I got the inspiration for this story while having a 12 hour flight, so I grabbed my IPad and started typing. It's obviously AU, but I've tried to not change the character's personalities.

"Abcd" - talk

"Abcd" – thoughts

"Abcd" – inner Sakura

"Ugh I hate security control," thought out loud a young woman walking out of the secluded area with her suitcase right behind her and her designer bag in hands.

It wasn't very hard for her to identify a sign, attached to the ceiling of the airport corridor that had "Duty Free" written on it with large bold letters. Slim jean clad legs moved towards the planned direction, already thinking of what to purchase.

"Why does Ino-pig has to have her damn birthday party on a private island, without any nice shops around? Now I have to spend my time looking for a fitting present, instead of sipping a nice cocktail in the lounge..." thought the female upon seeing the bright array of designer names.

As she walked into the area that contained lots of needed and unneeded things such as alcohol, sweets, cosmetics and toys, she was met by polite greetings of the airport staff. Since the airport itself was far from big, the travelers did not use the duty free area often. As a result the sales representatives took every opportunity to sell something.

"Are you looking for anything Madame?" Asked a middle-aged woman, looking intently at the surprisingly pink-haired newcomer. It always seemed annoying to the pinkette, that people would call her Madame. Was she that old? She certainly hoped not, because the title made her feel decades older. And why do they always follow you around the shop like hawks?

"No thank you, I had not made my mind yet," came the polite response of the slowly walking figure. As she walked past numerous shelves with different things, she just couldn't imagine what would her best friend want. Honestly, what would a person who has a birthday party on a private island want? Pretty damn hard to come up with an idea.

"I really wish that you could have these moments with a light bulb right on top of your head sometimes… It looks so easy in the cartoons! I mean is it that hard to have an idea for a brilliant, fitting, creative, generous, beautiful and unique present?" thought the young woman, biting her lip in the process.

"Why can't we just get her a basket full of our stuff? It's certainly better than most of what they have here" her Inner whined, making herself laugh mentally at the irony of the whole situation.

"I can't, she specifically told me that she has enough of that stuff already! Stupid pig!"

Suddenly a very loud noise was heard, effectively interrupting the individual's trail of thoughts. A couple of teenagers started exclaiming "Oh My God!" while pointing their badly-manicured fingers in the pinkette's direction with unconcealed adoration in their eyes.

"Aren't you Sakura Haruno?" finally asked one of them, a dark-haired girl with rimmed glasses. All the while the two others were on their way to take out their phones, planning on where to post the photos.

Sakura, for it was no other than her, chuckled lightly at the their antics, "Yes that's me!" with that she childishly pulled out her tongue and winked at the teenagers.

As a response she heard excited squeals, coming from her obvious fans. It wasn't a surprise anymore, she had gotten used to that type of behavior whenever she got recognized. It doesn't mean however, that she had gone cold to their reactions. Hell no, she keeps getting excited whenever her devoted admirers meet her.

Sakura Haruno is a world top model, having caught the attention of the world's most luxurious brands with her exotic features and wonderful figure. Being a natural pinkette it is only understandable to get lots of attention, but in addition to that come the charisma and beautiful emerald colored eyes. She came from a small, but prestigious village in Japan. Konoha is known as the "Village Hidden in the Leaves" due to its lush forestry and wonderful environment. Being an expensive place, almost all residents of the aforementioned village are very notorious, not only in Japan but in the continent, some even in the world. However it is not to say, that Sakura is am empty minded, fashion-centered individual. She had had the best education and initially planned on being a cosmetologist, having received many compliments on her talents in that field. By a simple twist of faith she met people who told her that she could take over the modeling business, so she tried. After becoming quite successful at that, the young woman still decided to fulfill her initial dream, well in a sense. Using her newfound popularity she had introduced her own line of cosmetic products, which became widely popular.

"Can we please get an autograph?" pleaded the dark haired girl, which had asked Sakura earlier. All the while shoving the notebook with a pen in her hands.

"Sure thing! What's your name?"

"Aiko! And this is Mayo," Aiko pointed towards a brown-haired girl with hazel eyes, "and that one is Ren," she pulled a boy by his collar, to show him to Sakura.

