Chapter 1

Deep, deep down somewhere in the universe in another dimension the Technodrome was floating around without a determined goal. In fact...boredom was striking Shredder, Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady more then ever. They had no chance of returning into their home dimension and worst of all their energy levels were lower as low again.

Bebop tried to kill some time in playing Monopoly with Rocksteady but failed horribly due to his under-earthly sense of intelligence and basic math skills. Frustrated he smashed the game against the wall which caused Rocksteady to snort in amusement. As those two dunderheads continued their childish ways Shredder decided to count his few successful missions he accomplished. He came up to three times all together which was not good but at least something. Krang sniffed about another episode of his favourite telenovela John and Marsha whiping away tears(absolutely trash in Shredders opinion), the amount of paper tissues reaching a new top doing so.

"Krang, do you seriously have to watch this bullshit all the time? Its always the same! John...oh Marsha...oh John...i think i already can recite every single line of this waste of time!"

"Shut it you's my favourite show and the only way to beat this horrible boredom you brought us into Shredder!" pointing one of his tentacles towards Shredder the alien prodded the ninjas chest over and over.

"Of course, now its my fault again huh? You know what? I am sick and tired of this whole alliance between us. " lashing out on Krang Shredder turned around and stomped off somewhere else in the Technodrome.

"Fine, think what you want, i don't care either way. And now shush down, i want to see the grand finale of my show!"

Flipping a tentacle in Shredders direction, Krang continued to watch his series and demanded popcorn from Bebop who swiftly sprung up to get some.

"Oh how much i hate this sorry little piece of... flesh!" he muttered and began munching the corn he just recieved. Closing his eyes enjoying the salty food Krang snapped out of this short trance and saw that today's episode of John and Marsha already ended.

"Aww it's already over..." disappointed Krang turned off the giant computer screen that served as television device. Sighing heavily the alien turned around and walked away from the computer giving some instructions towards Bebop and his comrade. He needed some time for himself. His private chambers were on top of the Technodrome right under the eye. It was a big and spaceous room with lot's of memories from Krangs victorious space-war crusades containing whole conserved bodies of high admirals and expensive goods such as gold and foreign materials which could used for weapons of all kinds.

A foot soldier was walking up and picked up Krang from his synthesised body carrying him over to his mobile walker. He was far more agile with this device and he could use his tentacles for grabbing things up. As the soldier vanished from Krangs room the alien walked over to a king-sized cupboard like thing. Opening its door revealing a huge mirror, Krang stares into the shiny material in front of him slowly touching his facial area. For a moment he stopped mid-tracks freezing right on spot. Krang remained in this stasis for a couple of minutes squeezing his eyes shut.

He was traveling back in time, many solar circles before his numerous quests around the universe happened...where everything started...the nightmare called life. Just as he wanted to go deeper in his memories a loud bang interrupted this session and Krang angrily smashed the door of the cupboard shut.

"WHO DARES TO BANG ON MY DOOR LIKE THAT!" he screamed, fuming with anger. He hated it when his privacy was violated.

"If this is you prepared for trouble mister!" snorting annoyed Krang walked up to the door opening it with a bit too much force. But it was not Shredder who banged on his was Bebop and Rocksteady both with a frighten look on their faces. They fall on their knees grabbing Krangs tentacle agitated.

"Something's happenin boss! Look at it!"

"Yeah*grunt* somethin' big is happening! All shiney and stuff!"

"What in blazes are you talking about?"

"Just follo' us!" Rocksteady said panicked and grabbed Krang's mobile walker under his arm running towards the control room of the Technodrome.

"This better be important you two or else..." Krang started to rant but quickly stopped as he saw the giant rift that appeared outside their ship.

"See? We told you it's a big thing!"

"Let me down you imbeciles!" struggling free from Rocksteady's grip Krang hurried up to the control panels eyes wide with shock.

"It must be an interdimensional rift! It could lead us to freedom! Or our damnation...either of it could be possible..." Krang saw a chance to finally escape of this void.

"Where is Shredder? I need him! We have to refuge the last resorts of power of the Technodrome to fly into this space rift!" barking out orders as usual Krang programmed his ship towards the coordinates of the gap in front of them.

Shredder was phoning with his mother as he heard Krang's screams. Muttering something into the phone he hung up and raced down the corridors of the Technodrome. As he was nearly there Shredder crushed into Bebop and Rocksteady. Wiping off some dirt of his cape Saki angrily glared at both mutants.

"The hell you're running around like lunatics? What is happening? Why is Krang screaming like that?"

"He said we can escape this dimension boss because some uhhh...rift appeared in space!"

"Yeah, a space rift!"

"Could it be?" Shredder's look brightened up. Was there finally a chance to escape this damned dimension? Grabbing both Bebops and Rocksteadys arm Shredder stormed into the control room with a manic laughter. Just as he wanted to walk towards Krang the Drome violently started to shake which made Krang slip with his walker. He tried to stand up but was unable to do so.

"SHREDDER! Help me you bumbling idiot! I cannot stand up!"

"What was that?" ignoring Krang's pleads Shredder's look fell on a black hole appearing right in the place the rift was before.

"Uhh...i think we're in trouble...serious trouble...look at this black hole in front of us!"

"HELP ME UP ALREADY YOU DUNCE! Help me before its too late!" Krang yelled frantic and his tiny tentacles waved around in the air. His pleads were finally heard and Shredder helped Krang up. The alien slapped Shredders arm angrily and tried to build up a protective shield over the Technodrome but it was too late. The dark matter's gravity was too strong and with a plopping sound Krang and co. vanished inside this mysterious black hole.


