Anna pushed Nina and Jin into a small scale room. It wasn't extremely large but it was very high. Around the ceiling it began to curve like a circle. There were computers and monitors covering the walls. The lighting of the room was blue. Lights would flicker on and off.

"Get in their." Anna said shoving Nina and Jin into the room. Jin fell to his knees. Nina helped him back up.

"Ah how sweet." Anna said sarcastically. "Don't worry about it you both will be on your knees begging for mercy as soon as Kazuya gets here."

"Anna why are you doing this." Nina said with a disgusted look on her face as she stood in front of Anna. "I know this thing doesn't mean a thing. Why are you helping Kazuya?"

"You wouldn't understand."

"No... No you don't understand you don't know how it feels to wake up in the morning and have to worry about being hunted and caged! You don't Anna yo-"

Anna slapped Nina in the face slamming Nina to the ground.

"Why you!" Nina was ready to get up and return the hit when she heard a voice.

"Stop!" It was Kazuya.

He stood higher up than they did. He was up on a piece of the ground extended up like a small rectangular stage. There were short curving metal platforms in which to clime up and down from the plat form.

"I got them Kazy just like you asked." Anna said holding the gun to her side smiling.

"Good now come to me." He said in a pleased voice.

A door behind Nina and Jin was sealed shut in a matter of seconds. Nina and Jin looked back to it. As it closed it seemed to symbolize their fate. That was their only current way out and it was gone now.

"Why do you need us so bad?" Jin screamed at them.

"Now, now I'll get to that in a second." Kazuya said still in a calm mood. "You see first of all we only wanted Nina. She was a good source for our experiments. When we discovered that she had not been effected when we had tried to brain wash her. We realized that this was becoming a little more serious. If our experiments had not been completely fulfilled as the research had appeared. Then that meant that their was some other effect taking place. We wanted Jin because h-"

"Wait what other affect?" Nina yelled with a sudden burst concern.

"Nina shut up!" Anna yelled back. "You won't need to know any more. Nothing worked! You failed us and now that you have no use left we plan on killing you!"

"What!" Jin shouted joining the repeated fire of questions.

Kazuya stood their looking frustrated. He could hear Nina, Jin, and Anna all talking and spiting out comments.

"Silence!" Kazuya yelled. "Nina the experiment didn't work. We need Jin because we plan on-"

A gun fire sounded. Anna breathing heavy with the look of fire in her eyes held the gun out in front of her. The gun was aimed at Nina. Nina put her hand on her stomach.

"Anna You Bitc_" Jin yelled.

Nina fell to the ground.

"What did I tell you Anna." Kazuya said turning to her slowly.

"She maid me mad." Anna said plainly.

"Nina are you ok? NINA!" Jin said holding Nina in his arms on the floor.

"I... I'm fine." She said slowly raising to her feet. Nina had a bullet mark on her side. Blood was around the spot. Anna had just barley hit her but Nina was still in a great deal of pain.

"Anna." Kazuya demanded.

"Yes sir." Anna said quickly turning to him.

"Because I am obviously not getting any wear with you two in the room I want you to take Nina to the basement. You can finish her down their. Leave Jin up here. I will deal with him."

"Of course sir."

Anna walked down from the platform and walked over to Nina to drag her into the elevator.

When Jin was right next to Anna he felt so over raged that he was ready to lift his hand and beat the heck out of Anna. Kazuya noticing this became over raged himself and in seconds purple mist flew around him as he turned into Devil! Devil put out a hand and grabbed Jin telepathically. He lifted Jin from the ground and suspended him their.

"Go Anna." His deadly sounding voice said.

Anna lifted Nina to her feet and slammed her inside the elevator. Then Anna stepped inside as well.

Nina was lying against a wall. Anna had her back to Nina typing in the code of the elevator to go to the basement.

"You now Nina it's really very disappointing. If you weren't so inconsiderate and more understandable then maybe you wouldn't be taking this trip of yours to your death. Oh well..." Anna continued to go on about Nina's arrogance.

Nina siting behind her was starting at the wall. She was ashamed. She let Jin down. She was supposed to of helped him but she didn't. It was always like her. Disappointing every one. She thought to her self. Even Anna was saying these things if any of it were true at least. Nina suddenly felt that she had no reason to just sit here. She was not in such a state that she couldn't stand. Nina came up to her feet in silence. She stood up behind Anna who was still going on. Nina clenched her fist behind Anna. She lifted her leg and Kicked!

"Ah! What the Hell you doing Nina?" Anna yelled as she turned around after being kicked in the back.

Nina was angered. Anna smiled.

"You just never learn do you Nina?" After these words Anna sent a shocking blow to Nina's stomach. Anna had punched her so hard she hit the wall of the elevator making it shake.

Nina fell to her knees and then to the ground.

"See you wake up." Anna smirked.

"Ah... ah. Let me go father!" Jin said trying to get out of a grip he couldn't even see.

"Let you go." The horrifying voice that Kazuya now had in his devil form replied. "I don't think so."

"Dad, Let Me Go!"

"Maybe your right if I killed you I couldn't steal all your devil gene." Kazuya dropped Jin from very high.

Jin hit the ground hard. He came back up though, slowly.

