The Demonic Medic

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any other pre-existing characters or themes I have used to write what is my story.

Summary: Naruto Uzumaki was brutalised one too many times, losing an eye in the process before an ANBU saved him. Along with his other actions, this ANBU took Naruto from Konohagakure to place him in the care of one of the few people he knew that would truly look after Naruto; Tsunade Senju. Watch as Naruto returns to Konoha and becomes a ninja medic; Naruto Senju: user of Shisui Uchiha's Sharingan.

Chapter One: The beginning of Naruto Senju.


"AAAAHHHH!" a young child screamed in pain as his kneecap was snapped.

The drunken civilian lifted his boot from the boy's leg with a grin, "Come on demon! Fight back! Give me the satisfaction of killing you!" he shouted before raising his leg again, kicking the blonde boy in the chest.

The small child slid across the ground in pain, his back hitting the wall of the alleyway painfully as his head started bleeding from the impact.

The drunkard took a step closer before the moonlight cast a shadow over him. He looked up to see two ninjas on the rooftops above his head, "Shit!" he said before turning and running away.

The two ninjas dropped down, showing a scowl as they looked at the whimpering child, "Pathetic, to think this is the thing that killed so many of our comrades." The taller one said as he squatted down and lifted the boy into a sitting position by his hair.

The moonlight hitting the tears on his face, the other ninja nodded, "Naruto Uzumaki… I hate that we have to stop them from repaying him." He agreed as they looked down at the small blonde in disgust.

The first ninja glanced up at his comrade before looking around, seeing that there was nobody around, "What I don't get is where the hell his protection is, ain't he meant to have an ANBU looking after him at all times?" the first ninja asked his friend as he let go of Naruto, beginning to feel outwards with his chakra to sense any nearby ANBU.

The second ninja nodded before looking down at Naruto, who began to have some clarity in his eyes as he looked up at them, "Hm, the kids starting to focus." He said as the first ninja finished his scan.

"His protection ain't here." The first ninja said as he glanced at his comrade, making eye contact with him as they shared a slightly dark smirk.

The blonde boy looked up through the blood and tears that streaked down his face, "N-n-ninja-s-san?" he requested softly.

The second ninja pulled out a kunai, "Looks like we arrived just in time to witness some drunk civilian cutting up the Demon." He said.

The first ninja turned to Naruto and threw a few shuriken, embedding them in his stomach and arm as the boy shouted weakly in pain, "Ahak!" Naruto coughed as he fell down to his side again.

The first ninja began to form a Genjutsu around the area as the second ninja took the few steps towards Naruto and grabbed the boy by the collar of his shirt, slamming him into the wall with one hand as he pulled back his kunai.


Itachi dropped to the roof of a nearby building and fell to his knees, 'Kaa-san..Tou-san…I'm so sorry.' Itachi thought as tears fell from his eyes.

He glanced over his shoulder as he remembered knocking out his younger brother, 'And you Sasuke, you've seen so much blood on this night. I'm so, so sorry.' He thought as he pulled himself to his shaky feet, taking deep breaths to try and calm his emotions.

Not a second later, a chakra signature moved over him, 'Genjutsu? In the carnival district?' Itachi asked himself as he looked to his side, activating his Sharingan as he looked around.

Taking a few steps, Itachi looked down into the alleyway to see Naruto Uzumaki, his charge, be slammed into the wall.

His eyes widened as time seemed to slow down, the Chunnin's kunai moving towards Naruto's head, 'No! I refuse to let any more innocent blood be spilt tonight! Not if I can stop it!' Itachi thought as he dove down towards the attacker.


Naruto's eyes came in to focus as he watched the kunai moving towards his eye, 'I'm...done.' Naruto said as the blade stabbed into his eye.

Just as the blade stabbed through to the anterior chamber of his left eye, a black blur slammed into the ninja attacking him, ripping the kunai away and pulling not only his eye with it, but a slice of flesh from Naruto's nose, causing the blonde boy to fall back to the ground, screaming once more in pain.

Itachi's elbow slammed the ninja's head into the wall, knocking him out in the simple movement before he turned towards the ninja casting the Genjutsu, who only was just beginning to turn towards him anyway, 'Unforgivable!' Itachi thought as he channelled all of his anger and sadness from the night into a single fist.

Itachi charged at nearly untraceable speed towards the ninja, punching the back of his head with nothing but pure emotion. The ninja shot out of the alleyway, slamming through the glass window of a shop across the street.

