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This fan fiction was written as a response to a challenge posted by Slytherin's Pimp.

James and Lily were in fact the most unlikely couple in the history of Hogwarts. James Potter was from an ancient house and traditional parents. He was also a star chaser for the Gryffindor house team. Lily Evans was a muggle born witch smart, beautiful and ambitious, she was also in house Slytherin.

These two houses had been hated rivals since practically since the founding of the school. But these two supposed rival students respected one another and that respect grew into a love that they would never want it to end.

James' parents were absolutely opposed to have their son marry a muggle born witch, to them the purity of their blood was important, the muggle mages were a contamination, or a sick twist of fate. James stood his ground and told his parents. "Father, mother I love her with every fiber of my very being. You asking me to abandon her is like asking me to die."

His father told him their were pure blooded girls he could marry, he did not have to marry a muggle born witch. "You will not accept her, then you do not accept me. I guess this is good bye Father."

The two got work at the ministry of magic and made a very decent but never to the standard of what he had growing up. His family cut him off the family money or so he was told. Lily's only living relative was a sister who hated her because she got more attention than her simply because she was a witch.

Petunia tried many times sending letters to the school asking, if not begging to be let to study in the school her sister went to. "If my sister is a witch, then why am I not allowed to attend Hogwarts?" this sentiment became a deep jealousy and a bitter hatred as time went by.

The thing that made the situation worse was a prophecy that said that a child would cause the downfall of the current dark lord. The prophecy was told in secret, but as all things secret it was overheard and told in parts to the dark lord.

This dark lord was a person who has lived a very horrible life, a life of betrayal, rejection and pain he was born from a witch using a love potion to snare a man and while under the effects of the love potion he was conceived and later when his mother stopped giving him the potion she was abandoned by the father of her child. She would later commit suicide.

He was born under the name of Thomas Marvalov Riddle but the world feared him as the self named Lord Voldemort, so much feared that the public refused to say his name. They called him He Who Must Not Be Named.

The prophecy said the month the child would be born. Voldemort had a spy with the people that opposed him, the people that heard the prophecy. To him their was no bigger traitor than James Potter who married a muggle born witch. Their is an insult among magic folk reserved solely for muggle born wizards and witches, the insult was to call them mud bloods. And Lily being a muggle born and being part of house Slytherin was something he could not stand.

He decided to use a friend of James to spy on them and find the secret location where they decided to hide from him. Peter was an old friend and part of James' gang at school. His pranking gang they called the Marauders.

When Peter after a year that young Harry was born learned of the location of their hidding place she went first and foremost to tell his master where the family was. He went further and told him what security precautions they had.

"Well done wormtail, you have done well indeed. Once I kill the brat my plans can proceed without any more danger of the so called prophecy and when I return you shall be rewarded for your loyalty. "

As he apparated on the front yard of the Potter's home he felt like today finally he would be able to continue his rise to his rightful place as ruler of the world. The only thing stopping him was a stupid prophecy and the brat that the prophecy said would cause his death.

In his preparations to take over the world he made seven horribly thought and planned items, they were called Horcruxes . The horcrux was created when a person placed inside it a piece of their own soul that had been cut by committing an act of sheer evil by killing someone by his own hands that was innocent.

He used a curse who guaranteed certain death and the instrument he used to cut pieces off his on soul to create these cursed items. The reason was that as long as they items existed so would he. By doing so he would have virtual immortality.

The problem was that he did not know the entire prophecy and the fact that by doing this he was actually fulfilling it rather than stopping it. He blasted the door to ash as he walked across the front yard, not even taking time to notice the beautiful yard that the couple had planted.

"Lily, take Harry and run I will buy you some time. " James screamed up to the his wife and child. " How did you know we were here Voldemort? This place was hidden under the Fidelis charm." Voldemort began to laugh almost because he found it too funny to hide. "You should be careful when you trust a rat James. But let me tell you something, I do not hate you James. You are a blood traitor that is true but my offer still stands."

"You just need to stand aside and let me kill that filthy mud blood whore you married and her brat and you may join me in my quest to set this world right. " James was beyond furious, he screamed that he would rather kill him than to betray his wife or his son.

" James such loyalty, if you showed such loyalty to me. You might have lived and enjoyed the new world. Pity this is the end of someone so promising, DIE. " as Voldemort sad these words he used his killing curse as seen as the Green light hit him. The only left was James eyes looking glazed over and his smoking body.

Lily tried to hide Harry so that she might turn around and help her beloved. But as she placed the child in his hidding place the door was blasted to ashes. "Move away silly girl. Your husband made the mistake of trying to stop me, you don't need to die. Step aside and I will let you live, only the brat needs to die."