Kazuya jumped off the platform and just as Jin stood up Kazuya slammed Jin on top of the head with his elbow. When Jin fell again Kazuya kicked him making Jin tumble across the ground. Jin stood up against the wall. Kazuya dashing over to him put his hand at Jin's neck and was lifting him up to the sealing of the room. A hole opened up and Kazuya lifted Jin by the neck up with him onto the roof of the Mishima mansion. The moon light was shining down on them as Kazuya beat Jin up un forgivingly. He then punched Jin once more flinging him far away on the roof. Jin flew over to another level on the roof and began to slid and role over the roof until he was just at the edge. Five stories up. Jin's hand was hanging off the roof. Jin found it hard to get up. He could hear the sound of Kazuya's foot steps slowly becoming louder and louder until they were right next to him.

Nina awoke to see Anna siting in a chair staring at her.

"Ah Nina your finally awake."

Nina sat up. She put her hand on her head. "Anna what?" Nina came to her feet and came into her fighting pose. "Let's get this over with Anna!" Nina hollered to Anna.

"Oh please Nina. First of all your hurt and I want to fight you at your best and second you think you can fight good in a tight pair of paints a t-shirt and a long jacket. I saved something for you to fight in."

"What ever just give it to me so we can begin." Nina said just wishing she could dismiss the thought.

Nina wore a black suit with a dark red band going horizontally across her upper chest and this was connected to a dark red band that went vortically down her front down to between her legs. The dark red lines on her black suit were like a capital T.

Nina held the knife Anna had given her. She looked at it. "Hum Anna wasn't joking. She did want to fight me at my best."

Nina stepped out from the room she had changed in.

Anna had a red full body suit with a black Japanese design on her left leg and a red knife in the holster on her leg. Nina also had her knife in it's holster.

Nina tightened the gloves connected to the rest of her suit. "Ready now Anna?" Nina asked.

"Let's go brat."

Anna jumped at Nina. Anna came on top of Nina. Nina had grabbed her wrist and put her feet on Anna's stomach. Then Nina pushed really hard shooting Anna off into the air. Nina flipped up to her feet. Anna dashing over at Nina again kicked her in the leg. As Nina slowly reached for her leg Anna punched Nina in the shoulder then came down low and twisted Nina from balance as she kicked her low in the legs making her fall. Then Anna jumped back as Nina flung up to kick Anna with her feet. Nina, noticing that she had missed, quickly jumped to Anna and span around flipping over her. Nina jabbed Anna in the back with her knife. Anna's eyes became big as she lost her breath.

"What... what have you done?" Anna yelled.

"What you asked me to. Fight you and let it end."

Anna pushed Nina into the wall. She walked over to Nina pulling her knife from the holster and ready to stab Nina deep. Nina rolled to the side as Anna just missed.

"Nina you will pay." Anna said with a deadly look on her face sending chills down Nina's back.

"I don't get it" Nina thought to her self. "I stabbed her deep but she hasn't even slowed down.

Nina back flipped dogging all the slashes she could of been given.

Anna fell to the ground all of the sudden. Nina looked at her with a feeling of sorrow for her for the very first time.

"Anna." Nina said reaching out a hand.

"No don't touch me!" Anna screamed.


"You don't understand. All those times you said I wouldn't understand how it felt. Well you were wrong Nina. You don't know. I went threw an experiment too. You got lucky. I did all of the same things but... the effects were much better on you. It suspended both our ages but it added on to our genetic DNA."


"It improved you. Making you immune to any thing we administrated into your body but to me it gave me something much worse."


"I.... AH!" Anna on her knees was screaming.

Lightning flew about her. Nina stood their staring in horror.

"You... don't... know.... what... has... become of.... me" Anna yelled.

In a whit flash of light a horrible creature stood in front of Nina.

"This is what it did to me Nina. See what it has done!"


"No shut up! This is the end I will inshore your defeat Nina!"

Nina jumped away from the mutilated Anna.

"Please Anna I don't want to fight you.

"Fine don't but I will crush you!"

The mutant began trying to destroy Nina.

Nina continually was doing every thing she could to stay out of the way. Back flipping, font flipping, jumping, running, every thing she could. In a second none of it would make a difference. Anna fell to the ground.

Nina put her hands on her mouth.

"Anna!" Nina yelled as she ran to her. The light flickered again and Anna was back. Nina pulled the knife out of Anna's back. Nina suddenly felt no feelings to stop Anna now. Nina checked to see if Anna was still alive. She was.

Jin lay on the side of the roof.

"You little fool." Kazuya said in a strange mix of anger and glory. "You end today."

Kazuya put his hand on Jin's back. Kazuya looked at Jin. Jin's eyes were closed. He lay their stiff. Kazuya looked over to his side for a second. He then was shocked. He saw a whit figure standing their not far away. It was Jun. She looked at Kazuya as if she did not understand. He gazed into Jun's eyes for a long time. Then he looked at Jin. He took in a deep breath and smiled.

"It must be done wether he lives or dies!" Kazuya said and he pushed Jin off the roof.

"NO!" Screamed the ghost Jun as she ran at Kazuya. Jun raped her hands around Kazuya's neck. Then the Jun figure jumped of the roof after Jin. She caught him and slowly brought him to the ground. But their holding Kazuya's neck on the roof was Nina. She had anger on her face. Kazuya was stunned. Jun was their then all of the sudden it was Nina. Nina released Kazuya and he fell to the roof turning back to him self again.

"I... I wouldn't" He said trying to gain control of himself again."

Nina ran to the floor and over to Jin. She ran over to him.

"Jin, Jin!" She yelled. She held him in her arms. "Please wake up please wake up!" she said softly feeling no pals in his neck. She put her head down and began to cry. "You can't die."

Then as she looked up she could see him looking at her.

"Your.... your alive." She said.

He smiled to her. "Lets go." he softly said.

Nina smiling back stood up with him as they walked away from the mansion into the unknown.