Itachi turned back to Naruto, his head clearer as he went into 'mission mode', 'Punctured lung and stomach, blade to his arm but not lethal. Both knees broken, right wrist broken…and his eye…' Itachi thought as he looked over Naruto, his mind racing to find a way to heal the boy.

In seven seconds, he had all the information that he needed in his head.

'The minor medical Ninjutsu I have can keep him alive for some time up to four hours. I cannot be seen in the village as of five minutes ago. The hospital in the village will gladly let him die. I need a better medic outside the village…..Tsunade Senju is currently leaving the village on her way to Tsunbaki Town, that is three hours away and she left four hours ago. I need to get him to Tsunbaki and then find her. I have three hours and fifty nine minutes left.' His brain told him as it gave him all the information that ANBU had on Tsunade's current location.

Before another thought crossed his mind, Itachi was sprinting through the village, healing at first the minor wounds to ensure Naruto had enough blood to stay alive.

Naruto wheezed once more in pain as he looked up to Itachi's face, 'Weasel-san…' he thought before passing out.


Two hours and forty one minutes later, Itachi slid to a stop atop the tallest building in Tsunbaki town, 'Chakra signatures.' He thought as he blinked on his Sharingan, breathing heavily as he was running low on chakra.

Looking around the town, he could only see three developed chakra signatures, but they were all in different sections of the village.

He placed Naruto down on the rooftop softly before forming a single hand seal, "SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!" he announced as he summoned three shadow clones, bringing his chakra level down to the last tenth of his reserves as they sprinted off towards each ninja while Itachi popped a Soldier pill.

Itachi deactivated his Sharingan as he looked down at Naruto, activating the simple medical jutsu as he focussed on the wrist wound, having already healed his arm and knees to the best of his ability, 'Not long now, hold on Naruto.' Itachi thought as he felt the bones begin to move into place, albeit much slower than he thought they would.

Itachi blinked as the thoughts of his first clone sunk into his head, 'Not her, but her assistant, that's good. Shizune-chan's coming this way.' He thought as the last thought was of Shizune looking up towards the building he was on with a frightened look.

The second clone was destroyed, giving it's memories to Itachi, 'Damn, a hunter ninja so soon?' he thought as the last thought was of Tsume Inuzuka drilling into the clone's chest.

Just as the third clone's memories were received, Shizune landed on the rooftop, "Itachi-kun?! What's going on?!" she shouted as she came to a stop.

Looking up, Itachi spoke for the first time since he taunted Sasuke, his throat course and dry from his night so far, "Help him, please." He begged, taking a deep breath between his words.

Shizune felt her heart break at the pain in his voice, but she indeed took his words seriously, in a few moments she had gone over each of the wounds Itachi had healed, fixing them slightly before she moved onto his torso and eye, "These wounds are too much Itachi-kun, I might be able to fix his stomach but I have no idea what to do for his lungs and eye." She admitted as she looked at him sadly.

Itachi slumped almost in defeat before hearing another set of footsteps hit the roof before suddenly Itachi was pushed out of the way.

He turned back to see Tsunade's green glowing hand over the two holes on Naruto's stomach, "Itachi, if you want me to put an eye in here I need it now." She said as the shuriken popped out of Naruto's chest.

Itachi was silent before he remembered something he had. Itachi formed a hand seal, summoning a black crow that landed on Naruto's shin, "Thank you, but I need it back now." Itachi said to the crow.

The crow nodded before it seemed to fall into feathers, leaving nothing but an eye in Itachi's outstretched hand.

Tsunade glanced over and her eyes widened, "What? A Sharingan?" she asked as Naruto's torso wounds closed up and she moved up to his eye, tilting his head to the side to let the blood clear out from the wound.

Itachi nodded, 'Naruto…you owe me one for saving your life.' Itachi thought before holding the eye to Tsunade, 'Please, keep my brother in line, save him from the torment I have forced upon him.' Itachi thought as he spoke shakily, "Yes, please help him." Itachi said, his voice becoming stronger as the Soldier pill began to kick in while she took the eye.

Feeling the approaching chakra signatures, Itachi stood and turned, "Don't say anything please, just save him." Itachi said as he pulled out his sword.

Not a moment later, Tsume Inuzuka and three masked hunter nins landed on the roof, "Itachi Uchiha! Come with us or you will be killed on sight!" Tsume shouted.

