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I don't know what happened. The last thing I remember is drowning in a sea, a wild sea.

Damn, I'm pretty sure I saw a shark swimming toward me to eat me since I was bleeding.

It was damn bitch, there was a group of terrorists barging onto my ship, killing the captain so that no one could escape or try to steer the ship.

Sadly, I was the captain... So one bullet straight to my right chest and I got thrown out to sea.

Then I see shark come at me with an open jaw.

Bye-bye, living world...

So now it was very reasonable that I found myself gawking while staring at a piece of broken mirror that was latched on a wall, showing someone's reflection...

It was a boy... He looked so young... Probably around four... He had light brown, messy hair, and pale, milky skin. He was wearing a dirty green shirt with black shorts and had bare feet.

The boy was skinny – not skinny like a skeleton or malnutrition child, but quite slim... He was healthy at least.

But that was not the thing that caught my attention...

It was his eyes...

They were crimson red with black pupils and one tomoe on each eye.

It took another moment for me to realize that the boy in the reflection was actually me.

So I did the only logical thing I could think to: I smashed my head into the mirror to make sure it wasn't a dream...

I yelped as I felt pain soar to my forehead; a warm sensation immediately struck my head where it crashed into the mirror.

I winced as I felt pain in my head and I held it immediately. It was clearly bleeding since I could feel a warm liquid seeping through my fingers and flowing down to my nose.

Okay, maybe that method was too extreme and I only needed to pinch myself, but seriously, my head still wasn't clear. I mean, come on! Last I remembered, I was 6,4 feet tall and had red hair! Not some midget with brown hair and a pair of almighty eyes!

I took a moment to take a deep breath and calm myself. After few inhales and exhales of air I found myself calming down. 'Be cool, be cool. You are an adult, so act like one.'

I tilted my head and began to look at everything around me. I needed to find out where I was first. It turns out I was in some kind of room... Yeah, and there were also many beds. In fact, this room was very big...

Almost like... an orphanage...

I took another deep breath before sitting down and crossing my legs.

Okay, I'm not a religious person, but I know well enough about reincarnation or something like that. So apparently after I died I was reincarnated.

I opened my eyes again and tried to find a large piece of the broken mirror that had been broken by my forehead earlier. I found one and picked it up before staring at my eyes.

They were still crimson with black pupils and rings, and one tomoe on each eye. I could tell my sight was... Strange... I stared down at my hand and noticed there was some... Blue... Blue aura that flowed in my hands.

Oh my God...

Red eyes with one tomoe... And a blue aura that was flowing within my body...

It's official... I'm in Naruto's World...

And I'm also an Uchiha...

With that realization, I did what most people would have done...

I fainted.

It was one hour later that I awoke, and when I awoke I found myself in a different room, this one almost like a hospital room.

It turned out I was right. I was in an orphanage and the matron apparently panicked when she found one of her children laying on the floor with blood flowing out of his forehead.

Somehow, I don't know how, I could speak Japanese. When I tried to speak in English or my native language, it was Japanese that came out. I was grateful for that since it meant I didn't need to study a new language. It would suck to stay mute.

Anyway when I awoke, I was able to use that chance to make an excuse for my illness. I said I forgot everything and the matron immediately called the doctor or medical ninja.

It took everything I had to not faint again. I mean, come on! Waking up and finding you're in Naruto's World is not something you could accept with ease!

This world is brutal beyond anything! Killing and fighting happened everyday! Fuck!

So now, I found myself staring at some grown up man who was wearing a white outfit complete with a hat, his hand glowing green whilst placed on my forehead.

After a moment he removed his hand and turned to the matron.

"Haru-kun here is fine, it's true he might have amnesia, but there's not any damage done to his brain," the medic-nin said.

"Then what about his memory loss?" The matron asked.

"It won't be much of a problem," the medic nin answered "A child's brain is still soft and doesn't contain anything necessary save for memories of his playmates or things like that. While it's true there's a chance his memory won't return forever, it won't affect his life very much."

I must agree with the medic-nin, if I had children who had amnesia at my current age, I wouldn't panic too much. All I needed to do is let him/her grow back, heck! He/she even could be molded and treated better!

"But still... Should I bring the Yamanaka?"

At the mention of Yamanaka, I immediately froze. Oh hell no! I don't want to go to them! Those freaky mind-possessing ninja! Stay away from my mind! Just imagining what they would find in my head already makes me shudder! Their reaction when they find out I was an adult and reincarnated into this body...

Thankfully the medic-nin seemed to disagree as he shook his head.

"I wouldn't suggest you to do that. Like I said, a child's mind is fragile. It's dangerous to play with a child's mind: one mistake can cause fatal damage. Even if the Yamanaka is an expert there's still a big chance Haru-kun's mind is not strong enough and it would make him fall into coma or destroy his mind."

The matron immediately paled and I inwardly let out sigh of relief. Thanks whatever Deity there is in this World! If I got sent to the Yamanaka I don't know what would happen!

