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Their unrelenting stares had Kagome grumbling until she could not take it anymore and she snapped, "What is it this time?" She asked with a huff, frowning deeply when her friends only giggled in response.

"Why did you turn him down?" Yuka asked curiously, "He was a good-looking guy and you desperately need to move past that two-timing ex-boyfriend of yours."

"It was the second boy who asked you this week!" Eri stated, "And he was older than us! I'm starting to get jealous!"

"There are even rumours about you, Kagome," Ayumi added softly, "People are starting to call you the 'Ice Queen of Seirin'."

"I don't care about rumours," Kagome said flatly, "I have no intentions to date now or in the near future. I need to focus on studying to bring up my grades." She grimaced, remembering that she had been barely accepted into Seirin because of her horrible middle school scores and attendance.

Then again, she only chose Seirin because of its convenient location from the shrine grounds, so it would not have been that big of a loss if she hadn't been accepted.

"We're only young once!" Eri exclaimed after a moment of uncomfortable silence on their end, "Come on, Kagome! You need to have some fun once in a while!"

Kagome let out a noise of irritation, "I'm aiming to get into the best university I can," After all, studying without pause was a good way to distract herself from her deepening depression, "I have no time to... date." Her voice dripped with utter contempt.

Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi all looked at each other and let out some quiet sighs. They all knew that Kagome had been struggling emotionally since her 'break-up for good' with Inuyasha, but they had all noticed how her once bright personality had slowly seemed to twist into something much more cynical.

And no matter how hard they tried, they could not get their friend back to they way she was before.

That strained silence settled in once more and the three girls tried hard to find a way to break it, only glancing up to their surroundings once they heard the heavy sound of balls bouncing against the ground.

They were passing a small outside basketball court that contained a few players, but the girls paid it no mind until they heard a male voice shout out to them.


Kagome reacted automatically, her arm coming up with her palm out in order to stop the basketball that would have slammed into her face otherwise. She frowned, her eyes following the basketball as it slid down her palm and to the ground while ignoring the frantic cries of her name.

Multiple pairs of shocked eyes stared at her from the court and she let out an annoyed growl, "Be more careful or you might really hurt someone!" She snapped at the males who were blankly staring at her.

She would have continued on her way expecting her friends to follow, preferring to ignore what just happened, but she was stopped by both Yuka and Eri's excited squeals and wondered what their deal was, "Isn't that Kise Ryouta!?"