Tsunade kept her focus on healing Naruto as Shizune looked on confused.

Itachi's face took a blank expression as he began walking towards the Hunter squad, "My name is Itachi Uchiha, I killed my clan and tried to take Naruto Uzumaki. I wanted his demon's power to grow ever stronger." He said as he held his sword high, "But now he's dead. And so will you be." He said before charging forward.

The hunter squad moved into position to try and capture Itachi just as Tsume led the attack, "GATSUUGA!" she and Kuromaru shouted, attacking Itachi in a cyclone of claws and fangs.

Itachi's Sharingan sparked to life as he timed his movements perfectly, moving between the two and landing a shallow cut along Tsume's spine, taking a glancing hit to the back thanks to Kuromaru.

The group of ninjas paused as Tsume fell out of her attack, giving Itachi the needed opening to escape.

He glanced back, making eye contact with Tsunade and Shizune, both of whom were confused but focussed as he tried to make them hear his thoughts, 'Please, look after Naruto.' He thought before leaping off of the building.

One of the ninjas threw a handful of shuriken at Itachi, but as they hit him, the Uchiha man turned into a murder of crows, spreading out and disappearing into the night.

Tsume glanced up, "After him!" she shouted as she got to her feet, glancing back at Tsunade and Shizune, "Are you two ok?" she asked, not recognising them in the night light.

Tsunade nodded before looking down, "Just get the bastard who hurt this poor boy!" she shouted.

Tsume scoffed at being ordered by a 'civilian' before she chased after her team and after Itachi.

The rooftop was silent as Tsunade continued her surgery, implanting the Sharingan Itachi gave her into the empty socket of Naruto's eye. Shizune merely sat in silence, confused and hurt by the actions that had taken place.

It was nearly sunrise when Tsunade finally leant away from Naruto, "So this boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki." Tsunade said as she looked down at his closed eyes, "The boy with the Nine-tails and now a Sharingan…" she said before standing and turning away, "Let's go Shizune." She said before beginning to walk towards the side of the roof.

Shizune looked after her master in shock before looking down at Naruto, "I-I'm not leaving him." Shizune said before picking Naruto up in her arms, holding his small six year old body against her own like he was but a toddler.

Tsunade glanced over her shoulder, 'I wanted to distance myself from that damn village…but I guess she's right. I can't let a kid fend for himself out here…' Tsunade thought before looking away, "Fine, let's get a move on Shizune." She said before dropping off of the rooftop.

Shizune adjusted Naruto until he was on her back in a piggy back position, "Don't worry Naruto-chan, I won't let Itachi-kun's sacrifice go to waste." She said as she held him tight and began to follow after her master.


"FIRE STYLE: GRAND FIREBALL JUTSU!" Itachi shouted as his attack hit the water of the river he leapt over.

The water was instantly superheated, raising a burning steam that would bring any person to an incapacitated state while covering their view of him, forcing his pursuers to stop less they be boiled by the heat.

Itachi quickly formed a few hand seals, using the very last of his extra reserves of chakra to make a Ninjutsu, "EARTH STYLE: HIDING LIKE A MOLE TECHNIQUE!" he said to himself before he disappeared into the ground.

Itachi closed his eyes and sat still as he rested, feeling through the earth his pursuers run right past his location and continue running a few minutes later, 'Now… I have time to rest.' He thought to himself as he took a deep breath, glancing up to the tiny airhole above him as the sunlight began to hit it, 'Sasuke…Naruto…be safe, both of you.' Itachi thought before closing his eyes once more and relaxing.


Two days later…


The midday sun danced across Naruto's locks as he began to stir. He slowly opened his eyes as he looked around in a daze, 'Am I…alive?' he thought weakly before reaching his hand up to his eye, his last memory being the pain he felt as it was ripped out.

Feeling a bandage over it he sighed, 'Hospital?' he thought as his other eye began to clear up, seeing a blurry shape sitting next to his bed.

He took a few minutes, but as Naruto sat up, he reached out and placed a hand on the sleeping woman's shoulder, "E-excuse me." Naruto said in a soft yet rough voice, "Miss?" he asked nervously as he shook her shoulder slightly.

Shizune stirred slowly, looking up to see Naruto awake. The moment the realisation registered, she shot to her feet, "Naruto-chan!" she exclaimed before fussing over him like a sibling or parent.

Naruto just sat silently in shock as Shizune hugged and looked over his body, confused and feeling drained after… whatever happened.

