Title: Paradox

Author: Toch

Paring: Harry/Draco

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Sadly, they are not mine.

Notes: My first Harry Potter fic. Thank your for reading and do give me your comments!  Thank you!

Chapter I.


I rather you hate me.

Because only then would you remember me.

We often forget about those around that love us,

That's why I want you to hate me.

Be consumed by rage, by hate, by the darkness

Only then will you not forget me.

Soft whispers I do not need

They are just like the careless brush of wind.

I rather you curse my name.

Curse it with so much hate and rage

That your throat burns and boils

When you speak my name.

Careless, they don't stain.

But I need to feel your touch.

So I rather you break me.

You dye me

Blue     Red      Purple      Black

The aftermath feels real

I can even feel it weeks later.

Time may heal all wounds

But the scars still remain.

You'll always have a mark on me.

How I hate the fucking scar across you forehead

Why should you bear the mark of He Who Shall Not Be Named?

Why should that mark be more permanent than mine?

That's why I hit you harder than I meant.

"Your love. I don't need it"

I tell myself that,

But then, you touched me that day.

You pushed my hair away with your calloused fingers

Brought my lips closer,

our breathe mingling.

Whispered my name.

Brilliant green eyes a dark shade of desire.

Stain me with such sweetness and tenderness.

I can't tell the difference between hate and love anymore.

Hate me with your passion

Love me with your hatred.