Eliza knew she was in way over her head and should probably be thinking of a way out of her current predicament but the oppressing feeling of the two large security guards escorting her down an extremely metallic corridor, had her mind stuck on a loop and not even a very intellectual one at that. Her brain had decided to just repeatedly throw out every obscene word she knew to the backing of her and her escorts pounding footsteps that were bouncing off the walls, announcing their presence to everyone on that floor. The guards held her arms, one arm to each of them, securing her in a muscle sandwich that she definitely felt she was lacking in comparison and thought it was a bit over kill considering she couldn't exactly escape them with all the cameras and personnel around.

Her entourage lead her to a secured door, entering a pass code and using a security card before almost dragging her into the room as soon as the beep from the console sounded. Once inside Eliza was roughly forced into a stiff backed chair and her wrist cuffed to one of the arms of that chair. The guards then stood back silently, most likely awaiting their boss' arrival and Eliza's doom. She sighed, knowing this wasn't going to end well at all. Looking around the room she noticed the wooden desk in front of her, tidied to an immaculate level, a large comfortable chair behind said desk, blank walls that were barely decorated except for a dull cream colour and strangely enough a huge mirror opposite the door, showing anyone entering the position of everything and everyone in the room. It seemed very strategically placed and unfortunately allowed her to look at the state she was in.

Her short, pixie cut red hair was sticking up in odd places, her skin looked even paler than her usual English complexion in the current light and the darkness under her hazel eyes due to lack of sleep, and perhaps staring too long at her computer screen, were not helping her vampiric look. She was wearing her favourite blue hoodie, a crumpled white shirt, having had little time to iron it while she had been working though it wasn't as if she normally made much time for washing and cleaning, dark blue jeans and scuffed trainers. All in all she looked completely out of place with the impeccably dressed Japanese guards behind her, not that she usually didn't stick out like a sore thumb though at least she spoke the language so therefore wasn't completely out of place despite her appearance.

Eliza sat stiffly still, trying not to move too much as not to rub her wrist against the rather tight metal cuffs that kept her perched awkwardly on the chair. Silence consumed the room with barely a breathe or rustle from the other occupants and the lack of noise did little to ease the young women's nerves, which seemed to be sky rocketing. She didn't know who she was waiting for, doubting the head of the corporation would bother with someone like her but not knowing what to expect, only that by what she could gather, the person was a strategic individual that scared the guards behind her so much they seemed even more out of place in the office than she did. The guards behind her radiated tension and Eliza highly doubted she was the cause of it.

Suddenly the crackling of a radio could be heard, rebounding through the uncomfortable silence, as the person on the other line spurted out, "Emergency on level 8," along with a code Eliza did not understand the meaning of. The guard to her right, nearest to the door and out of her line of view, spoke into the device, confirming the order before making his way to the exit along with companion. With only one glance in her direction they left her alone in the room, locked to the chair.

"What the hell just happened?" Eliza thought to herself and she glance around the now empty office. Had they really just left her alone? Was this just some kind of trick to see what she would do? Were they just playing with her? Well it didn't matter really, she had to at least try to get out of here and luckily she knew how to break into more than just computer systems. Leaning forward slightly so she could see the lock on the handcuffs, Eliza pulled up her sleeve revealing her black strapped watch which had pushed into the fabric a thin metal ridged rod of sorts. Glancing quickly to the door as if she could see when someone was coming, the red head pulled the rod out of her watch and got to work on her bonds.

Soon a satisfying click was heard then the clatter of the handcuffs hitting the floor and Eliza was on her feet, moving to the door. She didn't know how much time she had left or where her escorts had gone, for all she knew they could be waiting outside the door. She reached for the panel, wishing she had her laptop here as she heaved on the metal covering that protected the circuits, somehow finding the strength to dislodge it enough to access the hardware. As Eliza set to work on opening the door she could almost hear the time ticking past and feel the guards closing in. It was fortunate she had something to occupy her hands with otherwise they would be shaking but thankfully soon the beep sounded indicating her success and she was moving.

Once out the door she realized she had no clue where the exit was, she had gone down far too many corridors on the way up here and she had sort of been distracted by her soon to be fate that it hadn't crossed her mind to take note of any escape routes. Irritated at herself, the nineteen year old decided that the opposite way to the one she came in was her best choice. Taking off at a fast pace she made her way down the corridor, glancing nervously behind her as she went.