Naruto began to come out of his shock before he pushed Shizune off of him, "Where am I? Who are you?" he asked, feeling scared.

Shizune realised she may have been overwhelming the boy, so she leant back as she answered his questions, "We're in a hotel room in Tsunbaki town Naruto. My name is Shizune Namikaze. Do you remember how you got here?" she asked softly.

Naruto shook his head, "I-I remember being um… hurt." He said, resting his hand on his stomach, finding that there wasn't a single scratch on him.

Shizune nodded, "A friend of mine brought you to me and my master so that we could heal you. You're fine now, but there has been a small change to your body. Mainly your eye." Shizune said, gesturing to her own left eye.

Naruto reached up and placed a hand over the bandages, remembering a ghost of the pain he felt as it was ripped from his skull, "So, I still got two eyes?" he asked, relaxing a bit more as he was beginning to feel more comfortable around Shizune.

Shizune smiled softly and nodded, "Yep, do you want to come with me to get some breakfast? Tsunade-sama went to the Hidden Leaf Village last night to see what exactly caused all of this and she said she'll be back some time around lunch today." Shizune asked.

Naruto felt a rumble in his stomach, "Thanks but I don't think they'll get me anything." He said softly before looking to the side.

"Naruto, we're not in Konoha any more. These people have no idea who you are," Shizune said as she stood, holding her hand out to the young child, "Trust me, we'll be able to have a meal in peace." She said with a kind smile.

Naruto was quiet for a moment before taking Shizune's hand. Smiling brightly at the human contact as the brunette led him out of the room and through the hotel, his smile didn't dim at all as the two of them walked through the small town peacefully.


Tsunade stormed out of the village, shoving a random Konoha Jonin out of her way as she marched from the gates with anger flowing through her veins, 'I never should have trusted this stupid village.' She thought as she began to tree-hop back to her niece-in-law and Naruto, her mind sinking back into thought over what she had heard during the meeting.


Tsunade had arrived in the village just as the Shinobi council came out of session. As they were all leaving the chambers, Tsunade concealed herself in the shadows so that she could wait for the Third Hokage. But after everyone had left and five minutes had passed, Tsunade was left scowling as the Old Man never came out.

Tsunade stepped into view before opening the chambers, ready to shout out to the old man until she saw him.

He lay with his face down on the desk of the Hokage's seat, his hat discarded to the floor as he sobbed silently, his shaking breath being the only sound echoing around the room.

Tsunade walked towards him, the clacking of her heels causing him to look up before he cleared his throat, ignoring the tears that flowed from his eyes as he tried to talk calmly, "Tsunade, you're back here again so soon?" he asked.

The Senju woman merely ignored him as she leapt over the first two rows of tables to land on the one next to him, "Yeah, why are you crying Sarutobi-sensei?" Tsunade asked with a worried frown.

The Third Hokage tried to hold his emotions back as he spoke, "Minato trusted me to look after his son and the boy… I've been informed that Itachi killed him after the massacre." He said before looking down, "Why would he do that? Naruto had nothing to do with…" he said before trailing off and shaking his head as more tears began to flow from his eyes.

Tsunade raised a brow, "The kid isn't dead. Itachi brought him to Shizune and I as we split up for dinner the other night." Tsunade said simply.

Hiruzen looked up at her with wide hopeful eyes, his gaze shaking as his mind worked at full speed. Tsunade had no idea how he had even come to the idea, but his next words seemed as sure as can be, "Tsunade-chan, I need you to keep this a secret, keep him out of the village." Hiruzen said as he stood.

Tsunade raised a brow, "Huh? I thought you'd want him back? This is his home after all." She asked as the Third was wiping the tears from his face.

He shook his head as he pulled his arm back to his side, "This village was a hell for him, I always thought that the people here would forget their sorrows, I never thought they would blame him for it but seeing as Itachi sought to bring him to you…he always knew what was right." Hiruzen said as he looked down at his Kage robes, "It should be Itachi in these, not me." He said.

Tsunade gasped at the old man's words, 'He believes in Itachi that much?' she thought as Hiruzen bowed low.

"Tsunade, please care for Naruto, bring him back when he's strong enough to protect himself but until then, please make sure he's safe." He begged her, tears of shame falling from his eyes and onto the floor.

Just then, the two heard the door moving as it slowly opened. So Tsunade stepped up to her old sensei and hugged him tightly, whispering in his ear to keep their conversation secret, "Yes okay? I'll do it. I'll try to bring him back at some time, you know how to contact me." She said softly.

