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Chapter 4


Kuraang, Bebop and Rocksteady were on the streets again after a quick dinner and decided to head for the souvenir avenue(there was a whole district only for tourist souvenirs!) to get something nice for their boss. Luckily they got Krang's alien-express card with them so money was not a problem.

As they strifed through the various streets a particular shop dropped into Bebops sight. It was an antique store with lots and lots of swords in it.

Hey look over there! I think we found our place guys."

Awesome, lets head straight up." Rocksteady agreed and both mutants walked up to the sword store, Kuraang followed them amused.

You don't have to come in with us Kuraang, we can handle this."

No way, i won't take the risk of loosing you two again. Krang would kill me and i am sure Shredder too. He seems to be pretty aggressive when in certain situations."

Alright, but what if you get bored while we're watching for a present for the boss?"

I will fair quiet good as i am a sword fanatic myself and i got a huge collection of them in my quarters back home. „ Kuraang said proudly and pushed his fellow mutans into the store.

The doorbell rang and the store owner looked up from a magazine he was reading. It was an elderly looking brain with thick glasses on. A weird smile was on his face and he greeted the three with a motion of his tentacles.

Welcome my friends, come in come in. My shop is the greatest source of every sword in this whole dimension or universe if you want! How may i help you?" the elderly brain said, rubbing both tentacles with a big smile on his face.

Hello there Mr.X, good to see you again after such a long time."

Oh haven't seen you there Kuraang, how you're doing old chap?" he walked up to Kuraang and hugged him.

Just escorting two friends of mine. A little tour through town and now they're searching for some souvenirs for their boss. May i introduce? Bebop and Rocksteady. They are mutants from a far away dimension.

Interesting, well then, have a look around my friends." Mr.X said and showed Bebop a row of extremely sharp looking katanas. Rocksteady went over to another shelf with tiny swords, they looked more like daggers actually but were pretty cool anyway.

How much do these bad boys would cost?" the rhino asked curiously. Mr.X turned around and smiled.

Let's see, mhh this would cost 2500 Dimension X $ each of them. They're pretty rare and over 5000 years old! Two of my best blades around here."

Kuraang looked over them curiously.

I never saw them before. Quiet fine looking blades i say. You really want to sell them?"

Of course, they may be rare but they bring good money and in todays economy that's what counts. Would you like to buy them?"

Mhhh." Kuraang was uncertain. Should he or should he not?"

Hey Rocksteady i think i found something for Shredder! Looky here!" Bebop held up a very rich decorated and sharp katana with a black hilt smiling brightly.

Be careful with that, its pretty heavy! You sure about this one?" Mr.X asked warily.

What's wrong with it?" Bebop asked.

Nothing, what should be wrong with it?...heh heh heh...but do you guys have enough money for this? It costs over 3.560.000 Dx$"

We got Krang's alien-express card so there is plenty of money on it i guess."

As Bebop mentioned Krangs name, Mr.X swallowed nervously. These guys knew Krang? Writhing his tentacles in anxiety he tried to bring up a smile. Kuraang noticed this and sighed well knowing.

I will pay for it. No need to milk out my brothers bank account." he laughed and walked up to the counter with the tiny daggers in his tentacles mentioning towards Bebop to bring over the sword he wanted to buy for Shredder.

Mr.X nodded meekly and returned behind his counter to scan in the daggers and the sword.

Man, Shredder will be baffled when we bring back this guy here."

Yeah maybe he even give us a raise!"

Pshh yeah as if. You know him. He never would give us more as now."

Probably yeah * grunt *."

After finishing paying Bebop and Rocksteady walked out of the store with a big smile on their faces. Kuraang stayed back shortly and looked at Mr.X.

Thank you for staying quiet about Krang. I would not like that my „brother" knew that someone knows his secret." he whispered before he turned around to leave the shop.

Tell Kiaara my greetings." that was the only thing Mr.X said before he turned back on his magazine looking rather uncomfortable. Kuraang sighed and walked out to join Bebop and Rocksteady outside.

So what's up next? Where do we go now?"

I say we go back for now and bring back the souvenirs as they're rather heavy. After that later on we can go back, i would say after dinner. In the late evening there is more action around here as now."

Sounds alright to me." said Bebop a tad disappointed.

