I'm back. This is the last chapter. I want to write some Saunbis and I want to get a couple from shadowhunters to grow.

Brenda's POV

I continue packing my stuff until I run out of boxes. I sit there and think of a way out. I tried opening the windows but they were sealed shut. There were bars around the windows so breaking them was not an option.

"Brenda," My mom says opening the door. "Are you finished packing?"

"Yes," I say looking around and seeing nothing left in my room.

"You can start bringing out the boxes because your uncles here to pick them up," My mom says leaving.

I take some boxes and walk out into the living room. I see a man standing there. I've never seen him before in my life.

"Hello Brenda," He smiled.

"Hello," I say. "Uncle…"

"Janson," He smiled. "Uncle Janson."

"You were my father's brother," I say. "Was he a good person?"

"Your father is a really bad topic to talk about right now," Uncle Janson says. "Still pretty upset about his death."

"He's not a topic, he's a person, and he died 18 years ago."

"We should be getting your stuff put in the car not ask your uncle questions," My mother explains.

"How about the two of you explain to me why I have to leave and why I'm never allowed to leave your side at all times."

"Because," My mother says. "Your father was killed by the horrible people and it's just not safe."

"I was out there for a while and it was perfectly fine," I drop the boxes and cross my arms. "Tell me why the picture of that missing girl looked a lot like me."

"Sometimes people look alike." My mom explains.

"I think your lying. I don't think you're even my mother."

She looks at me. "That's it. Janson, get her to the car and load up her things."

Janson grabs my hand and leads me to the car."

"Let me go!" I scream. "Why are you doing this?"

"Relax Brenda," Janson said opening the car door and makes me get into the car. "We're only doing this for your safety. You don't know it but your very special."

"How am I special?" I ask.

"Because people would do anything to get you in their possession to experiment," Janson says. "Ava and I are really doing you a favor."

"She's not really my mom and you're not really my uncle!" I shout.

"How could you tell?" Janson asks. "Was it the fact that we don't look anything like you or the fact that we didn't want anyone to find you?"

"Both," I say.

Janson put handcuffs on my wrists and on the handle above the seat I was sitting in. He locked all of the doors and headed back to the house to pack up my things.

Minho's POV

"I thought Jorge told you to wait for him to call us with a plan," Newt says. "Not go out on a rescue mission without him."

"You heard him," I explain. "He said it could take time to come up with a plan to find her and save her. We don't have time."

"What about the part where we need to locate her," Alby said. "Do you have a plan for that genius?"

"No," I say. "But I have a feeling I know where she is."

"That is so helpful," Alby crosses his arms. "I'm not letting you go try to find someone just because you have a feeling about where they are."

"Yeah," I said packing a bag and putting it over my shoulder. "Luckily for you and I, I didn't ask for your permission."

"You don't even have a plan," Alby stands in front of a door. "You barely even know this girl."

"I don't care," I say. "I'm going to find her. I don't need your help doing it either."

"You can't possibly go by yourself," Alby says.

"I can and I will." I walk out the door and head to the house where I found Brenda.

I get to the house and see a truck with a trailer and a car in the driveway. I look and see someone in the car. I realize it's Brenda and she's handcuffed. She looks out the window and spots me. I walk over and try to open the door. It was locked. I look around until I hear people talking. I bend down and hide behind the car. A guy walks over and puts boxes in the trailer. When he goes back inside I go back to the side where Brenda was. She looks back at me and looks relieved.

I look around and find a stick. I look at her and tell her to cover her face. I broke the window of the seat she was sitting in. She looks up and smiles.

"Thank goodness you're here," She says. "My mom is..."

"Isn't really your mom," I interrupt.

"How did you know?" She asks.

"Because," Your uncle came to us after we woke up and explained everything. You're the missing girl that those stories are about."

"You have to get me out of here."

"I grab a hold of the bar that her handcuffs were attached to and then pull it until it comes out. I grab her and pull her out of the window. I let her down as soon as someone starts yelling."