"Umm, Hokage-sama?" the Chunnin asked.

Tsunade stepped back from the Hokage who hid his tear stricken face by kneeling and dusting off his hat, "Yes Kurenai?" he replied.

The Chunnin stepped all the way into the room and bowed, "The civilians are throwing a street party over Naruto's death… I want to stop it." she said with a frown.

Tsunade's eyes widened, 'They really wanted him dead? The boy who's been the saviour and sacrifice of the village and they…' Tsunade's thoughts trailed off as she couldn't seem to wrap her head around the idea of hating such a feeble child.

Hiruzen nodded before glancing to Tsunade, "Please take care of it on your way out." He asked softly before disappearing in a shunshin.

Tsunade nodded before leaping over to Kurenai, "Show me then." Tsunade ordered as she was lead outside.

Flashback end.

Tsunade shook her head before looking behind her, seeing the small amount of smoke that had occurred when she brought down the stage that the main 'party' had been happening on, 'How dare they do this, he's just a misunderstood child!' she shouted in her mind before she used her perfect chakra control to launch herself farther and faster than most ninja wished they could.


Shizune smiled as she carried the bandaged Naruto on her back, the blonde was laughing even though they weren't doing anything spectacularly fun. To her it seemed he was just happy to be with someone that enjoyed being with him, "What do you want to do Naruto-chan?" Shizune asked.

Naruto blinked widely as his laughing came to a pause, "Um, I don't know." He said with a grin.

Shizune couldn't help but grin over her shoulder at him, "Well how about the playground? Look there're other kids there." She said with a nod towards the playground off to their left.

Naruto glanced at the playground before seeing an empty swing set, "Okay, but umm, can you come with me?" he asked timidly.

Shizune was curious about his sudden timidness, so as she put him down she asked him, "Why are you so shy Naruto? You don't need me to have fun." She said.

Naruto quickly grabbed her hand, not wanting to let go of her as he spoke quietly, "I wanna go on that." He said, pointing to the swing.

Shizune nodded, "Then let's go!" she said before jogging slowly, causing Naruto to start smiling and laughing again as he ran just to keep up with her.

She put him on the swing and they began to play as Shizune noticed something, 'He's not swinging properly, like he's never been on one before.' She thought as she realised that Naruto very well might not have ever had a chance to play like this.


Naruto and Shizune glanced off to the side to see Tsunade walk from the trees with a smile on her face. Naruto didn't know who she was so he was suddenly feeling nervous even though Shizune definitely wasn't, "Tsunade-sama! You're back!" Shizune exclaimed as she began pushing Naruto softer.

Tsunade came to a stop leaning against the pole of the swing set, watching with a soft smile as Naruto looked at her curiously with his one visible eye, "Yeah I am. Listen I need to talk to Naruto for a moment." Tsunade said seriously.

Naruto felt nervous under the gaze of Tsunade, and even more so when Shizune nodded and stepped off to the side to give them some privacy.

Naruto watched as Tsunade replaced Shizune, pushing him slowly on the swing as she began talking, "What's the last thing you remember before waking up?" Tsunade asked.

Naruto glanced over his shoulder at her before answering quietly, "My eye was…ripped out." He answered timidly.

Tsunade nodded, "Were they ninjas or civilians who did it?" she asked.

Naruto stayed looking forward this time as he answered, "Ninjas I think, they had green jackets on like the older ninjas but they didn't look that old."

Tsunade nodded, 'So, they were probably Chunnin…' she thought before pushing Naruto again as she talked, "The Third Hokage asked me to look after you until I think you're ready to go back to the village. The only requirement was that you be strong enough to defend yourself. Okay?" Tsunade asked.

Naruto looked over his shoulder at Tsunade, "You mean, I can stay with Shizune-chan and you?" he asked hopefully.

Tsunade smiled and nodded, "Yeah sure. But what about getting stronger? Do you know what I mean?" she asked.

Naruto blinked widely, "Um, am I going to be a ninja? Like Weasel-san?" Naruto asked.

Tsunade raised a brow, 'He did know Itachi, it seems like he looks up to the man as well.' She thought before nodding, "Sort of, I'm going to teach you a little differently to how he was taught." She said with a slight smirk.

Naruto tilted his head, "But lady, how can you teach me? Are you a ninja too?" he asked.

