Hi guys, I am having a hard time revising for my exams, so I thought that writing another chapter would clear my head and help me to revise with newfound strength.

This is uber short, but I can't spend more time, as I have an exam tomorrow.

There is going to be a cliché, which despite being over-used, is still a favorite for many to read. Read up!

Sitting on the sofas and sipping fresh coconut water with some lychee vodka from the coconut, Sakura was completely comfortable. With all he closest friends in the same place, chatting and laughing, she couldn't think of a better vacation. Already dreaming of how she will get into her bungalow, take off the jeans that feel too hot for this weather and instead wear a swimsuit and that light Gucci summer dress that she got yesterday in New York. She thought about how she will unpack her suitcase and cosmetics. She will spread all her toiletries in the bathroom, next to the sink and apply the sunscreen on her face. She will then fill her never-full Louis Vuitton bag with her newest obsession, a Game of Thrones book, headphones, her phone and tanning oil. Put her sunglasses on her pretty little head and stroll out of the luxurious bungalow in the direction of the beach (or the pool she didn't decide yet).

She was so occupied with her pleasant dreams that she didn't notice the staff member calling out her name.

"Miss Haruno," gently said the manager for the nth in the last minute.

"Oh? What? Oh sorry!" smiled Sakura, jutting her hand out, ready to sign whatever form they want her to sign, all just to get into the room faster. However, she did not see any forms in the hand of the woman, just a slightly nervous expression from her and Ino who was right behind. Sakura squinted her emerald eyes, already suspicious of the situation. She turned her head, scanning the open area where her friends all sat. Naruto looked equally nervous and stammered something about needing the "ladies room" which was then accompanied by a snicker from Sasuke, who called him an idiot for mixing up the names. Naruto ignored that and just disappeared in a hurry. Growing even more suspicious, Sakura looked further, seeing Hinata in her classic nervous pose, index fingers pointing towards each other with her violet head downcast. Eyes squinting even more, Sakura looked towards the right noticing that Choji ate his dry mango (there weren't any cheaps in the vicinity) with double the speed. Finally, she saw Neji who looked equally infuriated and actually quite ready to kill someone.

"What is it?" asked the pinkette in a toxically sweet tone, squinting her eyes even more. Her face looked cute but equally frightening, which everyone in the room noticed.

The manager gulped and said slowly and gently, "we apologize profusely, but there no spare bungalows for you to have…" the poor woman looked outright terrified.

"Pardon? I must have heard you wrong, because it seemed to me you said that you have no spare rooms for me? Surely I am wrong," sweetly said Sakura in a very calm manner, which made everyone have chills down their spine, "right?" Scratch chills down their spine, everyone had goose bumps from that.

The ferocity in the young woman's eyes made the manager's voice quiver slightly, "No mam, I am afraid you heard me right. We have only one spare bungalow left on the island."

Immediately Sakura's expression brightened and all her dreams of peacefully unpacking and going to the beach came back. "Great then! Glad we don't have a problem here!" she winked playfully at the flushed woman.

Said woman gulped again, before slowly continuing, "but the issue here is that we have two clients…"


"WHAT THE HELL INO PIG! HOW HAVE YOU NOT THOUGHT IT THROUGH!" screeched the furious pinkette.

Ino slowly came forward, as she was hiding behind the manager this whole time. "Sakura calm down, this is just a tiny issue… I didn't expect for all of the people I invited to come!" nervously stammered the blonde looking everywhere but at her fuming best friend.

"Tell me, dearest…" slowly and satanically said Sakura, making Ino's azure eyes quickly dart to her dark almost hazel from anger eyes. "How have you invited people to a place that CANNOT ACCOMMODATE THEM?!" a very dark aura started surrounding Sakura and her inner Sakura was starting to be visible.

"Dear Lord, she is a psycho," thought shocked Neji upon seeing another, darker Sakura emerge and engulf the actual form of the female.

Sasuke and Naruto (who came back unfortunately for the latter) shared glances, ready to calm down their best friend if necessary. Knowing fully well of the demon inside her.

Ino, well aware of the existence of Inner Sakura due to her telepathic abilities, squinted her eyes in defiance. Her blue eyes turned harder and she looked her best friend straight in the eyes, equally as stubborn.

"Chill your tits Sakura! You will just have to share your bungalow with another person, no biggie!"

"Another person..?" Sakura started to say but then realized why Neji's expression was so annoyed. "Oh nooooo!" she started fuming again.

"Sakura, you can choose here. There's Sasuke, who lives alone, Sai, Kankuro, Neji and Shino," calmly said Ino.

'Sasuke is a no, not only because he's my ex but also because we fight on every occasion possible. So even though he's my best friend, he is a no. Nice view in the morning though… No, Sakura. Just no. Sai is creepy with his paintings; I remember how I woke up once, with him in my face, saying how he is trying to make a sketch of me sleeping. He is a no as well. Kankuro is great and he is like a brother to me, but he is also a pervert and will try to peak on me on every occasion, and he has this weird love for wooden dolls. Even higher on the creep level than Sai. NO. Shino has an odd fascination with bugs… needless to think, he is a no as well. Finally there's Neji…wait a minute!'

"Why the hell does Neji have a single bungalow?! We came together, how did he manage to snatch it?!"

"Because, being the responsible person I am, I went straight to the reception while you disappeared in the hotel boutique, looking for an 'underwater thingy' I think you called it," mocked Neji in an arrogant manner, seeing Sakura fluster his lips tilted upwards forming a smirk.

"It was snorkeling gear, you ass!" fumed the pink haired woman.

"Whatever it is, it could have waited, anyways, I got the bungalow all to myself. Thank you very much!" said he in a very content tone. Almost smiling to how well he did.

Sakura, being the vixen she is, smirked widely and clapped her hands together in a happy manner.

"It is settled then!" she exclaimed, to everyone's surprise, "I am going to move in with Neji!"

Neji's smirk quickly disappeared, Naruto choked on the gin and tonic he was drinking, Hinata fainted, Temari put a fist in her mouth not to laugh, Gaara raised his non-existent eyebrows, Ino almost fell from her 6 inch platforms, Choji stopped eating, Lee fell into a coma on Ten Ten's laps and amidst all this chaos Sakura was delightfully beaming on her shocked roommate.

"Fuck my life, I knew this trip is going to be troublesome," sighed Shikamaru under his breath, before downing his whisky and going to help Ino stay upright.