Everything turned black around them as the Technodrome was spinning around itself with high speed making all inhabitants deadly nauseatic. Bebop and Rocksteady grabbed each other for comfort and screamed out their lungs, Shredder got a hold of Krang and tried to hold him as good as possible but failed over and over again. Finally he managed to get a grip of the alien covering up the walker with his body. Shredder was not sure why he did this, he could care less about Krang's well being...but on the other hand...he was probably the only one who could bring them back to a place where it was safe for them so Shredder threw aside his antipathy for a second.

Some uncertain time later...:

The spinning stopped out of sudden and Shredder who covered Krang crushed hardly on the ground, groaning in pain. Bebop was unconcious by now and laid on top of Rocksteady who just emptied his stomach on the floor just a few meters away from Krang. In all this trouble Krang not even noticed that he was clinging up to Shredder for his dear life. A short flashback appeared on Krang's mind but vanished as soon it appeared.

Shaking his head in an attempt to get rid of the spinning feeling inside his head Shredder lessened the grip on Krang.

" head is spinning...what in blazes was that?"

" imbecile..."

"Great, we just crushed and you already start to insult me again. Way to go you piece of ganglia!"

"Shut up!"

"Why do you still clinge up to me anyway? We're not moving anymore!"

Realising his still firm grip on Shredder Krang bolted away from his partner and glared at him. Cursed Shredder! It was worse enough they got hurled up inside a black hole but now he had to take insults from a mere human! Did this pseudo-ninja really thought he enjoyed clinging up to him? Gritting his teeth in annoyance Krang dusted himself off looking around himself.

His eyes grew wider and wider. This was not couldn't be...

"The devil are we? Krang? Hey Krang, snap out of your trance! Where are we?"

"No...on all planets of this universe...why here...WHY?" crushing on the ground devastated Krang buried his face behind his tentacles. Shredder was not the only confused being around. Bebop tilted his head curiously and Rocksteady did the same, mimicking his friend.

"Krang? Where are we?" Shredder repeated his question again now more worried.

"Utromion...we're on the planet planet..."

"Pretty fucked up place if you ask me..."

"But nobody asked you!" snapping at Shredder annoyed Krang was standing up trying to hold up his composure.

Planet Utrominon was located in the Theta galaxy which was part of Dimension X.

"We are doomed...better said i am doomed..." Krang muttered to himself clutching his brain-like body.

"What are we doing now?" Shredder asked confused trying to figure out a way to leave from this godforsaken planet.

"Trying to repare the ship and then fleeing from here as fast as possible!" Krang yelled, jumping up and down in frustration.

"Hey Krang, why don't we stay here for a while? I mean *grunt* its your home planet right? Your family is living here too right? Can't we ask them how to return to our dimension?" Bebop said scratching his head.

"I can't believe i am going to say that now but...this is brilliant!" Shredder exclaimed excited and gave his underling a well meaning pat on the shoulder.


"Why not? They are your family...or do they detaste you the same i do?" laughing his ass off Shredder slapped his knee in amusement, bending over to get some air.

"I don't wanna talk about. It's complicated..."

"Come on, its always better as to stand around here like some dunderheads! Besides the faster we find a way home the faster we can plan our comeback on these blasted Turtles! Maybe then i can finally dine on...turtle soup! Hahahahahahaha"

"Ohhh shut up Saki..."

"What did you call me?" Shredder sneered.

"You heard what i said...I called you by your true name. Problems with that?" Krang retorted smugly, crossing his tentacles in amusement.

Shredder and Krang turned to each other fighting again. Punching the other one fiercly both not recognized that someone was sneaking up on them, better said a few persons or beings better said...

"Krang? Is that you?"

Both villains stopped fighting for a second. Krang turned his head in the direction of the voice that just called his name and gulped nervously.

"Oh no...this cannot be..."

"Woah he is even uglier as you Krang...and that means something..."

"I can't believe it! You finally have returned!" the alien being smiled in a creepy way. It looked exactly like Krang only with a slightly darker shade of pink and a nasty scar on its left than that he was wearing a pair of...headphones and dark sunglasses?.

Walking up to Shredder and Krang in the same bubble walker Krang used the alien stopped shortly before those two and mustered them.

A smile appeared on his face and his tentacles reached out to touch Krang.

"It's been so long since i saw you...come here, give your big bro a hug!" the being which obviously seemed to be Krangs older brother took the younger alien and embraced him in a bone crushing grip.

"Kuraang stop touching me like that! I can't breathe! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!" trying in vain to slap away his brothers tentacles Krang desperately craved for air.

Shredders eyes grew wide as saucers as he watched this surreal scene in front of him. Standing up slowly he dusted himself off and continued to look at these two strange creatures. This definitely would come in handy later on Shredder thought as he tried to hide a snickering.

"So this is your brother eh? Striking family resemblence i have to say...hahahahahahah"


"And loosing the sight of you being embraced by your big brother in a loving hug? Never...heh heh heh."

"Ughhhhhh of these days i swear...ugh..."

The rest of the strangers who followed Kuraang and also looked exactly like Krang circled around Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop. In their tentacles they hold sharp spears turned in their direction.

"Uhhh Boss...i think we may have a little problem on our hands now...*grunt*"

"You don't say..." slowly raising his hands in defeat Shredder gulped nervously and tried to look as harmless as possible.


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