harry potter/YuYu Hakusho crossover challenge #1

prolong = after years being immortal harry spends most of his life watching his descendants grow old a die he finds a out that he can reincarnate in another world/ dimension because he is the master of death. death told him he will always remember and keep any/ all abilities, and all his things that he collected in a safe made dimension, and if he were to die in any world he keeps the powers and talents with memories intact. harry after several more centuries learning everything in case of stumbling into a world in different environments and collecting everything just in case harry leaves his world/ dimension.

the story must have *

- bashing of { Dumbledore, Ron Weasley, ginny Weasley, molly Weasley, the weasley family minus{ Arthur, the twins, bill, Charley,}, and the dursleys

- harry can be multiple demons at once or like Yusuke Urameshi a halfling

- harry's mother can bethe main characters orharry can make his own body to live

- harry speaks all languages

- harry's is super/ god harry all the powers are in the profile

- harry knowledge of all the supernatural and degrees of over several muggle and magical things

- harry will age till he hits 25 then he is immortal and can not die

- harry knows about the world he goes to each time and remains male in this story but with the abilities to bear children

- harry is more powerful then the ruler of this world/ dimension

- harry can be or not be related to the characters

- harry must have/ bean elemental ( control all and every elements ) , Heal/cure anything at a fast rate ( including others) , Grant wishes ,Change appearance and gender , Turn in to anything (change shape, color, size, weight etc. , Control time , Super strength , Super speed , Know any/everything , Foresee any/everything , Create any/everything , Money appear out of nowhere , Bring back the dead , Bring anything to life or take away , Control all plants and animals , Control all natural/unnatural/supernatural elements , Godlike powers etc. , also others like =


Parsel Magic user

Multiple Animagi

Beast tongue


Mage Magic /all types


Multielemental Control

Mind Magic

Ward master

Transfiguration master

Potion master

Rune master

Magical Healing

Master Healer

Wandless magic

Photographic and auditory memory

Immune to all Poisons