Tsunade nodded, "Not just any ninja, I'm the best Medical Ninja alive at the moment." Tsunade said proudly.

Naruto's eyes widened as he turned to Tsunade, who caught the chains of the swing to make sure it didn't swing dangerously, "R-really?!" Naruto asked excitedly.

Tsunade grinned at Naruto's excitement, "Yes really."

Naruto jumped off the swing and cheered, "Yay! I wanna be a Mega-Cool Ninja too!" he shouted before running over and telling Shizune the news.

Tsunade blinked before she face-palmed, 'Not Mega-Cool ninja, Medical ninja!' she thought as she ground her teeth in frustration.

She looked over to Naruto and Shizune to see the blonde boy thrust a hand up into the air, but she gasped as she saw something unexpected.

In Naruto's shadow, she could have sworn that for a moment, she saw Dan smiling at Naruto, holding an ANBU mask out towards the boy before the image faded.

Tsunade blinked as she watched Naruto's happy smile, 'Maybe… I guess I can put my faith in one more person.' She thought with a soft smile before walking over to the duo.


Four Years Later…



Shizune covered her eyes from the dust that blew her way, she kept her eyes covered until she heard Tonton speak up, "Oink!"

Shizune looked up at smiled at what she was beginning to see.

As the dust settled, a ten year old Naruto was shown standing in a crater nearly the size of a cart, his fist resting against the bottom of the crater as he stood.

He turned towards the clapping from Tsunade, who was grinning, "Looks like you finally got the control down Naruto-chan. How are you feeling chakra wise?" Tsunade asked.

Naruto looked up to Tsunade, his blonde hair blowing slightly in the wind as his red three-tomoed Sharingan eye glowed with confidence, the only sign that it wasn't his being the scar that led from it to the bridge of his nose, "Absolutely fine as always Kaa-san. My chakra is constantly replenishing at the same rate that this thing uses it remember?" he asked as he gestured towards the eye.

Tsunade bopped him on the head as she walked past, "I'm the one who told you that dummy, now come on. Since we can surely say that you've mastered all that I can teach you when it comes to control, it's time for you to learn the basics of Ninjutsu." Tsunade said as she kept walking over to Shizune.

Naruto followed her as the dust completely settled, showing off his outfit. Naruto wore grey skinny jeans made from a type of elastic denim so that his movements weren't limited. For a shirt he had a simple grey singlet-top with two stripes running down the right side on the front and over the top of his singlet, he wore a jacket much like his mother's. The only difference other than the size being that the kanji on her back while Naruto's held the Senju Clan seal in the centre of an orange circle.

Naruto nodded with a grin, "Sounds good Kaa-san, will Nee-chan be teaching me this time?" Naruto asked hopefully.

Tsunade's eyebrow twitched as she spun to face Naruto, "How come you always ask Shizune to teach you when it's something that she's already mastered huh?!" Tsunade said while shaking her fist.

Naruto grinned, "Cause Nee-chan is more patient with me when I can't get it right hahaha." Naruto said, beginning to laugh as he leapt into a hug with Tsunade.

Since he was still tiny, his head didn't even reach her chest and as such he basically disappeared from her line of sight every time he hugged her, other than the blonde patch of hair sticking backwards, "Yeah yeah, you go get taught all that academy stuff then." She said before walking towards the nearby town.

Shizune smiled as Naruto sat down in front of her, "Tsunade-sama what should I teach him?" Shizune asked.

Tsunade shrugged, "The basics I guess, the three passing Ninjutsu, some medical ninjutsu... oh yeah, and your taijutsu style. But remember Naru-chan, once you've learned it with the Sharingan you need to master it okay?" Tsunade said over her shoulder before raising her arm and waving, "See you guys for dinner!" Tsunade shouted as she left the area.

Naruto grinned up at his 'sister', "Nee-chan, these are the things that involve hand signs right? Cause I memorised them all like you said." Naruto said as he began moving his hands through the motions to demonstrate.

Shizune smiled and watched as he went through all of the basic twelve seals, finally ending with Tiger. "Very good Naruto, now I'm going to teach you a basic skill; the Substitution Jutsu." Shizune said with a smile before diving into her explanation and demonstration.


Two Years Later…


"NINJA ART: MYSTICAL FAST HEALING JUTSU!" Naruto said to himself as he healed the scrape along his knee in a matter of seconds.

He looked up to Tsunade and grinned, "Got that down pat! So what're we learning now Kaa-san?" Naruto asked cheerily, trying to get Tsunade to lighten up.