The matron and the medic-nin then left the room. I guess they probably continued their conversation. Meanwhile, I began to think about my situation.

'I have the Sharingan, which makes me an Uchiha, and Yamanaka are also where I live. There's no doubt I'm in Konoha now, and seeing my current condition, I had no doubt I must be an abandoned child or the child of a whore. I mean, I'm an Uchiha, so there's no way I live in an orphanage! The Uchiha Clan will adopt me and bring me to their place! Which means the Uchiha family is not aware that I exist.'


That was very good...

'If I recall correctly, that is clan planning a coup d'etat and will be massacred later. I must avoid them as best as I can. I don't know what age I'm in now, but it's best if I stay away from them.

'It's better if they don't know about my existence. That will make things much simpler.'

And now to another thing...

What should I do?

While it's true it would be honorable and noble of me if I helped to fix this world since I have so much knowledge about the future, there's one problem.

I don't care...

I mean, why I should help these people? True it would be kind and noble, but why? I have no reason, nor would I get something by doing that...

But then, something crossed in my mind.

In my previous life, my life was normal... Very normal, in fact, to the point that I was boring.

Now I have a new life... a life where I have fore-knowledge of the events to come... A life where I know everything...

I don't know whether I did it consciously or not, but a wicked smile crossed my face.

In this world... exists something that should not touched by any mortal... Something that could even make you ascend from a human to become something that compared to a Demigod...

I already had part of its power: the Sharingan. But I don't want it... these eyes... they're not enough, not to mention I will go blind since I have no sibling or someone with whom I have strong blood ties. So after I awakened Mangekyo, I was destinied to be blind...

But... Those eyes...

Those famous eyes...

The Rinnegan...

I'm an Uchiha by blood; the moment I plant those eyes in mine, I can active and deactivated it, unlike Nagato who can't. And no one will suspicious.

Madara is a fool to give the Rinnegan to Nagato... The moment Nagato die s after his battle with Naruto, I will visit Ame and pluck out those eyes! And as Uchiha, I can use it to gain full power! A power that is able to knock down a Bijuu with a single glance!

Yes... the Rinnegan...

Those eyes would be the cure for mine...

I wanted those eyes...

I would have those eyes...


I broke out of my thoughts when the matron called me again. The matron was a woman around her thirties. She had long brown hair and brown eyes.

"Yes, Ma'am?" I asked.

The woman stared at me with strange look, as if she just witnessed something scary. It took me a moment to realize that this woman just saw my expression before.

Was my face really that scary?

"Why don't you go outside? Make new friends..." She said with a strained smile and I nodded.

I immediately leapt down from my bed before walking out. This was good chance, as now I could see what age it currently was.

Did I land in Kakashi's generation? Jiraiya's? Hiruzen's? Konohamaru's? Itachi's? Or Naruto's? Hopefully I'm in Naruto's generation!

As I walked out of the orphanage I immediately tried to find the Hokage Monument, and to my relief, there were four faces! This meant I was in the Fourth Hokag's reign or in cannon already!

Good, good. Not far from anything I know, even if I'm not in cannon I still can-

My mind paused when I noticed there was a group of children that were playing. They were happily laughing while chasing each other, but that wasn't what caught my attention.

It was the lone figure who was on the swing...

Amongst all of the cheer and happiness that happened around the children, a lone figure sat on the swing with a gloomy look.

I would never forget the figure... Blonde hair, wearing white t-shirt and black shorts.

I couldn't stop the grin that spread on my face when I saw Naruto Uzumaki swinging alone. Apparently I also landed in cannon time.

Perfect... Perfect... It's soo perfect...

I lifted my foot and took a step forward, walking past any children and approaching the supposed main character in this world.

Why do I say "supposed"?

Because, the moment I entered this World, this was not about Naruto Uzumaki anymore... it was about me, Haru Uchiha...

I stopped in front of Naruto and he rose his head to see me, bright cerulean blue meeting my raven black.

I smiled at him and lifted my hand up.

"The name's Haru, want to be my friend?"

A few months later:

"Come on Haru! You have to eat in that place!" Naruto said as he was now practically pulling my arm.

It'd been afew months since I met and started to be friends with Naruto. The little blonde immediately latched to me like I would be gone tomorrow the moment we began our friendship, and I couldn't help but feel a slight pity for him.

"Slow down, Naruto," I responded while keeping my speed same as his.

Everyday in Orphanage there was no one playing with Naruto. The Matron, while not physically abusive, bad-mouthed about Naruto and he was one of the children that were not on her favorite list.

Not on the favorite list = no extra food = got treated coldly.

At first there were a few children who joined us, but the number was reduced since most children were afraid when the Matron glared at Naruto and treated him coldly. Finally no one would be friends with him save for me, since I would practically brush off the woman's glare.

The glares did not just stop in there. It was just few weeks ago that me and Naruto were permitted to leave the Orphanage. As soon we went out into the street, people at first stared at us and then the stare turned to dirty glare the moment they recognized Naruto.