The pink haired woman couldn't help but smile at the seemingly bossy Aiko, shy Mayo and tired looking Ren. They remind her of someone she knows all too well. After signing three papers with her initials on them and leaving her lip-gloss mark on one of them (Ren wasn't that tired after all), she was asked to take pictures with the teenagers.

"Oh well let's expect another dozen of tags on our Intagram account" amusingly noted Inner, at which Sakura snorted. Between taking pictures and bantering with herself, Sakura didn't notice that she completely forgot the reason that lead her to the place she currently was in.

"Damn Inner we forgot about the present!"

"Relax, remember Ino said that she absolutely loved one particular scent…"

"Oh actually I do know what do I want to purchase!" suddenly exclaimed Sakura while moving towards the isle that contained some brightly colored, small boxes. As she was walking, the young woman did not notice another, much taller figure approaching the same isle with impressive speed. Consequently the oblivious female had pulled out her hand with the obvious intent on reaching the bottle that read "Prada Candy" in bright pink letters. It wasn't what she personally liked, as the smell was too sweet for her liking, she preferred "Miss Dior" or "Armani Code"… However instead of feeling a hard carton box, she felt something warm and soft, without thinking Sakura had started to feel the object under her hand. It appeared to be surprisingly smooth, although had some traces of hair, as well as being oddly big. As she glided her well-manicured hand along the soft surface she felt a strange jolt of something akin to electricity pass by.

"Are you done groping my hand?" asked a deeply masculine voice with a hint of amusement in it the baritone depths.

Startled, the pinkette looked at the stranger (with oddly for a male soft hands) and found herself quite pleased, as the man was very handsome indeed.

"Talking about small airports and empty duty frees. Who knew that his kind appear here?" said Inner Sakura with a saucy grin, on which the actual individual only agreed upon.

"I am sorry, but do I need to forcefully extract myself? It is not that I am not flattered of course, but we look truly peculiar at the moment" that's when it dawned on Sakura that she was still feeling up the male's hand.

To the aforementioned person's mortification, she found herself at loss of words, "Oh I am sorry, I wasn't expecting…" Sakura animatedly lifted her hands to show her confusion, "your hand"

"Great Sakura that was smooth" berated herself the female.

To her absolute surprise the man had the audacity to smirk!

"What a smirk it is though…"

"Excuse me, but I do not see any reasons for amusement here. Could you please remove your hand, so I can take what I intend to buy and leave for my flight?" asked an irritated pinkette. The tall male must have seen something funny in her remark, or was simply too arrogant, as he continued to smirk, leaving his hand where it was.

"If you were intending to buy that particular perfume, I am sorry to tell you that it's taken" the deep baritone replied, gazing into his collocutor's emerald eyes.

"Her eyes are quite pleasant to look at," he thought.

Sakura could not believe her ears! He just told her to find something else, as he was clearly intending to purchase her bottle! The one that she noticed first, and if it had been for his stupid hand she would've been on her way to her gate already! Why would he even need the sweet smelling, pink bottled and most importantly female perfume? Was he gay? Oh that might explain the softness…

Without much thinking, she asked just that, "Are you gay?" which the male looked incredulously at.

The smirk was quickly replaced by a light tinge of annoyance on the handsome face as he asked, "What made you think that?" Sakura being a deeply sarcastic and witty person by nature just looked pointedly at the object of their competition. He had understood her reasons for deduction of that sort, as he hastily continued, "No I am not gay, but I do need the perfume. It is a present for a… friend"

Sakura's jade eyes widened slightly when she heard his reasons, quick mind starting to calculate the probability that it's for the same person. Finally she came to a conclusion that it is deeply unlikely, as she does not recall ever seeing this person.

Nevertheless she was not going to give up the bottle.

"I regret informing you that this bottle is taken, and you have to either ask for another one or look for another brand. As this one is already marked with my invisible initials!" she pulled out her tongue for good measure and retained the fiery gaze in her eyes. He needed to back off.

The object of said verbal attacks did not seemed to be taken aback at all. Instead he seemed to be even more confident in his victory now.

