Once over the line. Charming sat with Emma cradled in his arms.

Snow trying to bring Regina back from whatever space she had run off to in her mind.

Snow grabbed Regina's face with both hands.

"You need to come back to her now. She needs you! I got the barrier open Regina, please you can do it."

Regina shook her head, unable to speak.

"please," Snow kneeling before Regina, "Please just try?" A whispered plea.

Regina moved to Emma, hoping with every part of her that it wasn't to late.

Magic, is different in this world. There is always a price to happiness, and Regina knew that.

Regina put her hand on Emma's side and started to transfer magic as fast as she could into healing Emma. The wound healed quickly the skin stitching itself together and the blood easing from its flow till it no longer trickled out.

Regina looked into Charming and Snow's hopeful faces. She shook her head.

Snow wrapping Regina in her arms, let it all go.

Regina gripped her back. Glancing over at Emma she squeezed Snow one more time.

"At least let me say goodbye." Charming handed his baby over to the former Evil Queen as she brushed blond strands from her love's face.

She sighed, "You did save me Emma, you did it. I believe you, I believe in us, that you could love me." Then before she leaned down to kiss Emma goodbye.

"You are such an idiot…." She felt her lips melt into the other woman's, a lack of force leaving her feeling almost numb.

A twitch, a pressure against her lips. A hand sneaking up into her hair, warm breath meeting her cheek.


Regina pulled back to see Emma's unfocused eyes searching for hers. She pulled Emma in tighter.

"Don't you EVER save me again, I mean it. Damn it Emma I love you." Regina smiling through the pain and sorrow, the light was returning.

Emma grinned into Regina's skin, "I know. I love you too."

Snow and Charming turned when they heard Regina speaking. Looking back they saw brown, red rimmed eyes beaming back at them and nodding her head.

Snow and Charming audibly gasped. Emma leaned her head against Regina's chest.

"Mom, Dad."

They kneeled down and hugged their baby, never taking her from Regina's arms.

Emma started shivering, "Guys I love all of you, but could be please go home I am freezing…"

Everyone smiled and let out a sigh of relief.

They piled into the police cruiser Snow and Charming had driven to the line.

Emma was about to nod off for the ride home when she had a bolt of panic.

"Wait! Who tired to shoot Regina? Is she safe?!"

Regina gripped Emma's hand, "Don't you worry about me right now." her hand brushing Emma's pale face.

Snow watched how Regina looked at Emma, really looked at her daughter.

Snow cleared her throat, "Let's just say that before tomorrow Jefferson and Wale will think they are sales men from Kentucky, and they will be banished, forever."

Snow turned to Regina and placed a hand on her shoulder, "You are safe and sound, Regina, you're home."

Regina let a tear slide down her face, "thank you."

Snow nodded. "And of course, after a well deserved vacation you will be taking over as mayor again, I think it is only right..."

Regina's smile was so wide, the second real genuine smile Snow White had ever gotten from her stepmother.

"Thank you. Maybe after Emma is feeling better…"

She felt Emma tighten her grip around her waist.


When they arrived at home Henry opened the door and came barreling out. Though this time it was Regina he was running to.

"MOM!" He let his emotion show, and griped her like he would never let go.

"Don't ever leave again." the young boy struggled not to break down.

Regina smiled as Charming walked Emma in, "I won't dear, I won't." She lifted him up into her arms and looked into the sky at the starry night. Her son loved her again, it had been the only wish she had ever made, and it had come true.

After settling in the two mills and the swan sat in bed,

"And that is the story of the Evil Queen."

Henry yawned, "Mom but you forgot about the embarrassing stuff after happily ever after. Like when her and the savior got married had had two beautiful babies."

Emma looked over at Regina.

"Hm, I guess that story just isn't finished yet."

Regina grinning back leaned into Emma, resting her head.

"Happy endings are for stories who haven't finished, because this isn't our ending."

She turned to Emma and looked deep into her eyes, "Love is just the beginning."

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