Over the past few days, Tsunade had been living with a permanent frown on her face ever since she received a letter from some bird which had landed on Naruto's head. Naruto had become a very attentive person thanks to Tsunade and Shizune's lessons on analysis of not only injury, but anyone who would walk past. Because of this, he easily figured out that the letter was from someone from the Hidden Leaf Village, which probably meant one thing.

They had to go back soon.

With a heavy sigh, Tsunade pulled the letter out from her cleavage, tossing it to Naruto, "Tell me what you think. Either way I'm not leaving you by yourself so tell me what you want to do and we'll do it." Tsunade said as she sat on the grass next to the blonde as he unfolded the letter.

'Hello again Tsunade,

I think it's time. After six years he's at the appropriate age to
take the gennin exam, if he's at that level yet I would like for
him to come back and take the exams with the rookie year.

I hope all is well, have you heard from Itachi? Please reply to
me this time, I want to know about Naruto, what can I expect?

From Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage.'

Naruto glanced up at his mother and smiled, "I think that I want to go back. I have to face them right Kaa-san?" Naruto asked.

Tsunade's frown line faded from her forehead as her eyes took a worried expression, "Are you sure? After what they did to you…" Tsunade said softly as she hugged him to her side.

Naruto smirked and nodded, glancing up at her with his Sharingan, "I can handle it, especially since we both know that I can learn more there since," he felt Tsunade's hand squeeze his shoulder tightly, "Ugh…they got scrolls and stuff there." Naruto said, quickly changing his sentence so that he wouldn't get smacked.

Tsunade smirked, "Alright, well you know where we are right?" she said as she stood up.

Naruto stood with her, "We just left Kentoryu city, so… we're back in the Land of Fire again right?" Naruto asked as he straightened his jacket.

Tsunade nodded, "Yes we are, and since we went through the last city I thought I'd teach you a little something special on the journey back." Tsunade said as she gestured towards herself.

Naruto raised a brow, "What is it mom?" he asked as they began walking towards the split path that led towards Konoha.

Tsunade chuckled, "You know that morning you found me and I looked older? You remember what I told you about the Genjutsu?" Tsunade asked.

Naruto nodded with a frown, "But I don't need to look younger mom." Naruto said.

Tsunade nodded, "I know that, but as we've said before they think you're dead Naruto. We have to keep it that way." She explained.

Naruto looked up at Tsunade, "But what can we do?" he asked.

Tsunade smirked, "Well, if you're comfortable with everyone thinking that you're my son… I have a plan." She spoke down to Naruto.

The blonde boy looked up at his mom and grinned, "Awesome!" he shouted happily.

Tsunade smiled and looked ahead, "Oh, Shizune." Tsunade said as she spotted her assistant waiting out the front of the hotel they were going to get lunch at.

Naruto looked forward and grinned as he began to run, "Nee-chaaaaan!" Naruto shouted as he leapt into a hug.

Tsunade watched the two smiling and hugging before she glanced down the road, 'So this is it…guess we're going back.' She thought before sighing.

'Looks like Konoha's gonna get a few new medics.'


"All right settle down!"

Naruto came to a pause at the door, 'New town, new me…new class.' He thought taking a deep breath before placing his hand on the door as he heard the noise quieten down inside, 'I can do this.' He thought to himself before opening the door.

The class lost the last of its noise as everyone turned to look at the person who entered the door.

Naruto bowed to the sensei of the class, "Hi, my name is Naruto Senju, the Hokage told me to come here for some exam?" Naruto asked with a smile as he stood tall again.

Iruka looked over the new boy. Naruto looked almost the same except for the implementation of Tsunade's Genjutsu, his hair was now a lighter blonde that matched Tsunade's, his whisker marks were invisible and other than the scar reaching to his nose, his left eye seemed perfectly normal.

It took a few seconds for Iruka's mind to register Naruto's name, "Wait, Senju?" he asked.

Naruto nodded as he smiled, "Yeah, you may have heard of my Kaa-san, Tsunade Senju?" Naruto offered.

And suddenly, everyone was in an uproar.

Naruto blocked his ears from the shouting of questions heading his way, "QUIET DOWN!" Iruka's voice screamed out as his head suddenly became massive.

The class went quiet as Iruka turned to Naruto, "Alright Naruto, there's a seat up at the back. You're a couple of days early for the actual exam but we have the skill analysis tests today and tomorrow if you feel up for taking them." Iruka said with a smile at Naruto's polite attitude.