Lily touched her son's face and begged him not to kill him. Not to kill her only child. Voldemort did not even consider it he blasted her with the killing curse just as he had killed her husband. "Stupid mud blood did you honestly think I would let this brat live? He is the only thing that could stop me from achieving my rightful place as ruler of the world and making the world as it should be, mine."

Voldemort went towards the crying Harry Potter and he touched his face. "Had your parents listened to my offer you would live happily with them, but no, they refused it. It is all for the greater good that I kill you now, the greater good for me that is." as the killing curse struck Harry an unintentional horcrux was going to be made.

The truth was all together different. Lily Evans was actually Lily Gaunt and cousin to none other than the man that killed her husband, herself and was trying to murder her son. When the soul fragment entered the scar it was supposed to stay there as a new horcrux, but instead the soul fragment was absorbed by the ancient blood of Gothic Gryffindor and his old friend Salazar Slytherin.

In the instant the soul as absorbed Harry gained the knowledge and skills of the man that tried to kill him. The magical absorption of the soul fragment caused a backlash of magic that caused the killing curse to be deflected back at Voldemort destroying his body.

This single act would have repercussions on a much larger scale that anyone ever imagined. The first person on the scene was an old friend of the family his name was Hagrid and he was the half giant caretaker of the grounds at James and Lily's old school. He took the young Harry in his arms and decided to obey the orders of his employer and long time benefactor Albus Dumbledore.

Albus was also known as the man who defeated a past Dark Lord and thus was considered a hero to all the people, a champion of the light. In truth he was a man caught up in events he did not wish has happened the way they did. He was a kind hearted, honest and caring man if the man had any flaws it was his inability to believe that evil could exist in the hearts of other, or maybe it was his inability to see it.

He walked down the street till he came to stop in front of the house number four on Pivet Drive. He looked down at the cat and sat down next to it. "Professor McGonagall why aren't you at one of the dozen celebrations I saw on my why?"

The cat was gone as Albus turned to look at where the cat had been seating. A very Stern looking good mature woman was in its place, and she had glasses just like the marking around the cat's eyes. "How did you know it was me?" Albus laughing and commented that he had never seen a cat sit so stiffly before.

"You would sit stiffly if you sat on this stone fence all day long. I swear I have the stones marked on my poor backside. Why are you here Professor? " Albus knew what she wanted to hear." I am here to deliver Harry Potter into the care of his last blood relatives. "

Minerva looked like she heard the single most stupid and horrible thing ever." No Albus, you can not leave him here. I have seen the people that live here, they might as well be called monsters instead of people. A child beat his own mother with a club when she refused to give him anymore candy. His father congratulated him for beating his wife. "

" Professor McGonagall you must be seeing things, there is not a child in this world that would treat his mother in such a way and no husband who delights in seeing his son do such cruel things. Hagrid should be here any moment and the wards on this place he must live with a blood relative for them to work. It is the only way he can grow up safe. "

" Trust me, this is the house of his aunt, the sister of his own mother. Just from the love she has for her sister should be enough to make her wish the safety of her nephew. " Minerva did not seem to be that convinced but if Albus had faith in them he would at least place someone to keep an eye on them or at least she hoped.

As Hagrid landed on the big flying motorcycle he got off and in his arms was the sleeping body of young Harry Potter. The group watched as Albus left him and a letter in front of the house and with tears in the eyes of Hagrid and Minerva he gave out a painful howl as to show how sad it was.

"Be quiet Hagrid the situation is bad enough without you drawing unwanted attention. Let's us depart and wish a happy life for Harry Potter, the boy who lived. " The three disappeared, had they stayed they would realize how wrong Albus was. Vernon came down to check where was the blasted dog that was howling like that and shoot it with a shotgun he was carrying.


Petunia Evans began to read the letter and a very nasty smile spread on her face. "Take it inside Vernon and stop shouting. We have a wonderful gift. A chance to for me to have my revenge on my worthless, good for nothing sister and her husband, they are dead and the piece of garbage is their worthless son. Smile Vernon it is not every day you get a slave for free. "

The very next day they decided to never feed the brat anything that was not past the expiration date, they not throw milk that went bad it was all going to be for their slave and the slave's name was Freak.

The next day Dudley was told that if he wanted to have a good birthday gift and good Christmas gift he should listen and take wooden stick they point at. "Dudley if you want to get good gifts you have ever to do as we tell you. Take that stick, and every time you come down use it to beat the freak that lives in the boiler room under the stairs."

Dudley still innocent asked, "Daddy why are we doing this to him?" Vernon smiled at his son. "Not him son, it is not a person it is a thing, and we call a thing like Freak it, not a he or him. You are doing it a favor by beating the stupid out of it. But you have to beat it hard because it has a lot of stupid in him."