Twelve: Hybristophilia

It was morning. What woke Kagome was not the sunshine or the faint smell of French toast, but rather the amazing feeling between her legs. Spreading them open wider, she arched her back, her giggle turning into a moan when she began to toy with her own nipples. The tongue in her pussy went faster and faster, fingers roughly circling her clit. Minutes after waking, she came with a gasp, crying out in happy satisfaction.


Her professor kissed her way up her body from under the blankets, leaving tiny smears of her juices along the way until she got to her lips, where they shared a deep kiss.

"I love you always, Kagome," she whispered, eyes looking big and dreamy in the morning light.

"Me too," she sighed.


A tickling sensation woke Kagome up from her wet dream. Inuyasha was spooning her and had awoken earlier, as usual, and was now leaving little fluttering kisses on her cheek and forehead.

"You dreamin' about me?" he asked, voice husky.

She didn't have the heart to tell him the truth, so she just smiled and let him turn her over, returning his kisses with equal passion and more, a faint guilt enhancing her feelings for him.

It had been three years since that hellish night that had changed everything. Many nights, she dreamed of Kikyo. Sometimes they just talked, sometimes they were silent but together, but usually they were having sex. Inuyasha knew what was going on, something she'd had to tearfully explain the first time she'd called out his ex-wife's name in her sleep, and had done research. Apparently, that was a side effect of the spiritual bonding. He'd learned to take advantage of how horny her dreams made her and seldom asked questions now, and she was so grateful she could scarcely express it. The information he'd found was a giant relief for Kagome. A part of her had wondered if she'd made the wrong choice, if her subconscious was trying to tell her that she should have chosen Kikyo. But it became clearer every day that Inuyasha was the only one for her.

Now that Kikyo wasn't around, he'd become gentler. He was attentive, loving, supportive, sexy, and he never tried to stab anyone. Perfect. All the potential she'd sensed lurking somewhere far beneath the surface was coming out, and it was beautiful to see.

Kagome tugged on a length of his hair, getting his attention from where he had been lovingly kissing her stomach.

"You ready for the big day today?"

He grinned, scooting up so they were eye to eye. "Keh, I've been ready for three fuckin' years. Can't wait to get this shit over with."

His happiness was contagious and soon she was caught up in it, in everything that was Inuyasha. "Do you think we have time for—"

The ringing doorbell followed by two abrupt knocks answered her unfinished question.

Inuyasha growled into the skin between her neck and shoulder. "Fuck, of course she's early."

While Inuyasha pulled on pants he'd flung somewhere in the room the night before, Kagome checked the urge to do her make-up, fix her hair, change into something more flattering than her short polka dot nightgown, slip off her elegantly subdued engagement ring… Would it be rude to throw it in her face like that? She didn't know. They'd had almost no contact other than arranging this meeting, and she hadn't had time to warn her. Did she still hold out hope that Kagome would change her mind and choose differently? Nervously twisting the ring she loved so much, the girl told herself to quit being silly. There was no way she'd ever leave Inuyasha, not now, not ever, not for anything or anyone.

It was her job to make Kikyo understand that.

They went to the door as a couple, holding hands, each leeching strength from the other. After a deep breath and a glance he thought was secretive sent her way, Inuyasha opened the door.

At first, they just stared at each other. Kagome nearly gasped when she saw that Kikyo wasn't alone. The bitchy waitress, Hitomiko, was standing there, no expression on her face but an arrogant mocking in her eyes that said it all. She chose to ignore her, instead concentrating on the woman she hadn't seen in anything but her dreams in far too long.

Kikyo looked much the same, but somehow calmer, not so rigid. Her hair was a few inches shorter but still flowing long and beautiful down her back. Without being invited to, she stepped over the threshold, extending her arms for an embrace before lowering them, glancing between Inuyasha and her former pupil.

"Forgive me," she said. "I was just so happy to see you."

Kagome nodded. "Um, would you like to sit down?" She could practically hear Inuyasha rolling his eyes. She squeezed his hand once, asking him to behave.

Kikyo's solemn eyes took in the redecorating that had been done in her absence. This time, Inuyasha had had a say in the décor, and it showed. At first, he had claimed to be disinterested, saying it was a woman's job and she should just do whatever she wanted to, but she had encouraged him to be involved, and after a few days he was more into it than she was. This mesh of their tastes had resulted in a pleasant chaos, and their love nest was filled with leather armchairs sporting lace doilies and pink afghans, swords and other archaic weapons on the walls right next to framed pictures of pastel watercolor kittens, colorful boho floor cushions on dark wood floors. No more was everything white with small splashes of dull color here and there, all Kikyo's work. Everything was just his and hers, Inuaysha and Kagome, mixing and blending together into something new and beautiful.

