Cross Battle has been cancelled and deleted. I apologize to anyone who enjoyed that story. The lack of reviews and my declining interest for that story, combine with poor planning of the plot, led me to make this decision. Res assure, however, they I am thinking of resurrecting it someday in a different form, but I will have to see more of the DLC character plans for the game first.

For now, please enjoy a new installment in my Super Smash Bros. series.




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Chapter 1
Museum of Nostalgia

It's been a whole week since the incident at Wuhu Island regarding the attack of Overlord exo-suits led by Manith A. Rottinbren.

Lucina and Bowser Jr., after that event, went to Smash Mansion with the Smashers to stay there for some time. The rest of the Koopalings went back to their castle.

The Smashers also brought back along four permanent members for their household—a Greninja, a Charizard, Duck the duck, and Hunt the dog.

As said earlier, it was exactly a week since the incident at Wuhu Island, and currently, some of the Smashers were visiting a place called the Museum of Nostalgia.

The Museum of Nostalgia was a museum built somewhere in the outskirts between Onett and Twoson about two years ago. As its name implied, it was a place where lots of nostalgic things could be found. Almost everything fun one could think of from the 60's to 90's could all be found there. It was a place where adults could relive their past and find enjoyment in doing so.

Fox and Falco were looking at a CRT television that was showing the fourth episode of Star Wars, the original version. "It's impressive how a movie made back in the 70s can have such impressive special effects and realistic costumes!" commented Fox. "No wonder this movie is so well praised even today! It truly is a classic!"

"I'll admit that it's pretty good for the time it was made in, but nothing can beat the computer graphics of the present days," said Falco. "I prefer the remade versions that have CGI added to them."

All of a sudden, a mob of Star Wars cosplayers charged at Falco with toy lightsabers in their hands and started ganging up on him.

"What the?! Hey! Ouch!" cried Falco while defending himself.




Peach, Zelda, and Lucina were wearing soldier outfits while posing with toy wands in their hands as pictures of them were being taken. When the picture takings were finally done, they walked off the stage they were on, and Peach said, "This takes me back! Sergeant Moon used to be one of my favorite cartoon shows back in the days! At night, I would raise a self-made wand towards the moon and shout, 'I shall defend the peace of the country in the name of the moon!'"

"I wasn't into cartoons back then, but I still found this show pretty impressive!" said Zelda.

"I guess this paved way for all those magical girl animations that we have nowadays?" asked Lucina.

"Yeah, it's the first ever magical girl TV show!" replied Peach.

The child Smashers were at a booth that had various old school video game consoles, such as the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, and more.

While playing Pokemon Red on a Gameboy, Ness said, "As fun as they were when we first played them, it's not easy trying to get back to these first generation games after having played the future generations."

"I agree," said Young Link, who was watching him play. "We've become so used to the new gameplay mechanics that not having them made these games so awkward to play now. Even so, I still have fond memories of playing these games when they first came out!"

Nearby, Bowser Jr. and Popo were playing Pong on an arcade machine. "People back then must be bored out of their minds to find something like this fun!" commented Bowser Jr., who obviously didn't find one of the first video games ever made fun.

Mario and Luigi were both eating at the museum's cafeteria. "Food back then is so cheap!" said Luigi while enjoying a large plate of spaghetti. "Something like this would cost about five dollars nowadays! I can't believe I got this for only a penny here!"

"Things back-a then are very cheap compared to today!" said Mario, who was eating an equally large plate of spaghetti. "To think that-a few pennies was very expensive back-a then!"

"I am most pleased to hear that you are enjoying your time here!" said a voice. The brothers turned and saw an anthropomorphic lion wearing a suit standing next to their table. "My name is Mel, and I am one of the founders of this museum."

"Pretty nice place you've got here!" Luigi told him. "It's great to be able to see things that you don't really see much nowadays and relive old experiences!"

"Here at the Museum of Nostalgia, we aim to let people relive the happy times of their childhood. We do everything we can to bring back everything that made people happy back then," explained Mel. "Childhood memories and experiences are one of the most precious things in a person's life, so it is important that we never forget about them and be able to smile whenever we look back at them!"

"Indeed! Da things we did-a az children are some of da most-a fun things in our lives!" said Mario. "To be able to relive them when az an adult eez basically a dream come true!"

"Makes you wish that you never have to grow up!" said Luigi with a smile.

"Indeed, being able to live a fun life like a children forever is a dream of many people!" said Mel with a smile.

The rest of the day went by for the Smashers at the place. When it was coming close to evening, they all decided that they had enough fun for the day and thus decided to go back home.

As they were returning in the Smash Limousine, Captain Falcon, who was driving, said, "I had a great time there! Seeing those old auto racing shows reminded me of why I want to be a racer in the first place!"

"Yeah! I had a great time remembering why I thought being a pilot is cool when I saw those old war movies and airplane models!" said Fox. "I'm sure everyone has great childhood memories they wish to relive!"

"Don't tell that to Samus and Snake," Captain Falcon reminded him.

"Yeah… Except them…" said Fox as he remembered that those two had tragic childhoods.

"I think designing the toilets to look like olden day kinds is a bit going too far, though…" said Link, to which all the others agreed.

After the museum had closed for the day, Mel went into the deeper part of the building and came into a room where there were several people dressed as scientists working on machines and computers. He talked with one of the scientists there, and then he headed up a staircase and into a hallway that had a door at the far end.

When he was close to the door, he picked up a gas mask placed on a table next to the door and put it on his face before entering through the door.

In the room behind the door, toys could be seen all over the place, and a person was seen seated behind a couch in front of a television, and that person was playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Flies could also be seen flying around the couch.

"Master Billy," Mel said to the person. "The scientists told me that while it is not one-hundred percent complete yet, it can already be activated and will be able to at least affect Onett and Twoson. Do you wish to perform a test run with these two locations first?"

"Perform a test run with these two locations first," replied the person in a rough yet high-pitched voice.

"As you wish, master," said Mel. "It should be ready in about two days, but I will tell them to activate it tomorrow. Once it is activated, everyone aged eighteen or higher in Onett and Twoson will be struck with an intense feeling of nostalgia."

"Then we shall bring them back here and let them enjoy their childhood to their hearts' content!" said the person behind the chair. "After that, we shall affect everyone on this planet with nostalgia! With that, the twenty-first century and the future shall disappear! Everyone shall live in the golden days of the past! The 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's! Those were the good old days that people have forgotten about! Literally everything the olden days have to offer is better than all these c***s the present day is churning out!"

"Indeed, it's a pity that people nowadays no longer respect the good old days," said Mel in agreement. "Soon, the whole world shall forget about the present and start living a life that they enjoyed greatly when they were children!"

"The past shall be the present and the future! The glorious memories of our childhood shall reign for eternity!" said the person behind the couch, and then he made a bizarre noise. "Brbrbrlbrblrbrlbrlbrlbrlrblrbrlbrlbrl!"

Somewhere inside the museum, there was a place artificially made to look like a town from the 60's or 70's. It was populated by people who visited the museum and became so fond of that place that they actually started living there.

The people there lived a simple and easygoing life and enjoyed the things they did in their childhood. Even with access to only technology and television programs of the 60's and 70's, they were still enjoying life to the fullest. It was like they could live a life like this forever.


For those of you who haven't realized this yet, this story is in fact an adaption of the Crayon Shin-chan movie entitled The Storm Called: The Adult Empire Strikes Back.

For those who haven't seen that animated movie or read its summary on Wikipedia, reading this story will give you an idea on what that movie is about, so I hope you look forward to it!