Title: Paradox

Author: Toch

Paring: Harry/Draco

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Sadly, they are not mine.

Notes: My first Harry Potter fic. Thank your for reading and do give me your comments!  Thank you!

Chapter II.


I let myself hate you.

My reason for touching you.

Marking your pale smooth skin.

They bruise so easily

You bear my marks so beautifully.

Sometimes I hit you harder than I meant

and when you lay broken,

I hate you for the pang that is in my heart.

I curse your name.

  Draco Malfoy

I curse it with so much hate, so much anger

My throat burns and my voice remain hoarse for days.

Your name feels beautiful in my throat

I hate you for tempting me to whisper it.

I hate the way you love your father.

Why should you love a man like him

More than you hated me?

It's late in the night

and you are pressed against me.

Your breath tickling my jaw

Your delicate hands pressed against my chest.

You huddle closer as Filch stares in our direction.

Your body feels so cold,

I draw you closer

My arms around your slim waist.

Finally Filch moves away,

still muttering under his breath.

I feel you relax against me,

your body molding into mine.

We stumbled through the labyrinth of the dungeons

into a deserted room

and I pulled the invisible coat away from us.

"So Potter, what are you doing in here?"

And I could only stare

At the way the moonlight glister on your lips

The way they danced across your marble skin

The way your hair sparkle like a silver stream across your face

The way your eyes glittered with childish excitement and adrenaline from the just now.

And I claimed you.

Your soft lips

Your porcelain skin

Your enticing moans

Eden in your seductive body

You call my name.

Oh, hate me with your passion

Love me with your hatred.



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