Dinner? This reminds me on my stomach. It growls ever since we left the food store." replied Rocksteady, rubbing his tummy unpatiently he licked his lips as he thought of huge amounts of mashed potatoes with turkey and creamy sauce, garned with tiny onions.

How much exactly can you eat?" Kuraang was truly surprised about the appetite of the rhino man. Seeing as how much he already ate back in the restaurant to imagine that a stomach could hold any more food...these earthlings were fascinating creatures Kuraang had to admit.

On their way back they came along a long lane of beggars. The alien ignored them and instructed his protègés to do the same. Kuraang murmured something in his mothertongue which were not understandable for both mutants.

The looks of the beggars however spoke for themselfes.

Vermins everywhere...its a shame our streets get infected by these kind so much lately. Dirty criminals, i despise them. Remember what i have told you about them boys. You only get in trouble if you're helping them."

Bebop and Rocksteady only shrugged. They did not cared about these guys at all.

Back with Shredder, Krang and Kiaara:

Krang had woke up by now and was a lot calmer as before. The awkward silence between Krang and his mother however was chilling, even for Shredder. He tried to focus on the various expensive looking vases in front of him. Hopefully they would relax him.

So how do you like it here so far?" Kiaara turned around to Shredder and smiled friendly. Shredder nodded and added:

Its beautiful, thank you very much ma'am" he replied making the female brain chuckling. She sat down besides Shredder and caressed his hand.

I am glad you like it. A lot of time i had to spend to make it look like that. I saw your view went to the vases. Do you like them?"

Yes, actually i am a sucker for old vases and these look so antique as they were thousands of years old!"

Well actually this over here with the blue ornaments is over 10.000 years old. My mother gave it to me as i married my late husband..." Kiaara looked down depressed out of sudden. The thought of her beloved Quanin made her heart bleed of sorrow.

I am sorry for your loss." he really meant it this time. Kiaara was so nice and still suffered so much...that showed Shredder what he already thought so many years before, being good brings nothing as pain and sorrow.

He resisted for a moment then he touched Kiaaras tentacle softly patting it a few times. Shredder was never good with emotional support, from his mother he learned nothing like that. His little brother Kazuo was the emotional one, he would have been able to cheer her up.

I am going outside mother." Krang said shortly, without any emotions. He left the room without looking back. Kiaara said nothing, only a small sigh escaped her lips.

Shredder had enough of Krangs behaviour. Anger boiled up in him as he followed Krang outside. Krang was looking towards the entrance which was empty by now. He was totally absent-minded, he didn't even recognized Shredder coming up to him with fierce steps.

He grabbed his partners bubble walker and yanked out the brain inside. Krang snapped out of his trance and was fuming with anger.

What in blazes? Let me down Shredder! I said let me down at once!" desperately he tried to reach Shredders neck but it was hopeless, he was not strong enough to do so.

Stop acting like a belligerent child and tell me why you're such a jerk towards your mother! She suffers enough already." the ninja said angrily shaking his alien partner firmly. Krang responded in spitting into Shredders face enraged.

DON'T YOU EVER DARE TO TELL ME HOW TO TREAT MY MOTHER!" he screamed bewildered. „You know nothing about me or my family so let it be. It's nothing of your business anyway..." Krang added meekly, clearly exhausted from his outburst earlier on.

Put me back into my walker Saki. This is a direct order."

You dare to spit in my face? Who do you think you are? Another action like this and our partnership was the longest time existent." he threw Krang on the ground in spite and walked back in.

The alien was speechless. Shredder never had talked to him like that. It had hurt him somehow which he tried to ignore. With all his powers he managed to crawl back into the walker muttering curses under his breath.

Shredder would pay for that. Just as Krang was stable enough to stand again he saw that Kuraang and those two bungling mutants came back. Grumbling to himself Krang retreated into the huge garden where his pet lizard already waited for him. The sight of its wagging tail made Krang somewhat happy. He slowly reached up to Lizza and caressed her head softly. The reptile nearly strangled itself with her leash as she saw Krang walking up.

His tentacles embraced Lizza's neck showing a rare moment of affection. A soft growl escaped Lizza's snout and her raspy tongue licked her owners cheek affectionated.

You would never treat me ill like this bungling idiot Shredder does, am i right? Of course you wouldn't, you're just a dumb animal...but a very brave dumb animal. My brave dumb animal..." he whispered into Lizza's ears as he slowly broke up their embrace.