"Let her go!" A man's voice said.

I hear gun shots and we start running into the woods. A bullet hits my arm. We continue to run until I find a little cave. I get in and pull her in with me. We sit in the dark corner and become as silent as possible.

"I can't believe we left her alone and let her escape," A woman says.

"I can't believe you even left her alone that long so she could run away the first time," a man says.

"It's not my fault you called me in for an emergency meeting Janson," She says. "I had the door locked. I didn't know some crazy teenage boy was going to get in and make her want to go see the world all of a sudden."

"Who was that kid anyway," Janson says.

"It's some boy that she met," the woman says. "He's caused her to question us and now our whole plan is ruined. We need her. We need to experiment on her and figure out how to get her healing powers that she has."

"She doesn't know about them or how to use them." Janson says. "I doubt it won't be long before she does if that dumb uncle of hers finds her first."

"Then we better find those kids before he does," the women said. "Get in the car."

We wait for them to head back and then start running through the woods. We hear a car and then someone shouting. I hear gun shots and then a sharp pain hits my arm and I trip and fall.

"Minho get up!" Brenda says trying to help me up. "We can make it to your friends."

"Stop right there," Janson and the lady booth show up with guns pointed at me. I put my hands up as one of them pulls Brenda along and one of them drags me with them. When we get back to the house they lock me up in chains.

"You have to help him!" Brenda said. "He's hurt. He's going to bleed to death."

"We're not going to help him. He's a thief. He means nothing." The lady says.

"Please," Brenda says. "He's my friend I have to help him."

"Maybe we should let her Ava," Janson says. "Maybe she can learn her power."

"You can heal him if you figure out how. But he stays here so he can't follow us or find out how to find us."

Ava and Janson leave. Brenda gets down on her knees and sits next to me. "Minho," she says. "I need to get you out of here."

"I need you to leave," Minho says. "If you don't they could do experiments on you and you could suffer for the rest of your life. If you leave now you can find your real uncle and your real family. You can be happy and have a life."

"But I can't without you Minho," Brenda says. "I love you." Brenda leans in and kisses me. I kiss back for a minute. I feel the pain in my arm and start to go away. Brenda pulls away. "Minho, your arm is healing."

I look at my arm. "How did this happen?"

"I don't know," Brenda says. "I guess they knew my power was healing but I don't know how I used it."

"You need to run Brenda," I say. "It's the only way."

"No it's not," I say. She runs into her room and comes back with a paper clip. She unfolds it and sticks it into the keyhole of the lock. Eventually the chains unlock. "We can sneak out the back."

I get up and follow her. We sneak out and start running through the woods. We stop when we get to the river. I run across. Brenda comes across after me and runs into me. I put my arms around her for a second and then grab her hand we continue running.

"Stop right there!" A voice shouts. We stop and see a group of people coming towards us. Once they surround us I see some of my friends. I see a guy that looks Hispanic and he looks over at Brenda.

"Brenda," He says. "I've been looking for you. I knew that I shouldn't give up even though your father has."

"Who are you?" Brenda says.

"I'm Jorge," Jorge says. "I'm your family."

Brenda looks at him and then she walks over and hugs him. He hugs her back. "Let's go guys."

**After they get to town**

Brenda's POV

"Thanks for sitting down and letting me ask you questions," The police officer says. "We will search for these two people."

"Thanks," I say.

I go out and meet Jorge and Minho. Minho gave the crown to Jorge. I walk over and smile at Minho. Minho smiles back. He hugs me and we leave the building. We walk down the street to the hotel that Jorge has. Jorge decided that it was a good idea to move back here and live with me. My father decided it was best that he stays where he is. Jorge thinks that he should be here because I was his daughter. I hold hands with Minho and we follow Jorge. Finally I feel like I belong somewhere. I can see the world for myself.

Sorry this is rushed. I felt like this could be the last chapter. I will write more stories that are better but I wanted to get the older ones out of the way and finished.