Hitomiko and Kikyo sat down on the loveseat while Inuyasha and Kagome shared an armchair, her sitting on his lap (the half-demon had planned this beforehand, and she never objected to having him close). She almost smiled at the identical posture and faint looks of distaste the women had.

"How have you been, Kikyo?" she tried, wondering just how much more awkward this was going to get before it was over.

"We've been fine," Hitomiko answered. "Happy and just fine."

"I'm sorry for my actions from before," Kikyo said so quietly she nearly whispered, glancing at Inuyasha.

"You mean stabbing me, kidnapping Kagome, and almost killing her?"


They glared at each other, the old animosity returned, though thankfully much reduced.

"So, um, how long have you and Hitomiko been together?" Anything to attempt and lessen the tension.

Kikyo smiled at her, perking up. "We left together. I was scared to be alone after…that…and so took a chance and asked her to accompany me." She looked at her girlfriend and took her hand before turning back. "But that doesn't mean I've forgotten you, Kagome." The intensity on her face was familiar. She'd seen it countless times in her dreams and before that in her everyday life. It took her breath away and scared her a little.

"All right, enough of that. Undo the bonding and get the fuck back to wherever and stay there." Inuyasha's arms encircled Kagome tightly, like she might try and run from him.

"On one condition." Withdrawing her hand from Hitomiko's, she crossed her legs at the ankle, again the attention commanding professor, and said, "I want one last time with Kagome." When her girlfriend nudged her with her elbow in a way she thought was discreet, she amended, "And Hitomiko, too."

The two women looked at Kagome, once with an almost overpowering longing, and the other with contempt and maybe a faint bit of appraisal. The girl suddenly felt like childishly hiding her face behind her hands, as though that would protect her from their strange lusts.

Inuyasha laughed, a harsh sound that quickly turned into a growl. "No fuckin' way. I can't believe you! Almost killing both of us and we let you get away with it, then you come back here and—"

"Please," Hitomiko broke in, for once no superiority in her face and tone. "I want to be with Kikyo, I want to bond with her, and I can't until this mistake is undone. And Kikyo can't undo it until she has closure."

"No," Inuyasha said even firmer.

"After this, we'll leave you alone entirely," she promised. "Look, I don't like the idea of it either, but if it brings the woman I love peace, then I'll go along with it."

"Please, Inuyasha," Kikyo said, tears glistening in her eyes but not falling. "You loved me once, I know it. And you love Kagome now. Try and understand."

Sneer softening, Inuyasha looked at each of the women for several heartbeats apiece. Finally, he sighed.

"What do you think, Kagome?"

His face told her he wouldn't hesitate to throw them out on their asses if she refused, but he wouldn't blame her if she agreed, and maybe thought she needed closure as well. Hitomiko's face told her she would do anything to get even a fraction more of Kikyo's attention to herself. Kikyo's face told her nothing but that she wanted her now, had wanted her for years, and she was prepared to keep trying. And her own heart? What did it tell her?

"As long as Inuyasha is there, I'll do it." Her eyes hardened. "And if either of you try to hurt him in the slightest, I won't forgive you and I'll make you regret it a hundred times over." The image of him with the knife in his chest sometimes came back to haunt her, leaving her sobbing even though he was warm and alive next to her, comforting her.

"I don't want him participating," Hitomiko said, eyeing him with mild disgust.

The half-demon snorted. "I got enough of girl on girl when I was married. It's not hot anymore, it's boring and it pisses me off. And I'd rather chop my balls off than touch you, bitch."

As she walked up the stairs to the guest room, not wanting to sully the bed she shared with Inuyasha with these memories, she was reminded of that first night when she was brought to the house by the beach. The hope, the fear, the doubt. But she'd placed all her trust in Kikyo and agreed to be her unicorn, and it had led to a life greater and more fulfilling than any she could have imagined for herself. The room was dusty and hadn't been used since her mother came to visit six months ago. It was the one room left almost entirely untouched during the redecorating, looking pretty much the same as it had when she had briefly shared it with Kikyo during the time she switched back and forth between the couple every other night.

But the years and circumstances had made things awkward. Blushing, eyes on her feet, Kagome removed her pajamas the way one would before a medical evaluation or prison inspection. Tugging her hair out of the high, messy bun, she shook it out over her shoulders. It seemed Kikyo wasn't feeling the same hesitance she was, and as soon as she was finished, her lips were all over her former student's. Hardly able to breathe, Kagome tried her best to respond. This wasn't like before, and certainly wasn't like in her dreams. This was desperate. This was violent.