Krang saw a stick lying on the ground and picked it up.

Care for an old game we used to play? C'mon, get the stick, i wanna see if you're still on edge or not!" with all power he threw the stick away from him, Lizza was closely behind and catched it with a little jump in the air earning a smile from Krang.

Good girl, now bring it back. Yeah, that's a good girl." caressing her head affectionated the alien wanted to throw it again but he was interrupted as out of sudden Kuraang was behind him.

It has been ages since i saw you happy like that Krang. You missed her right?" a smile escaped his lips.

You would know huh? Already back from your little trip?" Krang sneered at his brother and continued with his throwing game. Lizza happily accomplied and apported every single stick Krang threw for her.

Listen up, i know you're emotionally on edge at the moment. I can understand that, believe me. Coming home after such a long time and with all this memories on our home and...and father."

Kuraang stopped in his tracks as Krang got stiff like a statue. The older Utrom saw this and tried to change the theme of their conversation. But it was too late. Krang did not turn around, he just stood still as before not moving a muscle.

Both brothers could feel the upcoming tension in their actions.

With a swift movement Krang turned around and used a low-sweep kick towards Kuraangs bubble walker making him tumble in the process. He had watched Shredder in his trainings sessions and decided to use some of his techniques in battle.

No more words, i won't listen to you. Go away and leave me alone." Krang sneered angrily, it was more of a hissing sound though.

Never speak about father again or else you'll pay with your puny life, got that?" angrily stomping off into the house Krang left back a frustrated Kuraang.

I shouldn't have started this stupid topic. Now he is angry again. Poor little Krang. I wish i could help you in your frustration..." the big brother felt pretty small at the moment not able to make his sibling feeling any better.

Their father was a forbidden topic in the family ever since Quanin died. Kuraang never wanted to make such a fuss about it, this whole mystery agenda was against his beliefs anyway. It just made the frustration grew stronger in his opinion.

Shredder came out from the terrace door with a grumpy look on his face. A look at Krangs brother and his face lit up a bit. He was the brother who you actually could talk to if needed. And he needed someone to vent off right now! Walking up to Kuraang Shredder tried to not scream in his shaking anger over Krang.

Why is your brother like that? What happened to him in his past? I want answers and i will get them, if not from Krang then from you! I demand you to tell me right now, i as his partner have every right to know about it."

After Shredders rant Kuraang nodded and began to speak:

You want to know what happened? Fine, i am going to tell you. But promise me one thing and i have to demand on it...don't mention anything to Krang at all. Just let it be. You can't help him. He needs to come over it by himself."

I promise i won't say anything. Now tell me already!" Shredder said nearly bursting by now.

Follow me into my quarters there we can talk in private." he gestured Shredder to follow him which the ninja did. Shredder would get answers in either way. He just hoped it would help him to understand Krang better so that handling him would be easier in the future. Shredder was fed up with his partners behaviour for good.

Oh by the way, your boys got a present for you! If you want you first can go to them to have a look at it." Kuraang said but Shredder shaked his head.

Later, i want to get the story done first. And don't try to distract me with anymore tactics, it won't work. I am a ninja-master and far over any mind tricks."

Whatever you say, we are already here. Go inside, take yourself a seat."

Shredder sat down on a beanbag-like chair waiting for his opponent to begin. Kuraang closed his eyes and his body began to glow.

We will travel down my memory lane via astral projection. This way you will know everything what happened and how Krang felt on this whole ordeal. Be aware however that we are not visible at all, we're only bystanders, witnessing past events. Understand?"

Of course i do. Begin." Shredder said with annoyance.

His body felt all tingly out of sudden and after a few seconds he was gone, his astral spirit hovered over his frame which was pretty creepy at first for him. As Kuraang joined him both nodded in unison and started their journey into the memory lane.

I feel weird, is this normal?"

Well if this is your first time its totally normal. I usually only use this way of travelling to meditate you know? Sometimes its relaxing to dwell in the past"

What is that for a bright light?"

We are entering the mystic limbo of the astral world. Hold my tentacle, it could be a bit rough from now on."

With hesitation he grabbed Kuraangs tentacle and the blinding light surrounded both individuals guiding them towards their final destination.

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