"How strange indeed. I didn't notice your initials in there when I was marking the box with mine," for the third time in last five minutes Sakura felt scandalized. He was taunting her! And so openly too! Oh he is so getting it…

"You have to get another bottle! If not you leave me no choice, but to call the manager!"

"Oh and what would the manager do? Please do call, it will sort our problem much faster"

As the pink haired woman asked the sales manager to come, she was trying to calm herself down enough to seem collected and mature. When the dark haired woman came, both individuals started explaining what happened, causing nothing but confusion to appear on the manager's face.

Finally when the staff member asked them to tell her what they desired she heard a clear reply, "Get him/her another bottle!" coming from both customers simultaneously.

"I will look for another bottle in the stock, wait a minute please"

A relieved sight escaped Sakura's mouth and a triumphant smile tugged on her lips. She won! The damn bottle was going to be hers. Who cared that the one brought from stock was identical by all means…

"I apologize, but we do not seem to have another bottle of your desired choice" came the polite response of the manager, "perhaps either one of you would like to purchase something else?"

"No thank you, I would get this bottle. However the young man here would certainly not mind to look for a suitable replacement," said Sakura with a confident smirk of her own.

At that said young man made a sound resenting a snort, "It will be I who will get the bottle, and the mademoiselle will consider looking for something else" said he with an arrogant glint in his eyes.

"The nerve of him!"

"Listen here, pretty boy. I will get this bottle, because that is the only goddamn present that my friend will actually like for her birthday! And I came here first; it's not my fault that I had to sign the kid's autographs. So be a gentleman and let me have it" there it came, her famous temper.

He couldn't help himself get amused at fiery reaction, but he was so not giving in.

"Even if she is very pleasing to the eye" suddenly thought he, "never mind we will never meet again anyways"

"Despite being quite flattered at your comment on my appearance," her cheeks started sporting an obvious rosy hue upon hearing his words, he found it quite cute, but "I am sorry to say this, but that is also the only suitable present for the person I'm getting it for"

Now being very busy sending each other glares, they did not notice that almost everyone in the vicinity crowded around them, listening attentively to their banter. After all, as the hushed voiced said, "it is not everyday that you see them talking together!"

Staying completely oblivious to their spectators, both customers were intent on buying the bottle.

After seemingly infinite amount of time spent arguing, they settled that Sakura would get it.

Being entirely content with herself, cheery female had exited the duty free, busy talking with one of her best friends. Although as she glanced at her emerald inlaid Hublot watches her eyes widened in horror. She was running late for the boarding! Going as fast as her high-heeled boots allowed he to, she reached her gate. Upon seeing one of their last passengers the member of the airline had already pulled out his hands for a quick passport control. When she was comfortable seated in her business class seat Sakura allowed her thoughts to drift.

"I knew I would get the bottle, ha in the face of that pompous jerk!" she mentally pumped her fist in the air, "thanks God the bottle is here…" her hands were searching for the familiar feeling of a plastic bag within the confines of her bag but to her absolute horror she failed to find it. Looking around frantically Sakura started to replay the events of the duty free accident, overcoming the strange desire to dwell on the handsome stranger, she tried to remember the moment of actually putting the gift in the bag. She couldn't! All the more, she can clearly remember paying for it! Sakura was so annoyed by the end of her deduction method, that she felt the familiar sensation of blood rushing to her cheeks. They tricked her! They knew that both customers wanted the same product, so they used her obvious distraction in form of a phone conversation. Thus they managed to make two people pay for one product! However the worst thing was not the money (although she hated the feeling of being fooled), but that He got the bottle! Moreover she was left with no present whatsoever!

The pink-haired female was so busy fuming over the situation that she did not notice yet again a tall figure looming over her. When she finally decided to look up and see the person who was placing his bag into the luggage box on top of her head, she was met with an eyeful of a tall, fit form clad in sports suit. The chiseled chest was evident from the casually tight white shirt, which peeked from the open jacket. And finally what made the woman's eyes widen and then turn into slits was the waterfall of coffee colored hair, cascading down the male's back and ending in a tiny ponytail, few inches before the end.

"I'll be damned…"