This was the end.

The thought allowed Kagome to relax and she lowered herself onto the bed, bringing Kikyo with her.

"Hurry it up," Inuyasha said from the chair at the foot of the bed. "Me and Kagome are going out to brunch in an hour and a half."

Defiantly, Kikyo sat on Kagome's face.

Though she hadn't been with a woman in years, it all came back to her instantly. Tonguing her slit, she remembered how she liked to be touched, running her tongue back and forth just underneath her clit before giving it a tiny nibble, soothing it with a suck. If she was rusty, Kikyo didn't let on, moaning and gyrating on top of her.

"I've been dying to do this for so long," Hitomiko whispered in Kagome's ear, voice silky and taunting.

The hands on her breasts were foreign, assaulting her sensitive nipples almost too painfully. After her nipples felt raw from being tugged and pinched, Hitomiko got to work on them with her mouth. Kikyo watched her girlfriend pleasure and torture her former student, smoothing her hair when she felt she was being too rough. When her breasts were tingling all over and her nipples as hard as they'd ever been, Hitomiko licked her way down Kagome's body, coming to a stop at her pussy. Kagome jumped and squealed when she was abruptly penetrated with four fingers without a warning. Even as jarring as that was, she was soon thrusting back against them, whimpering and moaning. Evidently, Hitomiko was very well acquainted with how to please a woman. Had Kikyo given her personalized tips on how to touch her there? Keeping her position on Kagome's face, Kikyo brought her face down to where her girlfriend's fingers were and began to lick at her ex's clit, groaning in pleasure at tasting what she had been denied for three years.

The three of them worked together to bring the two women to orgasm. Despite the intense feelings shooting through Kagome, it was Kikyo that came first, crying out into her and spasming, locking her legs on either side of her head. As Kikyo rolled to the side, gasping and curling in on herself, Kagome used the reprieve to focus all her concentration on getting herself off. For no discernable reason, Hitomiko stopped working her magic fingers and instead moved to kiss her, pushing her knee between her legs. Kagome rubbed herself against her thigh, desperate for any relief, and didn't stop even when the woman above her brought her hands in a ring around her neck, squeezing lightly, enough to take her breath away and make her face flush but not enough to hurt her. It enhanced the experience, and she was just loosening the grip when Inuyasha jumped into the fray, ripping Hitomiko's hands away and pushing her to the floor.

"What the hell!" Hitomiko shrieked, pissed off, eyes blazing.

"You're not allowed to touch Kagome again." His barely contained brutality showed through in his clipped words and the woman merely nodded.

Kagome lay gasping and still aching for an orgasm.

"Stop being so dramatic, Inuyasha," Kikyo sneered. "What, you're afraid Kagome will enjoy being with us a little too much and one more woman will leave you?"

If she had been able to speak, Kagome would have warned Kikyo, would have tried to stop Inuyasha. But instead all she could do was watch as the man she loved took the woman she loved and pushed her face down on the blanket, pulling himself from his jeans and forcing his cock inside her unprepared ass. It was a savage punishment and she watched, horrified at the act and wondering how she could love two people who were capable of such dark things she'd seen them do time and time again.

"Stop it!" Hitomiko shrieked, getting to her feet. "Gods, Kikyo!"

"It's fine!" she called, face stoic, gritting her teeth. "No, he needs this."

And it was true. Kagome watched in stunned fascination as with every brutal thrust some of the residual bitterness drained from Inuyasha's face. Though his fingers dug into his ex-wife's hips, claws buried entirely, blood streaming from the wounds, his face was quickly changing into something beatific and beautiful, angelic. Kikyo accepted all he did to her as her due, not taking pleasure and weathering the pain. Faster and faster he moved, making the bed move and screech across the floor, banging into the wall, his movements arousing Kagome further despite herself. Just when she thought Kikyo wouldn't be able to take it anymore, he pulled out and jacked himself off a couple times, cumming in her hair.

"You always hated that," he said with a smirk.

"You are a child," she hissed. Ignoring him now, she scooted over to where Kagome was. "Now I'm going to take care of you."

Grateful that her needs were finally being noticed, Kagome threw herself into the embrace, kissing Kikyo with abandon, apologizing and condemning without words, not wanting to think anymore, just wanting to feel.