Eliza abruptly stopped as she heard footsteps coming towards her, looking around she dived towards the nearest door, hoping it was unlocked but finding it wasn't. Her breathe started coming in short bursts, she could feel herself panicking. 'Can I make it in time if I go back the way I came?' She questioned in her head as she spun around but then noticed the ajar door ahead her, towards the people she was trying to avoid. Not thinking it through Eliza ran to it, slipping through the gap and shutting the door behind her. She rested her forehead on the hard surface as she tried to catch her breath and listen for the anyone following her.

"Who are you?" A loud female voice demanded from behind Eliza, making her jump and spin around to face an odd sight. In front of her stood a small pink haired girl in a hospital gown, looking extremely annoyed and quite intimidating despite her small stature. Her red eyes, the colour of which Eliza was filing away as an issue to confront at a less stressful time, narrowed when no response was given.

The smaller girl looked Eliza up and down before commenting, "You're not wearing a lab coat so you're not a tuner..." Her voice trailed off slightly in thought as the red head still stood, frozen to the spot, waiting to be discovered as a trespasser. Just as she started to move forward, eyes rising to look for another exit and catching a glimpse of a grey haired girl just behind pink hair though before she got more than a step, the small red eyes girl was in her personal space, forcing her to back up to the door. "Are you..." She began to ask, her finger pointed between hazel eyes and she flushed a similar colour to her hair. "But you're a girl." She exclaimed taking a stumbling step back, almost tripping over her own feet.

Eliza's eyes widened, not knowing how to respond to the unfinished question or the sudden outburst about her gender but it seems she didn't need to make sense of it as laughter suddenly filled the room and the pink haired girl's attention switched to the source. Hazel eyes also turned to the grey haired girl who was doubled over with laughter. She was sitting on an examining, wearing a similar hospital gown, with bandages covering any skin that the gown didn't.

"What so funny!" The girl standing yelled as she slightly advanced on the amused of the pair, giving Eliza some breathing room as she observed the laboratory for an exit, passing over all the medical equipment without a second glance until she found a door just beyond the occupied examining table.

Catching her breathe long enough, the bandaged girl informed them of her amusement, "Did you really expect a guy to want a washboard like yours?" She laughed again while Eliza could feel the anger radiating off the pink haired girl, she looked about ready to murder someone and Eliza was going to make sure it wasn't her.

"Shut up!" She yelled, crossing her arms defensively over her chest and poking out her tongue in a childish manner when she seemed to not be able to think of a better response. While this was happening Eliza was moving to the door, slowly trying to not be noticed by the two arguing girls.

As the grey haired one continued to tease the other, her face flushing and her breathing became more laboured but not due to the laughing however all this went unnoticed by Eliza using then to make her exit. Luckily the two strange girls were distracted enough by their argument to notice her absence and once she had left the room she set off running.

Eliza was breathing heavily as she attempted to keep up a brisk pace through the park near her apartment, having somehow managed to escape the labyrinth of corridors and security systems. Night had already started to close in and it seemed to be getting colder and colder the further she got through the park. Hugging her arms to her chest to stave off the oddly cold weather, Eliza tried to make a plan which would get her out of town and away from danger all while dealing with the reason she had got caught in the first place.

She picked up her walking pace, keeping her head down and avoiding eye contact with the few people out this late or in this weather. Briefly she glanced up to see how far she had left to walk until she reached her place and that's when she spotted the young women. She sat hunched over on a bench, with what looked to be just a thin white shirt on which was not at all suitable from the temperature. Eliza could almost feel the waves of pain and sadness coming off the brunette women and it was unbearable, she should do something to help her.

However as she took a step in the women's direction, Eliza remembered she hardly had the time to help or was in the condition to do so. No, she had to get out of here, she didn't have time to stop. Turning, she carried on towards her apartment pushing on and away from the bench.

"Don't do this to yourself Eliza. Just Ignore her." She thought to herself sternly, "Go home, grab your stuff, leave town and get the hell out of dodge. How hard can that be?" The to do list echoed in her mind like a mantra, driving her faster away from danger until she had seen her and now her feet were slowing to a stop. She couldn't just leave her there alone in the cold when she could at least offer some assistance and before her mind had even caught up with that conclusion from her conscience, her body was moving back towards the bench. It seemed her self preservation had been lacking lately and just seemed to be fading altogether now. She hoped she wouldn't regret this.