Naruto tried his best to ignore them but I could tell he was still disturbed? Me? I'm not disturbed, why? I'm an adult already, I don't need their attention or their cold glares, and I don't give a shit about what they're thinking.

I only have one goal, and it was also not an honorable one, so why should I need to act kind to them? It was very pitiable and stupid to think there were some glares that came from Shinobi.



Surely they knew the difference between a scroll and a kunai right?

Anyway, being close with Naruto had advantages. When Naruto wasn't with me or had his own matters to attend to – such as when he got called upon by the Hokage – I was alone: left alone precisely.

In that lonely time, I could turn on my Sharingan and practice by myself.

The thing that I trained most was my chakra control. That thing is absolutely necessary, and I had to master it. I didn't know much about chakra, but activing Sharingan was like raising two loads on your hands, and the longer I used it, the more strained my eyes and brain became.

Thus far, I was already able to do the leaf exercise: balancing leaf on my forehead. While the Sharingan not as detailed as the Byakugan, it was still able to see the flow of chakra. That was very helping in training.

I broke out of my thoughts when Naruto pulled me again and I winced slightly. "Naruto! Slow down!" I groaned out. "It's not like this place will be gone anyway!" I grumbled.

"I know!" Naruto said with grin. "But this time Jiji is there! And he's going to treat us! We don't need to waste money for extra food!" He yelled.

Ah, yes. As orphans we were given an orphan allowance of course. It wasn't large and was only enough to buy one lunch box for each day. I saved my money, of course, and Naruto also followed my act. We rarely spent our money and ate only in the orphanage, though Naruto spent it sometimes since he would go out to meet the Hokage.

Wait... Did Naruto just say Jiji?

"Jiji?" I blurted in shock.

"Yep! Jiji said this time I should bring you! He wants to meet you!" Naruto declared with big grin.

Oh shit... Oh shit, oh shit! Hokage wants to meet me?! Damn what should I do?! I knew I would meet him soon, but when it was mentioned like this I wasn't ready!

Okay, okay first calm down. Do not panic, remember, do not panic. I won't be able to act like a child, that was very clear since the Sandaime would be able to see right through it, but...

I can act like that...

While inwardly I began to forming plan, outside I only furrowed my eyebrows.

"Jiji? The one who always visits you every two weeks?" I asked.

"Yep!" Naruto grinned. "Come on! We already near!" He said before he pull me again, and I only followed him silently.

It wasn't long before we got near and I could see the place. As I expected, it was Ichiraku's Ramen. Inwardly I deadpanned. While it's true that ramen is delicious, it'ss not healthy.

I decide to pull a joke a little when I saw we were near. I could see the white robe of the Hokage inside Ichiraku's.

"Naruto," I said and I stopped, silently channeling chakra to my legs and making Naruto also stop since he couldn't pull me. No seriously, I had to do this or I would be pulled by him. This boy's strength is quite something for someone at his age. "This Jiji of yours... He's not some pervert who tries to molest children right?"

"WHAT?!" Naruto squeaked out. A blush immediately erupted on his face and I somehow could tell Hiruzen's eyes twitched, even if I couldn't see it. "No way! Jiji's not like that! He is a kind man! He always treats me to good food and talks nice to me! He also gives me extra money!"

"That's what perverts always do!" I replied. "They're kind to children, give them money and treat them nicely. But one day they began to touch you in an EWW place!" I emphasized the eww with high pitched tone like a child and I heard a laugh clearly come from Ichiraku's Ramen Bar, probably Teuchi.

Naruto meanwhile began to sputter and talk incoherently. I only grunted before grabbing his hand and beginning to pull him.

"Come on, Naruto! I will have a talk with this Jiji of yours!" I stated as I walked into Ichiraku's.

As soon I arrived, I entered the place and immediately put on a childish act.

"Which one of you is the Jiji that touches Naruto?!" I demanded hotly while inwardly holding my laugh. That I just insulted the Hokage and got away with it is something cool! I mean, this is Hiruzen Sarutobi! The Second God of Shinobi, the man who led Konoha in the Second and Third Shinobi Wars and survived damnit!

The only reason he lost against Orochimaru is because he used Edo Tensei. If he were facing Hiruzen one-on-one, I had no doubt that even in his old age Hiruzen would still beat him down and succeed in using Shiki Fujin!

I turned and saw there were only two people inside Ichiraku's. The first was obviously Teuchi, who wore his chef outfit, and the second was...

The moment I laid my eyes on Hiruzen Sarutobi, I felt a strange sensation come from him. It was the sensation you found when you stood in the presence of your boss or superior, and for a moment I couldn't help but marvel at the old ninja. Even in his old age he still radiated the aura of a superior individual.

Hiruzen, who saw me, gave me smile, although I could see it was forced a little. "Ah, you must be Haru-kun...," he greeted.

I snapped out of my daze as I stared at him smiling down at me. Inwardly, I took deep breath and prepared myself for the coming event.

It was time to act...

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