"I'm not into guys normally," Hitomiko said, "but I heard from Kikyo you're into femdom, so I brought a strap-on—"


Kagome could hear the shudder in his voice and would have laughed if she hadn't been distracted by Kikyo sucking on her throat. Running her hands up and down Kikyo's sides, she savored the feeling of the soft, delicate skin. Taking a nipple in her mouth, she tried to make the feelings last, tried to memorize every last detail, but her body was urging her to hurry. Suddenly in control, Kikyo laid down on her side, bringing Kagome with her, face to face. Staring into her eyes, trying to communicate things she didn't want to think about, Kikyo gently began to caress her between her legs, loving her with her fingers. Soft and sweet, Kagome angled her hips for better access and touched her back. The mood had changed and suddenly she felt just as she did back then, loving Kikyo as her savior, living in the moment and in their past moments.

"Tell me you love me," Kikyo whispered fervently, speeding up her fingers, bringing Kagome almost to the edge and then back again. "Even though it's a lie, I need to hear it."

"I never stopped loving you," Kagome murmured, pressing a kiss to her lips. "That's the truth."

With a small cry, Kikyo turned her on her back and added another finger, rubbing her just so in that place that drove her crazy, her breasts teasing Kagome's, nipples flirting together. The orgasm she'd been waiting for arrived with a rush and a hard kiss swallowed the younger woman's moan. Before her aftershocks were finished, Kikyo pressed a hand to her lover's heart, her lips unmoving.

The last thing Kagome heard was Inuyasha screaming, "What did you do to her!?"


She knew even before she awoke that they had missed their brunch reservations.

Sure enough, when she opened her eyes, the room was dim with twilight. Everyone was dressed except for her, which made her blush. Hitomiko was in the chair, foot tapping and arms crossed, while Inuyasha and Kikyo sat on either side of her, holding her hands, just as when she had woken up after the accident.

"Inuyasha told me everything," Kikyo said, staring at the engagement ring, rubbing the surface with her thumb. "I'm not going to attend your wedding, so don't feel obligated to send an invitation. And I won't send you an invitation to mine, either."

"Did you undo the bonding?" Kagome felt it was the only safe question to ask.

"Yes," she said with a small smile. "What, was I so good you thought you passed out from that?"

Kagome's face colored further.

Sighing, Kikyo said, "I guess it's time to go." Leaning down, she gave her a hug, intimate in its warmth and length. Nuzzling her ear, she whispered, "We're moving just two towns over. I'm slipping my business card under your pillow."

Her kiss was more an invitation than a goodbye.

"Rest here, Kagome. I'll see them out."

Smiling gratefully at her fiancé, Kagome snatched the card up as soon as they were out of the room. In old-fashioned, delicate cursive script, it gave her name (now Kikyo Shikon) and new phone number. On the back, in her own elegant writing, was a message.

Though the bond is severed, some effects last forever. See you in my dreams, Kagome.

It shamed her that a part of her was thrilled she'd still have that small connection to her former mentor. Inuyasha came bounding up the stairs and into the room. Kagome didn't even think to hide the note, didn't want to, and held the card up to him without a word. Head cocked to one side, he sat next to her and read it. By the end, he was fighting not to shred it into pieces.

"The bitch knew what she was doing. She's infected you! A part of her will always be inside you now."

His shoulders slumped and it hurt her heart. Getting to her knees, Kagome put her arms around Inuyasha, hugging him from behind. Kissing the ears that were so precious to her, knowing he'd heard all the whispers between her and Kikyo, she apologized, wishing things weren't so damned complicated all the time.

"These past few years, I could see how much you missed her. I saw how happy you were when she showed up today. Do you…" He swallowed, voice suddenly shaky. "Do you regret being with me? I know you love those dreams with Kikyo, and it's okay if you want to meet up with her when the dreams get really bad, but just tell me first and warn me if you feel like leaving me so I can try and fix things, because I—"

Shoving him on his back, Kagome straddled her beloved half-demon's waist, bringing her face close to his and kissing the tip of his nose.

"I might miss Kikyo, but I'd rather die than leave you, Inuyasha," she whispered, voice husky with love and sincerity.

His trembling hand caressed her stomach. "Fuck, I can't lose you! I love you so much. I love both of you."

She giggled and kissed him quickly on the lips. "But you only found out one of us existed yesterday!"

"I love anything that has to do with you, Kagome."

Turning her over, he held her tightly to him, shifting so that one ear was pressed against the tiny swell that hid their child, still forming, so tiny and pure. They stayed like that, warm and happy, until her stomach growled and he got up to make her dinner.

THE END (I am so bad at endings, and middles, and usually beginnings…)! Thanks for coming along for the ride. I know it's not what people expected, but eh. Tell me how you think this should have gone. I love you guys and like knowing what you think. I'll be posting my next story on Valentine's Day because I am unboyfriendable and have nothing better to do. I look forward to our next adventure!