Mercuria: This poem is in response to recent poems which speak of the proof of the existence of a deity. And before you get any ideas, no, I'm not arguing. At least not intentionally. Rather, if your recent work has addressed this topic, please think of this as being inspired by your piece. I write this neither to insult nor condemn nor claim that mine is the only way, because Goddess knows it's not. (Yes, I'm still an atheist, but old habits die hard.)

Step outside with me
Do you see the stars?
Twinkling is too kittenish for them
so they burn
like blazing diamonds
in a black velvet cloth sky
What are they to you?
I cannot guess
but I know
what they mean to me
Beauty in simplicity
Something so perfect
could not have been created
What tells me this?
My heart

Walk along the beach
Do you hear the ocean?
Hissing and crashing
a temperamental child
in its fits
Turning from
green and blue to gray
at an instant
And overhead
the cries of the gulls
tear at my heart
I want to fly with them
What does it all mean to me?
It's a cycle so complex
in its intricacies
that for it to be merely
a well-ordered machine
would degrade it
So says my heart

Pick up a prism
Each facet hides
a new world of rainbows
reflected off the sun
The colors blend and meld
and yet stand out
on the clear knife's edges
of this manmade thing
But man did not make the light
that skitters across the surface
like a joyful puppy
I see this world of little miracles
and in my heart
I see no room for God

Mercuria: Yep. What might be other people's argument FOR God is my argument AGAINST God. What can I say? I am strange. Please review!