Naruto nodded before walking up to the chair, "Got it sensei." Naruto said as he fell into the chair.

Iruka smirked as he added Naruto's name to the bottom of his clipboard, "Alright, class what do we want to revise today, sparring and ninja tools or intelligence and jutsu theory?" he asked the class.



The class was filled with multiple shouts of the children wanting to go out and train, so much so that Naruto's eyes were wide at the amount of noise, 'I thought ninjas were supposed to be quiet…' he thought before seeing about four or five people sitting calmly, 'Well, at least some of them get it.'

Iruka nodded, "Alright, everyone head out to the second training field and start stretching, I'll be out in a moment and set up the sparring partners." Iruka said before walking out of the room.

Naruto stood along with the majority of the class, he just followed after the guy in front of him until they were walking through the hallway.

"Naruto Senju."

Naruto glanced to his left to see a boy in a large green coat and shades walking by his side. The boy seemed to be the tallest in the class but realistically that was the only outstanding feature the boy had, "Yeah, who are you?" Naruto asked.

The boy nodded, "I am called Shino Aburame. I was curious as to what skill set you possess." Shino said calmly.

Naruto blinked as he nodded, "Well, my mom trained me like she was trained, but I have gotten a few other skills thanks to my adopted Nee-chan. What about you?" Naruto asked.

Shino nodded, "It is rare to find a medic nin so young. As I am of the Aburame I am primarily tracking and assassination ninja. I hope we work on a mission together at some point in the future." Shino said with a nod before stepping ahead and holding the door for Naruto.

Naruto smiled, "I do too, thanks Shino." Naruto said as he walked outside.

Looking around the area where the students were gathered, Naruto watched with interest as over half of the girls in the class fawned over some guy who was doing warm-up stretches. Naruto rolled his eyes before noticing some students stretching together, so Naruto strolled over to join them.

Naruto came to a stop behind the only girl in the group, "Hi, do you guys mind if I join ya?" Naruto asked.

The girl looked up at Naruto and blushed before looking ahead, but the boy resting near her shrugged, "No need to ask, just take a seat. I'm Shikamaru by the way." Shikamaru said with a casual wave.

Naruto nodded and took a seat between Shikamaru and other kid, this one had a dog sitting on his head, "Hey, I'm Kiba Inuzuka, is your mom really Tsunade?" he asked.

Naruto nodded, "Yeah, why's that such a big deal?" Naruto asked, genuinely curious.

Kiba scoffed, "You're kidding right? She's one of the Sannin, the strongest kunoichi in the world!" Kiba exclaimed.

Naruto raised a brow, "Really? She's just my mom." Naruto said, not really getting why it was that special.

Before he could be questioned more, Iruka came out of the building along with another teacher, "Alright, when I call out your names I want you to come here for your sparring match, first up we need to find where the new student ranks in the class. Naruto," Iruka said with a smile, "Who do you wanna fight?" Iruka asked.

Naruto stood but was frowning as he walked over to the sparring circle, "I personally don't want to fight anyone but mom always said I should push myself sooo…" Naruto hesitated as he looked around the area, "I dunno, one of the top five of the class I guess?"

The class laughed, causing Naruto to look around with a slight frown, "What's so funny?" he asked.

"You shouldn't be overconfident, you have no idea how good we are." Some blonde girl shouted at Naruto.

Naruto shrugged, "And you shouldn't underestimate me, anyways who should I spar with?" Naruto asked Iruka.

Iruka looked around the class before seeing something he hadn't seen in years.

Sasuke was watching Naruto with an interested look in his eyes, the most emotion that Sasuke had shown in years since the incident with his clan, "How about the top of the class?" Iruka offered.

While most of the class was about to make a fuss, Sasuke immediately stood up and marched to the sparring circle.

Naruto looked Sasuke up and down as Sasuke did the same, "Naruto Senju, right?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto nodded with a smile, "And you are?" Naruto asked while offering a hand to Sasuke.

Usually Sasuke would knock off the hand shake, but seeing as Naruto was from a major clan, Sasuke decided to take the offer, "Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke said.

Naruto's left eye twitched, 'Uchiha…so this is Itachi's younger brother…' Naruto thought as the two of them stepped back from each other.

Iruka waved his arm, "Alright, you two ready?" Iruka asked.

The two boys nodded instantly.



Chapter End.

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